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  1. Right now, the Damage Constructions option in Zombie Lore has two options: Damage Constructions On: Zombies can attack player-built structures (of any kind.) Damage Constructions Off: Zombies cannot attack player-built structures (of any kind, including barricades, doors, etc.) Can there not be some extra options/variations for this setting so players don't have to rely on mod support? (And the fact that, after hours of searching, I've come to the conclusion that no one has made an invincible, normal wooden walls mod - not log walls, wooden walls.) My reasoning behind this is an issue I'm sure most players run into. They want to build a base, or house, or some kind of structure but zombies will always aggro on the walls of the structure, when every other wall in the world (rightfully) is invincible. Even if the player plasters the wall, or makes metal walls, zombies will beat right threw em'. I personally would prefer being able to adjust settings so that zombies can attack doors, furniture, barricades, things that should be targeted by the hordes barreling down on my base, because those aren't foundational type of structures, they're moreso obstacles. This allows the overall, definitive structure of the player's base to be safe, but gives the zombies weak points that you'll need to defend, and with multiple windows, doors, or entry points, you'll still be facing a challenging experience that won't force you to rebuild tedious parts of the base that, honestly, shouldn't be targeted at all if the reason for them being targeted is simply that it was built by the player. Below are a few simple Sandbox Option concepts that I've made to help paint the kind of picture I'm describing. I hope this could be considered as it adds a lot more to the quality of the gameplay experience in regards to the "fortify a location and try to survive" playstyle while letting players worry about actually surviving through realistic objectives rather than "Alright, guess I need to rebuild the walls of my living room and kitchen, should've just used a pre-built map location instead of utilizing the game's expansive building features to build a house from the ground up when it's just going to get torn down." I know I missed a few things, like gates for example. But I'm sure multiple other things can get added to the list and provide players with the perfect amount of control over how vulnerable their bases, hideouts, or bathroom bunkers are, and will go a long way. Thanks for reading!
  2. If I've got a lot of stuff I want to take with me, too much for me to conveniently carry, I might want to get somebody else to help me out. The problem, though, is that everyone else is infected with a disease that means they don't care about me anymore. It doesn't matter what I say, all they do is follow me and try to grab and bite me. But wait! Whatever mind-altering ailment they are affected by means the zombies will follow me whenever possible. There is no need to ask them, nor to be polite. The only problem is what would happen were they to get their hands on me. So here's me idea for how to recruit my sickly neighbours as porters. After picking out a fast, strong-looking zombie, I catch him in a trap, or use a Y-shaped stick, or use a "martial artist" trait, or a "policeman" trait, or good armour, to wrestle him down and tie him up. I then wrap his hands and make him wear plenty of mittens to stop him from scratching anything, but leave him with the use of his arms in case he falls over or needs to climb. It might make things easier to tie his hands together in front of his body actually. I then make it so he can't moan and attract other zombies, perhaps by bunging up his throat, and prevent him from biting by doing whatever is sensible with my materials, maybe I tightly wrap his head so that his jaws stay shut after removing the teeth, or use leather straps and a mouth-cage, or something like that. I then make him wear distinctive clothing so that I know it's him easily. Finally, he is given a hiking backpack and made to follow me on a leash. I can then tie him to something while I am looting things or cutting wood, and untie him once I've given him his load to carry. A few slaves like this wouldn't be too hard to manage if they were all tied to each other like slaves, perhaps each tied to a long pole by their neck to keep them together. Without governmental interference there shall no longer be any law to prevent slavery, and zombies would make ideal slaves. They never need to be fed, and will even follow you if they lose both their legs. I don't know if they age, but if they do eventually die of old age then that'll be more good news that bad news, because the zombies'll be mostly gone!
  3. GENERAL SUGGESTIONS: -Show the actual trait, skill and xp percentages. -Bring back the old music options. The new options don't work for some reason. The new music is good, but I miss the old ones. -More creepy and depressing music such as: Long Ambient. (Haven't heard this in the current version.) Where Is Everyone. (The older one was creepier.) Low (Haven't heard this in the current version.) All the creepy ambients. (Never heard them in game. Can be found in the music folder.) -Player crawling. -Zombies with missing or crippled limbs. -Zombies eat animals they can catch. -Wandering hordes. A wandering horde picks a random direction to wander towards to look for food presumably. (1000-10000 tiles.) Perhaps a wandering horde could spawn the zombies once the player is close enough. The wandering hordes would be much rarer and larger than regular hordes. -Allow zombies to wander and redistribute into the "Player's square". I don't know what it is really called, but you can see it in debug mode as a white box around your survivor. (Smaller than a cell.) Currently zombies seem to stop by the edges of the player's square when meta events or redistribution happen. With a cleared area the player can safely camp in their base for months with canned food and farming. It's a bit unfair for the poor zombies. -Only chefs and burger flippers may add large amounts of extra happiness to their foods. Currently pretty much any occupation can become a master cook by just watching TV, which makes the cook occupations questionable. All non-cook occupations should have very small happiness boost for their foods. With this cooks would have a more useful role lowering unhappiness in groups. -Remove rotten food recipes. Using a month old rotten food doesn't seem realistic. -Nasty foods can make you vomit. Nasty foods could be: worms, maggots, insects, rotten food. Vomiting increases hunger and adds nauseus moodle which will fade in time. Vomiting could be prevented with a strong stomach. With a weak stomach the player will very likely vomit from any nasty food. Strong stomach could be a great pick for forest dwellers. -Rotten foods disappear or become completely ruined as time passes. -Rebalance all the negative weight traits. Currently you can get rid of very underweight in a week. If you also pick fit trait (+2 fitness), very underweight becomes free points. -Dangerous wound infections. Would make first aid and antibiotics more useful. Currently it seems infections only slow down healing. -Ability to open canned foods with knives. -Non-poisonous rain water. Perhaps add a sandbox option for this (acid rain). -Gas expires. (6-12 months.) This might work well with the rebuilding phase. -Throwable distractions: Mugs, glasses, glass bottles, jars, empty cans, bells. Cans and bells would be reusable as they don't shatter. Bells have a higher distraction effect. Bells don't have any uses currently. -Differently shaped survivors and zombies depending on traits. Average, thin, fat, fit, strong. -More candles. Perhaps add boxes of candles too. Can't remember the last time I found a candle. Currently flashlights and batteries are much more easy to find which makes scavenging for candles a questionable choise for light. -Water in pipes becomes tainted in few days after water shutoff. Currently you can potentially survive months with pipe water, making water storage useless (pots and bottles). SANDBOX OPTIONS: -Show the actual option percentages. For an example: Normal 50%, high 60%, very high 70%... Would make things much easier instead of judging and figuring options out by testing. -More hardcore options. Ever lasting winter and ever lasting summer. Extremely high and extremely low temperature options. Insanely hard farming, trapping, foraging or fishing. Impossible farming, trapping, foraging or fishing. Impossibly low food rarity. Polluted water or nature. (Most wild life will die.) -Water in pipes after water shutoff option. -Zombie evolution and degeneration option. Shamblers turn to sprinters or vice versa. -Zombie stamina option. Zombies get slow after chasing player for a long time, but can recover. Could balance sprinters. -Zombie activity option. More active zombies wander more and try to find the player. -Zombie smell option. Zombies approach nearby places where the player has spent time or is currently. -Sprinter speed option. Joggers, runners, sprinters... I know these next 3 suggestions could perhaps be counted as special infected, thought they don't have any super human powers. -Lone zombies option. Zombies that will never join a rally group while there are existing rally groups. Currently it seems all zombies will join a group eventually which leaves wide gaps between them. -Screamer zombie option. Some zombies scream while attacking which may alert other zombies. -Varying zombie % option. Adds several different zombies with varying traits. Some examples: Screaming sprinters which never join rally groups. 1 %. Joggers which sometimes join rally groups. 12 %. Shamblers which always join rally groups. 87 %. Viimeisin muokkaaja on Lodkar; 1 tunti sitten
  4. Hello, I've made this mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2888099799 And I'm trying to add this feature: Given a specific time of the day, assign a specific hearing/sight to a zombie (eventually to ALL zombies if not possible on a one-by-one basis) I've been looking at the documentation APIs but beside the name of properties or functions, they don't really explain how to use them. What I've found is this: - https://projectzomboid.com/modding/zombie/SandboxOptions.ZombieLore.html#Hearing - https://projectzomboid.com/modding/zombie/SandboxOptions.ZombieLore.html#Sight Which could work in changing the hearing and sight of all zombies I guess, which is good enough eventually. My question would be then: - How to I get/set this value (code example) - Do I need to have the game/server reload the sandbox values or is it automatically happening? If the former, how do I do that (code example again)? If there are attributes that can be set on the individual zombie level that would even be better but it's a "plus" that I'm willing to compromise with if it's not possible Thank you!
  5. Been missing medium speed zombie option for quite a long time! <3 Possible implementation: Take an existing shamble animation, adjust it's speed x2 and double the movement speed - new Zed's ready!
  6. I noticed you can't tell how damaged a door, window, wall, etc. in the game is when it's being attacked by a zombie for example. Like a fresh door looks exactly the same as an "about to be busted down by a zombie" door. Basically you can't tell when a structure is about to give until it gives. So what I was thinking is structures such as windows could get more and more cracks as the zombies bang on it creating some nerve racking suspense for the player! Doors and walls could get cracked and crooked as the undead bang on it too. Barricades can get mangled up similarly. This way the player could tell if they must spring into action immediately to survive or if they've still got time! Also useful for determining how urgent it is to address trapped zombies trying to bang their way out of the rooms they're stuck in. As for hostile npcs and players this would be useful for knowing when the survivors you turned down giving supplies for are about to bash in! So when the undead or hostile survivors come a knocking you know how urgent it is to get into gear and fight back!
  7. Okay so get this, the guy on the cover of Project Zomboid is a on car and yet we can't climb vehicles in the game? I mean if we could climb up cars that would add some protection from the zombies. You know, in a "I have the high ground!" kind of sense. The zombies would either not be able to climb up making you completely safe but surrounded; not able to climb up but able to pull you down if you're too close to the edge making it so you should go inwards on top of the car as much as possible; or they can climb up and maul you to death in addition to pulling you down. If they can't climb up but you're surrounded it would give you the opportunity to pick them off with your gun or strike them dead downwards with a melee weapon. Same thing if they could pull you down which is a bit more challenging. It the most extreme case they can climb up or pull you down making it so you have to attack the most immediately threatening zombie. Like the one that gets up first, that's who you kill. The most extreme case would force you to fight quickly and sequentially to at least endure a bit longer. Might want to add some kind of move to knock off climbing zombies or swat away zombies trying to pull you down. Personally I prefer it if they couldn't climb or grab you down. The balancing factor would still be that if you're out of gun(s) rounds you got to pull out your melee weapon. If your melee weapon(s) breaks then you could very well be screwed. Screwed because you'd essentially be stranded on your car which would eventually lead to your death due to hunger and dehydration not to mention you probably could sleep too well. I mean a horde of zombies growling at me inches away while I'm on a hard cold car roof ain't exactly a sleep number bed experience. The car could also serve as a temporary barrier between you and the zombies. For example, they're chasing you, you quickly vault over a car (or climb it and jump off the other end) and now the zombies have to go around rather than just making a beeline for you. That could buy you some time which is always of the essence in the game in every conceivable way! So yeah I want to be able to use a car roof to my advantage as well as be like the chad on the cover!
  8. I think there should be a move where the player presses a key and they quick turn their character in the opposite direction. Like if they're facing right, quick turn would make them face left. This would allow the player to quickly react to threats direction wise. Zombies right behind you? Quick turn to face them and defend yourself! Zombies right in front of you and getting too much to handle? Quick turn to face away from them and RUN! Turning around conventionally is just too slow to deal with these kinds of threats whether you use the directional keys or turn with the mouse. As for which key maybe T.
  9. Hi guys! I've been sick for the past few days sooo.. I've played PZ more than usual! And I've reached over 2000 kills (personal record) and almost 6 months in Sandbox (set as explained in the topic: Eager Zombies by bumblemore). What's your personal record of zombies killed? And, since I've find out that my 120 hours that I've reaced recently isn't nothing compared to yours time in game, how many hours do you have on PZ?
  10. How to repeat bug: Find the locked car. Brake the any window of car's door. Go to inside car. If you sit on the driver place the engine tries to launching , but key just dissapeared. One more case: When you try to go out from locked car (key not dissapeared when you still inside) and back inside again you will see that key just dissapeared. One more case: When you inside car and get off a key from car key just dissapeared. When I try make that a lot of times I got a thought - "If car locked and key inside, where is dead people inside car. Who locked car inside ?"
  11. I've always wondered what you could find below the secret military base near Rosewood, and here are my suggestions for that ! Additionally I have added some suggestions pertaining to the military radio transmission and its mysterious coordinates, although I know the area it pertains to has not yet been added to the game. These suggestions are written kind of like a wiki article because I'm more confortable writing them that way. Locations : The lab : Situated under the Rosewood secret military base, the lab is a massive underground installation, presumably set up and operated by the US government. While its original purpose is unknown, it was clearly converted into researching the Knox infection. To enter the lab, one needs an Access Keycard, which is only dropped by zombie scientist, zombie commandos, or zombie agents, and use it on one of the secret base's elevators, either before power is cut out, or having repaired and refueled the base's generators. Be very careful about heading down before amenities are cut out, as you might get trapped underground in the lab if power is cut but you have not restored the generators ! The lab is separated into 3 distinct areas, each a different floor. The first floor, which you arrive in upon taking the elevator, is the administration area. It is filled with a variety of offices and regular zombies, with a small chance to spawn scientists, agent and military zombies. Notable places there are the locked guard post at the entrance, containing an arms locker and serving as a spawn location for agent and military zombies, as well as the director's office, which always has a X-12 canister on the desk, as well as a pistol and some ammo in the desk. The second floor is the research area, accessible through a different elevator and once again requiring an Access Keycard and working power to activate. This floor is filled with scientist and agent zombies, and contains a wide variety of labs, cells and pens. The labs usually have dissected bodies or still 'alive' zombies attached to examination tables, with various machinery strewn about them. The cells usually house a single zombie, either attached to the bed or roaming around. Those roaming are all scientist, agent or military zombies, implying that they were members of the staff presumed to be infected and kept in quarantine, and who turned after the facility was overrun. This floor has several locations of interest. The first one is a large research room, which can spawn a variety of medical supplies as well as canisters of X-12, and contains signs of a gunfight, with multiple bodies, including bodies of commandos, and can spawn zombie commandos. The next one is a fortified and locked medical storage area, whose shelves contain obscene amounts of medical supplies and can contain some canisters of X-12. The last one is the armory and checkpoint leading to the elevator to the third floor. Several arms lockers are contained there, as well as a handful of X-12 canisters. It is a spawn point for military zombies. Going down the utilitarian, almost industrial elevator leads to the third and final floor, the great pen. The upper level of that floor is a series of catwalk roamed by military and agent zombies, as well as several bodies of the same people. Below is a level packed with hundreds of zombies in a single massive horde, presumably the reservoir of test subjects for the facility. There are several cages and cranes on the catwalks indicating that the soldiers were tasked with grabbing infected, caging them and then getting them to the upper floors for research. It is possible to go down into the great pen via several ladders lining the walls, although it is not recommended to do so. It should be noted that in terms of respawn mechanics, zombies will crawl out of air vents throughout the facility, slowly repopulating it with zombies. This can be stopped by killing all zombies in the great pen. The extraction point : At the coordinates Lat 37.892809 Long -85.974709, Chaffee Avenue, Fort Knox, a group of dead and zombie commandos can be found, alongside a pile of regular bodies and a crashed black hawk helicopter. Near one of the bodies is a Biohazard Container, containing several canisters of X-12 and the Unknown Sample. New Items : X-12 Canister : The (it's not a real one, read on, I know it's a no red item for the devs) 'cure' the government developed to the zombie virus. In truth, X-12 is a highly experimental bio/chemical weapon. X-12 canisters are throwable weapons. When used, X-12 canisters release a relatively small cloud that lingers for an in game hour. Whenever a zombie passes through that cloud it will take massive damage and quickly die. However, the weapon is flawed, and any given zombie has a 20% chance to take no damage and only be knocked on the ground for the duration of the cloud, feigning death, and getting back up once the cloud has dispersed. Any players/survivors passing through the cloud will be killed in very short order unless they are wearing hazmat gear. Zombies wearing hazmat gear will be unaffected as well. X-12 can be used as a component in a variety of throwables, with varying effects. If used in an aerosol bomb for example, the cloud will be much wider to account for the explosive dispersion, but last half as long. If used in a fire bomb it will cause the fire to become 'affected' by X-12, making it deal gigantic amounts of damage to zombies, but 40% of them will not receive any extra damage outside of the usual damage caused by fire. If used in a smoke maker, the cloud will linger for four hours instead of one, at the cost of a 30% zombie immunity to it. The main utility of X-12 is that it allows for the elimination of large groups of zombies with minimal collateral damage. Of course, that is counterbalanced by the rarity of X-12, its dangerous spawn locations, and the immunity chance zombies have. Unknown Sample : [REDACTED] Commando Body Armor : Commando body armor can only be found on dead or zombified commandos. It covers the upper and lower torso, as well as both legs and arms, and gives : Insulation : 0.9 Wind resistance : 0.6 Bite defence : 50 Scratch defense : 75 Bullet Defense : 150 It cannot be repaired with tailoring. New Zombies : Zombie scientists : zombies scientists are normal zombies wearing a scientist labcoat or, more rarely, a hazmat suit. They have a low percentage chance to drop an Access Keycard, or some medical supplies when killed. They have a small chance to spawn in various medical facilities and near ambulances outside of the lab. Zombie agents : zombie agents seemed to have served some kind of special government agency in life. They wear a formal suit and tie, sometimes with sunglasses, and can carry pistols in their holsters. When killed they have a low percentage chance to drop an Access Keycard, or some ammo. They have a small chance to spawn at police stations and government facilities outside of the lab. Zombie commandos : zombie commandos appear to have been part of an elite force sent to retrieve something from the secret lab. All zombie commandos wear Commando Body Armor, making them impressively resilient to guns, albeit not so much for melee weapons. They also have a high chance to be carrying an Access Keycard, an M16 and an M9, with their respective ammo, plus some medical supplies. If runners are enabled, zombie commandos are always runners.
  12. I thought about this for a couple of days and I believe it could add a layer of challenge, fear, and for some hardcore sadists a bit of fun too. There is already the trait deaf for the character, but what about if zombies didn't make any noise? Apart from footsteps and movement in general of course. Let's say that the infection causes anaerobic respiration of the infected cells so that during metabolic synthesis of meat or flesh, energy is produced so movement is possible without oxygen supply, therefore making flow of air useless and thus no growls or noises coming out of the mouth, or simply just necrotic tissue causing holes in the lungs of zombies, same for necrosis of the diaphragm, rendering impossible the exiting of air trough the larynx. If any of this made sense to you, or you wanna give your medical opinion because I'm a bigot feel free to say it in the comments! I would love to expand on this idea, and it would be nice to have along side modifiers such as those already in the game like, sprinter zombies, tough zombies etc.
  13. SERVER NAME THE WALKING DEAD: KNOX EVENT MODDED PVE/PVP Semi-RP To Join the Server Please follow this link and read Server Rules to gain access (this provides a safer and more inclusive community) https://discord.gg/RcupV4zS DOORS OPEN 9:30PM EST ! COME ALL ! WE ARE SO EXCITED TO HOST THIS AND I HOPE A CROWD SHOWS UP! **IM going to buy entry for 10 people that use this CODE: SINGE2022**
  14. Hey! I play 41 MP builds and have a powerful computer. I am very sad that a limit was introduced on the display of the maximum number of zombies of 500. While playing 4 years ago with a friend, we challenged huge crowds of zombies, I was the host and set the population to 4.0 (maximum) Now that you turn your back on the zombie. they disappear because their number on the screen is limited to 500 This is very sad because the very atmosphere that we loved so much is being lost. Could you add a function with which I myself could choose the limit on the display of zombies? This is sorely lacking Thanks! P.S. The tests were carried out without mods and with 16GB of dedicated RAM for the MP server Link (not my post but same problem): https://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/discussions/0/3198117312256487971/#c3198117312257871928
  15. Steam Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1992785456 Customizable Zombies v2.4.1 [01/04/2020] - Tested on Build 40.43. Tested on Build 40.43 Multiplayer. [06/20/2021] - Tested on IWBUMS Build 41.50. Choose the spawn percentage chance of each zombie type. Zombies have a chance to become a Crawler, Shambler, Fast Shambler, or a Sprinter. They also have a chance to be in a Fake Dead state. [Update 2.3.0+] You may now modify zombie Health using the "HP Multiplier" setting for the Crawler, Shambler, Fast Shambler, and Sprinter. Options Showcase Gameplay Demo (w/Default Settings) Steam Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1992785456
  16. Hey Devs! It would be realy great to see a new type of Zeds to fulfill a hole between existing "fast shamblers" and "sprinters"! Fast shamblers (easy): easy to outrun by just walking away become boring at some point, even at big numbers New Zeds (new medium level): - fast enough to reach a walking player, but slower than running one brand new challenge for experienced players opportunity to play a long run (compared to sprinters) on a new level for veterans Sprinters (total nightmare): not very popular, because super hard to fight and run away from I remember looking for this option back when I was playing for the 2nd or 3rd time. And I am still surprised that you don't have this option yet considering how much customization you offer and how easy it is to implement!
  17. I downloaded version 41.53 the other day and noticed that zombies seemed to be very difficult to shake. I wasn't sure what was causing this at first, but after a little testing, I discovered that zombies have unlimited memory if the player maintains a direct line of sight with the zombie -- even if the player is well outside the zombie's sight range. Observe: In the above example, I aggro two zombies. These zombies follow me some distance, then I take off running down the street in a straight line. This is very important. After a couple of blocks, I stop and wait. Despite being well outside the zombie's sight range, they continue to follow. After that, I get up, run down the street again and take a break after a few blocks. This time, I run even further, and the zombies are still following! Lastly, I run down the street, climb over several fences, all in a straight line and then take another break. One of the zombies continues to follow, and shows up a minute or so later. The second, zombie, after a quick check, apparently got hung up on something, but was still following me despite having traveled well outside of his sight capabilities! Now on to the second example: If the player does in fact break the line of sight, zombies will forget and no longer follow the player, as they should. Re-entering a line of sight will not aggro said zombies, allowing the player to elude them like normal: As far as I can tell, this has nothing to do with stealth, and only to do with line of sight. In my proper game, I am playing a stealth character with utterly insane stealth stats (almost like stealth points are bugged...) and she is having the same problem. Zombies continue to follow, no matter what, as long as a direct straight line is maintained -- regardless of how far away the zombies actually are. Technical information: No mods IWBUMS 41.53 GoG Archival Version (not from GoG Galaxy) Windows 7 Pro Thanks for reading.
  18. I did a quick and cursory search and found nothing much on these topics so I figured I'd suggest a few small ideas! Survivor Door Blocking - The concept is simple enough, right click the door and block it via leaning your back onto/pushing up against it which would keep the zombies from pushing it down for a short time. I assume this would make it take less damage over time, with the caveat that holding it for too long until the zombies break it would basically have you swarmed; maybe even knocking you down when it breaks. I've given this idea some thought and in my opinion the best way to balance it would be as an emergency procedure; scaling the reduced damage to the door with your characters strength, over time as the zombies bash the door down you would gain stress, and panic, as well as exert yourself. Maybe this is asking a bit too much, or asking for something unnecessary, but I legitimately think it's a cool feature and could also prove to be very immersion building in multiplayer if the idea was implemented. (On a side note, I'm sure someone's already asked but I second any suggestion to add in using chairs to put under doorknobs and block doors that way). Speed Bumps - I don't know about you, but in my residential areas and in some more urban city-like areas we have speedbumps all over the roads, almost every 200 feet. If placed correctly, those could act as a cautionary danger for those of us who tend to drive too fast in our cars while out looking for loot; damaging the wheels or suspension if you go over them too fast. May even make some people think twice about using their car EVERYWHERE they go, and change up the gameplay a little. Junk Distractions - A good concept for a bit more tactics in interaction with zombies could come from the use of junk items and other set pieces to cause noises or temporarily block areas. Being able to throw tin cans and empty soda cans once they're fully consumed to attract zombies with the clanging noise - throwing empty glass bottles for a bit of a louder noise - and knocking over trashcans/shelves of items could cause a larger crash that also spreads any items in them on the floor while also providing a new static object for zombies to have to traverse over; in essence giving you a bit of extra time to distance yourself from the pursuing zombies while they traverse over the object at the cost of MAYBE luring new ones to your location. Thanks for taking the time to read these suggestions, I'd love any feedback if possible. I mainly decided to bring these up since I had it in my head that the first and third suggestions would look really cool in the games art style and animation style - so there's that lol. Best of luck developing this great game! - Doc
  19. In my recent game, I died two times and had to restart. Both times, it was because I opened a door that had a zombie behind it, and it immediately jumped on my character and bit him. I had no chance to retaliate before it was too late. I feel like this might be a realistic game mechanic, since you would be using one hand to open the door and therefor be vulnerable, but there should be a way to jump back or block, when you know there is a zombie there. Because otherwise, I feel like the mechanic is just unfair. The first time, I tried to push it back the moment the door was opened, making sure my character was facing the zombie, but it did nothing to help prevent it from biting me. The second time, I tried walking backwards to get some space, still making sure my character was facing the zombie, but this didn't help either. Furthermore, this was a custom game with weak and fragile zombies in build 41. Am I doing something wrong, or do people agree with me that this should be changed?
  20. As some of you know, there are few ways to deal with zombies. You can kite them with melee, use the guns (usually backfiring or not being very effective.) Using stealth (not consistent due to the randomness and respawns unlike other stealth games with actual patterns of enemies in a level.) Or leading them away from areas. If you're a engineer then you have a extra option of bombs (currently not worth investing into outside of 2-3 traps.) Suggestion 1: What if players were incouraged to use the verticality of the game, such as leading zombies onto a roof, depending on the height this can outright kill them, or turn them into crawlers. (in their current state, they land like a super hero with no consequence, and recover from falling faster then the player.) Suggestion 2: Electric fences, using a combination of metalworking and electric skill, incouraging the player to actually level up these skills for the reward of killing zombies that try to vault over it, and also the player if he/she does not turn it off from the outside. (this would likely need somethign to balance it, such as high fuel drain on a gen. And also still break if enough zombies vault over the electric fences at the same time.) Suggestion 3: More buildables in carpentry and metalworking, there is a huge lack of customization, while I do think going out and collecting useless items for survival is fun, and often times dangerous for no reason it would be nice to have options with the mentioned two skills, maybe even electric combined with them. Example: Building your own version of reinforced doors you can find in banks, rosewood secret facility, police stations. Or something more simple like the doors that are mainly glass, or wood with a glass to view whats on the other side. Suggestion 4: More alternative recipes for crafting within the existing crafting recipes. This idea is more inspired by cataclysm, though I do not expect it to match the same level or complexity as Cataclysm, it would be nice to have less straight forward options on some things. Take desperate crafting mod as a example of this, without completely ruining the balance of the game.
  21. Description [03/04/2020] - Tested on Build 40 Stable and IWBUMS Build 41. I created this mod to add a bit more realism. It seemed a bit unrealistic that one can run straight into 1 or 2 zombies and not risk getting attacked. Mod Info: Zombies that you collide with or run into will grab a firm hold onto you and they will attempt to bite you. They will not be able to grab if they are hit or shoved. If they grab you, you won't get hurt as long as you hit or shove them before they attack. It is possible to sprint out of their grabs, but that may or may not save you depending how close they are once they attempt their attack. Steam Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2013479771
  22. after loading the game i noticed that when zombies reach a specific distance from the player they just freeze. When I move slightly away after a short delay they start to chase again and freeze again at the same distance. Edit: one of them did not freeze. Maybe has to do with respawns.
  23. Check out our Forums and Discord! At Reanimated Roleplay, presented by Infected Gaming We strive to provide a welcoming community and create a wholly organic Roleplay experience. Whatever you want to do, Knox County is your oyster! But beware, the apocalypse is not for the faint of heart, This is the story of how you died, remember? Check out our lore here, for information on what is going on and what is up and coming! Hope to see you soon! - The Infected Gaming Team
  24. Looking at the newest blog post, I'm a little confused. Why is 1-1 combat being made easier? Zombies are already so much easier than they were a few years ago. Their animation's been slowed down and their hit registry feels off to the point I can stand in one place, let one keep doing its thing at me, and not get "hit" for a good 2 or 3 seconds. Especially on higher strength or speed settings zombies should be dangerous. If anything, they should be buffed. More pulling, clawing, punching, and tackling with the new animations, better hit responses to where if they do their animation, you get hit. You shouldn't be able to treat even small groups of zombies like a joke, but you can right now and apparently the group buffs are being dialed back. I don't think this is the way it needs to go, or maybe there should be a zed difficulty setting added that changes exactly how powerful they are more than the vague options we have now. My suggestion would be to either revert whatever nerfs or changes are coming to make individual fights easier, keep whatever group buffs there are after tuning them, and implement more concise, effective options for zombie difficulty. Superhuman strength should let them pull you down and hit you hard when they hit. Higher sense should give them better reactions. That sorta thing. I remember back in the DayZ days people complained zombies were too hard and they nerfed them big time, and in the recent game Hunt: Showdown similar complaints led its zombie-ish monsters to get nerfed into pointless distractions. I don't want that to happen with PZ. Zombies should be a threat you have to be careful with and learn to manage, not something you can easily strafe around and stunlock solo or even in groups, which you can do now. One shouldn't be instant death, not at all, but it shouldn't get any easier than it is right now.
  25. Survivor Stories: The Project Zomboid Roleplay Experience We begin in June of 1996, the last of the regional governments have collapsed. The old world is dead and forgotten, destroyed by the work of Dr. Klepper. You wake up after staying in a house in Slocan Lake, British Columbia for the evening, trying to survive. Thoughts of the news reports you witnessed from around the world of the events that have transpired would be ingrained in your memory. You find an old radio, still crackling with static. Where do you go from here..? ---- Survivor Stories is a roleplay experience that is tailored to have the stories of each survivor eventually intertwine and gain meaning and development through staff-run events and the natural course of conflict and drama that would arise in a post-apocalyptic scenario. We aim to… Provide an experience that is both immersive and stays true to the core mechanics of Project Zomboid. and... Create a community where everyone can feel comfortable and create to their heart’s content! ---- We have a Discord server where you can apply and join in on the fun: https://discord.gg/ZBjSbah We also have an assortment of mods such as Hydrocraft, ORGM, and other quality of life mods to make your experience even more fun! Survivor Stories PZRP is always looking for more to join our community as we get together to build a dramatic narrative in the zombie apocalypse.
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