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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys, I've been thinking about the NPC system that's coming shortly, and I was imagining some scenarios that could be pretty interesting, and then I noticed something about the game that is a bit odd: Zombies don't eat people I think that even when NPC's were last in the game (if memory serves correctly) the zombies would attack the person and once they die, the zombies go about their day. Think about it, by nature, zombies are searching for food, so I think that there should be some sandbox options to accomodate this (in case people wouldn't want it). So we have a new option called: Feeding Behaviour And in options for this we have these: 1. Doesn't eat This option is literally the same as the game currently is, zombies will kill but not eat, they will then mill around or wander off after they kill somebody, leaving that person to turn. 2. Living only This option basically means that zombies will kill and eat anyone who is alive, they won't stop to eat a dead body but if you've just died, then they will feed on you (or an NPC). Of course if someone is eaten then they won't turn into a zombie. 3. Eats everything This option will cause zombies to feed on any meat, whether it is human, animal, alive or dead, they will eat it. They won't eat other zombies while they are still animated, but once you kill zombies, they will feed on the corpses (assuming they haven't seen you).. this option will also have the preference rule, in which they will always choose living meat over dead meat, so if there is a bunch of zombies feeding on corpses and they see you, they will stop eating and come for you. I think this could be interesting as another way of moving zombies about (I also think we need zombies to move on their own again, please), the more bodies you have piled up around your area, the more zombies will be drawn in, so you'll have a big problem on your hands if you don't burn bodies (once it's implemented). So I think this could be interesting, for one thing it's be a lot easier to sneak past zombies that are feeding on bodies, rather than those that are wandering around. Also, you could sacrifice another survivor to escape if you are being overwhelmed (Shane killing Otis in The Walking Dead is a perfect example), injuring or killing the survivor and letting them be eaten to give yourself time to escape. I'm also hoping in future if your legs are injured you'll move slowly and have crawling or limping animations, could be awesome if that was implemented. Thanks for reading, let me know what you guys think of this? -GodWaffle
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