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Found 3 results

  1. People left food in their ovens and microwaves before they ran off!! Better eat it!! This mod makes uncooked food spawn in ovens and microwaves. Made for suggestion post here. I tried making cooked, burnt and rotten food spawn but ran into problems, so I just made it this way. DOWNLOAD: Main (PZ-Mods) || Mirror (My Dropbox)
  2. the devs pay homage to the greatest of all survival experts BEAR GRYLLS !?How you may ask? by allowing the player to bottle and drink their own urine.It could restore around 20-25 thirst and for the first couple times you drink your own pee it increases your sadness by 10 points then increase it by 5 points for the next few bottles then no points from then on out due to your survivor being used to the salty yellow beverage .
  3. Here you go people who always run out of food , eat up!! Added a bunch of bugs (seriously, a bunch!!!!) that spawn that provide little nutrients compared to actual food, so you must eat a bunch to fill your stomach although it makes you unhappy eating them. Most of them can be eaten without cooking them but you can still cook them, though some have to be cooked first. Added insects that inhabit Kentucky in real life. Wanting to add soup and other combined food options so you can get the most out of your bugs. Wanting to add a "tobacco paste" that you can eat that will negate allergic reactions so you do not die when eating poisonous/venomous insects.. Or just eating tobacco after eating poisonous/venomous insects. WIP, will refine and make better, hopefully . Wanting to make it so bugs respawn, and only spawn/respawn during they day or night and only during spring, summer and fall rotating which bugs will spawn, with only minor bugs like flies and cockroaches during the winter. Added four new traits that do not do anything at the moment , except give you a few points to spend. I will work on these and make them actually work. Thank you Kjulo & RegularX . **Insect Allergies Trait now works, sort of.. Try it.. New Traits: Entomologist: -2 [ Not sure yet] - You will have a better chance to find bugs.Acarophobia: +3 - You start panicking if you carry bugs around.Strong Stomach: -2 - You can eat bugs without feeling nauseous.Weak Stomach: +1 - You get nauseous when eating bugs.Insect Allergies: +6 - If you eat poisonous/venomous insects, you will surely perish. I haven't made the insect sprites yet, though I will soon. Download: Mirror (My Dropbox)
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