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Found 7 results

  1. Just a small thing that I don't like about PZ winter - everything is too white. It would be really good to have a snow shovel or something that could remove the snow from the tile for a week. And then pile snow on the other tile, thus reducing movement speed on it. And speeding up movement on snowless tiles.
  2. So i just reached December on the world im playing. after 4 character death, my 5 th character have been alive for a month, and this is the first time im playing on winter. i tried to google some information but there isnt much. my main concern is to don't die from cold when im sleeping, if thats even possible i barricaded all windows and closed their curtains, i read somewhere it helps. so do i have to spent 3 months around the campfire or i can be more flexible during the winter?
  3. Okay Lucus time now. ·In Winter As known to all of us, fallen snow would appear aground now in PZ winter when we play Survival or Sandbox of default climate setting, it proves that the environment temperature had fallen to 0 alre. But what delight us is that TID already did make plants change as climate changes ingame, some tough all-seasons-growing plants still growing like Pine, but most defoliate n fall in dormancy, including most crops we could farm in PZ, beyond doubts. Let me give u a for instances, under growing info of tomato, we know that they would grow slow
  4. How weird, there's fallen snow everywhere but still raining instead of snowing and rivers are never frozen all through the winter! Well my suggestions R falling snow, treading frozen river N ice fishing.
  5. Hi, it would be great if we could wear more clothes like gloves, hats(for winter), socks... -They could get dirty with the time and/or lose efficiency. -When it rains they would get wet and we would have to dry them (in front of a fire?) or we could get very cold. -With the rain, puddles could appear on the ground and if we walk or run into them, our shoes and socks (pants too?) gets wet. -Again with the rain, the grass would become muddy, and running or walking in it would wet our shoes & socks and we would run slower. -Running in the grass/forest we could fall (or if it's impossible,
  6. Here's a list of a few things that I thought could be cool in the game • a wider variety of weapons, you know like a lead pipe or a brick and for guns you could have a burst gun or a revolver, a sniper rifle, an smg just things to make weapons more varied and exciting because more weapons means more tactics the player has to come up with. • More clothing, like when it's winter and it's cold you could use a wooly jumper or a puffy jacket maybe a fur hat or some earmuffs different clothes with advantages and disadvantages like boots good for treading in the mud or trainers good for running aroun
  7. I would like to see two things: A winter mod with flurries, blizzards, snowfall and snow, and a new location. I'd like someone to re-create Fort McMurray Alberta or a location in Canada, preferably northern Alberta for the same small town to small city feel while giving it a fresh new location. (other provinces/territories and towns are welcome too, just somewhere cold.) This could be an interesting mod, and a winter mod could translate well to other locations people may make too: Like say if someone recreated Arkhangelsk, Russia or somewhere in Finland, etc. Blizzards and winter in gene
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