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Found 21 results

  1. Ever accidentally vaulted out a window above the first floor or walked off a roof? I was thinking to prevent that from happening when a character vaults out a window above the first floor they could hang off of it rather than just go all the way through and let go. Similar principle with walking off a roof, your character could just hang off instead. What the player could do next is either press any of the directional keys (wasd by default) to pull themselves back up/in or they can hold "E" to follow through with the dangerous jump/fall. They could also use a drop down menu to either pull themselves back in or drop themselves.
  2. I noticed you can't tell how damaged a door, window, wall, etc. in the game is when it's being attacked by a zombie for example. Like a fresh door looks exactly the same as an "about to be busted down by a zombie" door. Basically you can't tell when a structure is about to give until it gives. So what I was thinking is structures such as windows could get more and more cracks as the zombies bang on it creating some nerve racking suspense for the player! Doors and walls could get cracked and crooked as the undead bang on it too. Barricades can get mangled up similarly. This way the player could tell if they must spring into action immediately to survive or if they've still got time! Also useful for determining how urgent it is to address trapped zombies trying to bang their way out of the rooms they're stuck in. As for hostile npcs and players this would be useful for knowing when the survivors you turned down giving supplies for are about to bash in! So when the undead or hostile survivors come a knocking you know how urgent it is to get into gear and fight back!
  3. Hello, I and 4 other friends were comfortably playing Project Zomboid together through a server hosted in-game but suddenly we're all unable to play together now due to numerous issues such as: Initially, it started out as 2 friends got stuck in a complete black screen while joining the server, there is no text at the bottom. After a while, they were able to join with 200ms (before it was a smooth 20ms ~ 40ms) but it caused issues like zombies disappearing and teleporting. When in the server, some parts of the map do not load, it appears as the area is cut off and pitch black but we (the ones who don't have connectivity issues) can pass through. We've tried a few things to fix the issue, here is what they are: We tried re-installing the game and deleting the Zomboid project. We tried changing saves and creating a new one but the existing issues were still present. I tried to host on Windows 10 and Debian 11, but the issues remained present. I also tried to host through in-game and a dedicated server on both operating systems. I tried reducing and increasing the server memory from 1GB up to 4GB. I tried hosting with and without UPnP, if without UPnP I would port forward. I tried hosting with DMZ enabled on my machine. The host machine runs these hardware specifications: Ryzen 5 2400G. 16GB RAM. 120GB SATA SSD for the server and game. 300Mbps upload/download on fiber optic. Windows 10 Pro and Debian 11, both 64-bit. The strange part is that this problem is only exclusive to Project Zomboid. I also run a Starbound dedicated server (both Windows and Linux) and everyone has no issues connecting, reportedly having the same ping when Project Zomboid wasn't acting up. Any help is appreciated.
  4. 41.65 • Multiplayer. • Host. • No Mods. • Reproduction steps: 1. Start game on any difficulty 2. Enter various homes. 3. Occasional furniture is completely black as if blocked by an object or hidden behind a wall. 1b. Start game on any difficulty. 2b. Have a second player join. 3b. Find survivor home with barricaded windows and doors. 4b. Secondary player is able to open and interact with barricaded doors and windows, allowing movement completely through them. 5b. Attempt to interact with door, also possible to open them for the host once second player has interacted with them. Additional notes: I have also noticed significant desyncronization with zombies. A friend and I have been fighting zombies that crawl over fences, and I hear and see him be bitten while the zombie is still crawling over the fence. Combat is also noticeably less fluid than version 41.63 in MP context. Two players, with pvp off, fighting the same zombie often ends with lacerations, scratches, or bites despite the zombie being hit repeatedly by secondary or tertiary player. Zombies occasionally lunge for a grapple despite being in the stunned animation. where they should not be able to attack. Further testing can be performed for more data, as this occurred a few days ago. We stopped playing from frustration, and I am just now getting around reporting the bugs. That being said, the multi-player experience in the beta versions has been great. We appreciate all the hard work and completely understand how much work it takes to get things running smoothly. Happy Holidays!
  5. Collectible card game about star fleets. With some strategic twists on the ccg genre. Early Alpha so you cannot customize your deck yet. Old game of mine rewritten from scratch. Use F1 in-game for detailed instructions. (no tutorial yet, sorry) DIRECT DOWNLOAD (Windows only) Most notable differences from "classic ccgs" are: You get a source of basic "minions" called Shipyard (button on the left). Attacks are less effective against Defense of same color. (= red shields reduce red damage) Have fun and let me know how you liked it. P.S. If you want to read more about the project, check out its github.
  6. I didn't see this in the commonly suggested suggestions. The title is pretty self-explanatory, but I'd like an option to walk up to a window and right-click "look below". That way when you're taking a sheet rope down, you don't land on a pack of hungry Zeds that would have been easily noticed if you would have just popped your head out the window and looked down. Just using the focus button can see out of a window, but not directly below you. Considering how hard it is to shake Zeds off of you with the new animation, it would be a huge help and I can't see how this wouldn't be realistic from a game-play perspective.
  7. Good evening. Enough said. Although I am using a Custom Map, there are no custom textures that could explain this. (On the Custom Map, the exact area of the buildings with the glitched glass is X13270/Y11195, which is where I took the screenshot.) I feel that this is a texture found in the Vanilla rendition, so it's worth showing. (Note: the glass is still gone when I look straight at it.) Thank you. -TURTLESHROOM
  8. Hello, I'm working on an experimental game called 'Onslaught'. In simple terms it's a Tower Defense game built around real physics. This simple combination allows for some interesting emergent gameplay and scenarios. The current v0.06 build is a complete one level experience. v0.06 Changes: – overhauled the prototype artwork / completely new look – play in 3D (was previously restricted to top-down view) – added ‘Help’ button; explains controls – new controls work in 3D (spin around focus, zoom in / out) – add warning indicator that points to newly spawning enemies – redesigned level sequence – added new “boost” item; place near turrets and can be configured to increase shoot frequency or range. – fixed issues with enemy navigation around slower moving enemies. – added some basic sound effect work for all items and enemies – improved water splash effect – misc. fixes Controls: – when you are in the game, click on the ‘Help’ button to see latest controls. You can download the latest version from here: https://oefun.com/onslaught/ If you take the time to play it I'd love to hear what you think - good or bad. Thanks!
  9. In BuildEd, whenever I try to place certain windows (in this case the giant spiffos windows), the entire wall vanishes. I thought it was just glitchy in the program so I saved the file and added it to my map in WorldEd. The walls are still gone and the window doesn't show up. How can I fix this? Thanks!
  10. I currently find it awkward trying to defend my safe-house. The zombies start by banging on my doors and barricaded windows trying to get in. While this is happening i can't attack them. Then they break in and its all too late to fight them off. I never really try to defend my base now because its always safer/easier to just run off making lots of noise, leading the zombies away. I think that windows might be the biggest problem at the moment. Zombies just hop straight through an open or broken window and merrily start trying to eat your brain. I think that zombies should climb through windows rather slowly and have a chance to fall over on the other side. But more importantly there should be an extra stage added where the zombie reaches through the window and prepares to climb. This would open up an opportunity to defend the window. The other side of a window would become a good place to be. It would also be nice if you could fight through barricaded (1 or 2 planks only) windows. So you could attack out and zombies could reach in and try to grab you (would be cool if zombies grabbed through windows). I don't want to damage my own barricades while defending them Also Doors could have a broken state where they have holes smashed in them but are still acting as a barrier (that you could also see through). This would allow you to fight through the holes and have awesome "Here's Johnny" moments.
  11. After trying multiple methods. Resetting everything. And going again. No one is giving clear instructions on how to run and connect to the server. I am running windows. Downloaded and successfully ran the SteamCMD and its app update for the dedicated server. Now what. Every port on my router is open, so port forwarding is irrelevant. I do have workshop items as well, hydrocraft ect. I saw them update uwhen i ran app_update from steam cmd so until i can check the server that seems to be in order. How do I run the server. How do i configure it. How do i connect to it. How do others connect to it. I have Hamachi if it helps at all. Keep in mind i have NEVER had any sort of server running. Assume if it i didnt say it in the post, I havent done it. *EDIT To clarify, I want to run a server, that anyone can join, including myself on the same computer.
  12. Hello everybody! I'm developing a simple RPG for Android and Windows. You'll have to take care of your hero in order to complete quests and challenge other player in PVP battles. You'll have to train your hero, feed him, upgrade his equipment and send him to the adventure! I'm writing a blog in which you can read my progress and discover the features of the game. Sometimes I'll write some tutorial-post , however at the moment blog is pretty empty but I'll release update weekly! ►BLOG https://myherotrainer.wordpress.com/ First official post: Things to do in My Hero Trainer read it!
  13. How about the ability to paint windows? Instead of covering them with sheets why not just paint them? Any color of paint in real life would completely seal it from light therefore sight. What about some other ways to cover windows as well. Cardboard for instance. There are cardboard boxes in the game that you can loot. Why not make them breakable with cardboard as the item drop. Then you could cover windows with it, using a hammer and nail, or even tape. Then there is the bath towel. I'm not 100% sure you can't cover a window with it already, pretty sure i tried though. A bath towel could cover a window with some tape but i doubt it would be big enough to nail up. Duct tape.... ah duct tape. You could cover a window with a roll of duct tape for sure. just tape the glass up. I bet a full roll of duct tape would cover more than 1 window. probably more like 3 windows. garbage bag. come on, we have all seen a window taped up with a garbage bag. tarp. nailed or taped. probably could cut it so that it could cover 2 windows most likely. wire or even better, barbed wire. I could hammer nails around a window and wrap wire around it then weave back and forth from nail to nail then bend the nials over making a grid of wire. easily seen through. probably even get grabbed, scratched, or bit through. but not easy to pass by for a zed. newspaper and tape. an unfolded newspaper with some tape could cover a window
  14. Description of game Dr. Dunno created a miraculous elixir to cure his daughter’s illness. Unfortunately, an accidental blast pulverized the cure, little drops going in all directions. Help the doctor to restore the elixir by collecting all drops. Solve puzzles, unlock new abilities, check every nook and cranny and leave no stone unturned! Genre: - Puzzle trivia adventure game Key features: 4 level packs with 80 levels Logical and fun gameplay Cute characters Sharp graphics New art in every chapter Engaging game element combos New levels and updates to follow Platforms: Android Windows OS PC iOS (in process) Engine: Unity Gameplay Demonstration Press-kit: download press-kit Official website - Oriplay.com Google PlayStore - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.OriplayGames.DropHunt Windows Store - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/games/drop-hunt/9wzdncrdt2h0 Twitter - https://twitter.com/_oriplay_ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Oriplaycom/439231659528754?ref=hl Drop Hunt is a free game. Try it, please! We are waiting for your feedback.
  15. Occupation: Fire Officer (female) Traits: Hard of Hearing, Over-weight, Lucky, Resilient, Stout. I was happily clearing out Cortman Medical and about a 1-block radius with my trusty kitchen knives, but the place had broken windows galore. The ones near the front door were completely smashed. Of course, lazy me, pressed "E" near the door and ended up climbing up on the broken window. I got a scratch and patched myself up with a sterilized rag. I slept upstairs. The next day, zeds were downstairs and I had to lure them out and dispatch them. Went smoothly. Not a scratch. But again, "E"-ing on the door and, yes, climbed again, and got another scratch... like the odds of getting a scratch from windows were against me. I patched it up... about 3 days passed, I ate fresh food, clean water, changed the bandages with sterile sheets, going well. then one day, I got sick... I still had scratches though they weren't bleeding anymore... I ate fresh food and water, no white berries, didn't stay in the rain for more than a few seconds and I dry off quickly. Yet the illness persisted. And added to it, I became "terrified". I kept up a regimen of sleep, food, water, and tried to avoid conflict. I also reduced the weight I carried to just a few items per run. But I got sicker and sicker and eventually got a fever. Food nor rest didn't help. I woke up one day, fever in motion... I grabbed all my knives and axes, went downstairs and outside and found a small group of zeds. I fought them in the rain... the knives went under their heads and found their way to their brains. Moving away and shoving most of them until they were almost in a line... one by one they came... one by one they fell... After the carnage, I was left empty, save for the heat in my head, and body and a triumphant, yet saddening warmth in my soul... I fell to my illness and joined the undead ranks... shuffling around aimlessly... all I have accomplished, all I have done... gone... *end scene, exit stage left* tr;dl: Basically, I died from scratches (that I got from windows) and no, the scratches had never had the "infected" tag on them so I was kinda bummed when I watched Ellie Bishop (that's her name... give a shout out if you know where it's from :3) waste away (from getting sick/fever)... from window scratches... Questions: Is this intended or a bug?Could the windows have been infected when a zed went through them and some skin, blood, fluid was left behind and I got infected when I went through the window and got a scratch? (but the scratches never got an "infected" tag)Other than the god-like antibiotics, what other effective ways are there to get well from illnesses? (Aside from being well-fed, resting, and drinking bleach?)O__O Also, can't we "open" windows that are already broken? All that's broken is the glass anyway, can't we simply have them open the windows to bypass the glass? Like when a burglar breaks the window/door to get to the latch/door knob. EDIT: added clarifications in bold and parenthesis in the tr;dl.
  16. The Order (Logo created by myself) Hey everyone! I'm Rich C. and my Steam name is Richcoconut! The Order is a group that I wanted to make that was inspired mainly by a huge battle me and some players had on the Desolated server trying to take over the motel to make it a community base. This group will be crafted to help track down bandits, build both community and group bases, help others and recruit, expand to other servers, and possibly run events giving items but that'll be down the road. It will be semi-RP/RP at moments! I'm recruiting right now and for those who are interested I'd like for them to come to this page and fill out this forum and to add me on Steam. Also, spread the word! TEAMS MAIN SERVER: Zeek's Haven 24/7 SERVER (US EAST/NYC) MAIN TOWN: WEST POINT Right now I'm looking for experienced and new builders, leaders, assistants, and fighters. YOU WILL RISK DYING (DUH) FOR A GOOD CAUSE! NEWS: TUE FEB 17TH 12:44AM EST - WE HAVE A BASE WITH A KITCHEN, LIBRARY, ARMORY, LOCKER ROOM, CHILL ROOM, AND WORKING ON SECURITY CURRENTLY. WE HAVE ESTABLISHED OURSELVES AS A STRONG GROUP AND AS THE SERVERS COMMUNITY BASE. FRI FEB 20th 3:26AM EST BASE HAS BEEN MOVED TO WEST POINT ON THE SERVER, IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE EXACT LOCATION, PLEASE REQUEST IT FROM RICH C. IN-GAME. Steam name: In-Game name: Job: Longest Time Survived (dd/hrs): Gender: Town of Residence: Why should you get picked?: Location: (US East, US West, EUR, EU, EU West, EU East, RU, etc.) Main Server: (You main server you are always on) I will be checking this regularly and updating it with more info! Please spread the word! Each team will come with 1 builder, assistant, and 2 fighters/builders Member List Phoenix Wright Miley Cyrus ieatkebabs Deschain Zac OxyCleanMan - Doctor Phoenix Wright Silvio JoshGaraaax3 Mike3k Bunny Tidd FrankieC Max
  17. Hi again. For a mod I'm currently writing I want to check if a square can be traversed in a direction. Currently, I do this: local cell = getCell();local sq = cell:getGridSquare(x, y, 0); -- Need ground floorif sq:getProperties():Is(IsoFlagType.collideN) then -- do somethingendThis works fine for walls, but unfortunately not for windows, doors and probably also not for player-built walls.Is there a reliable way to check if a tile can be traversed in a certain direction?
  18. As more of a lore-type question, and a question about zombies in general (not just in Project Zomboid), I just had a thought: Why do zombies bang on doors and windows? Now firstly, just gonna rule out any of the 'smart zombie' stuff, I would never watch any zombie film that has memory-retaining or tool-using zombies in it simply because I find it stupid, it doesn't and will not make sense to me no matter what anyone tries to say. So let's look at the zombies in Project Zomboid, where they will see you inside a building and walk towards the windows or doors (why don't they all push up against the walls?), but they will stop at the window/door and stand there, repeatedly bobbing back and forth trying to smash through the window, however doing this seems like it would require some extent of thought processing: See foodChase FoodWalk into invisible wall (window)Lean back and then headbutt window to create force to smash through Surely a zombie's thought process should simply be to see, chase and eat people, they shouldn't have the ability to know that there is a window in front of them, they should simply attempt to walk through it, effectively pressing themselves up against the glass. Windows would still smash, however I'd imagine that a single zombie wouldn't be able to break through a window by himself, there would need to be a few pressing against it, using their body weight to break through, rather than them consciously doing it. Now this may just be due to the animation they have when breaking in, but it does bug me a bit. The same applies for zombies that vault over fences and through the windows, I don't see how this would be possible, they need to trip/stumble over an obstacle if it is low enough, or get stuck against it until their sheer weight breaks through it. I don't like how they seem to posses the same motor skills as you do. Just my thoughts on this, would like to know how you guys feel about these things! -Ben
  19. In cities the first floor of apartment buildings is often on a slightly higher level than the street. See here: http://www.construction21.eu/lietuva/data/sources/users/6/images/PNB/marijonu31.jpg As survivor you could easily climb in there, but the zombies can't follow you. Wouldn't that be to overpowered? Yes, it would, so here are a few rules: - You can't open the windows from the outside, except for smashing, because you it's to high to apply force by pushing. These windows are also more solid as protection against burglars and hard to break. -You can't climb em if you're carrying to much heavy stuff with you. -Climbing is slow, so zombies could still grab you from behind. What are your thoughts?
  20. FoxalypticWorld


    The VPS guide here is meant for Linux and while it's mentioned that using a VPS with Windows and PZ is easy I can't seem to figure it out. Maybe I'm missing something? I've never used a VPS before, so of course it's all very new for me. Any help/easy read 'guide' on what to do would be very helpful. Thank you, Kill Well and Often
  21. In a post apocalyptic wasteland where potatoes have rebelled against the humans, it is your job to crush the rebel uprising. Potato Warfare is a top-down two dimensional game, where you control a tank and fight 7(and counting) variations of the most deadly vegetable: the potato. Build factories, collect ketchup for health, upgrade your guns, and buy automatic turrets to reclaim earth. Enjoy yourself with a game that does not take itself too seriously. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3r4gs6ye4r5tfzm/Potato_Warfare.exe Remember that I just began developing this game, and there remains a lot to be done. The highest wave so far is 14. Please post any criticisms, suggestions, or bugs that you find! Thanks for your time, ~Guad
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