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Found 8 results

  1. First what I wanna tell, BIG THANKS FOR THAT GAME! I watch on the working from 2013 and this is best ultimate survave game EVER. Second, Im from Russia and this is not my lang, have poor english skills, but try tell what I think. I have MacBook PRO version from 2015 with intigrate video Intel Iris Pro Graphics 5200 and processor Intel Core i-7 4770HQ 2.2GHz with Turbobust (when play have 3,2ghz) 16 gb operative memory. This is not good stuff for play games, but turn something like GTA4, Max Payne, Black Mesa, DayZ I can and with 30-50 FPS. (I mean I have not a TOTAL potato )
  2. So I was playing on Kingsmouth, made a character, got into the world and started surviving the Zombie Apocalypse as usual. Everything was alright until my first survivor died a horrific death at the hands of a few infected. I sighed and thought I'd just create a new survivor and get the loot from what remained of the first. I created a second survivor and....They spawn in a room FILLED WITH ZOMBIES!!!! There was no chance for them to escape at all. I make a third survivor, same building, same results. Then a fourth, then a fifth....at this point it's getting a bit ridiculous. I found that the
  3. I've read about the folks have experienced losing shit upon reload of the game, experienced it for the first time myself last night and again just now. Last night parts of my world were reset to their default. I had set up a base at the clothing store between muldraugh and westpoint with pretty much the entire building gutted and rebuilt to how I wanted it. It seems when the tiles were reset to default it was only within a limited distance from my character, because not all of the tiles in there were reset, just surrounding my character, probably about 10 square radius. Also a lot
  4. Build 41 IWBUMS - When game is under a high load and FPS is low, vehicles lose almost all of their power and become incredibly slow and are unable to effectively run over zombies anymore. Have lost a few characters because a horde was chasing after me and I entered my vehicle, started it and it would take 15+ seconds to get to 10mph while the zombies moved at normal pace. Foraging seems to make your character tired incredibly quickly as well as not really gathering anything the area. Had foraging level 4. It is inconsistent with making the character immediately tired but it happens often
  5. I have had a few massive hitches while playing, but usually the game snaps out of it and I can continue on. No rubberbanding involved. Just had a massive hitch that the game didn't recover from. Could still hear ambient noises, ALT+F4'd to get out of it and save my character in the event shit was going on behind the frozen screen. Here's the error from console:
  6. This is a minor issue, but it has happened with both TVs that I have tried connecting my laptop to. When starting the game in fullscreen it displays with a blue tint and skewed down to one side. This issue is resolved by making the game borderless windowed. This happens with an HDMI connection and display duplication. Haven't tried other configurations.
  7. Just a couple of issues I've noticed while playing recently with a controller. The cruise control option does not work in vehicles. When attempting to get inside vehicles, if not looking precisely in the direction where you can enter the vehicle, when you press 'A' the character turns away from the vehicle When doing vehicle mechanics and speeding up time sometimes the character gets hung up on corners of the vehicle requiring you to slow time down and redo the action Sometimes after choosing a selection from radial menus the right stick is unresponsive upon initial
  8. Bat was attached to my chars back. Upgraded bat to spiked bat without removing bat from back. Tried to attach spiked bat to back, couldn't. 3D model of non-spiked bat still on chars back. Couldn't attach anything to back until restart.
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