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Found 16 results

  1. Gaining weight for my character was easy! I started as underweight. and quickly found myself snowballing into overweight and finally into Obese... After an in game month of passing doing nothing but working out, rest, and only eating one or two radishes to keep myself from starving I have lost exactly... 0. The weight arrow has been down this whole month but I have not lost any weight at all, I have gained 2 levels in sprint, a level in fitness and strength. But my weight has been totally unaffected.. Any tips or anything I can tell the server admin??
  2. I'd like to edit the starting carry weight/capacity for my own personal enjoyment. Is there a LUA file that I can edit which will allow me to modify the carry weight?
  3. Typically an item carried or attached to the belt will show you its effective weight followed by the unequipped weight, like a hammer on the belt will display weight: 0.7 (1.0 unequipped) However, I'm using the Premium Technologies Walkie Talkie and while it does get the weight reduction bonus for being equipped/on the belt, it doesn't report this weight when you hover over the item. Walkie Talkie weight while not in inventory is 8.2: Weight correctly goes up by 2 when taken to inventory to 10.2: Receive the weight reduction bonus from equipping to belt down to 9.6, but Walkie Talkie does not display accurate weight: I also noticed that the battery/ear buds being equipped to the walkie talkie don't effect the weight, but it seems Faalgorn already noticed that but I'll leave that link here too since it's weight related.
  4. Someone tell the scientific world that the game found a way to create mass from the void In spear sports, the spear weights from 400 to 800 grams (yes wood).
  5. Hi, This one might be a bit hard to reproduce, since I don't know how to... but I'll drop it off anyway. Sometimes a filled gas can shows the wrong weight. It does not influence gameplay, the actual weight is still 5.00 and the remaining gas seems to be normal: but the shown value is wrong. See the screenshot below: This only happens for specific cans. It may have something to do with filling them up when their initial gas remaining is not zero, but I'm not sure there. Most cans show normal values after filling them up: Not much of a game breaker or something, but a fix eventually would be nice. Thx in advance! Greetz, Tybs
  6. hi, and sorry for my english Guys, at the new patch, we how never, nedded a view from a window. Actualy it's explain a blocking view, and than you drop from window - you drop at the arms of zombie, create a function to look under windows, and for seen this to the players on the site of the sight. It's unreal stupid to be in the arms of zombies now, then we had no choise, then we have micro bash from animation on the drop of window. And some interesting stuff i think: - More treats and functiones for the medicine in multiplayer, like a medical death or anesthesia for surgery. - Most of peoples ( who playing long part) complain, becouse them don't have more cosmetic for the house, like a wallpapers, more posters... it's little thing... - We must do something for the loosing weight, this like unreal... or we must have a some dieta stuff, like a food, or we must have a training stuff, for helps a loosing weight. Or diarrea tablets x) - Do tattos into body >:D (by the one for each killed zombie of course x) ) - I think for the gamers who love radio, be a good present a Radio-tower and re-transponder, who dublicated a signal. And i think useful do a repeater, who can take a cassette and be recorded and played to the broadcasting. - Actualy most of peoples interesting at the bulding a roof on their buldings, for creating a more good visible. All live at the boxes, you know, how long it's be)
  7. Not sure if this has been reported but after I started looting my third house I notcied that my carry weight was 0/14
  8. Hello, my charater has a problem to lose weight, its now 18 days with much of running, carrying, chopping, fighting and not eating much (of course only vegetables) and its still 105, not even 104.9. We are playing on a dedicted linux server, on the stable branch. Is there some entry in the console i have to watch if there is some progress at all? Or maybe any kind of debugging/inspection with the admin account? Just to get sure. If it only takes longer its fine, but i remember from a previous session that a change should be already visibile. Regards, Noctem
  9. Much like water in containers; the weight is determined by how much water is in said container. It would also be amazing to have this implemented with food items. If I have a box of Mac and Cheese, that weighs 0.5 by default, surely if I was to eat 1/2 of the Mac and Cheese then the weight of the item should drop to at least 0.30? Assuming that the packaging would weight a default 0.1, and that 0.2 of the weight is consumable. This would be extremely useful if implemented, both for managing weight and realism. The same could be implemented for things such as cans of paint, and even more importantly - medicine! Don't you just hate it when you pick up painkillers that have maybe a couple or a single pill left in the pack and it still weighs 0.2 even though that's how much a full packet would weigh, same as things like bottles of disinfectant; because they can weigh a lot when you have numerous bottles and it can often be a pain to use the "fill" mechanic when in a hurry. Not exactly a bug, more of a suggestion; but a much needed suggestion that would be greatly appreciated if the feature was optimised.
  10. I've noticed this with fresh, cooked and rotten fish fillets. If you drop them on the ground or leave them in a fire, and then leave the area, when you return they have all reduced to 0.2 weight despite having weighed a lot more previously. EDIT: doesn't matter where you leave them, I left some in a fridge and left the area, came back and they were all 0.2. Notice the total weight of the stack in the screens below. Before: After:
  11. Dismantling and carrying big things, e.g. popsicle fridge makes a little sense. It seems normal to dismantle e.g a couch (yet IMHO process should spawn more "pieces" than just 1 for every tile) Wouldn't it be better to add option to push and pull objects in "Furniture movement" menu? They would work only in long axis of an object. Also, moving 1x1 object should occupy both hands, like moving a generator. No way putting wooden crates in trash bags. (And it would be nice to have an emergency "let go" button somewhere.) And here I've stumbled on another issue. No way picking up whole big-ass fridge by your hands, they need a strict limit of Strength factor. That's for big stuff, now look at all these tote bags full of 15 pillows... How to tell which objects are too big for which containers? It needs adding only a single number in items and object stats. Let's call it "cubature" and define as "the longest dimension of an object". If object's cubature is equal to container's capacity, it fills it entirely and nothing else can be put in there; if bigger, there's simply not enough space for it. If cubature is smaller than capacity, you can stuff it up to it's weight limit. I suggest using a book and medkit as a base of "1". How does it sound for you?
  12. BUILD 27 [sorry about the misleading title, i can't change it] tweaks the maximum carryweight to 9999. note: this doesn't increase the actual inventory capacity beyond '50'. it just allows you to walk around with heavy items and a full inventory. use "delete" key to spawn a void pack. this pack is a bit exploitive, use at your own risk. it allows you to carry an incredible amount of stuff before filling up to the '50' capacity. you can continue to fill the pack beyond the 50 capacity (i've tested it up to 100), but this will freeze your normal inventory. you won't be able to unpack food or other items from the pack into your working inventory for using on the go, but it works great for base moving. also, since it's exploitive (and may be changed in next update to not work), you will see negative numbers in your capacity indicator. maxweight.zip
  13. Hello PZ community, I was wondering if anyone has suffered a back injury from carrying too much. When heavily loaded we receive the moodle "Extremely Heavy Load. Threatened Back Injury. Movement Compromised". I was wondering if anyone has actually been injured from carrying too much. For the longest time I avoided hopping over fences, climbing sheet ropes, sprinting, combat, and pretty much anything else that would be difficult if heavily loaded and might cause injury. However, recently I have become a bit more brazen in my actions and find myself hopping out windows, climbing up sheet ropes (BTW I think it would be a nice touch if you couldn't climb sheet ropes with a heavy load unless you had the strong perk), jogging down the street, etc. Other than becoming tired and not being able to recooperate, I haven't encountered any negative effect. Am I just lucky, or is this another thing that will be added in the future?
  14. I've read about rework on the UI that will happen in the future, but there is one thing that might be (I think) easily added to what we have at the moment. Total inventory weight - the icon on left that allows one to enter into an inventory could potentially show information about current weight. That way at glance player would know after loading if he's ready to go scavenge or he holds a lot and was en route to the safe house. Weight of any container - when viewing the inventory and all accessible containers number on them could potentially show at glance if there is something interesting to loot there or not. Also backpacks would hint player why he's not allowed to move selected items to that baggage. Finding logs on the ground might prove to be even easier.
  15. I was thinking about the movement overhaul TIS has planned, in which sneaking, crouching, jumping, climbing, and similar actions might happen, and I thought about how height could alter a survivor's experience. If they do get to do that at some point, I think a few more physical traits would add some needed variation in how all that would play out. People who are good at parkour and free-running, snowsports, skating, and climbing and such tend to be pretty short and flexible, right? Tall or inflexible folk sometimes can't get their centers of mass and such in the desired places and fall and flop, but also tend to have longer arms and legs--and thus a longer reach--than shorter people. People also generally lose their flexibility and resilience with age, and Since something sort of like what I just said is often true, why not emulate it in Project Zomboid during the movement and survivor differentiation overhauls, supposing nothing happens to make that impossible or insurmountably difficult? Spoiler <3
  16. Hi, so i wake up in the morning you see is zombie apocalypse so you grab everything what you can carry from home and run away. ok how come you can run away with full fridge, 5 sheets, baseball bat, golfclub when you carry only plastic bag? i tried - its impossible. you have two pocket in your jeans (you can put bottle in back one but walking is harder ) , maybe one in hoodie, you have backpack (everyone does)where you can pack yourself for two days and that`s it. My point is that carrying by points its bit unrealistic. I know there are two types of solutions in game - weight or space, but both of them are not real. you should have two pockets where you can put 10 shells (not hundred 160 or 140) some spare space in hoodie, under the belt for food, baseball to hand, knife somewhere and the run away. That will make game much harder (i know many people will hate me for this post) but challenge is good .at least option to setup pockets and separate items so i can put to schoolbag sledgehammer would be really nice. Just simply separate items for let say 4 categories and either you grab it either you leave it if you don`t have big enough backpack.
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