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  1. It rains so often that once you have 2-3 water barrels your set for the game. For a game that asks how will you die? Water, a necessity for life. I believe is to easy to obtain. While rain itself is a threat to get you sick. I ask what about a drought or other types of dynamic weather? I remember playing before water barrels where implemented. It was so important and stressful to make the trip to the farm (to have well access). The fear of dehydration has been taken away since the rain barrels have been implemented. I'm not suggesting taking the rain barrels out. I just feel like
  2. Before I get started please forgive my spelling and grammar, It has to be my weakest skill. Also I would like to start by saying that you guy have a truly amazing game and I hope my comments don't rub anyone the wrong way. I was wondering why The PC eye site is so poor, it seems like I have to get way to close to zombies before I can see them, It just seems a little bit silly to not be able to see 50 zombies standing in the street 3 or 4 blocks away. Your PC seems to only be able to see and hear about 20-25 feet in front/around them. I mean in this world all the back ground noise is gone, al
  3. It isn't reasonable to assume someone in this day and age has a clock / watch that isn't on their cellphone, and most cellphones will last less than four days with even the barest of use, so the fact that you automatically get a clock in PZ kind of confuses me. I know this was suggested on the older forum, but I feel the need to bring it up again - Watches. They should be an item, and at least as common as shoes, but not something you start off with. They should have a chance of breaking if you do anything that injures you, but otherwise be the eternal source of proper time-keeping they alr
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