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  1. Not sure if this was addressed earlier. If it was, let me know. With that behind, I suggest icing on roads to form as a result of freezing temperatures after a rain or fog. I'm pretty sure there's a grip mechanic regarding tires so shouldn't be hard to implement (hopefully, I'm not a dev). This would add a bit more realism and challenge to driving a car. Imagine just casually driving and then losing control which ends with a glorious crash. Well technically even water on a road should decrease the grip in some way. Dirt roads could get muddy as well, slowing a car down. What is your opinion on this suggestion?
  2. Loving the new update on the test server, i've only encountered one issue. I like to start in Feb. since its my birth month and reasonably its always cold but none of the clothes give off warmth and they all appear blank on the insulation bar: Jackets, Shirts, Sweaters, Jeans etc. none of them worked for the cold.
  3. Hi, As you know, Project Zomboid is a exacting game, challenging, but when you have HQ, game is a little more easy, and the fire is not a real danger when you know how that works. So why not implement thunder and a chance to be hit by thunder, you or your base. (1/200, something like this, a little chance) Imagine that you run on a football ground or on a wide grass ground and be followed by many zombies. Suddenly, a zombie (or you) get electrocute, this starts a fire, burning the soil and everything around. There'll be realistic conditions, you can only be hit on a elevated point (like a building) or on a empty ground (construction site, field...). Thunder can hit cars and trigger alarm, burn wood houses, burn zombies... But chance needs to rule, you are not a target, you are just unlucky.
  4. EDIT: Found fix for this issue! My friend turned off 'Double size textures' option, we restarted the game and when we entered the server he could see snow on ground as well Hi, I am hosting a P2P server for my friend and I (version 40.43). When it snows we both see snow falling and trees being covered in it BUT only I can see the snow covering the ground, he can't. For him the ground looks normal. Could it be because of a certain setting, or is this a bug? He has tried disconnecting and connecting back again. We even tried restarting the server and turning Post-processing on and off. Still nothing. Also, when we are indoors we can see the rain/snow falling outside even though we're not watching trough the windows at that time. It feels like we're on a spaceship, flying trough the stars, kinda messes up with our eyesight, making us dizzy.
  5. tl;dr - weather effects currently present in the game also affect road quality, road safety, & the ability of a player to operate a vehicle safely; not only impaired vision from fog / thunderstorms, but also mucking up the operation of the vehicle itself (as tires/brakes can't handle mud/ice/snow well). Merging weather & vehicles / road safety would be awesome! Examples of hazards would be: Ice on concrete roads in late fall / early spring, when rainfall starts to freeze overnight & snow that's melted during the day freezes at night. Skidding on roads! I hope you're making your turns properly! Slip & slide all day every day, unless you're -really- careful and going -really- slow. Did you take speed demon? Oh boy, if your wheels spin out on you, you might be getting real close to Greene's. Heavy snowfall Limiting vehicles speeds, especially low-to-the-ground car speeds (like sedans). No snow plow service around town! Bonus points if snow also covers up cars' windshields & the like. Snow scraping time! Hopefully the zombies don't hear you de-icing the car.... Super-cold weather EDIT: per comments, winter tires to be able to move efficiently during the cold months? If it's notably cold for a few days (like in mid-winter in PZ) & a vehicle's low on gas, and the car hasn't been started for a few days, and the engine's old... you might have to find a friend to jump-start your car, because the gas lines (the route gas takes from the tank to your engine) froze from the cold & the engine won't start! Fun fact: while gas won't freeze itself, if your gas tank's pretty empty, water vapor builds up in it. That water vapor -can- freeze, and when it does, it makes your car unable to start. A week at a quarter-tank can screw you easy. Rain & mud on dirt roads / wilderness Did it rain recently, or is it raining right now? Time for some mud racing! All ideas are purely from living in suburban Chicago / rural Illinois for years & dealing with winter weather. What other ideas do you guys have for merging weather already in the game & vehicle operation together? Quick links: https://www.bellperformance.com/blog/how-to-thaw-frozen-gas-lines-in-a-car
  6. About us / О нас We're a well-known PvP server with a simple set of rules that's easy to follow. Server located in Saint Petersburg, Russia, so it's pretty comfortable to play from Russia and Eastern Europe. Мы - известный PvP-сервер с простыми правилами, их легко понять и им просто следовать. Сервер расположен в Санкт-Петербурге, играть из РФ и восточной европы будет комфортно. Discord: https://last-day.wargm.ru/discord (integrated with in-game 'all' chat channel) Website: https://last-day.wargm.ru/ How to connect / Как подключиться IP: Port: 16261 Or use this link: https://last-day.wargm.ru/connect Rules / Правила - EN - It is forbidden to: - Chat - Do not: 1. Troll or insult other players 2. Spam or advertise in any form 3. Abuse CAPS, smiles and emotes 4. Use provocative, insulting, indecent nicknames and profile pics 5. Inticing ethnic or religious hatred, IRL death threads 6. Post pornographic and other NSFW content 7. Abuse swearing 8. Political discussions 9. Impersonating another players or administration - General - Do not: Use, discuss or provoke to use bugs and cheats Restore your character from backups without administration agreement Infiltrate into other players claims, destroy objects inside other players claims (see rule 1) Steal cats from other players claims (see rule 1) - Non-PVP zone rules - Do not: Kill other players while have a claim inside Non-PVP zone Bring hordes of zombies to other players claims inside Non-PVP zone Steal, kill, vandalize other people's property inside Non-PVP zone or in nearby vicinity - RU - - Общение - Запрещено: Троллинг и оскорбления игроков в любой форме. Реклама и спам в любой форме. Злоупотребление использованием верхнего регистра, смайлов и реакций. Использование провокационных, оскорбительных, неприличных ников или аватаров. Разжигание межнациональной розни, угрозы расправой в реальной жизни, дискриминация по религиозному или другим признакам и пропаганда нацизма. Распространение порнографии и прочего NSFW контента. Злоупотребление нецензурной бранью запрещено (мат допустим в небольших количествах). Споры на политические темы. Выдавать себя за другого человека, в том числе за администрацию сервера. - Главное - Использование читов и багов игры. Обсуждение, распространение информации по их использованию, а также побуждение на это других. Использование бекапов без согласования с администрацией. Проникновение в чужие приваты, их повреждение кувалдой и прочим оружием. Угон транспорта из привата. - Правила PVE локаций - Запрещено: Активное PVP при имеющемся привате в PVE локации. Приводить зомби под приваты в PVE локации. Грабеж, убийства, порча имущества любым способом в PVE локациях. Кемперство на выходе из PVE локаций. FAQ / ЧаВо - EN - Last wipe: 26 Apr 2019 Next wipe: not scheduled. We generally don't like wipes and doing our best to not wipe the server more than required. Probably after the upcoming release of Project Zomboid. We don't know when it'll be exactly. NO zombification NO fire spreading Free PvP (except safezones, listed below) Safehouses You must survive for 5 in-game days to be able to claim a safehouse You can claim only pre-existing residential building You can't expand your claim's size Safehouse will fall if there are no members visit it for 10 consecutive IRL days 2 characters per steam account 1 day in-game = 1 IRL hour Loot respawns in 24 IRL hours, in empty containers only Abandoned locations will be reset in 21 IRL days if no one visits them Non-residential buildings (shops, warehouses, etc) could be reset without a warning Channel 'all' enabled and integrated with a discord Voice chat enabled - RU - Последний вайп: 26 Апр 2018 Следующий вайп: не запланирован. Скорее всего произойдет после выхода следующего обновления Project Zomboid, точная дата неизвестна. Зомбификации нет Распространения огня нет PvP свободный (кроме безопасных зон, список ниже) Приваты Чтобы занять дом нужно прожить 5 игровых дней Занять можно только уже существующее жилое здание Расширить размер привата нельзя (но можно надстроить этажи) Приват спадет если ни один из его членов не посетит его в течении 10 реальных дней 2 персонажа на 1 стим аккаунт Игровой день длится 1 час реального времени Лут обновляется каждые 24 часа в пустых контейнерах Заброшенные локации, которые никто не посещал в течении 21 реального дня, сбрасываются Нежилые здания (магазины, склады, итд) могут быть сброшены без предупреждения Глобальный чат включен и интегрирован с дискордом: сообщения из чата игры транслируются в дискорд и наоборот Голосовой чат также включен Safezones (where PvP disabled) / Безопасные (нейтральные) зоны March Ridge (10360x12620) Safezones inteded to be a place where you can set up a meeting with other players to trade and communicate safely. Нейтральные зоны задуманы как место, где можно встретиться с другими игроками, чтобы поторговать и пообщаться в безопасности.
  7. Not sure if this is intentional but I started a new game on the current build and it started to storm. Then it got pitch black at 13:00. I've been in some crazy storms (hurricanes included) but I've never seen any storm block out the sunlight completely, or even to the point where one needs a flashlight. (Screenshot shows the next day at 9am when I got lost in the blackness of rain)
  8. Hello survivors ! Since the last big update, the weather update, i was thinking about creating a mod that plays with the actual weather update. What i want to do, is create a mod that make the weather way more dangerous. There is a challenge that makes the weather in winter mode in July, which is a great idea. In 2018, with the climate change, weather is becoming way more extreme and this is exactly what i want to do. The thing is, im trying to read script and files about other mods but the weather files are kinda different. I want to locate how exactly the events in weather (suck as rains, snow, wind and temperature) act. So thats why i need a little help. Maybe pointing me a exact line in one of the file so i can learn and ask question as i go through my mod !? Thanks in advance !
  9. Will they be affected by rain? Like your car can skid/get out of control if you turn to hard when it's raining? Maybe some roads are slippery and some aren't depending on where they are located and what type of terrain it is. Snow could mess your engine up in the winter if you don't run your car's engine at all as freezing it will cause damage which would then be repaired with a high mechanic skill and might even need replacement parts. Maybe your character's visibility is decreased when raining and snowing unless the wipers are on. These could all be helpful if you think vehicles need to be harder to maintain, since this game does a good job with realism. I could put more things but those are the first that come to mind. Also, you guys never implemented a digital clock on the cars....
  10. Having seen the impedning weather system that includes thunderstorms crossing the map, I wonder if that system could be co-opted to script a massive horde event. I am imagining a horde of zeds that spawn at the map's edge and move across the entirety of the map like a storm. Alternatively, I could also see an invisible draw beacon that passes over the map, attracting zeds as it goes. In the case of the former, I'm not sure how the migration of zeds would interact with standard zed activity. I imagine they would ignore things like moving to empty tiles or forming up with preexisitng hordes. In the case of a sound event or player action drawing them, I imagine that when they return to an "idle" state they would set off again towards their destination on the far side of the map. Once there, they would despawn. I guess it might be as "simple" as spawning a horde of special zeds who wander towards a map's-edge beacon when they would otherwise be idle. My intent is for a mid-game event (one to several months in) that has the potential to wreck any fortification anyplace on the map, if it happens to be in the path of the migratory horde. Perhaps there's a way that the path could be drawn over an area of the player's greatest activity. What do you all think? Other ideas for life post-helicopter (aside from more helicopters)?
  11. Hi, I've been looking for a mod that adds weather control options, either for admins or all players. Being more specific I need snow! It is so rare that it is impossible to test ideas that depend on it.
  12. As of now, rain impairs the movement and senses of zombies, makes players sick, moistens crops, fills barrels, and puts out fires. However, there is a lot more that can be done to make it feel more like true rain. Flood Tiles by Riverbank (And future added Creeks/Streams) When it is raining/has just rained, the banks of the water sources really should be raised. My suggestion is that the Devs add a "transition tile" of sorts, basically a tile that will switch states from land to water based on the amount of time it has rained, the time since it stopped raining, and what month it is. Puddle Formation Similarly to the flood tiles I just suggested, the game should randomly select different spots of the map to have "Depression points", basically the land/water switchtiles that accumulate water at the center and expand outward based on how rainy it is. That way, if you're not to the point where you have rain barrels yet you can still collect a little bit of water, albeit water that's probably really grainy even if you boil it. Bugs Forming Around The Puddles And Rivers/The Day After a Storm The few days after a rainstorm, or just being around a body of water should make bug bites a possible affliction. This can be reduced by wearing longer clothing, or by trying not to stand by those bodies of water too long. You can also douse yourself in smoke, or perhaps create your own bug repellent out of household materials/some natural item. Bug bites should have a really low chance to give you a disease. Rain Smearing Blood Basically, if it rains, splotches of blood should get lighter and maybe spread a little more, eventually fading away. Rain Creating Mud and Impairing the Player Have you ever tried sprinting on a rainy day through dirt? It doesn't work too well if it's been raining for a while. Players (and zombies) should be slowed way down when traversing grass/dirt as it is much more slippery and muddy than it usually is. Outdoorsman/Skill Alerting Player to Weather The character you play as should be able to observe the sky and predict what kind of weather they may experience. Just add another tab to the health/skills/info panels for "observations". Observations could include more than just weather but for this example I will stick solely to weather. This can be a passive skill that increases the more time you spend in the outdoors. I'll make a new suggestion specifically for this one actually. Multiple-Day Storms Sometimes when it rains, it should rain for multiple days. This is where the heavy flooding and puddle formation really kick in, damaging your house, equipment, crops, and leaving you stuck indoors or traveling around in flood weather. Imagine how hard sloshing around in foot-deep water is while trying to evade zombies! Intense Storming Destroys Baby Crops If the flooding or overall weather is bad enough it should tear out, wash away, or damage young crops. This means that you have to keep them in pots until they're big enough to stay rooted down or just hope that it doesn't rain too badly. You can find pots or make them from clay you forage in creeks or puddles after it rains. Foraging After Rainstorms Should Give Different Items The items you get from foraging after it has rained heavily should be slightly altered. For example, most berries would probably have been knocked down, but so would many branches. If you forage near the future creeks, the river, or in hypothetical puddles you should be able to gather clay and make pottery from it. You should also be able to gather frogs and water, and the wood you collect be slightly soggy. Rainstorms should wash up fish/make them more plentiful The fish inside the river could get stirred up or washed away if enough water comes pouring down. After the water recedes, this could leave dead fish on the shore, which may not be the cleanest option, but if you're really desperate, food is food... This could also stir up more fish from the bottom, making them easier to catch Future water vehicles such as boats should wash away if too near the river If the aforementioned flood tiles overlap where you're storing a boat on land, it should wash it away, meaning you'll have to build a new one/lose it forever, or maybe have to go downstream to look for it. This will be especially important when river travel leads to communities built along the river. I will add to my list as I think of more things, feel free to comment what you think rain should do as well.
  13. I know I've suggested this before but I don't think anyone understood my idea. Also I've expanded on it. Since the main point of single player on Zomboid is PvE, I was hoping you'd eventually add some more immersion by adding different types of weather and weather effects. For example, right now we have rain as a type of precipitation which adds other challenge of getting wet and adding those status effects, but it seems there's only two types of rain differentiated by sounds. I'd like more kinds of precipitation, such as: Hail: With the possibility of getting injured, losing HP. Snow: (Yes I know we have snow, I'm talking about snow falling from the sky, not the ground cover type.) With the possibility of inflicting frostbite and decreasing visibility. Fog: Decreased visibility outdoors. Also I'd love a way to control the temperature indoors, it makes no sense that while the power is still on I get hot indoors or too cold, can't I change the thermostat? I feel that varied types of weather could add more challenge to the game as well as more incentive to stay indoors on particular days. What do you all think?
  14. To add some more weather threats to the game, it would be neat if during a thunderstorm, a zombie or player near a body of water/high up and exposed had a chance to be hit by lightning and cause a fire. If it is not raining, then a zombie could cause damage. Lightning should only happen when the player is nearby, however, so that a fire doesn't start somewhere where the player cannot stop it.
  15. The character you play as should be able to observe the sky and predict what kind of weather they may experience. Just add another tab to the health/skills/info panels for "observations". Observations could include more than just weather but for this example I will stick solely to weather. This can be a passive skill that increases the more time you spend in the outdoors, as well as a buff/detriment you can pick at the very beginning.. It would work something like this: Lvl 1: There are clouds. There isn't wind. Visibility is fine. Lvl 5: It's fairly cloudy today, it could rain. The air's cooler than it usually is. The wind seems pretty mild. Visibility is decent, though the low temp could possibly lead to fog later. Lvl 10: It's fairly cloudy today, it smells like the rain might set in sometime in the afternoon or later. The air's a bit cooler than it usually is, and it might continue to drop. The wind is mild, but if it gets any colder that wind will be bitter. Visibility is decent, but fog might roll in and block vision.
  16. Simply put, it would be pretty neat to see more visual weather effects/ambience other than just rain and thunder. I think these would be great and I have complied a list below of the effects. Snow/Blizzard Description: Basically what rain is, except it's white dots of snow falling to the ground. If the weather is more harsh, then a blizzard will occur which will have greater effects on the player. Effects on Player: Same effects already put in when it snows, if a blizzard, the player will feels these effects even more. Visual Effects: White dots of snow, if blizzard, more dense pieces of snow falling. Fog Description: Fog is pretty much what might occur after a thunderstorm/rain, or randomly during the seasons/months. Effects on Player: Reduced sight (Not as bad as night time, but perhaps 15-30% of that) and the chance of slight panic/anxious if your outside for too long. Visual Effects: Transparent grey visual with a slow, creepy animation. Ambience Description: Basically just more ambience to bring the place to life. Perhaps some trees could drop leaves and those said leaves could be seen blowing throughout the city. Some items such as Newspapers, Papers, various garbage, etc. should also blow in the wind. Would be nice to see some of the tall grass have an animation even if it's subtle of some weather occurring. Let's hear some wind blowing if its thunder storming or if it's a bad storm, let's see more visuals of the wind blowing water on the roads (if it isn't too much, if so, its fine.) Effects on Player: A more immersive experience. Visual Effects: Self-explanitory. I believe little touches like this can really give a heartbeat to a beautiful game such as Project Zomboid. Tell me whatcha think!
  17. There're many sources of danger in the weedy and foresty areas which we don't see in this game. I'll try to make it short and type in short point forms. Alright, here are a few suggestions: 1. Wood nettle and poison ivy These plants are pretty common in NA. Nettle and poison ivy causes severe physical irritation including burns, itches and rashes. 5% chance of triggering when walking into a tree in forest areas. 5% chance of triggering when foraging [threats nullified at lvl.5 foraging] Park rangers are immuned to these negative moodles on start. Wood nettle charateristics: - Rashes - Pain [1 hours] - Itch [1 hour] - The above symptoms may last for more than a day if that person has sensitive skin - First-aid [Wash with water, tweezers to remove sting, vinegar to wash the affected area] Poison ivy characteristics: - Poison Oil [8 hours moodle, needs to be washed with soap, water & dish towel] - Rashes on skin - Intense itch - Incubation period: 1/2-6 days, if not cleaned. - First-aid [Wash with water, use water and alcohol to wash or rashes will spread] 2. Rabies Once hunting is implemented, there s/b stray dogs and other wild animals that would attack humans. 25% chance of contracting rabies if animal bites are not disinfected properly. Characteristics: - Requires soap and large amount of water to wash the wounds - Incubation period: 2-12 weeks, if wounds are not being treated properly [s/b made shorter in-game] - Reduced speed [Due to partial paralysis and muscle spasms] - Nervous breakdown >>> Deliruim - Insomnia - Hydrophobia [Consuming water triggers intense pain and panic] - 100% Fatal 3. Tetanus I'm not so sure about this one cause most of us have had vaccines and sh*t so catching it won't be easy but I think it s/b added to the game just for the hell of it. Higher chance to trigger if stabbed by knives and cut climbing thru windows. Characteristics: - No cure - 10%-20% chance of dying - Massive muscle spasms [Can cause bone fracture, disable movements] - Fever - Jaw stiffness [Cannot eat, needs muscle relaxants] 4. Bear traps I'm sure there are plenty of randomly placed illegal traps in the wilds by hunters. These things are hard to spot, especially the inexperienced. Requires trapping lvl 3 to spot and disarm. Characteristics: - Critical lacerations - Massive bleeding - Intense pain - May cause bone fracture - Disable movement - Can be disarmed and reused 5. Wildfire High-temperature and dry seasons can lead to wildfires, lightning strikes and other sources can start an uncontrollable inferno that burns down miles of dense forests. Random wildfires would make it challenging or even dangerous to live in the woods. 6. Venomous snakes I've heard there're cottonmouths and copperheads in KY but again I'm not so sure about that cause I don't know sh*t about the population distribution of these snakes. Can they be found near Muldraugh? In Z-apoc times like these, you can't just drag your ass to ER and have serum injection, so getting bitten by poisonous snakes can be fatal. 7. Tornadoes & hailstorms We all know that storms can cause flood, tornadoes and hailstorms. A hail with the size of a grenade is more than enough to kill a human. One must seek shelter when a hailstorm hits, it's also considered to be a major threat to crops and they can smash windows if they're not being barricaded. As for tornadoes, I'm not sure if devs are going to like this as it might involve making tons of new textures for destroyed property and the visible range in game is quite limited so it's hard to spot a tornado coming. It's just a suggestion. I'll add more to this list.
  18. The governor will be the evil AI that will hopefully make this game difficult. I suggest to have it change the weather, e.g. create a hailstorm that destroys your harvest and create minor natural disasters like a fire. The zombie hordes will challenge the player, even if he has built a nice safehouse and has stored a lot of tools and resources and the weather and disasters will simply add to that. I don't care much about the plausibility at this point. Times without rain or excessive rain are plausible on their own, so is an exceptionally cold winter. Lightning to ignite a fire is plausible too and so is a hailstorm. Problematic is the fact that all of this is directed at the player.
  19. Don't know whether this has been brought up or not but i thought what would be really cool? If by a random chance that during a heavy storm or thunder storm that maybe,just maybe every now and then randomly Lightning strikes a tree or a house Resulting in it burning into a crisp and starting a fire or just instant crisp(with a tree or a wall frame or you know what i'm getting to) Also make like a lightning effect like how it is on the main menu. Would add to the apocalyptic feel and the im scared,alone and about to jump outta my pants feeling for some. (And yes i know i spelled Lightning wrong in the title haha very tired and running on little sleep)
  20. So ladies and gentleman as some of you may know the PZ devs are adding the erosion mod that also adds seasons. So????? Lets talk about some features that would make this interesting, shall we? 1.Clothing: During those cold seasons you will need to fight for warmth especially when the gas/power go out. Resolution? Get that jacket on and strap on those boots and pants this can make a VERY serious yet entertaining experience, especially during a blizzard when you're outside. So seek shelter. 2.Food?: Well this mainly appeals to the cold seasons but you could melt snow for water but you need fire or gas. Even better? How about natures natural freezer to keep those foods frozen and last longer. 3.Terrain: when it snows as you may know snow banks can form so? Well these could slow down a person travelling and maybe when they add them, vehicles! 4.Zombies: The zombies in the cold could become slower due to freezing and become more frail. Example: You smack a raw pork loin HARD against something flat its not gonna do much but you freeze it and do it, it can snap with enough force. Any other suggestions that are GOOD? Leave them below And i'll add em!
  21. So! Had a thought today. I've always thought that there should be more craftable kit that a player can scatter about their safehouse/fortress. Barbecue pits, more furniture, tarp-covered stockpiles and so on. Things that make a barricaded house seem more like the last bastion of civilisation, and give the player more of an attachment to where they've set down their roots. To that end: Crafting instruments to measure the nuances of the local weather. There could be a background trait/skillset associated with their use (i.e: Weatherman) that helps the player crudely forecast the weather, or the equipment is simply used to log the weather over time, leaving it up to the player to decide the best times to begin construction or plant crops (i.e: It seems to be raining more in August than I was expecting, perhaps I should start planting a week early). I know for a fact you can make a thermometer and hygrometer from household materials, and an extremely brief Google search yields a wealth of information (e.g: http://www.salemclock.com/weather/weather01.htm ). Barring any form of data logging or weather forecasting skill, a battery of homemade weather instruments could serve to give the player the likelihood of upcoming rain or storms, which could prove invaluable when planning out construction, farming or looting days. Plus there's the 'adding-shit-to-the-safehouse' angle, which I've already spoken about. Who wouldn't like to add a weathervane to the top of their new fortress? Or a nice elevated box full of sciencey goodness? Best of all, you can find instructions on making weather instruments in books for primary school children, so the knowledge and materials would be easy for a character to come by. Thoughts? Comments? I'll leave you with a list of instruments that could be crafted. Tell me what you think. Weathervane - Provides wind direction. Chicken-shape optional.Thermometer - Provides ambient temperature.Barometer - Measures changes in atmospheric pressure. Good for roughly predicting incoming bad weather (Low pressure tends to indicate rain).Hygrometer - Provides a measurement of the current humidity.Anemometer - The infamous cups spinning around in the breeze. Provides wind speed at ground level.Nephoscope - Complicated name, simple device. A comb-like assembly mounted on a stick that can be rotated. A garden rack stuck in an umbrella holder would probably work. Allows you to estimate high level winds by tracking the speed and direction of high altitude clouds. More an instrument for players with more detailed meteorological knowledge than the layman.Rain gauge - Collecting funnel and a graduated container for collecting rain in. A measuring jug from a kitchen could do well, or you could simply pour it into different containers to measure how much you collected.Snow gauge - Open topped container with graduated markings along the side. Remember the XKCD blog post ( http://what-if.xkcd.com/104/ ) though. You have to clean the snow out every 6 hours to get an accurate reading
  22. The Problem Seasons and changes in weather patterns in Project Zomboid are currently only noticeable by the player feeling either hot or cold. During the summer/hotter months the player feels hot. During the winter/colder months, the player feels cold. However, there is no graphical indication whatsoever to visually indicate these shifts in seasons and weather. How Can the Game Improve in Respect to this Problem? A system should be implemented that would make the visual environment and temperature of the world change depending on what time of the year (in-game) the player is currently playing in. Ex. Leafless trees, occasional snowfall and snowy grounds during winter.Multicolored leaves floating around and covering the grounds during autumn.Full, leafy trees and bird formations during the summer.More intense storms during the spring, etc. Does it Make Sense for the Game? The game takes place in Fort Knox, Kentucky and the areas surrounding it. This region of the USA would experience such changes in weather and seasons, with the exception of frequent snow, however seasons in KY should still be cleary differentiated. A realistic atmosphere is important for Project Zomboid. An improved weather system would bring the game world to life. Is it worth the time and effort to develop? An improved weather system should give the player new challenges to consider that should be incorporated in a survival game. Weather is something a survivor should always consider. It can mean life or death if it is not properly considered. Snow and heavy rainstorms would slow the play down significantly and could destroy their crops and low-tier structures.Loud thunder and lighting could make the player less noticeable to nearby zombies. [Edit: I think this is already implemented]Winter months would have short days and longer nights, while summer months would be the opposite.Autumn leaves on the ground would cause the player to make significantly more noise while moving.
  23. Maybe I'm alone in this, but the current ambient light is very, very dull and unchanging. I mean, the color of the light basically doesn't change at all during the day, I'm guessing also not with the seasons, and it looks very dull. It'd be nice if we got more color in it, with the color changing based on time of year and weather. Maybe it's that thunder bug or something? Was the lighting always so "flat"? It just looks permanently overcast. Also, cloud shadows would be nice.
  24. Hey everyone! I thought adding better weather would be really fun! Better Wind: -When the wind is very strong, it could blow unlocked doors open. -When the wind is very strong, it can rip curtains off open/broken windows. -If you were walking east and the wind is blowing from east to west, the zombies to your west could smell you easier and track you down. -Wind could also pick up pieces of paper and plastic bags and things and send them around a little bit. -Wind could also affect rain, making it come down slanted, as to make you wetter quicker. -Trying to walk against the wind on a very windy day would cause you to become exhausted easier. -If the wind was torrential and combined with a fairly bad storm, it could rip branches off trees and send them flying (the branches would smash windows). -Very strong wind could affect projectiles (when they're implemented). -Very strong wind could rip some unprotected plants from the ground. -Strong wind could push some things over. -Zombies could get pushed over in very strong winds. Better Rain: -When it is raining, the rain could turn some/most (depending on how bad the rain is) grass into muddy grass, which is loud to walk through. -Rain storms. -Rain could leak through the roofs of houses that are in poor condition. -Rain could blow in through a broken or open window with the help of the wind. -Heavy rain muffles the sound of you walking. -Very heavy rain storms makes you virtually unable to hear by zombies, and harder to track. -Very heavy rain storms would cause you to skip damp and wet (moodles) and go straight to soaked, then after a bit longer, drenched. -If you are outside during a thunderstorm and there's a flash of lightning, your vision will be darker for several seconds post flash. -Rain makes zombies slower. -Hail. Hail can damage you and break windows (with the help of strong wind). Better Sun: -Droughts can occur. -Staying out in the sun for long times without wearing a shirt or a pair of pants will give you sunburn. -Heatwaves. During a heatwave, you need to intake double the amount of water than you normally would. Although, you can drink refrigerated water and will not have to double your intake. (Not exact logic, but evens it out for people who are just starting and can't afford to sit at a tap for the entire day) -Metal things left out in the sun become too hot to touch until you cool them off with a sheet, item of clothing, or refrigerated water. (cooling them with a sheet or item of clothing takes time). -Leave wet things out in the sun for them to dry. Snow:' -It snows during some seasons. -Snow makes you cold (obviously) so you need to wear more clothing. -Crawling zombies can hide in snow and pop out at you whenever you get close enough. (not when you are directly on top of them, when you're in view distance of them. -Tracks in the snow! (Includes all entities). -Snow slows zombies. -Crops die. -Water left outside freezes. -Perishable food lasts longer when not in a fridge. (For the sakes of example, let's just say bread lasts 15 days in a fridge, and 4 days outside of a fridge, so this would then be 15 days in a fridge 6 days out). -Snow builds up. -Snow shovel can clear snow. -If you go out into the snow without many clothes on, you can get hypothermia, which damages you overtime until you warm up. For Good Measure: These are just other things I would like to see implemented, and are mentioned throughout this thread. -Refrigerated water. When you put water in a fridge, it cools. -Seasons! Seasons manipulate weather! -Grass grows overtime and is noisy to walk through. -Things you use to dry yourself off with become wet and have to dry. You can dry them by leaving them in the sun, or by letting them sit for a while. Sorry if any of these have been suggested before! Thanks and I really want to hear your input! --- darthdraken said: "oh and gradual bodies visibly rotting away in the street with flies buzzing in the hot summer sun." I personally think that's a great idea and fits in nicely with this thread Typha said: "Something i should mention and here would be a perfect opportunity. Clothing having a chance to become wet, this likelihood is increased by rain, snow, and morning dew." Seems like a good idea to me c:
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