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Found 13 results

  1. I noticed you can't tell how damaged a door, window, wall, etc. in the game is when it's being attacked by a zombie for example. Like a fresh door looks exactly the same as an "about to be busted down by a zombie" door. Basically you can't tell when a structure is about to give until it gives. So what I was thinking is structures such as windows could get more and more cracks as the zombies bang on it creating some nerve racking suspense for the player! Doors and walls could get cracked and crooked as the undead bang on it too. Barricades can get mangled up similarly. This way the player could tell if they must spring into action immediately to survive or if they've still got time! Also useful for determining how urgent it is to address trapped zombies trying to bang their way out of the rooms they're stuck in. As for hostile npcs and players this would be useful for knowing when the survivors you turned down giving supplies for are about to bash in! So when the undead or hostile survivors come a knocking you know how urgent it is to get into gear and fight back!
  2. Last Edit: 14:50 GMT, 2nd May Latest Version: 0.2.2 To all modders out there: i have no clue of debugging, I'm doing trial & error scripting so far if anyone knows how to debug, please tell me if there are some "hidden" errors and stuff. thx Hello fellow survivors, I'm new to the modding community and want to present you my first mod v0.2.1. As the topic title suggests, i made a mod which allows you to build whatever you like. Well, not yet, but soon Longterm target: I want this mod to become a community project where everyone can suggest new items or buildable objects (as long as they provide the textures). HOTFIX v0.2.2 is online! Check out the Changelog! RecyclingMod not required anymore! Read before installing: From v0.2.1 onwards, this mod uses a modified version of the ISInventoryTranserAction.lua. So this mod has compatibility issues with other mods using modified versions of the ISInventoryTranserAction.lua. However, i do not know of any other mod using the same file yet. Important Known Bug: Sometimes if you want to add a single item to a container (drop one), it seems not to work. however, i found that repeatedly clicking "drop one" will solve the problem sooner or later (sometimes after 2 retries, sometimes after 10 or more). get the mod here: http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/BuildingMod/ What this mod is able to do so far: Buildable Objects Food Furniture Building Door Frames Window Frames Doors Windows Floors Roofs Effects/Functions Resources used From original game Build 25: From Recycling Mod (by Ramibuk) Farming Recipes Changelog Known Bugs/Issues What is planned for this mod: See targets for further versions: Installation: Credits: Thanks to Ramibuk for his work on the Recycling Mod, of which i integrated parts (i.e. items, recipes, textures) into my mod to make it a standalone mod. Permissions: Feel free to link this mod, alter this mod, or use it as a starting point for your own mod. All i want is credits I will keep this thread up to date. Please post me any suggestions, bugs, and whatever you like to post
  3. Hi, i started playing PZ a couple of weeks and i really liked the game and now i want to make a mod that adds a new wall. The objetive of the mod is make a wall that only works as a fence, be indestructable and the zombies dont get atracted but i can't find a way to do that, im not new at programing but i am new at modding, if anyone known how to make this type of mod or knows abot a tutorial i will be really thankful.
  4. I'd like to suggest to you: Gabions aka wire mehs walls Ingredients: Make use of and to create the wire mesh with the metalworking skill, , and Using to dig a trench for foundation Creating the foundation with , (?), and Adding the mesh to the foundation with (from ) and the use of Finally filling these with excess stones ( and ) from foraging (good way to get rid of them) Procedure: 1 - Shovel: Dig a small trench for a concrete foundation 2 - Bucket: Create a unit of concrete from sand out of sandbags (optional - finite resource?), cement bags and water 3 - Metalworking: Craft mesh units from wire and metal scrap 4 - Assemble: Pour concrete into trench, wait some hours till cured (optional), screw mesh unit onto concrete, add stones to wire mesh 5 - Profit! These walls could possibly be an alternative to the log walls in mid / late game Please like, share and discuss on these
  5. 1. - Advanced brick/concrete walls that should be really hard to create in singleplayer ,cuz of being alone for a balanced gameplay ,and they should be able to hold like 45 zombies before taking any damage ,maybe like having the ability to put barbed wire on top of the walls ,if the players are able to climb trough the brick walls with enough skill ,and concrete walls with like a sharp really durable object/weapon and again ... —————————Also you might wanna go check out thishttps://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/profile/4960-geras/ guy’s profile ,he’s got some cool stuff there. making walls buffer was his idea or he just skimmed someones post and gave his own opinion/twist on things ,kinda like i did heh.——————————————————————2.- Bigger ,stronger ,slowly sliding heavy metal gates which should be able to hold 35 zombies before taking any damage ,and the player should be able to cover up the gate with a lot of cloth pieces to prevent zombies from seeing us ,a great way to create a multiplayer commumity ,or a safe heaven in singleplayer. Kinda like the Alexandria Safe Zone from TWD
  6. Good evening. I am experiencing a bizzare issue with a custom-build room I made connected to my converted Diner base. Enough said. Yes, all Doors are shut. Yes, the Staircase and such are fully enclosed. No, Pillars are not able to be place in corners. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you for any assistance you may give me. -TURTLESHROOM
  7. How does one import into tilezed a multi-tile object. The one thing that keeps me away from making anything custom is the incredible difficulty in making multiple tile objects. I already have ideas on making car rubble objects, and more but the fact is that You have to split objects that span multiple tiles and I have noidea how that works at all... Does anyone know how this is done? I have already scoured the forums and no one has a tutorial or any videos on the subject. Only single tile object creation. Any ideas?
  8. It's the end of the world. You just watched your neighbor's home get smashed through. They simply pounded on the door until there wasn't one. Heaved themselves at the windows until all that was left was broken glass, blood, and gore. You wake up in a cold sweat. Was that wildlife scurrying through the underbrush? Or was that one of them? Have they found you? Your walls. Your walls keep you safe, you remind yourself. You worked hard to get the materials together. Spent day, after backbreaking, awful day building the framework, setting the rebar, pouring the cement, and waiting. Waiting with desperate, fervent hope that it would set before it was too late. The chain hoist, wrapped to the tree. It was a desperate gambit, but piece by piece, you raised those walls, slid them to fit together, reinforced them internally. Inside those walls of stone and metal, you are safe from the gnawing, hungry masses. They would break themselves upon the rock. Now if only you were as safe from the rest of the world. From starvation, sickness. From those who would take what you have. Your walls, your safety. Your life. --- Pardon the dramatic entry. My suggestion is simple; to give us more uses for concrete, and to add rebar as a construction material, and maybe a weapon. Concrete and rebar walls should be something to strive for. Something difficult to achieve. Having the skill and knowledge is only part of the equation. Finding the materials, having the mechanical advantage, waiting for the cement to cure and harden... Give us the ability to create concrete constructions... and make us pay in blood and tears to try and make it happen.
  9. And so long as I find people who answer my stupid questions, I sat back for the translator. When I realized that to build a house in TileZed not the best idea I discovered Building Editor. More or less understand it, I was faced with a new problem. When I build the wall in a special mode in Iso, for some strange reason they only exterior, but I have chosen, and exterior and interior. Of course, I would probably could go to the Tile mode, but then I would have to manually apply them on the dirt, and it would be tedious. And something else to place the light in the room, I just need to install the switch in the room, or that there is any manipulations? Thank you
  10. Hi again. For a mod I'm currently writing I want to check if a square can be traversed in a direction. Currently, I do this: local cell = getCell();local sq = cell:getGridSquare(x, y, 0); -- Need ground floorif sq:getProperties():Is(IsoFlagType.collideN) then -- do somethingendThis works fine for walls, but unfortunately not for windows, doors and probably also not for player-built walls.Is there a reliable way to check if a tile can be traversed in a certain direction?
  11. So my game updated to the new beta build, 23, which is fine! Everything seemed to be working properly. When I tried to build a wall, however, there was no see-through "guide", and on my screen appeared: Left Rorate Right Rorate When I tried to build something else (ANYTHING else), it automatically placed the guide somewhere and began building. I loaded an older save (version 17) in which I knew building had worked, it updated to the new version, and bam... same thing happened. I can't build anything! Please help, this is a tough game to survive when you can't build. (Barricading works fine, at least )
  12. I was showing this game off to my little cousins, (Which are now taller than me.) at my family reunion and they really liked the game. I think I got him to buy it as well but I am not sure. The Point: He saw me look for stuff inside of the house and he said. "They should make the walls disappear or make it a toggle icon on the side like the sims." Now in the SIMS you can make the walls just an outline on the ground. I think that would look better. Still hide the zombies behind walls and all. The walls just get in the way of seeing things most of the time and it would be a nice toggle to have. Making it easier to see. (Still make things hidden behind walls.)
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