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Found 13 results

  1. I build walls, Log Walls, and Plank Walls, but there is something need to improve with this; the point of view of player thru build wall, when there are zombies behind walls, we cannot see, kindly check the attachment i sent, hopefully you Awesome Dev can fix this, (note: this point of view thing is work well on city walls, now I can see thru narrow alleyway clearly)
  2. How to reproduce: 1. Ready to build the gates. I tested in singleplayer. 2. Start building... And press R until end of the process. 3. When the process is finished, you will have a bug. It's not just a graphical glitch. I can't use these gates at all.
  3. I love the idea of zombies if strong or numerous enough being able to break down walls or even topple houses if you set them to extreme settings, but this is silly and I would only like it as an option. I'm sad that huge hordes of zombies can only break doors and windows. It seems a bit silly too in that way. I'm also disappointed that cars can't crash into signs or buildings and cause any actual damage. Cars crashing into buildings are not so uncommon and get reported on the news less often than they actually happen. I saw a news report once that a man got drunk or had a heart attack and drov
  4. Good evening. I am experiencing a bizzare issue with a custom-build room I made connected to my converted Diner base. Enough said. Yes, all Doors are shut. Yes, the Staircase and such are fully enclosed. No, Pillars are not able to be place in corners. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you for any assistance you may give me. -TURTLESHROOM
  5. There's a lot of building designs where the stairs are just behind the forward facing wall making players unable to see anything on the lower level when walking down the stairs until you reach the floor below. This is very hazardous for players, because there could be a group of zombies right at the bottom of the stairs and players won't be able to see them until they are right on top of them.
  6. Extended Building Options Welcome to the Extended Building Options mod forum thread. This mod came into being because I am the type of person who loves to have more things to build in any sandbox game I play. When I looked for existing mods that would allow this, the ones I found were not working because update 30 had changed how world objects are built, breaking those mods. I sat down to learn about Project Zomboid modding and to try and get one of those mods working for my own play. In doing so, I discovered that it would in many ways be more interesting to simply create a building mod from
  7. With the change of time not automatically being displayed unless you own a watch, it would be nice if the rooms that have wall clocks have the time be displayed when you enter the room.
  8. In BuildEd, whenever I try to place certain windows (in this case the giant spiffos windows), the entire wall vanishes. I thought it was just glitchy in the program so I saved the file and added it to my map in WorldEd. The walls are still gone and the window doesn't show up. How can I fix this? Thanks!
  9. Just found my first Sledgehammer and I said ''Cool! Now I can take down those doors I wanna break for hinges and planks. Maybe even get myself some more planks from some wooden houses I saw.'', but, when I destroyed my first door IT LEFT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BEHIND. Then tried with house's wall, same result. With a wooden wall I built? Same result.... It's as if more than a sledgehammer, it was a sort of ''Delete'' button that magically disintegrates everything it touches. Why is that? Why can a humble hammer or ax demolish a door more realistically than a sledge? Why do demolished walls don't
  10. Log walls are the strongest walls in the game but building them is very easy and not so realistic. Now it look like this: In that picture i explained what should happen with such a wall. So my suggestion is that you need to have a shovel and dig a ditch in order to build a log wall. Like in this picture: I think it will be good change for realism and good for gameplay too.
  11. Maybe be able to pile zombies so that you can form a makeshift wall, but if you keep it around too long (particularly in summer) you are more prone to illness? I.e. 5 zombies = small fence that slows zombies down 10zombies = same as shitty wall/ a little less 'life'? Sorry if this has been posted before!
  12. merged interior would be nice, when you make a house into your base, when it has manny rooms inside and you want to destroy the walls between them and make it a one big room even if you destroy the walls the rooms stay somehow separated, when you stand where one room was and back turned to the other rooms they are dark to you even if the walls are not there anymore. i think it would bring much more esteticaly and you could shape houses to your liking inside. destroyable coat hangers, wall lights and sinks and toilets would be nice so they dont float in the air after walls destroyed
  13. I can't seem to work it out. I read on the wiki that you need a bucket and some plaster but I can't figure out what to do next. Thanks.
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