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Found 3 results

  1. Typically an item carried or attached to the belt will show you its effective weight followed by the unequipped weight, like a hammer on the belt will display weight: 0.7 (1.0 unequipped) However, I'm using the Premium Technologies Walkie Talkie and while it does get the weight reduction bonus for being equipped/on the belt, it doesn't report this weight when you hover over the item. Walkie Talkie weight while not in inventory is 8.2: Weight correctly goes up by 2 when taken to inventory to 10.2: Receive the weight reduction bonus from equipping to belt down to 9.6, but Walkie Talkie does not display accurate weight: I also noticed that the battery/ear buds being equipped to the walkie talkie don't effect the weight, but it seems Faalgorn already noticed that but I'll leave that link here too since it's weight related.
  2. ApCom [sP/MP] Apocalypse Communications code: TurboTuTone, artwork: Nasko Features: HAM Radio and 12 Walkie talkies with different properties.Wear a walkie talkie in secondary slot to use it normally, place it down to lure zombies or spy on people.Small HUD element that displays your walkie talkie's status.12 Frequencies to tune in on.A taperecorder and 5 different styled cassettes.Record speech on cassettes.Broadcast cassettes repeatedly via a HAM Radio.Power usage, devices need a battery to operate and drain power hourly.Interference due to bad weather, or when a device is bordering its maximum range.Players chatcolors are copied by all of the mods devices to dinstinguish "voices".Depending on type, the devices will attract zombies in certain radius. Look at the information section at the bottom of this post for more detailed info and usage, it also showcases some of the awesome artwork Nasko made! Make sure to send him some love when he posts in this thread Thanks to: Twiggy for testing, suggestions, support, streaming, awesomeness Viceroy, for a bunch of cool suggestions made during one of our apparantly more serious convo's LogiHack, a fellow country man who helped out testing! EnigmaGrey, testing and correcting my grammar error's dko112, gameplay convenience suggestions A special thanks to: Both EasyP and RJ, various functionallity of the mod would not have been possible without help from your side, thanks guys! its awesome and very much appreciated [incase i forgot to mention someone, gimme a poke!] Thanks twiggy and subscribers for testing the mod with a bunch of people! A save of the stream can be found here: Project Zomboid | Subscriber Stream w/ ApCom (Radios) | Indie Hype*~! Twiggy @ twitch.tv Twiggy's twitter Download Requires build 27 and a fresh world for the items to spawn in containers. On a server to get best out of it set 'GlobalChat' to false serveroptions.ini. Also works in single player but chat is limited to the lines produced by pressing 'q'. Eventhough it has been tested, it's version 1.0 so there may be unforseen consequences. Apcom version 1.0 Up to date version can be downloaded here. (last update 13 june 2015) Credit goes to Dr_Cox1911, who has tracked and fixed the incompatibility issues with new PZ versions! Also, a shoutout to ThatUser and Siriusx72 who posted a different approach for a fix in the thread, much appreciated! previous versions: Public servers running ApCom mod: Information This device can only be used when placed in the world, it can broadcast all over the map and thus is ideal for base to base communications. The ham radio has the ability to play cassettes as repeated broadcasts on a frequency, so they could be used to gather people or advertise a merchant outpost as well. (see tape recorder section for more info) A ham radio can be picked up and it will return the radio + optionally the battery or cassette inside the device. Whacking a ham radio with a weapon is not advised as it will destroy the radio and all in it. When receiving transmissions this device shows a animation. This device will attract zombies in a wide range, so secure your base perimeters, zombies will locate the sound coming from the machine but the cold steel confuses them so they wont destroy it Walker Talkers When equiping a fresh found walker talker as secondary, a GUI like this will show up in left side of screen. Insert a battery and it will display battery status: When equiped as secondary, you can rightclick the inventory icon and turn the device on. When doing so, the sprite will show a green led, and more advanced models will light on their display, the frequency text will also be brighter when turned on: When the device recieves text it will also indicate it in the hud: The hud will display different stages of battery life as such: Finally when the battery is about to die, the item icon will start blinking a red led: About chat behaviour Interference will occur during bad weather, when its thundering the interference will be really bad. When interference is applied it will replace words or even multiple words at once with scrambled text. Interference will also occur at the last 10% of a device's range, the interference will become worse as you reach the limits of its range untill nothing is received anymore. Power consumption These cool oldskool cassette tapes can be found all over the place, when rightclicking a cassette in your inventory it will display its ID and for convience the lines that are recorded on it. This menu has no functionallity, but the ID will come in handy. Tape Recorder The item properties below can be read as follows: - broadcast range is for outgoing signal only, to be clear a budget walker talker can only emit 500m but still receive chat from for example a ham radio which has global range.- voice detect range, the amount of tiles a player has to be near the device for it to pick up speech.- can hear range, the amount of tiles a player has to be near device to see "hear" its text.- loot chance, obvious.- zombie attraction, the displayed value for played devices, walker talkers have reduced attraction when worn as secondary item. Also note this value doesn’t always coincide with can hear range.- battery consumption, rate at which a device will consume power on hourly basis. HAM Radio: broadcastrange: GLOBAL voice detect range: 5 can hear range: 16 weight: 15 loot chance: very rare zombie attraction: extremely high battery consumption: extremely low Tier1: Walker Talker Budget standard broadcastrange: 500m voice detect range: 6 can hear range: 12 weight: 0.5 loot chance: high zombie attraction: high battery consumption: very high colored broadcastrange: 1000m voice detect range: 8 can hear range: 10 weight: 0.5 loot chance: high zombie attraction: high battery consumption: very high army broadcastrange: 1500m voice detect range: 10 can hear range: 9 weight: 1.0 loot chance: normal zombie attraction: high battery consumption: very high Tier 2: Walker Talker Standard standard broadcastrange: 2000m voice detect range: 12 can hear range: 8 weight: 1.5 loot chance: medium zombie attraction: medium battery consumption: medium silver broadcastrange: 2500m voice detect range: 14 can hear range: 5 weight: 2.0 loot chance: medium zombie attraction: medium battery consumption: medium Tier 3: Walker Talker Black Edition standard broadcastrange: 3000m voice detect range: 16 can hear range: 3 weight: 2.25 loot chance: low zombie attraction: low battery consumption: low army broadcastrange: 3500m voice detect range: 18 can hear range: 2 weight: 2.5 loot chance: low zombie attraction: low battery consumption: low Tier 4: Walker Talker Tactical standard broadcastrange: 4500m voice detect range: 20 can hear range: 1 weight: 2.75 loot chance: rare zombie attraction: very low battery consumption: very low army broadcastrange: GLOBAL voice detect range: 25 can hear range: 0 weight: 3.0 loot chance: very rare zombie attraction: ZERO battery consumption: very low
  3. It is a good idea to implement this, I want to use the walkie talkie as a tool of distraction, to place a receiver in the street and in an emergency can say a few words to attract the zombies with noise. also a good idea for when you want to do a diary of recordings, mostly of interest to those who like to give an atmosphere of survival with a back story of our experiences, even for those who would make video on youtube can make good stories with this material, advice or any anecdote record. It would also be great to get Cassettes in houses or warehouses, with recordings of some survivors tell their stories or their goodbyes they could be scattered on the map, would be a good way to get some entertainment in a world without human contact.
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