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Found 8 results

  1. Hi So my suggestion is about better in game voice chat. Basically make the enviroment around you change the way you are being heard, if you are in an open space, then of course you should be heard clearly, but if you are in a seperate room, behind a wall, inside a car, your voice should be muffled a bit.
  2. I'm not sure if this was suggested before, but I think VoIP can help immersion a lot more with a few (and maybe not so easy to implement) tweaks: Attract nearby zombies by talking. It would add a new level of danger, and force players to be aware even of when they communicate, making looting more exciting. The radius of the sound could be related to the input volume, so that the player could shout, whisper or talk normally, with different results on the environment. Add radio effects to the voice This is purely for immersion and not so much for practical purposes, but I think being able to hear through a voice radio effect can help a lot in this department. Maybe add static depending on the distance from the other person, the quality of the device or even the battery remaining. As I said, a couple of changes, I'm not sure how hard to implement or if this was discussed before, but these may be interesting changes to improve immersion in MP games.
  3. It’s December 31st, 1999. New Year parties are in full swing. Humanity is embracing the turn of a millennium, and eager to block things out of mind. The Cold War still looms heavy, lingering in the back of one’s mind despite the festivities. Ominous, too, is the possibility of devastating computer glitches destroying global data at midnight. Tensions are high – but then, tensions are always high. You remember the countdown. “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Happy New--!” Sleep.. Rest. . . Peace..? Dreams. Dreams of a storm; of a ball of lightning building up in the sky like a supernova. Dreams of a world painted entirely in shades of red, of a sense of pride and certainty shattering under the weight of visceral terror. You wake up, and the game begins. . . Project Zomboid Roleplay: Season 9 Our latest season begins at the turn of the century, January 1st, 2000. It is a season of mystery, uncertainty, and questions, featuring gritty science-fiction themes and a rewritten history of the Cold War. The United States and the USSR have been locked in a fast-moving, at times violent, and – above all else – fear-inducing arms race for more than half a century. Your first experiences in-game are your character’s first awakening after a night cut short. You were, for whatever reason, in Knox County on the evening of December 31st; you wake up not where you were, but somewhere strange nearby. Many of the people around you are violent and aggressive. What happened to you? What caused everyone around you to change? And how far has it spread? These questions swarm your mind as you struggle to survive in this crazy new world.. An exciting adventure for you to partake in PZ:RP is a community of active, friendly role-players staffed by a team that puts a focus on player-driven investigation and character development. Our goal is to provide an immersive journey through creative writing and to give our characters opportunities to make choices and advancements that matter. You can expect grandiose storytelling through player and staff events, strange locations to uncover and explore, and a world filled with living lore that changes based on player actions. If you are craving an active and stimulating roleplay experience, use the links down below to apply today and we'll look forward to seeing you on Season 9. Apply for whitelist on our website: https://www.projectzomboidroleplay.com/ Read the lore: https://www.projectzomboidroleplay.com/lore/ Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/pzrp Server Information: IP:
  4. Good day everyone! First off I want to say that I know this has been recommended in the past however please hear me out as I think it would be possible thanks to the work done by BigJK with PZTracker. I have been playing Project Zomboid on and off for a while and recently started playing with a group of friends. One thing we have always wanted in game is positional voice chat. This would help with immersion, roleplay, and overall gameplay. I wasn't even sure if this was possible to do until I saw PZTracker by BigJK My idea is to use a similar system of getting player position from the game and allowing Mumble (or another voice chat program) to read it and place the player appropriately. This could possibly be done using mumbles link plugin https://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/Link If done properly this could pull data from an application like BigJK uses for PZTracker and set the players position on mumble. I would also like to see if it would be possible to setup radios in a similar way. Check to see if player has a powered radio -> check frequency of radio -> whisper to all players who are also on the frequency This could be done using the Identity section of mumbles link plugin This could possibly be done for Ham radios / placed radios as well by setting the players identity if they are close enough to a radio but handheld radios would be easier. Let me know what you guys think! Is there any other ideas for voice you would like to see? Do you think you could help make this a reality?
  5. I just read about this in the latest IWBUMS update and had to come to hear what others think about it. I personally don't think it's a feature the zomboid would really need right now, especially if it's long and hard job. I first played zomboid like in 2013 and there were promises of NPCs already back then, which so far has not been filled. There are already loads of handy programs to use when playing with your friends, just for example Mumble, which has a positional audio feature available. The only way this would actually work is if the VOIP communication would only be heart by another players near you, instead of being a server wide in-game voice chat, where you would just end up muting most of the players anyway. Instead of developers using a lot of good coding a hours for this, it could be just optional extra for the server admins to set up teamspeak or mumble server and advice their players to join.
  6. How about this: Direct /tells to a certain player. For example, I want to send Bobby a message and i'd type in /tell Bobby, 'sup' and the message goes straight to his character and he can reply to me. Simple, yet effective.
  7. Ok so not just any voip setup is what im thinking, I got this idea as kinda a vision while i was laying in bed trying to go to sleep after playing PZ for the first time using family share on steam due to i dont own it yet Ok so the vision i had was like instead of hitting Q to tount the zomboids i seen someone holding a talk key and sreaming at the zom's irl and u could see like a voice level bar on the side showing how much nose u are making and the zomboids was coming after him So i thought wow a in-game local voip system with like zomboids being able to hear it too would be so epic! I can just picture ppl whispering in game now over voip so zombies dont notice them or someone being that @SS >: ) Ok will that's about all i got so far, this is my first post be gentle.
  8. I’ve been looking on the Dec Adventures Multiplayer videos and that got me thinking. They are using Voice chat but why not implement a in game voice chat which have the same effect of the Q button IF you talk to loud. If people have played ArmA 3 addons or some Battlefield 2 mods people might be familiar with the 3D sound system that TeamSpeak make it possible to have. I think some kind of VOIP should be implemented that have a direct effect on the environment adding some strategic use of you voice to the game instead of the normal Q button. Either way you change the level of voice or the system recognize the volume of your voice. Toughs?
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