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Found 6 results

  1. There are 2 items in the game with a lot of potential but currently, no usage. The first would be solely to reduce boredom and stress while the second can have a LOT more uses. 1- Video Game There already is a "Video Game" item in the game that currently has no use besides being disassembled for Electrical XP, yet, I can't help but think that since boredom is a moodle, that playing in a video game should be possible. Due to its appearance, I believe the Video Game object was somewhat inspired in the Sega's Game Gear console that was launched in 1991 in the US: The game gear was a cartridge console and it perfectly fits with the style for "devices" that PZ is currently going for and fits perfectly within the estimate timeline of the game. It would be easy to re-use the same system used for the "ValuTech PortaDisc" to make a "ValuTech GamePlayer" > Instead of a CD, it would receive game cartridges in the CD slot. Also, it should be possible to play without a headphone nor earbuds, but then it would produce a noise radius that attracts zombies depending on the volume. The control window would be effectively the same. You'd need game cartridges you'd find around in the world in order to play, receiving a bigger boredom reductions the first time you play a cartridge and a small boredom reduction when you replay a game you already played. Also the cartridges should be similar to the book, in which you have % completed, meaning you can stop midway and continue later for the same bigger boredom reduction until you reach 100%. The main item already exists, the UI needed already exists and just needs to be adapted and all the code needed also already exists. All it needs is for for the UI and usability to be added and for the cartridges to be added to the world. 2- Computer (Image extracted from Konijima's computer mod) The computer, for me, seems like the most interesting item that is currently not being used, but its potential is absurd. Not only could it receive a treatment similar to the cars, where you could open it and change its pieces, with each computer part having individual conditions, being possible to repair or break, the computer itself could have many uses, from controlling cameras, listening to CDs, playing games and watching videos found on Floppy Disks, maybe even a lot more, like controlling mechanical gates, checking base statistics from crates with sensors and much more. The computer model itself looks like many old horizontal computer cases which would usually have a floppy disk factory installed by default and the possibility of installing a CD reader if around the end of the 90s, but since every single computer is like that, I'd say it to be really rare to have a CD reader and 90% of the time only the floppy disk reader. All VHS tapes and CDs could have a floppy disk copy, but also games in floppy disks and maybe you could even have files saved in the computer, so you could find a computer in the world with several VHS tapes worth in files inside that you could watch, meaning finding something like this would be like striking gold and bringing that back to your base would mean a lot. Maybe even NPCs could have a use for computers, not only to learn skills or reducing boredom with the files, but you could also assign an NPC to log events that happen in the base and register goods recovered by runners, harvested in the farm and such, so that when you return from venturing out of your base, you can check on the computer to see what your NPCs did and what happened while you were out, or if you return and find your base destroyed, checking on the PC could give you some idea of when it happened and what happened. You could even have a DOS-like UI for using the computer with rare cases where it has an OS, with a computer with an operational system and floppy disks or CDs for installing an OS being a somewhat rare find. It could even be that the DOS-like UI could really be text based, with you as a player needing to know the words you need to type and how to interact with it for extra immersion, or even something similar to how it worked in Vampire the Masquerade bloodlines, where only installed functions would appear as options: 3- New Traits Since these would add a lot more ways to have fun and reduce your character's boredom, it would also need to make the boredom moodle mechanic a bit more needed, and one way to do so is to add a few more traits that make it more meaningful. Cheerful- "Doesn't get bored easily" - 50% boredom (Takes longer to get bored) Easily Entertained- "Has more fun" - double all received boredom reduction values (Reduces boredom easily) Apathetic- "Gets bored easily" - 200% boredom (Gets bored all the time) Disinterested- "Needs extra stimulus to have fun" - receives half boredom reduction values (takes a lot more in order to stop being bored) 4- Motivated I'd also like to suggest that the "Boredom" moodle, similar to the "Hunger" moodle to have a positive spectrum as well. Just like you can eat until you are well fed, feel stuffed or close to bursting, you should also be able to read magazines or play games until you are "motivated" or "feeling happy" or even "exhilarated". These should provide some benefits to you and if you manage to get NPCs in a positive mood, it should also have its benefits for the base as a whole. For example, being in a good mood should make it harder to get panicked and stressed while being bored or in a bad mood you should get more panicked and stressed. Also, you should transfer objects faster when motivated, while bored you transfer objects slower, meaning that with a good mood you are more productive and in a bad mood you procrastinate or get distracted taking longer to do the same actions. Lastly, I'd like to suggest that reading any skill books should give boredom values, since your character is studying and it is normal to feel bored while studying. It should also be possible to re-watch VHS tapes and get a smaller effect of the boredom reduction values, since you can still have fun while re-watching a movie though not as much fun as you had the first time. Final remarks These would make the boredom mechanic have more meaning while providing more items to interact with the world and a meaningful and immersive interaction with two items already present in the game, while at the same time making keeping the mood on the NPCs and players of your base high important and providing more tools to do so at the same time. Important Questions Is it somewhat realistic? Yes. Not only the technology is perfectly in tune to how it worked at the time frame that the game happens in, the changes to the boredom moodle are more realistic in which just as you can be bored, you can feel the opposite and be in a good mood as well. Does it fit with the spirit of PZ? Perfectly so. The mechanics suggested are in tune with the current style of the game, the main items mentioned already exist in the game and the effects of your mood on your characters actions also fit well with how the game currently works regarding the moodles, while making that important for the future NPCs update is also extremely meaningful and one would believe realistic that keeping your survivor's in a good mood to be important. Would it make the game too easy? Definitely not. It would provide new meaningful interactions with the world but in no way does it make the game too easy. With the exception of the slight bonus to item transfer and the resistance to panic suggested for when your character is in a good mood, nothing provides anything that would make it easier to survive nor deal with the zombies. Would it require rewriting the entire game (like changing the camera view, for instance) No. While it would require adding the positive spectrum to the Boredom moodle, the amount of rewriting is minimal with most of it being purely new content which some even re-uses mechanics and UI already present in the game, which means the amount of entirely new code is actually minimal. Would it add enough to the gameplay that it would be worth taking the time to add? Yes. Definitely. A lot. Not only is it fun to think that a survival game is adding the possibility and importance of your survivors playing games, it is interesting to think of how important mood is in a survival situation, how it would affect your base. Also, the usefulness of the computer suggested not only would create a great use and need for it in your base, it could also have uses and interactions with the world, for example needing to power the computer of place with a generator in order to unlock a metal gate when you don't have a propane torch or similar situations.
  2. I'll show a few screenies of very alpha development i'm working on. It is an isometric survival post-apoc type using Unity: Feel free to post your thoughts -Winter
  3. Hi everyone, Me and my team-mate are working on a turn-based tactic game named Cold Contract. We use same mechanisms like X-Com and Divinity Original Sin for the combat module. Each time the player begins a new game, all components of the game are linked to a procedurally generated world. The goal of the game is to control a regional map by hiring several mercenaries organised in squads. The player moves in real-time on the regional map and fights the enemies on isometric maps with the turn-based system when hostiles are detected. Mercenaries can be improve with several perks and equipments. Their skills are improved with experience points. A HQ helps to gain more options along the game to defeat enemies. Our short trailer: http://youtu.be/Gd9JEgdd8jY We have a demo of our combat module where you lead a small squad of mercenaries: http://www.indiedb.com/games/cold-contract/downloads/cold-contract-demo We are currently on Steam Greenlight so if you like what you see, your vote is welcome! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=318472697 Our website for more details: http://www.coldcontract.com
  4. Hello Indie Stone community, Greetings from ManaVoid Entertainment, an independant video game studio based in Montreal, Canada. In the early hours of Monday, October 27th, the studio’s first title, Epic Manager, has finally gone LIVE on Kickstarter. Epic Manager is a unique 2D Strategy Fantasy RPG and Tycoon Game for PC, Mac and Linux that let’s you create your own Adventuring Agency – Rated “E” for EPIC! Visit Epic Manager's Kickstarter page ( Long URL : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects…nturing-agency ) —- Manavoid Entertainment Dev Team - Conjuring Games from the Void www.manavoid.com
  5. US East server open to public, anything goes! Regular server resets every 48 hours ip: IT'S GOING TO BE AWESOME GAIZ~!
  6. I am just like you, I like games that provide a unique challenge and build skills I don't normally use. That is why I created Merchant Tycoon. Merchant Tycoon is a very challenging game that is like 4 way realtime chess with a vibrant terrain filled with natural resources, marketplace, and an alliance system. It will force you to use strategies you have never used! Merchant Tycoon is designed to maximize the frequency and complexity of interactions with other HUMAN players. Merchant Tycoon is about negotiating, bartering, and your relationships with other players. From the very beginning to the very end you will be struggling to survive! In merchant tycoon you will likely not have access to all commodities you need to survive and you will need to trade commodities in order to survive. You will experience shortages of all commodities including food, market crashes, war, and monopolies which will all effect the prices of commodities and will need to know how to react in order to survive. When you are in a strong position players are going to ally and gang up on you. When you are weak players are going to snuff you out and take your territories. Players are going to undercut your prices, insult you, and attack you! Players will also turn other players against you, salvage your buildings, try and trick you into sending them commodities, and send you low ball offers for your commodities for sale. Players will also try and charge you as much as they can for their commodities for sale! Once in a while though you will find a worthwhile ally that will be on your side to the very end and you can both win the game together with allied victory! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QC7Sz1oAog The action is realtime and you have to quickly evaluate what you should buy and sell, when to do it, and how long to wait before you accept an offer. You will also learn how to work together and break up teams by economical, military, and by persuasive methods. Virtually all of your decisions will be based on the actions of other players. Its a lot of fun, check it out at www.merchanttycoon.com!
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