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  1. Hey there, fellow survivors! Are you tired of wandering the desolate wasteland alone? Looking for a place to call home in this crazy world? Well, look no further, because I've got just the place for you! Our Goal: We aim to bring together as many players as possible into big survival groups. Something i have always found annoying is when i load into a server. Everyone is soloing! We aim to change that with our server. About Us: Welcome to Project Settlement, where survival isn't just about staying alive—it's about thriving in the face of adversity. Our server offers a unique blend of cooperative gameplay, settlement building, and strategic challenges set in the post-apocalyptic world of Project Zomboid. Settlements: Ever dreamed of building your own little slice of paradise in the apocalypse? Well, now's your chance! Join one of our vibrant settlements, each with its own story and challenges. From cozy Survivor Camps to bustling Metropolises, there's something for everyone here. Cooperative Gameplay: Surviving the apocalypse is tough, but it's a whole lot easier when you've got friends by your side. Team up with fellow survivors to scavenge for supplies, fend off zombie hordes, and build a community that can stand the test of time. Custom Features: Our server is packed with custom features, including a tiered settlement system with rewards for progression, dynamic events, and a player-driven economy. Trust me, you'll never run out of things to do here! Active Community: But enough about the game—let's talk about the people. Our community is filled with friendly faces from all walks of life. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a fresh-faced newbie, you'll feel right at home here. Role Selection: To enhance your experience and make joining and community interaction easier, we've set up a role selection system on our Discord server. Choose your role, whether it's scavenger, builder, medic, or something else entirely, and get ready to make your mark on the apocalypse! In-Game Communication: Global chat disabled? No problem! All settlements communicate over the radio in-game, adding an extra layer of immersion and challenge to your survival experience. Tune in to the frequency and start coordinating with your fellow survivors. Modded Experience Coming Soon: While our server currently runs vanilla Project Zomboid, we're excited to announce that mods enhancing the server concept and experience will be added soon! Keep an eye out for updates as we work to make your survival experience even more thrilling and immersive. Tutorial Settlement: Not sure where to start? Don't worry, we've got you covered! All new players spawn into our Tutorial Settlement, where you can learn the ropes, explore the mechanics, and decide if you want to venture out to another community and continue your story. How to Join: So, what are you waiting for? Join us on Project Settlement and start your journey today! IP = Port= 29700 Server Password= ProjectSettlement Connect with Us: Got questions? Need help getting started? Join our Discord server and chat with me and the rest of the gang. We can't wait to meet you! https://discord.gg/YmHCNUcZ8D Don't miss out on the adventure of a lifetime. Join Project Settlement today and let's show the apocalypse what we're made of!
  2. # German Zomboids **__Suchst du einen deutschen modded Server? Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig.__** Willkommen auf unserem deutschen Project Zomboid Server! Wenn du nach einer großartigen Community suchst, die sich auf die deutsche PZ-Community konzentriert, dann bist du bei uns herzlich willkommen. Wir haben einen großartigen Anfänger-Server sowie einen Light modded(vanilla), Modded server, Hardcore und einen RP server ||Die unten aufgeführten Einstellungen beziehen sich auf den modded Server|| Servername: **[EU | Discord] German Zomboids Modded** Server-IP: Port: 16261 Passwort: spiffomods steam://connect/ ↓↓↓↓ * Aktive Admins * Hilfsbereite Admins * PVE(PVPVE) * Aktive Spieler * Alle Altersstufen sind willkommen, egal ob Anfänger oder Profi. * Viele neue Autos * Mehr Pflanzen (auch zum Anbauen) * Viele neue Waffen * Gut organisierter Discord-Server * Viele Orte zum Entdecken * Platz für 32 Spieler, bei hoher Nachfrage wird erhöht * Erfolge dank einer Mod * hoher Realismus Hier sind die Neustartzeiten des Servers, jeweils mit zwei Warnungen vor dem Neustart: - 0 Uhr - 6 Uhr - 12 Uhr - 18 Uhr Außerdem wird automatisch ein Neustart durchgeführt, wenn ein Workshop-Update erkannt wird. Diese Einstellungen gelten im Spiel. Bei **weiteren Fragen** schließe dich unserem Server an, um nichts zu verpassen. https://discord.gg/QFW4GsK3Uy https://discord.gg/project-zomboid-de
  3. Hi everyone, I am looking for a server with the following characteristics: Europe Steam (I play from Steam but honestly I don't know if I can connect to non-Steam servers) PvE Vanilla (NO mods at all) Roleplay (optional) Not reset often Even recently started (since some servers started a while ago have the world semi-ravaged and with extremely limited resources for new players) I'd like to find a server that isn't a battle royale but where you can build a community where you can make yourself useful with the available roles (mechanic, doctor, chef, etc.) or even going around looking for resources for the faction you belong to or, perhaps, help other survivors escape a dangerous area via an emergency vehicle. I hope to find the right server. Thanks
  4. Server Name: [PvE] AWLGaming | Survival of the Fittest Server Address: Server Status: https://www.gs4u.net/en/s/268994.html Custom Mods collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2937301706 Rules: -➤ 1. No inappropriate or offensive names. -➤ 2. No destruction of walls of houses, claimed safehouses, shops or POI. -➤ 3. Only destroy structures placed by you in your own safehouse or if you get the approval from the player that needs help. -➤ 4. No claiming is allowed for public stores and POI. A Donator+ is exempt from this rule. -➤ 5. Don't place structures or barricades in public shops, POI. -➤ 6. Don’t over loot. -➤ 7. Don't loot containers themselves from stores or POI. Will mess up their spawn. Fridges from houses or furniture from furniture shops are ok. -➤ 8. Don't steal cars from other players' safehouses. Don't steal in general from other players. Don't tow vehicles that are claimed -➤ 9. Don't vandalize other players' safehouses. Blocking, graffiti, everything considered grieving. -➤ 10. Don't disassemble cars on their spawn nor use their wreckage to block public streets, shops, poi. All blockades should be against zombies, not players. -➤ 11. Report bugs to the game devs and not us, we are a community hosting the game servers and not Indie Stone. -➤ 12. If you have issues with the whitelist, griefers or lost items then please use the proper support/ticket channels to report these and not a Discord ping. -➤ 13. The rulings of the admin team in resolving disputes are final. Sandbox Options: ➽ Water Shutoff: 0-30 days ➽ Electricity Shutoff: 0-30 days ➽ Food Spoilage: Slow ➽ Refrigeration Effectiveness: High ➽ Rotten food removal: None ➽ Loot Respawn: 168 in-game hours ➽ Loot Seen Prevent Hours: 24 ➽ World Item Removal List: All items ➽ Hours fore Removal List: 24 ➽ Darkness during Night: Normal ➽ GeneratorWorking in Exterior: yes ➽ Initial Gas Station Amount: Infinite ➽ Farming Speed: Very Fast ➽ Plant Resilience: Very High ➽ Farming’s Abundance: Abundant ➽ Nature’s Abundance: Abundant ➽ Compost Time: 1 week ➽ Generator Spawn: Very Often ➽ Generator Fuel Consumption: 0.5 ➽ Time before corpse removal: 24 ➽ Loot Rarity: ➽ Fresh Food: Normal ➽ Canned food: Normal ➽ Melee Weapons: abundant ➽ Ranged weapons: abudnant ➽ Ammo: abundant ➽ Medical: normal ➽ Survival gears: normal ➽ Mechanics: normal ➽ Literature: normal ➽ Other: normal ➽ XP Multiplier: x2 ➽ Nutrition: on ➽ Starter Kit: on ➽ Free trait points: 20 ➽ Weapon Multi Hit: on ➽ Melee Movement Disruption: off ➽ Allow Minimap: yes ➽ Recent Survivor Vehicles: high ➽ Zombies Attraction multiplier: 1.0 ➽ Car Spawn rate: high ➽ Chance has gas: high ➽ Initial gas: Full ➽ Gas consumption: 1.0 ➽ General Condition: very high ➽ Player damage from crash: off ➽ Car damage on impact: normal ➽ Damage to player from Hit by a car: none ➽ Zombie: ➽ Speed: fast shamblers ➽ Strength: weak ➽ Toughness: Fragile ➽ Transmission: blood + saliva ➽ Infection mortality: 2-3 days ➽ Reanimation time: 0-1 minute ➽ Cognition: Navigate ➽ Crawl under vehicle: Often ➽ Sight: poor ➽ Hearing: poor ➽ Environmental attack: on ➽ Damage construction: on ➽ Day/Night activity: both ➽ House alarm triggering: off ➽ Drag down: on ➽ Fencelunge: on ➽ Advanced zombie options: Default Server Options: ➽ Allow Sledge: true ➽ Construction prevents loot respawn: true ➽ Fire: disabled ➽ PvP: disabled ➽ Player respawn with self: true ➽ Safehouse ➽ Survival days to claim: 0 ➽ Removal time: 72 real hours ➽ Allow fire: false ➽ Allow trepass: farse ➽ Allow loot: false ➽ Allow respawn: true ➽ Sleep: disabled Discord: https://discord.gg/awlgaming Website: https://www.awlgaming.net
  5. Version: 41.78.16(Steam) Mods: None Singleplayer works fine, with mods and without. On Multiplayer, my game bugs out. I can't remove the curtains; When I kill a zombie, they lie on the ground and move around as if they're still alive and I can't loot the corpses; The map doesn't load in completely (like a 4x4km cell). after some time (1-2min) Anti cheat 21/22 or 24 kicks me out. These are by now all the issues I've found I uninstalled and restarted the game, removed everything that as to do with the game: the Files in User folder and steam folder. Yet the issue still pops up. The Bugs happens on official, Community servers and my own. My friends which are on the same servers don't encounter this issues. Video of the bugs: Bugged MP.mp4 Anticheat Type 22 was disabled in this video! I've safed up the Serverlogs, I'm not sure if there is sensible information in the logs so I'd prefer not to send it before an expert tells me so. Your help would be appreciated!
  6. There's a spelling mistake in the Moveables_EN.txt for the key "Scrapable_object". The current entry reads "Disassemblable Object" but should be "Disassemble Object". The error is most often visible to the me when disassembling toilet stalls.
  7. Bug present in: 41.78.16 In media/lua/server/Vehicles/Vehicles.lua we can see the generation of the success/failure chances for vehicle part installation/removal, on line 1350 with calculateInstallationSuccess() It generates and returns a tuple with the success and failure chance, using some math. The math results in, for example, success=65, failure=35 for being 1 level under the part's 'desired' skill level. This tuple is consumed for vehicle part uninstallation in the function starting on line 96 in media/lua/server/Vehicles/VehicleCommands.lua, in the uninstallPart() function. The problem is that on line 127, you do... -- from uninstallPart(), failure chance structured incorrectly if ZombRand(100) < success then [...] elseif ZombRand(failure) < 100 then -- <- Mistake, note the transposed 'failure' and '100'. Compare to above and below examples. [...] But this makes no sense. Compare it to the installPart() function above this one, which is almost identical but structured correctly... -- from installPart(), written correctly if ZombRand(100) < success then [...] elseif ZombRand(100) < failure then [...] The issue: You are generating a random number between 0 and 35 (to use our '1 level too low, 35% failure chance' example), and then checking if it's < 100. Well, of course it will be. Compare this to what it SHOULD be in the second code block above from installPart(), which actually gives a 35% chance. Technically it's actually still possible to 'not succeed and not damage the part' with this code by having a >= 6 level difference, because that will produce a 110% chance of failure, and thus have a 10% chance of actually 'missing' that code block. I'm sure someone just inverted the order of things there and meant to put the 100 as the argument to ZombRand and compare the result to failure instead of the other way around in uninstallPart() and nobody caught it.
  8. Version: 41.78 Multiplayer Host No Mods Server initialized in 41.78 Reproduction steps: 1. Aggro Zombies 2. Move during a certain time with zombies aggro 3. A certain number of zombies disapearing, and some times all of them like the video below Video: https://clips.twitch.tv/YawningObservantSwallowTBTacoRight-eMBkt4b5TeKLHmNA Note: It appends in the server of my friend too, with the same version of the game
  9. Looking for a laid-back Australian Vanilla PZ Server? Look no further than -AU- Project Hazard, This is a Fast Growing Dedicated Australian Server that is looking for more Veterans and New players alike! We have a Discord server if you're interested, come say hello and make new friends along the way! We would love to have you join us! -Vanilla Server -XP Buff Weekends -PvP/PvE -Factions -24hr Loot Respawn -Australian Server -Delete Trash in Bins -New Player Friendly! Discord: https://discord.gg/uhGsYdNGZ9 PZ SERVER IP:
  10. Version: 41.78 Multiplayer Host No Mods Server initialized in 41.78 Reproduction steps: A certain number of zombies reapparing on a certain zone, in the case of the video, they are reapparing on my tile where i'm present Video: https://clips.twitch.tv/SilkyAgileWerewolfCoolStoryBro-kAVxRNwA3r-wyJ92 I think there is a link with my previous post, if they desappear, zombies will reappear after a certain amount of time.
  11. Hello me and a few of my buddies noticed a total lack of Vanilla PVP multiplayer servers. The only PVP servers we could find were packed to the brim with mods so we decided to host our own. Now granted this server still has a few mods but the majority of them are cosmetic or QOL and only about 3 or 4 that affect gameplay very minorly. Any who the server settings as well as the discord link are listed below if your interested I hope to see you there! Connection info: IP: Port: 16261 Server Settings: PVP, 2 hour days In game hours before loot respawn: 1104 (46 days) Voip Enabled Fire Spread: True Minutes Per Page: 0.25 Xp Multiplier: 2.0 Workshop Mod List: -Become Desensitized -Colors -DIY EngineParts! -Draw On The Map -Fluffy Hair -Gun Suicide -Spongie's Hair -True Music_v.2.11 -TrueActions_1.08 -TrueActions_Dancing_1.06 -Insect Ingredients -Faction Safehouses -buffy's roleplay chat -Chat Bubble -Time-Period Accurate Music -Tsar's Common Library v.1.30 (edited) These setting are subject to change. Oh and as a little cherry on top we also have a discord which is also low on people if you would like this sort of server then here is the link. https://discord.gg/VqhXZ3fzXP
  12. Hello me and a few of my buddie noticed a total lack of Vanilla PVP multiplayer servers. The only PVP servers we could find were packed to the brim with mods so we decided to host our own. We are quite low on people and would be very open to some new faces around the settings for the server are as follows. Connection info: IP: Port: 16261 Server Settings: PVP, 2 hour days In game hours before loot respawn: 1104 (46 days) Voip Enabled Fire Spread: True Minutes Per Page: 0.25 Xp Multiplier: 2.0 Workshop Mod List: -Become Desensitized -Colors -DIY EngineParts! -Draw On The Map -Fluffy Hair -Gun Suicide -Spongie's Hair -True Music_v.2.11 -TrueActions_1.08 -TrueActions_Dancing_1.06 -Insect Ingredients -Faction Safehouses -buffy's roleplay chat -Chat Bubble -Time-Period Accurate Music -Tsar's Common Library v.1.30 (edited) These setting are subject to change. Oh and as a little cherry on top we also have a discord which is also low on people if you would like this sort of server then here is the link. https://discord.gg/JKjJwqkK
  13. Screenshot from my friend's stream on Discord. Image is self-explanatory. He was playing completely vanilla on 41.51.
  14. TheReckless.net USA EAST | The Reckless PVP Experiment ( Easy going Mature 17+ Public Vanilla PvP. Multiple Spawn regions at character creation, custom starting kit, Instant Start Safehouses and Factions, etc. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO PVP, BUT YOU LIKE VANILLA... THEN YOU CAN ALSO JOIN US OVER AT: TheReckless.net USA East PZ Hard ( No Transmission, Harder Zombies, PVE ONLY, Nutrition on, Safehouses on etc. No mods, and no mods will ever be installed that "add" or "take away" to or from the bible that is Project Zomboid (ie. Hydrocraft, ORGM etc.). Our aim as a pair of Public Servers is to be the best, and best balanced VANILLA PVP and PVE experiences. Right now we have two sides of the PZ spectrum covered, Hard PvE, and Casual PvP. So why don't you come join, bring your factions, and set up your shops! Slots are limited (for now), so join today and stay forever! Our rules are simple enough (and can be found easy enough at our community pages), so that you can simply game!
  15. s-p-n


    Come join in. Public Name: 24/7 > Itendor IP/Host: itendor.com OR Port: 16261 Whitelist: Off Max Players: 20 Version: 39.66.3 Looking for people who'd like to play this server. Hosted on my dedi running only this server on linux. 100 starting points. Stupid fast XP. Common Generators. Abundant foraging and farming. 7 days for safe house. Easy vehicles Vanilla (no mods) The server has PVP enabled, though I am considering disabling PVP as I would prefer a friendly co-op environment rather than a grief fest.
  16. Hello, i know well how to add distributions for my mod's items, but how could i alter distributions for already existing items? I found no tutorials detailing this. Thanks
  17. So there has been some interest from the community on a return to the old vanilla servers. Time to put that to the test. Welcome to the Knox County Event. It's a vanilla server with fairly easy settings. We'll start with 20 slots and go from there pending what the actual interest is. Good luck Search for it in the Public list or type in this The Knox County Event IP: Port: 56261 Cheatmenu and Necroforge are there for me to use as an admin. I'll be checking in from time to time. I'll set up a Discord for it to reach me since I run another server full time.
  18. Hello guys, For some reason I can't find an answer to my question (lot of research on Internet). I don't use any mods. Just the original game. For example, I got a shotgun. I'm trying to install the "Sling" modification on it. So I got both the weapon and the mod in my bag, plus a screwdriver in primary hand. The only thing I'm able to, is to remove an existing modification on the gun (ammo Strap). Even if I remove it, I can't put it back neither. What am I doing wrong lol ? Thank you !
  19. Hello, I have rented out a server with high performance for players to enjoy, the server is 24 slots and is vanilla. The IP is: The port is: 16261 (Default Port) Server is located in Germany, Europe! BUILD: 30.16 RULES: 1. DO NOT USE ANY SORT OR FORM OF EXPLOIT. 2. Be friendly to the other players. 3. Don't mess with other peoples stuff unless you know them well enough and they allow it. 4. Don't spam, but that doesn't mean you can't use global chat. Feel free to use it as much as you want. 5. Preferably don't set houses on fire unless you have a real good reason to do it. IMPORTANT: THE SERVER IS WHITELISTED. TO JOIN, FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW In order to join, answer these questions on this forum. -What username would you like?** ex. "BambiJuice" -Why do you want to join this server?** (Give me a good reason for me to add you) -Do you play Project Zomboid often? ex. "Yes, I play it every day for 1-2 hours" -Have you read the rules and accept these rules?* -What is your steam id?* (http://steamidfinder.com/) ex. STEAM_0:1:34439117 -Do you have a story for your character? (OPTIONAL) IF YOU GET ACCEPTED, I WILL SEND YOU A PM WITH A RANDOM PASSWORD AND YOUR PREFERED USERNAME. YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD IN-GAME! NOTE: It can take up to 24 hours to get accepted, I'm the only one doing the paperwork!
  20. Server Status: ONLINE Last Soft Reset: 11:59am Friday 7/11/2014 Next Soft Reset: ~Morning Friday 7/18/2014 ------------- [6/28/2014]: Hey everyone! Been running a private server with me and some friends the past couple weeks, decided it's high time to open it to the community. No mods required; should be up 24-7; PvP enabled; pauses when players are offline; otherwise, normal settings. No white-list necessary. Maximum players is currently set to 64; will most likely be lowered once I get a feel for how many players we can support w/o lagging. Server IP is Server also has a subreddit available for the community at: http://www.reddit.com/r/zysPZserver/ You can reach me either in this thread, or the subreddit. Have fun out there! [7/06/2014]: Soft-Reset dates have been determined! Early Friday mornings, when most people are at work/class, I'll be doing a soft reset, so as to maximize Water/Electricity up-time during the weekends, when most people are available to play. Still haven't decided if/how we'll handle Hard Resets, feedback welcome. [7/11/2014]: Server has been set to Public!
  21. Hello fellow Zomboids, Status: ONLINE so i set up a server and people for some reason really seem to like it. They even asked me to make a thread in this forum, so here we go. The Details are the Following: IP for Direct Connect is: Found in "Public Server Browser" with the filter "krautfleet.net" Name : [PVP][EU][Vanilla] krautfleet.net Location : Nürnberg, Germany Branch : Stable (currently B27) Player slots : 24 Its currently set up with a PVP / Default / NoMods Setup. Currently (mostly due to no_respawn of loot/zombies) New Characters Spawn with: Chips/Crisps, Water, a Bag, a bunch of nails, some bullets. Random Facts: During our First day of uptime 79 People died in PVP on this Server. Currently up for discussion is a date/time for soft-resets. Feel free to visit us aswell on "https://forums.krautfleet.net"
  22. So, I recently set up a server at Nitrado.net . The rules are simple: Nothing is true, everything is permitted. Play as you like, there will be no restrictions. Of course cheating, racsim or insulting is forbidden, that should be clear. This server runs 24/7 and due to the lack of setting-abilities at nitrado for PZ, there will be a hard reset every week. You are welcome to join and play! IP: Port: 16261
  23. Name: Vanilla Server Alen IP: Online Slots: 12 Location: NA, East Coast Currently running beta build 28. Active user base. Persistent server. No resets. (hopefully build 28 will respawn loot and zombies properly) Come join us!
  24. SERVER INFORMATION: Map: Muldraugh, KY PvP: On Hosting Location: United Kingdom CONNECTION INFORMATION: IP: PORT: 16661 ADDITIONAL DESCRIPTION: Welcome to the InsanityNetwork, Project Zomboid server! This is one of the many servers we run here at InsanityNetwork. Between us we've got experience hosting servers which stretches more than 5 years. If you wanna check out some of our other games, go to: The InsanityNetwork! Thank you from the InsanityNetwork founders: Fessy, JHarris and Ghost.
  25. Hosted in Boston on a dedicated server. The server was launched June 17th, 2014. We do NOT perform map resets, and will only do so when/if future builds require it. If you dislike the concept, play somewhere else. If you want to debate the concept, you will be ignored. Yes, the server has been pretty much fully looted, although as of this writing, there are still some untouched buildings. Roleplay is not enforced. There is only one legit server admin, and the ingame name is simply "admin". This may change in the future, and it will be appended here. Currently a 20 user cap.
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