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Found 13 results

  1. Night of the Living Zed - [24/7][PvE][Whitelist][US-East][Long-Term] Night of the Living Zed is for players who want a familiar but improved Zomboid experience with light-touch in game administration. We include quality of life mods and lore-friendly, balance-preserving content additions. We offer a long term server for those who want to play the game their own way, and preserve their progress instead of getting it wiped frequently. This server's meant for players that are in it for the long haul and wish to make their own fun. If you’re tired of elaborate server-specific systems, this is your place. We plan on launching on Friday the 17th, at 4:30PM EST. Hope to see you there – both solos and groups are welcome. We hope by announcing ahead of time that anybody interested gets a chance to plan ahead a bit and be there at the start. To get started, please join our discord and submit a whitelist application form. Sign up ahead of time if you can, so that we know how many people to expect at launch. https://discord.gg/DT55tRgDqw Thanks! Hope to see you there. Full mod list: AutoSewing;AutoMechanics;ProximityInventory;NoLighterNeeded;DescriptiveSkillTooltips;SplitItems;mysafehouse;OutTheWindow;moodle_quarters;fridgesoff;ServingPlatesBS;ShowSkillXpGain;SheetRopeClimbingJumping;BetterFlashlights;BB_BreakingIn;WorkingSeatbelt;tsarslib;VaultOverCounters;Threads;DIY_VehicleParts!;ImprovisedGlass;sapphcooking;PantryPacking;LesstroCrate;Armguards;FWOBenchPress&Treadmill;GeneratorTimeRemaining;cropsNeverRot;KnownAndCollected;BuildRoof;TMC_TrueActions;RebalancedPropMoving;truemusic;TrueMusicJukebox;ugWH;projcardz;Barricades41;Computer;PlayableArcadeMachines41;KAMER_RepairWall;poolminigame;LaddersEasyMode;gamenight;VNGarage;RV_Interior_MP;MusicfortheEndOP;noBurntCars;faction_safehouses;PlumbHelp;Amputation;UIAPI;RenameContainers;GMH;NewEkron;Otr;Louisville_Riverboat;PlefordSpringsMapMod;lakeivytownship;CMEHE86oshkosh;ATA_Bus;FRUsedCars;AquatsarYachtClub;KingsmouthKY;ATA_Jeep;Taylorsville_bridge_to_Coryerdon;AnotherVehicleClaimSystemB41;RandomZombiesFull;RV_Interior_Vanilla;RemoveAllItems
  2. Zomboid Underground is a hardcore serious survival RP server, with an emphasis on organic roleplay. That means admins will only intervene to handle glitches, or trolls not here to roleplay. The server is narrative heavy, with many players being advanced role-players or writers. Players will dedicate themselves to roleplay depression, grief, friendship, and traditions. There is a whitelist to filter out trolls or those who don't take RP as seriously as we do, but its accepting of new players and welcoming of all playstyles. https://discord.gg/XMZCbgS4eS https://zomboidunderground.com/ Join the story today! * Get by as a solo player, with settings to make this more lonely playstyle viable. Bump into other randoms, or trade with factions for repairs or loot. * Join or create a faction, and enjoy companionship while trying to get along with other factions. Fight for humanity's survival against the Knox Virus. * Experience a setting with minimal rules or admin powers to ensure an organic environment. Everything you see is real, every action done in-character. * Write your own story, with a server focused on narrative, without sacrificing PvE or PvP gameplay, giving the server a "Story Generator" vibe. * Enjoy a server with an optimized modlist, ensuring no popins, ping spikes, or type kicks, while also remaining balanced and synergized with vanilla gameplay. * Read the stories from previous wipes, or survive long enough to get your own epilogue, with chronicles aging as far back as the server's creation nearly a year ago. * Active server that averages 10 users for most of the day and 20 players during peak hours. * Weekly updates to the faction map, and overall story. Make an impact in this sandbox setting. * Wholesome community with people from all walks of life coexisting respectfully * Multiple events weekly, ranging from movie-nights to player ran key moments in-game. Notable Mods and Settings: * 1.3x zombie pop with pinpoint hearing but low respawn (large hoards migrate around, posing a real threat) * High initial loot, but rare loot respawns to keep the server going in the late game, and to push people to explore * Custom Modified version of Dynamic Traits so you can naturally evolve your character through gameplay * Knocked out system with 3 lives or body recovery. Permakill for executions or nonamputated bites. * Goldilocks zone of map mods, allowing more exploration without making the map too crowded * PvP and KOS allowed with warning, given there is reasonable IC justification for it. Random violence not allowed. * Wipes every 3-6 months, with community votes on the option to begin a new story, or continue the old. * Exclusive mods created for this server by modders in the community * Admins required to be transparent and fair, with rules and changes voted on by the community * Now allowing all ages, as long as players behave maturity
  3. Name: [NA][41.78] Do Not Go Gentle - Hardcore PZ - Powered by Sophie [1.9.1] IP: Port: 16261 Server Region: Central USA Date of latest wipe (or server launch): 1/18/2024 Rules: No Rules, Subject to change. Introduction: This is a heavily modded Hardcore International PZ server, the server is a WIP server, meaning mods are changing weekly and emergency wipes may happen if something goes wrong. We have EU and NA players on the server. Server Important Information: Stealth is very important for early-game survival, we have mods to help you with this. Use camouflage and the darkness to evade hordes. Working vehicles are somewhat rare, sometimes you can find a fully repaired car left behind by dead survivors. If you need help figuring stuff out, you can ask in-game or ask in-discord. The server world starts 12 months after the Knox Event. So everything is barricaded and destroyed, perishables are rotten, loot is scarce. There are three ways to become infected by the Knox Virus: Zombie Bites, Zombies Breathing on you, Zombie Virus Spores inside buildings. Most of the difficulty on the server is based on trial & error, learning from your mistakes and improving yourself overtime. Skills & XP, you can recover Skill XP after death by crafting a Bound Journal and transcribing it with a writing utensil. Also, disassembly is disabled on the server, so the only ways to get crafting Skill XP is to craft and read crafting books, books from the crafting skill category give a XP Multiplier and flat XP. Join the discord for server information! US/GB Присоединяйтесь к discord для получения информации о сервере! RU Приєднуйтесь до Discord для отримання інформації про сервер. UA Rejoignez le discord pour obtenir des informations sur le serveur ! FR Tritt dem Discord bei, um Informationen zum Server zu erhalten! DE Únete al Discord para obtener información sobre el servidor. ES Discord: https://discord.gg/SvthN7zzNN
  4. American English and British English diverge on the meaning of the word fanny. In the US, it refers to bottom, like a fanny pack. In the UK, it's a vulgar word that refers to female anatomy. Fanny pack - Wikipedia Urban Dictionary: Fanny Fraser’s Phrases: Five Mild American Words The British Find Rude | Anglophenia | BBC America If ya ever set up a separate UK English version of the game, you may want to consider renaming the fanny pack to, say, a bum bag for them! Which is their inoffensive term for a fanny pack. In British English, fanny pack has a very different meaning.... Or to see a Brit reacting to finding a fanny pack in-game in real time:
  5. Hello, We welcome all to the Catulus server I'm fairly new to the forums, but Enjoy lots of long time on multiplayer zomboid. If you're like me and want a bit of a challenge come on down and try to survive. Reduced everything. Go out at night time, and you risk dyeing to runners. All sorts of cars to find and fix, none that you'll find in good condition due to it being far off into the pandemic. expanded Cloths, medical supplies, food, weapons, and more. Enjoy a life off in a farm, and find a tractor where you can become a farmer. Single hit is on, toxic gas plagues the world only a gas mask can protect or holing yourself indoors. Overall a challenging but fun server. Mod suggestions are welcome to the server. Overall enjoy your zomboid experience....oh and we have a bladder system.... realism oooh~
  6. Have you been looking for the ideal roleplay community on Project Zomboid? Well you might just have found it! Ghost Town Roleplay is a beginner and veteran friendly, serious text-based, story-driven roleplay server looking to grow our community. Don't be frightened at the word "serious", because our main goal is to provide a place where everyone can have fun and make friends whilst roleplaying! Why Ghost Town Roleplay? Fully customized Discord for everything you'll need. Customized loot settings to keep things challenging but fun and balanced. Member made factions. Anything from raiders, doctor services or people building safe communities for new comers. Non PVP public bar for all survivors to enjoy! Dedicated and hard-working staff team to host events and keep things running smoothly. Text-based, engaging roleplay. No mic required. Member-only polls for new mods and changes to the server. We value the communities opinion! We are looking for members from all walks of life. Whether you are in school or work a full time job, whether you can spend 2 or 20 hours a week on the server, as long as you are 14+ you are welcome in our community! If this community sounds like what you're looking for, then join us to create your character! See you there!
  7. Zeek's Haven [24/7 US East|NY Server][PVP][CSpawns][24GB RAM][Weekly Soft Wipes][Monthly Hard Wipes] Server + TeamSpeak Status: ONLINE + ONLINE Forums: Home Common Events: Invasion Wanted/Kill Target That Darn Hobbes Airdrop Rare Events: The Fourth Horsemen Army Unique Events: Zeek's Haven is a 24/7 US East server for Project Zomboid. It is community-driven, and is closely monitored and run by community members and administrative staff. Server is always updated to the latest version of the game. We have a community base that will be updated as time progresses and have several custom spawn points in the works. PVP is allowed, don't let pride cloud judgment. You have the choice to map out your own path, but make sure it won’t result in the death of you. Donation Info: All Donators will be Perm white-listed and allowed priority access to the server. We will also treat our donators with assistance in the event that a cheater or hacker destroys bases or any collection of goods we will help to restore the effort that was lost. This is not a protection against bandits. Donations of $10 or more and we will backup your character made structures protecting it from any hard wipes. Your stuff will be saved and reserved. This is of course limited, and is not protected from patch updates and will only be good for one month or extended by another donation. Greater donations will allow bigger areas and extended backups explained below. Player Made Structure Backups: (one crate = one tile)(no limit on height of the structure)(no assistance in rebuilding if wipe due to patch) $10 - 20x20 tiles, 1 month backup $15 - 30x20, 1 month backup $20 - 40x20, 1 month backup $25 - 50x20, 1 month backup $50 - 50x20, 3 month backup $100 - 50x50, 3 month backup(rebuilding assistance if patch wipe) We will need to be made aware of the location of your base in order to make backups. Thank you for your support! Server Rules: No Reloading Same Characters/Loading a Character from Another Server No cheating/hacking/flooding/spamming (Ban) No spamming fires (Ban) Keep language as PG-13 as possible, foul language okay in jokes No racism, sexism, or attacks to a person with disabilities (Warning, then Ban) PVP rules: KOS (Kill On Sight) is allowed Looting of player-made bases, destroying fortifications, and raiding are allowed Bandits and Heroes allowed, create your own path! RP Rules: TBA. Server Info: Processor: i7 4790k 4.4Ghz RAM: 24GB @ 2133Mhz Server Cap: 34 Hard Drive: SSD 120GB OCZ Max IOPS, w/ 4TB HDD Backup Server Provider: Zeek Website: http://zeekshaven.weebly.com/ TeamSpeak Server: RichAdmin Event Website: http://achanes.wix.com/ourlaststandpz
  8. This server has been renamed and moved to: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/13581-pvp247us-deadpixel-pz-deadpixelcom/
  9. Zombie Life! (24/7 US PvE Server) *Now with the Walking Dead Prison!!! Server Status Status : ONLINE (the server is whitelisted as of now! Please join teamspeak or message me to be added) Address: Port: 16261 Teamspeak 3: chi-voice2.fragnet.net:10069 Website: www.zombielifepz.enjin.com The Walking Dead Prison Get ready for some serious excitement. Community member Leolvanov did an excellent job at creating TWD Prison so I have added it to the map. It is located just north of the logging company in Muldraugh, KY. The players now spawn at the prison. This is a safe zone and PvP is not allowed unless an event has been created. This area will be dense with zombies so it is best to stay inside if you spawn here. You can always venture out, but don't say you weren't warned! Please feel free to join us in the fun. Thanks and take care!
  10. Server Status: ONLINE Last Soft Reset: 11:59am Friday 7/11/2014 Next Soft Reset: ~Morning Friday 7/18/2014 ------------- [6/28/2014]: Hey everyone! Been running a private server with me and some friends the past couple weeks, decided it's high time to open it to the community. No mods required; should be up 24-7; PvP enabled; pauses when players are offline; otherwise, normal settings. No white-list necessary. Maximum players is currently set to 64; will most likely be lowered once I get a feel for how many players we can support w/o lagging. Server IP is Server also has a subreddit available for the community at: http://www.reddit.com/r/zysPZserver/ You can reach me either in this thread, or the subreddit. Have fun out there! [7/06/2014]: Soft-Reset dates have been determined! Early Friday mornings, when most people are at work/class, I'll be doing a soft reset, so as to maximize Water/Electricity up-time during the weekends, when most people are available to play. Still haven't decided if/how we'll handle Hard Resets, feedback welcome. [7/11/2014]: Server has been set to Public!
  11. Hosted in Boston on a dedicated server. The server was launched June 17th, 2014. We do NOT perform map resets, and will only do so when/if future builds require it. If you dislike the concept, play somewhere else. If you want to debate the concept, you will be ignored. Yes, the server has been pretty much fully looted, although as of this writing, there are still some untouched buildings. Roleplay is not enforced. There is only one legit server admin, and the ingame name is simply "admin". This may change in the future, and it will be appended here. Currently a 20 user cap.
  12. This server has been renamed and moved to: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/13581-pvp247us-deadpixel-pz-deadpixelcom/
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