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Found 4 results

  1. Night of the Living Zed - [24/7][PvE][Whitelist][US-East][Long-Term] Night of the Living Zed is for players who want a familiar but improved Zomboid experience with light-touch in game administration. We include quality of life mods and lore-friendly, balance-preserving content additions. We offer a long term server for those who want to play the game their own way, and preserve their progress instead of getting it wiped frequently. This server's meant for players that are in it for the long haul and wish to make their own fun. If you’re tired of elaborate server-specific systems, this is your place. We plan on launching on Friday the 17th, at 4:30PM EST. Hope to see you there – both solos and groups are welcome. We hope by announcing ahead of time that anybody interested gets a chance to plan ahead a bit and be there at the start. To get started, please join our discord and submit a whitelist application form. Sign up ahead of time if you can, so that we know how many people to expect at launch. https://discord.gg/DT55tRgDqw Thanks! Hope to see you there. Full mod list: AutoSewing;AutoMechanics;ProximityInventory;NoLighterNeeded;DescriptiveSkillTooltips;SplitItems;mysafehouse;OutTheWindow;moodle_quarters;fridgesoff;ServingPlatesBS;ShowSkillXpGain;SheetRopeClimbingJumping;BetterFlashlights;BB_BreakingIn;WorkingSeatbelt;tsarslib;VaultOverCounters;Threads;DIY_VehicleParts!;ImprovisedGlass;sapphcooking;PantryPacking;LesstroCrate;Armguards;FWOBenchPress&Treadmill;GeneratorTimeRemaining;cropsNeverRot;KnownAndCollected;BuildRoof;TMC_TrueActions;RebalancedPropMoving;truemusic;TrueMusicJukebox;ugWH;projcardz;Barricades41;Computer;PlayableArcadeMachines41;KAMER_RepairWall;poolminigame;LaddersEasyMode;gamenight;VNGarage;RV_Interior_MP;MusicfortheEndOP;noBurntCars;faction_safehouses;PlumbHelp;Amputation;UIAPI;RenameContainers;GMH;NewEkron;Otr;Louisville_Riverboat;PlefordSpringsMapMod;lakeivytownship;CMEHE86oshkosh;ATA_Bus;FRUsedCars;AquatsarYachtClub;KingsmouthKY;ATA_Jeep;Taylorsville_bridge_to_Coryerdon;AnotherVehicleClaimSystemB41;RandomZombiesFull;RV_Interior_Vanilla;RemoveAllItems
  2. THIS IS NOT DEDICATED HOST! There will be downtime and the only way to know if it's back up is joining my discord and be pinged under zomboid role. Otherwise dont treat this as a dedicated server. It's just a local world for co-op. We will move to a dedicated host if the world gets enough traction and I find a stable place to host. So far we have a handful of players and 3 heavily active including myself. FRESH WIPE 3/14 Horde nights Helicopter events Tough zombies Bite only Brita's Weapons Tons of cars New locations Huge amount of QoL mods Tons of melee choices Fire spread off Skill journal PvP: There can be groups who can engage in PvP but be mindful it has to be under a sense of dialog and context which brings everything up to the action. No KOS. Don't point your weapon at random people unless your intention is to kill them or save them from a zombie. Players are not allowed to steal Skill Journals off corpses. They are there so people dont feel defeated and leave the server due to the skill grinds they'd have to restart. Be respectful of this. Feel free to leave a comment if you want to join or add me directly. Discord is recommended but not required. https://discord.gg/b8ACWEMhAj
  3. Skyfire Zomboid Server Rules: 1. Do not kill players in the spawn house. 2. No Spamming or Cheating. ---------------------------------------------------------- Where are you hosted? Is the server 24/7? Skyfire Zomboid is a 24/7 dedicated server hosted on the East Coast of the United States. Unlike other servers we are not plagued with lag and rendering errors due to a lack of resources. We have everything to keep you and your friends on the server and happy! ---------------------------------------------------------- Are there wipes on this server? This server is wiped when the admins see it fit. In our perspective the server should not be wiped unless the map is almost completely looted and destroyed. We don't want to see your precious builds and progress ruined so don't worry! We won't wipe the server unless necessary. ---------------------------------------------------------- RPG Tips: - Don't kill random kids for no reason. Unless they have a reason try not to kill someone since it really isn't doing anything for you beside making you enemies. - If you enjoy killing people and stealing please try to roleplay being a thief. - None of these tips are rules so follow them as you please. ---------------------------------------------------------- IP: ---- Port: Default. Server Status: Offline for now. Should be back up shortly. Switching hosts. JOIN TODAY FOR THE BEST PROJECT ZOMBOID MULTIPLAYER EXPERIENCE!
  4. IP - As of right now PVP is off, and likely to remain off. It'll be up 24/7 as long as it doesn't crash. Whitelist is on hold to see how bad it gets.
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