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Found 16 results

  1. Hi , i and a lot of my friends like cars in project zomboid but they are missing a lot of things ... some of those things being better control of the car like changing gears and holding the key until the car starts , having realistic force and grip and a lot more ... my idea is that project zomboid needs a overall update for the cars like adding custom parts for them like push bars that you can find them in garages and warehouses and putting them on your car let you kill zombies with it or some engine upgrade parts that i really want to see in the game because i died a lot only for being in a slow van or old car ... some stuff that can make cars feel so much better are for example needing to change the oil (it's a nightmare) or not letting the car be outside in cold weather because they're are old cars and they're carburetor works better in warm weather and not in cold weather ( a old car with carburetor will struggle to start in cold weather ) they are a lot more things that i don't remember rn thank you
  2. Hello. Sugestion to put information to "how update interactive map" as a creator it would be nice to have it with other maps in browser. There are many maps rn that are not official but are very detailed and lack proper maping. If there is infromation how to do that i didint found it. https://map.projectzomboid.com/?#9702x5663x10
  3. I think that put achievements into the game it will give more reasons to play and i need to flex to my friends how much im dedicated to this awesome game i dont know how difficult is to add this into steam but for sure is a rigth thing to do sorry for my english :(
  4. Hi! I want to update a mod which I've posted in the steam workshop. It has currently over 3000 subscribers. However, I learned that the update may break multiplayer save games (singleplayer seems not affected). I don't want that the subscribers looser their save games but I also think that the update might be really beneficial in the long turn. (It doesn't change gameplay. It is just an overhaul of the code which hopefully increases stability and compatibility with other mods.) What do you think is the best way to go? What would you do in such a situation? One option might be to upload the updated version as a new mod to the steam workshop and mark the older version as outdated but I am not sure whether this a good idea from the workshop point of view (there are already so many mods in there...). I am also not sure if the workshop policy allows this. Does anyone know whether this is allowed in the steam workshop? PS: I also posted this question in the steam discussions forums. See here: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/18446744073709551615/3198118348345253358/?appid=108600 Hope that's ok.
  5. It seems the mods installed on a pzserver are not being updated, even when the pzserver is restarted. The only workaround I found so far is to stop pzserver, delete the following file: steamapps/workshop/appworkshop_108600.acf And then start pzserver again. Would it be possible to make pzserver to update the mods on restart? Lot of users seem to have issues because of this, so it would probably help with support too. Also, bonus point if you can make it possible for an admin to trigger the mod update process from inside the game without restarting pzserver (I understand it might not be as simple as it sounds though).
  6. Hello, first of all, I am Legoland99 from the forums, creator of many custom buildings. I am planning on making a map, and need your help for that. I am wondering what kind of maps the community would like to see and play: a) A small City complete with suburbs, parks and such. A lot of undead. b) A wasteland type kind of environment with lots of burnt wreckages, half buried buildings, towns, bunkers, scarce resources and hordes of zombies. c) An overgrown game world after the apocalypse, with houses, buildings, gas stations, towns and other areas covered by greenery and ransacked. Scarce resources, high value areas with items such as nails, saws, car pieces or even guns. Car spawns are extremely rare and most of them are broken and require skills to repair them. Your chance to rebuilt society to an extent and make it yours. Most likely the c) map I would work on but I don't mind ideas, I can very well implement all of the maps into one, or compromise. Please share your ideas for buildings, areas and maps you would like to see.
  7. Could we also be looking forward to seeing military hazmat/nbc suits ? Military presence should own this since the virus is understood to be mostly airborne, hence a gas mask and suit. Made from rubber and different layers, it should provide some protection against bites, though I have to tell you, these things are hot and heavy, but they offer a wide variety of protection against anything nuclear, biological and chemical. This one is a Romanian gas mask and full NBC suit that can be found on military guards stationed at the Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant and around some gun/chemical facilities. This one is mine,a rare model that is standard issue in Romania for anyone working in a highly dangerous place or keeping guard over. Excuse my background, it's hard to get it on and then walk around to do a good picture. Here's an example. Anyone who wants to see more I'll post other pictures. Didn't put the filter and gloves to take a picture. Coal based filters. The game already has coal, makeshift gas masks could be possible. I think it would be a good idea for corpse management also and so on Good mobility for arms, legs, only if you wear boots inside.
  8. I decided to gather up a lot of comments today on Youtube of people's suggestions for the clothing and animations update, shorten them up, and compile them in a single forum. Please note that all these ideas are from the majority of people, and not just from me. Giving you a heads up of what the community thinks should be added. NOTE:This is not to add on to the current progress of the great, hard working, already busy, devs. I do not want them to take this as more pressure or work "To-Do". These are just suggestions after all, not something that should be in the game if the devs wish to. There is already too much work being made by them, but i decided to do this anyways just to give more ideas. In case they want to add this AFTER the planned builds are fully out (speaking after build 1.0) i don't want to delay the build release time... Ok here we go... Suggestions -Zombies ignore you when having soaking blood wet clothes. "Also imagine you got so much blood on you. The walkers will start thinking you are one of them because you smell like one. But the down side is that you will feel uncomfortable like walking makes you slower. Don't feel like eating before cleaning yourself up etc." -Blood footprints. -New showering/cleaning system. "Maybe now showers and bathtubs will have some utility besides decorating and being used to fill water bottles. Also, wet bath towels should be useful as well. showers will have use now with these bloods stains on player? mabye with soap you can get clean buff? " Zombie clothing decay/variation. "Strangely, all zombies wear perfect shoes... One might expect them to lose one boot or both after a while... And also, clothing has to have various levels of deterioration too... Right now all zombies look too fancy even with the blood cover on..." -Wearing clothes with zombie blood can infect untreated wounds. "Do you plan to add some sort of infection due to blood on your character? That chance being increased the more wounds/untreated wounds your character have." -Zombies with certain clothes/equipment can't harm you. "also recommend that zombies with a helmet are made unable to bite you, it would make sense if the same went for zombies with gloves on." -New panic mechanic. (Already answered) "when you fall over a fence, the "recovery" animation should be dependent on how high your panic is!! With high panic resulting in scrambling up again quickly and low panic being like "oh that hurt, gonna take a moment here." But it depends on panic level." Another guy said: "maybe they should scurry along the floor until they find their feet when trying to run, after being knocked/tripped over rather than lying on the floor. Or maybe even mash to bring them to their senses a bit faster." Chris Simpson's answer:"Already a thing we have anims for scrambling across the floor trying to get up in a panic, scrabbling backwards on your ass kicking zoms in the face etc. It's gonna be ace but not 100% sure that'll make it into first version." FAQ by the community "You can't swing at more than one zombie anymore? Or are those animations being worked on?" "Will this update impact my low spec pc badly?" "Is this completely CPU dependent or can my GPU also handle some of the rendering?" "Is there a way i can switch back to the old sprites or versions of the game?" "The textures of the world look off and don't fit the character's models and clothing anymore. (in some people's opinion) Will you work to make shaders and improve them?" I made this because i thought it would be good to get the people's major suggestions out to the people at the forums to see. I hope you understood this doesn't have to be implement if the devs don't want to... again i don't want to annoy them by any means. Thank you devs for working on such a great game! I appreciate your hard work, and time that you're putting into this game. I am looking forward to what the community thinks of this. Thank you again.
  9. Hey i just wanted to say that with the introduction of metal and metal working, would the Devs eventually put in canning your own food? It seems like a simple process... I even found a video about it xD There can be canning machines found, (rarely) through out the urban areas, they require electricity so with the addition of the generators and gas it would make a great addition to the game. You would have to start farming early on and then you can make your own food storage for late game. Also i'd also love to see a way to create a makeshift fishing rod from nothing but what you find in the wilderness. That brings up a new way of making string or rope, from vines or just from zombie's clothes. Anyway i'm sure these ideas have been posted before but i'm just bringing it back up.
  10. I find it to be rather dumb that doors are locked from the inside. But I actually like the idea of keys, but you should be able to open any door from the inside as I have never seen a door that could not be unlocked from the inside in my entire life. I hope this is just a bug and will be fixed in a patch.
  11. tested & works on - "Debian 8 jessie" - "Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS trusty" NOTE: for PZ-Version 32.2x and above DOWNLAOD How to use? 1. ) download "spiffo-service.sh" 2. ) put the script into your root account folder 3. ) open the script with "nano" or "vim" and add your steam account details 4. ) execute "./spiffo-service.sh" or with "sudo ./spiffo-service.sh" ** script must be run as root! enjoy && have fun ****** Spiffo's Zomboid Server Service Center ****** Author: Nightmare @ http://n8m4re.de
  12. I am trying to update my Fletchery mod to Build 27, but I am having sudden problems with the reload system. The code for it is here: local wepBow0 = { name = getItemText("Crossbow"), moduleName = 'Fletchery', reloadClass = 'ISShotgunWeapon', ammoType = 'Bolts', shootSound = 'arrowFire', clickSound = 'click', ejectSound = 'arrowReload', insertSound = 'arrowReload', rackSound = 'arrowReload', maxCapacity = 1, reloadTime = 20, rackTime = 10};local wepBow1 = { name = getItemText("Homemade Bow"), moduleName = 'Fletchery', reloadClass = 'ISShotgunWeapon', ammoType = 'Arrows', shootSound = 'arrowFire', clickSound = 'click', ejectSound = 'arrowReload', insertSound = 'arrowReload', rackSound = 'arrowReload', maxCapacity = 1, reloadTime = 15, rackTime = 10};local wepBow2 = { name = getItemText("Bow"), moduleName = 'Fletchery', reloadClass = 'ISShotgunWeapon', ammoType = 'Arrows', shootSound = 'arrowFire', clickSound = 'click', ejectSound = 'arrowReload', insertSound = 'arrowReload', rackSound = 'arrowReload', maxCapacity = 1, reloadTime = 10, rackTime = 10};local wepSling = { name = getItemText("Sling"), moduleName = 'Fletchery', reloadClass = 'ISShotgunWeapon', ammoType = 'Stones', shootSound = 'slingFire', clickSound = 'click', ejectSound = 'arrowReload', insertSound = 'arrowReload', rackSound = 'arrowReload', maxCapacity = 1, reloadTime = 10, rackTime = 10}; ReloadUtil:addWeaponType(wepBow0)ReloadUtil:addWeaponType(wepBow1)ReloadUtil:addWeaponType(wepBow2)ReloadUtil:addWeaponType(wepSling)The crossbow, sling and bow (wepBow0, wepBow2 and wepSling) work fine, but the Homemade Bow (wepBow1) will not reload in-game. When I attempt to do so, I get the following error message in the console: I have no idea what to do here, I've tried everything I can think of. Any help would be appreciated! EDIT: My guess would be that this is because both bows are trying to use the same ammo type, so the second is overwriting the first, but I want them to use the same arrows, so what I think I need is a workaround to use the same ammo.
  13. I have not heard much details on the upcoming addition of vehicles to Project Zomboid, so I just wanted to get some clarification. When "vehicles" make their way into the game, will that just exclusively include cars, or should we expect a variety of different vehicles. From engine-powered vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, mopeds, etc. To quieter, man-propelled vehicles such as bicycles, skateboards, etc. If so, would we see a large variety of vehicles on Day 1 of vehicle implementation, or will they be released few by few over time.
  14. This is just an update for the new stuff that needed to be updated. [build 27] [items] DisplayNameLittlebaitfish = "Lille maddingfisk",DisplayNameTrout = "Ørred",DisplayNamePike = "Gedde",DisplayNameSunfish = "Klumpfisk",DisplayNameHuntingKnife = "Jagtkniv",DisplayNameBricktoys = "Byggeklodser",DisplayNameEarbuds = "Høretelefoner",DisplayNameEarrings = "Øreringe",DisplayNameFrame = "Ramme",DisplayNameGlasses = "Briller",DisplayNameHeadphones = "Hovedtelefoner",DisplayNamePearlNecklace = "Perlehalskæde",DisplayNameTVRemote = "Fjernbetjening",DisplayNameRing = "Ring",DisplayNameRubberDuck = "Gummiand",DisplayNamePiepreparation = "Tærte ingredienser",DisplayNameCakepreparation = "Kage ingredienser",DisplayNameMap = "Kort",DisplayNameUmbrella = "Paraply",DisplayNameRainboots = "Gummistøvler",DisplayNamePaperclip = "Papirclips",DisplayNameDoll = "Dukke",DisplayNameLaserDisc = "Laserdisc",DisplayNameCornflour = "Majsmel",DisplayNameCorks = "Propper",DisplayNameCorkscrew = "Proptrækker",DisplayNameCakeBatter = "Kagedej",DisplayNamePieDough = "Tærtedej",DisplayNameBakingPan = "Bradepande",DisplayNameYeast = "Gær",DisplayNameToyBear = "Bamse",DisplayNameCakeSlice = "Et stykke kage",DisplayNameStirfry = "Wok",DisplayNameBellPepper = "Peberfrugt",DisplayNameMustard = "Sennep",DisplayNameKetchup = "Ketchup",DisplayNameModjeska = "Modjeska",DisplayNameCorndog = "Corn dog", --We don't have this in Denmark. I would just call it Corn dog.DisplayNameBreadSlices = "brødskiver",DisplayNameFishFillet = "Fiskefilet",DisplayNameMuttonChop = "Lammekølle",DisplayNamePorkChop = "Svinekotelet",DisplayNameRabbitMeat = "Kaninkød",DisplayNameSmallAnimalMeat = "Lille stykke dyrekød",DisplayNameSmallBirdMeat = "Lille stykke fuglekød",DisplayNameFriedChicken = "Stegt kylling",DisplayNamePickles = "Syltede agurker",DisplayNameWorm = "Orm",DisplayNameDeadMouse = "Død mus",DisplayNameDeadRabbit = "Død kanin",DisplayNameDeadSquirrel = "Dødt egern",DisplayNameDeadBird = "Død fugl",DisplayNameSnareTrap = "Snare fælde",DisplayNameCageTrap = "Bur-fælde",DisplayNameMouseTrap = "Musefælde",DisplayNameTrapbox = "Boksfælde",DisplayNameTrapCrate = "Kassefælde",DisplayNameTrapStick = "Grenfælde",DisplayNameFishingTackle = "Fiskegrej",DisplayNameFishingRod = "Fiskestang",DisplayNameFishingRodWithoutline = "Fiskestang uden line",DisplayNameFishingLine = "Fiskeline",DisplayNameCatfish = "Malle",DisplayNameBass = "Aborre",DisplayNamePerch = "Hav aborre",DisplayNameCrappiefish = "Sort sol aborre",DisplayNameSunfish = "Klumpfisk",DisplayNamePike = "Gedde",DisplayNameTrout = "Ørred",DisplayNameLittlebaitfish = "Lille maddingfisk",DisplayName=FishingNetTrap = "Fiskenet",DisplayNameFishingforBeginners = "Fiskning for begyndere",DisplayNameFishingforIntermediates = "Fiskning for Øvede",DisplayNameAdvancedFishing = "Avanceret fiskning",DisplayNameExpertFishing = "Ekspert fiskning",DisplayNameMasterFishing = "Mester fiskning",DisplayNameSalt = "Salt",DisplayNamePepper = "Peber", [Recipes] [uI] Please take some time to read my LUA comments, as some of my translation are not correctly translated. (Mostly worried about the itemNames.) ANY danish is free to criticize, as this could be wrong. I will of course update, if i find anything that I can eventually change to something more correct. -Stenmann EDIT 1: The translation should now be 99% correct, and ready to be added to the game. By the way, thanks to Gade, for helping me with corrections!
  15. These instructions are outdated, please refer to the new updated thread by RJ: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/2011-how-to-use-the-upcoming-modloader/ So with the new modloader we need to change our mods a little bit. First of all you'll need to create a mod.info file: name=The name of your modposter=posterToDisplay.pngdescription=This will be shown as a description, by RoboMat.When packing your mod I suggest the following structure (I'll use my Lockpicking mod as an example): - /Lockpicking (top folder)---> mod.info---> poster.png---> /media-------> /lua-------> /scripts-------> ...The poster.png (use any name you like of course) will be displayed in the mods section. I use 650x810 sized poster images at the moment. If everything works it should look like this in the game:
  16. I'm not sure what order I want to update my mods. Limited time per day and only a few days off to actually spend any time on them. From time updating the scripting and spriting as best I can and making new mods from my own and suggested ideas. I don't know what to prioritize. So I wanted you ask what you guys want updated first. Or should I just continue randomly updating and making new stuff like I am now. Personally, I first would like to completely rewrite the Spices mod to make it and the mods that use it 10000% better... but this would take a while, and my other mods won't get updated or created. I would make a poll, but I'm at work on my phone.. Thank you using my mods .
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