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Found 4 results

  1. I can't see most of the progress bar when filling a vehicle's gasoline tank if I have the key or is hotwired, because the icon that displays this (key icon) is displayed in the same spot as progress bars above the player's head.
  2. Cutflood

    Well Built Walls

    A tiny mod I made. Uploaded to steam, but I figured I'd add it here for anyone who would want it. DOES NOT ALTER ANY EXISTING CONSTRUCTION ON AN OLD SAVED GAME. Any new construction, after the mod is activated, will be "Buffed". Steam description: A tiny mod with a huge impact. Makes the carpentry skills' wall health bonus that is applied to player construction a little beefier. Log walls and other constructed items are now harder to destroy. -Doubled the Initial health of multistage player construction. -Includes a buff to Metal construction too. (But Log Walls are still the strongest) -Quadrupled the health of Log Walls from 400 to 1600. -The health bonus from each level of carpentry is now 250, not 100. -The health bonus from the Handy trait is now 1000, not 100. (Makes taking that trait/profession WORTH it) The reason I made this mod is simple. It's realistic. There is an old Revolutionary war fort near my hometown. It is constructed from felled trees, much like the log walls in PZ. I have seen it and played in the fort as a kid my whole life. NEVER had I thought to myself, "These walls could easily be brought down by headbutting them." Possible mod ideas for the future... -Make it so that the zombies RECIEVE bash/thump damage from headbutting the walls as well. (Only a fraction) As cranial/brain damage to zombies has historically been the #1 way of killing them. And if they spend all day bashing their head against a wall, they are gonna die. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can edit the files yourself to change the wall health to what ever you like... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In ISBuildUtil.lua buildUtil.getWoodHealth = function(ISItem) local playerObj = getSpecificPlayer(ISItem.player) local health = (playerObj:getPerkLevel(Perks.Woodwork) * 250); Change the 250 to a number you feel is more to your liking.... if playerObj:HasTrait("Handy") then health = health + 1000; Same for the 1,000... end In ISWoodenWall.lua function ISWoodenWall:getHealth() if self.sprite == "carpentry_02_80" then -- log walls are stronger return 1600 + buildUtil.getWoodHealth(self); Change the 1,600 to a number you feel is more to your liking.... else return 400 + buildUtil.getWoodHealth(self); Same for the 400... end In MultiStageBuild.txt In the file, find the entry: BonusHealth:###, ### being a number designating the walls base health. Change to anything you like. Each construction has it's own health value, WoodenWindowLvl2, WoodenWindowLvl1, MetalWallLvl2 etc. You will have to change each constructed item's bonus health value to alter them. It's good practice to try and keep the number to a "reasonable level". As making the walls have 919,289,479,198,581,291,546,198,576 health can give the game values that are too high to handle. I played for a good amount of time though (150 hours) with walls that had a base health of 99,999, with perks adding 999 each level, and the Handy trait tacking on another 9999 without problems. Final wall health was about 120,000. +++++++++++++++ WellBuiltWalls.rar +++++++++++++++
  3. First of all, I wasn't sure where to put this, so if an admin wants to move this to a better fitting category, that'd be great. So I, like many of you probably did, made a mistake when choosing Sandbox options for the first time for a playthrough. Maybe you didn't choose enough zombies (guilty as charged), maybe you just want to tweak a few settings. Whatever. Well, on discovering that the Save Editor mod didn't work, as it was for an older build, I was slightly disappointed. My big fort would have nothing to be tested with. So I searched around and found bits of information that allowed me to finally come up with a temporary solution (temporary as in, until in- or post-game editing is added to the game, if it will be). So without further ado... Step 1 Make a new game with the options you want, the character you create doesn't matter, as it's your "main" character we want. Once you made it in game, save and exit. Step 2 Navigate to your Zomboid folder. Mine is in C:\Users\*User*\Zomboid where User is your Windows User. For Macs, I'm sorry I don't know, but I'm sure there's one, you might have to Google around for it. Go into the Sandbox folder (and be careful here) and grab the newly created world folder and your main world folder and back them up somewhere, the desktop is fine. Somewhere where you know where they are. Step 3 I hope you didn't close your Zomboid folder, we still need it! Go into your main world folder and copy the map_p.bin file, it should be at the bottom if you filter by name, a-z. This is your player file. Copy that player file to your new world you created, and replace the other map_p.bin file. You've successfully transferred your player to a new world! **Below is an optional step for replicating the world if you've interacted with it in ways you want to keep the same.** *If all you wanted to do was transfer a character, you can stop reading and go and play with it in his/her new world!* But wait, I had stuff on the ground, stuff in storage, a fort! Where is that? Well, for that you need to do one additional option Step 4 From your main world folder, you need to copy all of the map_####_###.bin files, all of the map_ files that have numbers trailing them. These are your edits to the world, whether by you, the erosion mod, zombies or whatever. Copy all of them. The best way to do it is to select all (control + a for windows) and then deselect any files that don't say map_####_### (the amount of numbers may vary, but that's how they look to me) Copy those files to the new world you made with the new settings. Make sure if you moved your character when checking if it was in the new world that you don't start the new world up and become stuck in your fort or something (again, guilty as charged). If you ever want to make everything the same before all of these steps, then you would navigate to those backups I told you to make, copy the map_p.bin and the map_####_### files (if applicable) and paste and replace them in said world in the Zomboid folder. If you made those backups (which you should have, because I specifically said to) you will never lose your character and world, they'll always be there if you make a mistake or wish to return immediately (obviously if you interact with the new world but then choose to go back, if you copy and paste the backup, those actions wouldn't have been done. An alternative would be to copy the map_p.bin from the new map as that would be the "latest" character. This could be pretty exploitative, but it's up to you how you want to play your own game. Perhaps you want a new character to replace the old one (because of the Build 31 professions update), why not drop everything on your current character, create a new world with a new character and just copy the old map_####_### files over so you get everything your old character had? Really sandbox is just that: a sandbox which you create your own rules, your own story, your own game. Why be limited at the start? Enough rambling, hope you guys have fun with your new settings, new world, refreshed zombie spawns e.c.t! I hope your fort gets tested to its full extent and you get rekt! Or whatever your new plan is for the new world!
  4. This is more of a tweak. I didn't know where exactly to post, There really isnt' anything else to say. Other, than I think a gas can should give you more than 1 molotov considering how big it is and how little gasoline you need in real life, not to mention the rarity of a gas can. Perhaps you can add "uses" to the gas can, so that is also compatible when cars come in.
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