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Found 9 results

  1. How it possible ? Did you see the town with 4000 of population without sockets in the houses in real life ? Zombies eaten sockets ? And where is wires ? I mean wires outside between two electric pillar. So , I think it will upgrade electric branch and doing more realistic game. And also will be cool if you will add the function of creating Christmas tree and Christmas lights on wall. It's easy for implementing and holidays are coming. We need little bit positive in the game on the minute. We need a "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" 🎊😊😊
  2. I was being chased by a horde in the suburbs of Muldraugh, so I jogged through some trees to try and lose them and got a small cut on my neck and nearly bled out within three minutes, the damage that accumulates from minor scratches on your neck is horrifying and feels unbalanced.
  3. Session was being played on Survivor mode, build 41 beta. Had a laceration on my arm and on my leg, was jogging away from a small mob that noticed me, trying to find a safer spot that I could rip my clothing to bandage myself. Decided to move closer to the woods edge, then circle around in between two trees, was jogging with shift. Then suddenly there was a crushing sound, like the one it happens when you get damaged, and boom, my character yelled and death animation happened, then the "dead - high risk of becoming rat food" or something like that showed up as a status. I think I might have bumped onto a tree? Not really sure. I didn't had enough damage, was still into slight I believe, didn't check the health status more than a quick peek after being damaged. Death was instant. The lacerations happened due to a zombie that latched onto me from behind.
  4. Hey TIS team, I have not found the question on the forum so here it goes: are you planning on improving trees? Because essentially everything is on scale in the game except for the trees that don't exceed more or less 2,50 (1 floor). I know that there are some deep forest areas where trees are blown up but i was guessing it was a placeholder. I can completely understand why something like this would not be a priority considering what your team is working on at the moment, but that would be a very nice visual improvement and would impact almost every frame in game... It would also make all forest area less repetitive and more scenic. It might actually save some performance advantages (but I might be very wrong) as it would mean drawing one big tree instead of 9 small. I drew one just to illustrate my point
  5. Hello, I have some troubles finding Hydrocraft trees to cut them down through craft menu. Can anyone tell me where should I try to find them? Thanks.
  6. Would it be possible to have moving trees? I guess it would be quite hard on performance to animate all trees, but that would be nice to have a few trees moving a little from time to time to make the world a bit less static
  7. I would like to ask if there would be a possibility to get a more detailed forest environment. The thing that I want to bring up to in particular are trees. 1.Tree grow to fast with the erosion getting the full 2 log on a 3 week of waiting is sadly impossible. (If its intended well my bad =o ) 2. Bigger tree could be place around the forest or even closer to make a roof above you,re head that blocks suns ray! But not water sorry... it does the opposite really, It rain more heavily inside the wood. 3.Dead tree. 4.Level of dryness of the wood. Green: Unable to burn or construct with. Half Greenie: 5. Being able to walk freely under big tree. If its a leaf tree and not a needle tree(pine like tree) ( i would gladly name them accordingly but english is not my native tongue and it seems the traduction word for a word would come to this..) 6.This is not something that would need to be added but would certainly add benefit to the wood. KENTUCKY wild life...They should'nt require any special skill to distinguish since they are native tree! I would gladdly look into more of hem but well I rather wait and see if it picks anyone attention before jumping knee deep ^^. Tree Paw Paw. The inner bark can make rope and gives mango like fruit from august to october. Tree Wild Cherry(black cherry). The inner bark can be used has sedative or cough remedy from august to october. American Plum. Edible shiny red fruit can be dried to make fruit leather O o from august to october. Flowering Dogwood. Edible red /yellow pink blush fruit that taste bad! from august to october. Persimmon tree. Edible red fruit that need some preparation for it to taste good. There is also some local recipe going with them could be worth a look XP. 7.Small wild plant used has erosion. 8.If it was to be added somewhere in the game then I will gladly wait. Otherwise... how can I mod the map to add these parameters to the ''Forest'' in the original map or any modded city so to speak??? If none has the answer no worries I'll look into it. But I would gladly look accept any help ^^;. Good Day!
  8. So I could see this happen to someone: Accidently fall out of a 2 story window, fracture leg, losing health fast. Still no axe, so no branches or any splint materials RIP I feel like you should be able to break off branches off of trees. It shouldn't be a split-second thing, but it should take you a few seconds, maybe 5. This would be sped up with a saw or axe, making the time quicker. If this was added, you could still splint yourself without having to have one of the game's rarest weapons.
  9. I think, that there should be differend kinds of logs in the game. Currently if you chop down a tree you get logs. When you saw the logs you get three planks. My idea is that there would be able to get differend kinds of logs: small logs, logs and big logs. Small logs would weight less than regular logs, but you would get less planks than from regular logs. Big logs would weight more than regular logs, but you would get more planks than from regular logsm
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