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Found 19 results

  1. • 41.65 • Multiplayer • Dedicated • Mods? Yes . If you place a Bait inside the Box Trap you dont lose it and it stays inside your inventory but you still get the trap to work and you can take the bait out again so you duplicated it.
  2. Hey, I've been experimenting a bit with the traps, and also I read the wiki, and here are my suggestions about it: 1. Absence - I very dislike the necessity of not being around in the 75 tiles radius. I think it should be based more on the activity etc. If I live in the forest, definitely I should be able to catch a rabbit or squirrel on my yard, while sleeping or just being home. Suggestions: * For indoor mouse trap, it should just require to not being in the same room. * Being indoor counting as not being in this 75 tiles radius (zombies included) for outoor traps. * Non-binary distance counting for outdoor traps- just penalties to trap's strength based on the closest distance the player/zombie has been from the trap within the "counting hour" for each trap. For example "safe" distance could be 50 tiles, and -2 to trap's strength for each tile closer within the last hour. * Sneaking could count as being 2 times farther than actual position, and just standing still and doing nothing, as even more. * For the night animals, rabbit and squirrel, penalties are double (or more) for making loud noises (for example for being 30 meters "quietly" the penalty would be -20, but "loudly" -40). * Ability to make traps "stronger" by dropping "safe" food in very close radius from the trap - animal is being more confident and easier to catch. I'm doing this with mouse traps in reality, and it's working good xD (no, I don't eat them ) A few another ideas * Cheese in reality is not good bait for mice and rats, really. They definitely prefer meat, grains etc. Just saying * Much greater chance for catch in the winter months, because food is scarse. * No possibility of escaping from the trap, if the animal is already trapped. It's really crappy trap design if the trapped animal can escape. Or such possibility should be really very small, and canceled at all with for example 3 lvl of Trapping. Of course it doesn't prevent lured zombies from destroying the trap * I don't know if it's mechanics for that already, but it would be nice if Trapping skill would lessened chance for losing the bait without catching animal, increase trap strength (the more advanced hunter, the better camouflaged are his traps, and more sensitive). * Triggering traps by players and zombies, by just walking on the tile with the trap. * Trapped animals not dead (except of mouse traps) - they are alive, and are making noises (at least just in the triggering moment) trying to escape, and luring zombies if they are able to hear that. Making them dead could require a little of time and some bladed weapon in the main equipment. * Maybe some abundance mechanics like with Foraging and Fishing, with some Trapping level needed to get the info about abundance of animals in the zone. Maybe even separate abundance for each animal * Variable loot. Not very much, because there are small animals. Just like fish are in 3 sizes. Or age categories it could be applied by their strength depending from actual season: spring - greater % of catching younger, smaller, but easier to catch animals. Summer - normal chance, adult animals. Autumn - no young animals, greater % chance of older, bigger, but more experienced (so harder to catch) animals. Winter - only "older" animals but much easier to catch because of scarcity of food in the nature What do you think? (Yeah, I know most of my ideas is making the game easier, but I think the current Trapping mechanics are just unrealistically hard and frustrating - and it's like mere demo version of the fun part of the mini-game it could be, if someone could rely on the traps a little more)
  3. This new system maybe still some buggy... can't remove bait from traps, and can't trap anything for now, i'm far away from trap to wait to trap anything, no mods.
  4. Some suggestion to help the would-be trappers in game ; It's largely inspired by what we have already in play for Farming. Basically, the idea is to show "in game" the informations related to traps you currently can only get by wandering into the wiki. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwDBOcOKZQS7Q3BWZ1RuZEs1Vkk To access the following panel, you have to right-click on a trap put in the world. The accuracy of informations displayed reflect yout Trapping skill lvl (as it's the case for the existing Farming model). For this example, i assume it reflect a lvl 6-7 trapper (my guideline is still Farming indications on the original model). The informations you can access are : Best used in zone : FarmLand, TrailerPark, TownZone, Vegetation, Forest, Deep Forest (only mention the best one or the 2 best ones). Can catch : Mouse ; Rat ; Squirrel ; Rabbit ; Small Bird (only mention which ones could be captured by the inspected trap) Valid bait used : Yes/No (yes if it's valid to cacth prey these trap "can catch" (ex. : Bread, Bread slice, Worm, Corn, Cereal for the Trap Stick) ; No if not (ex. ; if you add anything other in a Trap Stick). The Yes/No displayed depends on the bait you put in. If no bait is added to the trap, this line is left empty. Valid bait list : List valid bait for the trap (list the best if can't list all). Time left before check : given in IG minutes (60 min when you put a bait). Also add this to the info box you get when mousing over any trap in inventory : "Trap will not cacth anything with people (dead or alive) in proximity". Some guideline for revealing informations could be : Lvl 0 : you get "???" for all of the informations displayed. Time left before check isn't displayed. Lvl 1 : "Can catch" is revealed ; "Works during" is revealed (it's tied to the potential prey). Lvl 2 : Time left before check is displayed but in an qualitative way ("soon" / "not soon") Lvl 3 : Best used in is revealed* Lvl 4 : Valid bait information is revealed. Lvl 5 : Valid Bait list is revealed. Lvl 6 : The "Time left" bar is now expressed in minutes (as displayed on the image). Lvl 7 : The catch chance is revealed. * : From the trap stick example, and according to the Wiki, the Farmland is the best zone, so this one is displayed. If more than one "best" zone type, they're all listed.
  5. How does the idea of "Zombie Traps" sound? I believe that it would open lots of new features, ideas, gameplays and much more potentials for the gameplay. Some of my ideas would be: Bear traps ( A trap that could either work for big animals such as Deers ( if they get implemented in the future ), bears etc or either as a zombie trap to immobilize them or even wound the zombie and making it walk slower. Spikes Pit Fall Boulder Trap These are some ideas of mine. What do you guys say? Do you like the idea ? Let me know and opinions are welcomed!
  6. nolanri

    Player Traps Mod

    This will be a mod where you can find and or create traps such as bear traps or spike traps out of planks and nails, and set said traps on the ground which will injure any players who unknowingly step on them. A nice surprise for offline robbers! Released - http://undeniable.info/pz/PlayerTrapsMod.php
  7. I really enjoy the idea of putting stakes in the ground at 45 degree's, sharpened sticks jammed into the ground for zombies to get stuck on. Then you can go up to them and finish them off. You could have them break once in a while so you would have to replace them every so often. It would be really cool to have them around your base. You could use a knife on logs to carve stakes, then you would have to dig a hole and put them in the hole.
  8. I'd like to preface this by saying I had too many ideas to make a good concise suggestion thread. I've culled a great deal of chaff and left as much good solid wheat as possible. This list is therefore very much not "all inclusive", and perhaps not as organized as we'd like. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes. I've tried to limit my ideas to three distinct categories, and I am seriously wondering if I ought to put the radio section in its own suggestion thread. Would love to see further discussion of these ideas, and applications. I'm a hobbyist, so I know my experience is a narrow window compared to real tradesmen/women. Timers, remotes and home improvement Timed lamp on post. A great way to use existing resources in more efficient ways. Put a timer on the lamp and it comes on at 17:30 (Sunset) and shuts off at 5:00 (Sunrise.) Would be even better to have direct control over this, but the coding for that would probably be pretty heavy. This would save a lot of battery life, and make the items much more useful, since we wouldn't have to trouble ourselves to turn on every light in the base at night. Remote lamps. Fix a bunch of lamps with receivers, toggle them remotely all at once. Give us control over frequency, and we could toggle a -set- of lamps with one click, and a different set with another. This could make for both fun and function, depending on what you do with it. Remote curtain management. Ever get up at god awful early in the morning, go to open your curtains and accidentally trip out the window? Or happen to be standing right there when the first zed of the day scrambles in to chew the fat over breakfast? Worry no more! Remote activation could save the day. A cheap electric motor, a battery and twine would be the other components to make that "realistic". With the addition of receivers, remotes, and timer switches, there's something wonderful we could do. Set off a home's alarm system from a distance. Perfect for clearing the neighborhood, or convincing a looter to pick a new street to work on. Radios, receivers, and you! It's a feature we've all wanted for a while, the ability to have private conversations or separate chat tabs. With radios, we can have it, and feel special for gaining access to it! Ham radio - Basically, a good transmitter, an antenna, and a power source to broadcast with. Anyone with a powered radio tuned to the right frequency would pick up the transmission. Great for organizing specific groups, or eavesdropping on the group you're wanting to be one step ahead of, or operating as a double agent, feeding false information to the people you know (think) are listening. Trust me, with as many ham radio clubs as there are (one even has a repeater within 15 miles of West Point Kentucky, KARS, out of Bardstown) there will be plenty of paranoid kooks absolutely sure they're being spied on by someone, somehow. Now, you could make the radio a stationary object, something you place, and have to power (via batteries, or generator?) and make it repeat whatever is being said over the frequency as though it were speaking in local chat... which means you'd need people to operate it, to listen, get the information out. You could make it a carried item, with a battery life, and let you get the broadcast as long as it has a battery. Point is, radios could be as big as moving furniture if it's done well! Especially if you give server admins the ability to disallow /all chat. . . Bombs, bombs, bombs! With the new bombs and devices, there are a number of setups I would personally -love- to see. Things that are terrifyingly true to life. Shotgun rigged to and aimed at a given doorway. Sneak in through the back or bust down the front door and it's going to cost you! Friends welcome [use the north window], zombies by appointment! Twine and bomb combinations for tripwire setoff. Sadly, you see this a lot in warfare, it's ubiquitous to every major war zone. It's easy to make, and the results are nothing if not devastating. A little twine, a bomb, and a few adjacent tiles to choose. Anyone walking [Or shuffling] through those tiles trips it. [Maybe counter this with a high light lightfooted skill?] Pressure triggers. Ubiquitous, but also multi-functional. A trapped crate that explodes if -under- a certain weight? A tile that explodes when stepped on? These things are not terribly hard to make [Though I'd give a standing ovation for those with the skill to code it], and it would certainly give us an answer for loss prevention... take my stuff at your own peril, thief!
  9. There're many sources of danger in the weedy and foresty areas which we don't see in this game. I'll try to make it short and type in short point forms. Alright, here are a few suggestions: 1. Wood nettle and poison ivy These plants are pretty common in NA. Nettle and poison ivy causes severe physical irritation including burns, itches and rashes. 5% chance of triggering when walking into a tree in forest areas. 5% chance of triggering when foraging [threats nullified at lvl.5 foraging] Park rangers are immuned to these negative moodles on start. Wood nettle charateristics: - Rashes - Pain [1 hours] - Itch [1 hour] - The above symptoms may last for more than a day if that person has sensitive skin - First-aid [Wash with water, tweezers to remove sting, vinegar to wash the affected area] Poison ivy characteristics: - Poison Oil [8 hours moodle, needs to be washed with soap, water & dish towel] - Rashes on skin - Intense itch - Incubation period: 1/2-6 days, if not cleaned. - First-aid [Wash with water, use water and alcohol to wash or rashes will spread] 2. Rabies Once hunting is implemented, there s/b stray dogs and other wild animals that would attack humans. 25% chance of contracting rabies if animal bites are not disinfected properly. Characteristics: - Requires soap and large amount of water to wash the wounds - Incubation period: 2-12 weeks, if wounds are not being treated properly [s/b made shorter in-game] - Reduced speed [Due to partial paralysis and muscle spasms] - Nervous breakdown >>> Deliruim - Insomnia - Hydrophobia [Consuming water triggers intense pain and panic] - 100% Fatal 3. Tetanus I'm not so sure about this one cause most of us have had vaccines and sh*t so catching it won't be easy but I think it s/b added to the game just for the hell of it. Higher chance to trigger if stabbed by knives and cut climbing thru windows. Characteristics: - No cure - 10%-20% chance of dying - Massive muscle spasms [Can cause bone fracture, disable movements] - Fever - Jaw stiffness [Cannot eat, needs muscle relaxants] 4. Bear traps I'm sure there are plenty of randomly placed illegal traps in the wilds by hunters. These things are hard to spot, especially the inexperienced. Requires trapping lvl 3 to spot and disarm. Characteristics: - Critical lacerations - Massive bleeding - Intense pain - May cause bone fracture - Disable movement - Can be disarmed and reused 5. Wildfire High-temperature and dry seasons can lead to wildfires, lightning strikes and other sources can start an uncontrollable inferno that burns down miles of dense forests. Random wildfires would make it challenging or even dangerous to live in the woods. 6. Venomous snakes I've heard there're cottonmouths and copperheads in KY but again I'm not so sure about that cause I don't know sh*t about the population distribution of these snakes. Can they be found near Muldraugh? In Z-apoc times like these, you can't just drag your ass to ER and have serum injection, so getting bitten by poisonous snakes can be fatal. 7. Tornadoes & hailstorms We all know that storms can cause flood, tornadoes and hailstorms. A hail with the size of a grenade is more than enough to kill a human. One must seek shelter when a hailstorm hits, it's also considered to be a major threat to crops and they can smash windows if they're not being barricaded. As for tornadoes, I'm not sure if devs are going to like this as it might involve making tons of new textures for destroyed property and the visible range in game is quite limited so it's hard to spot a tornado coming. It's just a suggestion. I'll add more to this list.
  10. The traps in the game so far are great for a food source, but I believe that there should be traps/structures that can slow down and/or damage the undead. Using traps on zombies would be useful both defensively and offensively. I have a few examples that could be viable: Bear Trap: Can be scavenged in the world and placed down (like a mouse trap). It can be used to hunt some animals, but can also stop a zombie completely for a short period should a zombie happen to be walking into it. Once a zombie is trapped it can be killed a bit more easily, or if you use a few near hordes, can lower the number of zombies chasing you, so you can fight them or run away with more ease. Spike Fences: These are like wood fences, but with wooden spikes pointing upward. Climbing this has a chance to injure you from a scratch to a deep wound (like a barbed wire). Should a zombie happen to climb this, they will take some damage, get slowed down slightly, and have a chance to do the following: become crippled and forced to crawl around (become a crawler), or they will end up dead from tripping and/or getting stabbed by the spikes (killed but would be an extremely low chance). Can be made by adding wooden spears to wooden or simple wire fences. PvP wise I don' want it to be used for this purpose because I feel it would end up with a lot of trolls on multiplayer.
  11. Hello! Thanks a lot for creating such an awesome game! Even though it's still unfinished it's clearly one of the best games I've played so far. That being said, I have some suggestions that I think could improve the game in the future, especally concerning the 'Build' system. I apologise if you've gotten some of these suggestions already. The 'Build' system could use major improvements The problems with the 'build' system as it is now, is; - It's hard to navigate through the list - Most of the time, the screen crops some of the list, so you won't be able to see it all - When building your base from scratch there's not many possibilities regarding funiture, and they usually end up looking a little dull. - Carpentry lvl 5 is basically useless. - It takes little to no time to build a fortress. - Window frames are mostly useless for anything else than sheet ropes. - After a base is built, it just stands there, defenseless, when you're not there to protect it. - Locks on cabinets, doors, etc. isn't a thing. Which is why, I'd like to suggest a few improvements, such as; - The list should be replaced by a full-screen menu (or adjustable size, like the skill window etc.) with different categories. Perhaps some more advanced ones you can unlock with higher carpentry level, and eventually combined with other skills too. A menu would make it easier to navigate, the screen won't crop it, it would be easier to have an overview, and if/when new things are added to 'Build', the game wouldn't end up with a very, very long list that would definitely get cropped. - When in high carpentry level, an 'Info' option could be cool, for seeing how much health your wall has left, like with the plants you farm. - More funiture such as cabinets, potted plants, sofas, candle holders, weapon racks, improvised stoves, heat sources, etc. - Being able to put something in the window frames would be nice. Maybe by using tools to take a window from a house and move it, or in some way craft one. - Building traps to catch/kill zombies and other survivors. There's a spade in-game and using it to do some real digging, like big holes that zombies can fall into, could be cool. Other things that'd work would be; Pointy sticks to place around your base (running into them causes damage), beartraps, some kind of creative trap with rope and a gun (like tripping wire things), more suggestions are welcome. Maybe the more advanced traps could use both carpentry and trapping skill. - Salvageable padlocks, craftable locks, etc. When you're in multiplayer it's really annoying when some person shows up and steals everything from your base when you're not there. Of course it adds a bit of realism, but there's absolutely no way to prevent loss of items. Which is why being able to lock your stuff in would be really nice. An idea for that would be that, locking a thing would spawn a key and you won't be able to unlock certain container without the key in your inventory. To add some realism, a lockpicking skill for that would be cool too. Locks would also be nice when the NPCs come around, assumed they can run off with your things. - Painting the wood. There's not much use for paint in the game, except for painting arrows and skulls, and the option to paint a wall or a piece of funiture could be a fun addition for the more crafty types. - Signs in game are also a little dull. Writing on them could be cool, maybe a little bit like the notes. You right click, a 'write' option shows up below the 'paint' option and you can write on it like you write on a note, but with paint instead. To read it, you could right click and 'read sign'. Signs would be more useful, especially in multiplayer. Other suggestions that could improve the games realism and possibly increase the diffuculty; - Gasoline could be used for generators to temporarily get electricity in a bulding. - Dirty/clean water: All water in the game seems to be drinkable, and having to clean water/get a clean water source would make things a lot more interesting. - A hygiene moodlet could make a use for the soap, toothbrush, toothpaste and towel. Bad hygiene could make the character more prone to diseases. - And with the previous one; More diseases such as pneumonia, sepsis, concussions, flu, etc. - Jackets, coats, raincoats, sandals, shorts, hats, glasses. Also some sort of improvised armor, that could protect from scratches/bites. Improvised armor could be; Duct tape wrapped around wherever you want it (and maybe the option to tape stuff to yourself to protect you), helmets and the like. - Wildlife. I know that would be a pretty huge thing to add to the game, as they'd need AI and stuff, but it could be really cool if you could do some actual hunting for deer and the like. Wolves could be an interesting addition too. - Someone told me it was added to the game already, but I can't seem to figure out how to use it? If it isn't then the option to use bleach and other poisons such as berries and mushrooms to poison food would be an interesting addition, both for multiplayer and when the NPCs come around. - Another fun addition would be if characters can trip and fall over things. Especially when drunk. The decreased aim is one thing, but someone who's completely plastered, go out and kill 50 zombies with a shutgun, without dying or tripping or anything is a little unrealistic. I might add some more in the future, sorry for the large amount of text! I hope it's useful c: I look so much forward to seeing what happens to this game in the future!
  12. I've been playing a while now, and it might just be me, but I found that the only way to get zombies away from some place is to distract em, but that would be to you by screaming at them. Now, my idea was, that there would be firecrackers, or however you call them, its this bunch of small firework sticks bunched together and then lit and then they'd all go and explode but not in a big explosion but small sparks that would all go "click click click" and such. Back to the topic, I thought it would be cool if that was another way to distract zombies away from a place instead of screaming. Imagine youre low on food, and theres that store. One problem, a group of 20 - 50 zombies is standing all around it. I thought you could then go to someplace safe, light and quickly throw a firecracker to another place like 50 meters away from that store, then all the cracking would distract the zombies and make them move there while you can quickly sneak inside the building get the food and get out safely. Okay so here others ideas: Traps: Barbed Wire trap: Requires: Wood plank x4, Barbed wire x2. A small patch of barbed wire laid down on the ground. Zombies and npcs walking over it will slow down heavily and get scratches every second, perfect for slowing down hordes and gaining time and injuring to killing uncareful survivors poor enough to run over it. Group members will ignore this trap and find other ways to walk around it / even take no damage walking over it at all. Can be removed with gloves shall they ever be implemented. Spike hole trap: Requires: Shovel (duh), nails x20. Can only be placed on grass and dirt. A small hole covered with leaves, when someone runs into it (s)he will fall into a medium deep pit full of nails and most likely result dead. 1 time use only. Bear trap: Ideal for animals and humans alike, will severly injure a humans leg and kill an animal, can be used to hold off some zombies as theyll feast upon whatever poor thing ran into it. He...hehheeehehehehahahhahahaha..... Distraction: Bottle A bottle of whisky or just a normal bottle, can be thrown up to 25 meters, any zombie 10-20 meters near it will hear the glass shatter and shamble / jog / run to that position. More ideas to come! We had this in the old game so might as well now. Pour fourth all of your ideas about traps, home made bombs, distractions for zombies, etc. here so that we can keep track of all of them without having the suggestions forum overrun with them! -Rathlord
  13. Okay so i have some great ideas for traps or ways of torture. The first trap 1:Bear-traps:Simple enough. Can be found on farms or out in the cabins randomly? Used to Seriously injure another player on multiplayer or used to put a zombie to a halt,maybe because i saw somewheres on the forums that it would be difficult to make it where one zombie has an arm missing and another has a leg,and arm missing..etc.. well i thought instead of showing the zombie missing the missing leg maybe once it hits the trap they automatically become a crawler. Also maybe option where trapping skill ties into this where the bear traps success rate depends on Trapping Skill/Level. 2:Trip wire: Ahhh my all time favorite. Basic used for either a zombie or person. But i was thinking aiming more towards PvP. The main player rigs up a trip wire to a tree where if another player walks by and trips the wire that one way the trap could work is if used in a hangman kinda style. But when they hang its not by the neck but by the leg/foot. So then on PvP maps the player who rigged the trap can torture the captured player. OR better yet use them as some sort of Pawn or Hostage so they can get supplies,etc... heres a website i found with a snare trap: http://www.instructables.com/id/simple-snare/ also: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Snare-Trap 3:Holes: yes i know this one is a stretch but just thinking if you guys put in a new item that could have multiple uses could be used to dig holes. And then players could fall into it. But better yet that would be noticeable right? How about the ability that when you forage that there is a chance of getting leaves and maybe with thread/rope/fishing line that the player could use the items of leaves and one of those strings to craft a gillie camo flooring to camo the hole then use the captured zombies or players for hostage 4: Tying People up: Okay by know you are assuming i'm some psycho or creep living in my moms basement haha. But seriously give the ability with a high enough trap skill combined with a high carpentry that the player could maybe injure a players legs and maybe tie them up to a chair then torture them or use them as bait/hostage/or a pawn. Or maybe just maybe beat them to near death with a spoon and force them to drink bleach. Well that's all for now...Maybe these ideas will come in use?
  14. Here's a list of a few things that I thought could be cool in the game • a wider variety of weapons, you know like a lead pipe or a brick and for guns you could have a burst gun or a revolver, a sniper rifle, an smg just things to make weapons more varied and exciting because more weapons means more tactics the player has to come up with. • More clothing, like when it's winter and it's cold you could use a wooly jumper or a puffy jacket maybe a fur hat or some earmuffs different clothes with advantages and disadvantages like boots good for treading in the mud or trainers good for running around, gloves to protect against scratches. • Sprites for Backpacks because what else could possibly make a survivor look more grizzled than a pack filled will survivy crap • Armour/Craftable armour it'd be cool to find and wear like a football helmet to protect against head injuries or some shin guards to save you from pesky crawlers or be able to craft armour. • bandages of different tiers for example Tier 1 plastic bags and garbage bags Tier 2 rags Tier 3 band aids and bandages Tier 4 med kits • traps for players, NPCs and zombies Like a rigged shotgun Or a pressure bomb Or a spike pit A swinging log And snow cos nothing beats that sunny "winter" than a bit of snow
  15. It would be nice if the last stages (4-5) allowed you make snares or traps that will slow, trap, and/or kill Zs. I have to CLEAR!
  16. The idea is pretty simple. We already DO have traps for catching tasty little morsels in game- but what about traps designed to kill zombies? Such as spike pits made of sharpened wooden pikes, hidden pendulums to smash their spiky, stabby surfaces into that poor scavenging survivor or shambling zombie or just simply rope traps that'll sling the zombie or survivor by their foot and drag them up, dangling them upside down like a stuck pig? Or even using beartraps to snag their feet in? Or even improvised landmines made of pipebombs from nails and other shrapnel that burst out, ripping your liver out and any potential organs for the use of having children? What if other NPC's place down these traps, and you find yourself harmed or caught in one of these horrible little devices, because they are even more devious then your devious self? Imagine yourself caught in a rope trap, and you have to cut yourself down. Don't have a knife? Well you are kind of pooched, unless you are skilled enough in trapping and can free yourself from it. Having higher skill in trapping allows you to create more elaborate traps- including ones to kill your pesky neighbours, both living and dead.
  17. This'll be my first suggestion I've ever made for this game, I think the game's very interesting, and I hope I can make it a bit more interesting with this idea. The Idea: To allow players to create obstacles that zombies, NPC's, and even other players (if they are panicked and unable to properly focus) can and will trip over, making them easy targets to kill, either by shooting or bashing their skulls in with your favourite melee weapon of choice. How this would work: Players could create these traps using ankle-high objects (Logs, poles, bricks...?) by clicking on a tile and selecting an option that allows them to set up the trap (or by accessing the Build menu, and setting it down manually for better precision) Zombies are kind of stupid, and I doubt they'd have some kind of eagle-like eyes that allow them to see every bump in the road (I'm taking into the fact that they can climb fences, but they'd probably be focusing more on your tasty morsel rather then the obstacles that aren't clearly visible to them. That doesn't mean that a few of them would be able to catch a glimmer of the trap whilst they advance towards you) ,there probably would be one or two that can bypass the trap, because they (as I said) would be focusing on you, but a few of them would have probably seen the trap with a clear line of sight whilst chasing you. As for NPC's and other players, it'd probably depend on three things; number one would be where the trap is placed (If the trap is located JUST around a corner of a building, there probably wouldn't be enough time to register it before you already fell for it. They could also be hidden behind fences, and doors). Number two would be how gullible they are (This is more or less a compliment to number one. If a trap was behind a door, and they advanced through that door without checking, they'd fall, simple as that). And number three would depend on how scared they are, if at all (If a player/NPC is terrified, they probably wouldn't be paying attention to the little details, and wouldn't notice the trap until its too late. Being terrified can act as a camoflauge for the trap). Keep in mind, a few days after you place the trap, you could "forget" about it unless you write down a note of some kind that tells you where these traps are. You are just as vulnerable to your own traps as a zombie or a player. So, what do you guys think? Would this be a cool idea, or not?
  18. Hello fellow survivors! My name is VenomDG. I had an idea while surviving with my friend. We found it hard to fully keep zombies away from our base of operations with our own force using axes and guns, which just attract more. I suggested it would be really cool to be able to set traps around our base that zombies would run into and we would be able have to clean off and reset in case of allot of zombies were to wander on over. I would like to see something like the forest. How they use the traps. Maybe have like 2 posts in the ground [logs] and use wire between them that will tangle zombies causing damage when they try to move if they go in it. Ill make a list here if ideas for traps i have: • [ Wire fence ] Crafted using 5 wire and 2 logs, Causes damage and slows zombies who walk against the fence. Wires have a duration on them and will snap if to many zombies are against them at one time or have been used enough. You can repair them with a screwdriver and wire. • [ Wacker ] Crafted using 3 Nailed baseball bats, 2 logs, 2 rope, 10 nails, and 1 wire. Would kill a zombie when triggered by swinging the bats up at the zombie. < Needs to be reset after use > • [ Lobber ] Crafted using 1 shotgun / pistol, 3 planks, 1 wire, 2 sticks, 20 nails, and 1 rope. Would essentially be a gun on a stand and when a zombie crosses the wire it would shoot the gun killing the zombie. You would have to reload the gun by opening the inventory and inserting the proper ammunition. Should be used in door ways. < Very inaccurate > • [ Mauler ] Crated using 1 sledge hammer, 2 rope, 1 wire, 2 sticks, 10 nails, and 3 logs. The zombie pulls the wire ripping the sticks from the ground letting the rope lose and would send a sledge hammer flying down killing any zombie it its way and pushing back others. < Needs to be reset after use > • [ Hangers ] Not a trap for killing, But slowing down zombies. Thus allowing you to get more control of crowds / hordes. Crafted using 5 sand/gravel/dirt bags, 3 logs, and 5 rope. Would make a wall of hanging bags for zombies to walk through, slowing down the zombies as they come through. • [ Holman ] The trap from the game "The Forest" Also known as the 'Happy birthday trap' Would be crafted using 4 planks, 2 rope, 2 logs, 20 nails, and 20 sticks. Would trigger a wall to rise up (Much like the wacker) killing any zombies in the way of the trap. • [ Nailpolt ] Much like a catapult, but with nails. Crafted using 5 planks, 2 rope, 1 wire, 2 sticks, 2 cooking pots, 2 boxes of nails. Would send nails flying at any incoming zombies with an 80% chance of killing them. Good for crowds. :: I have allot more ideas. Let me know what you think so far. I cannot mod this game at all i have no clue how to, but hopefully someone will be interested in adding this and use my idea :: Crappy sketches of the traps: [ Wire Fence ] [ Wacker ] [ Lobber ] [ Mauler ] [ Hangers ] [ Holman ] Could be so much better designed than this. [ Nailpolt ]
  19. So, I recently found a spade and thought to myself: "you know what would be great? A pit trap!" If I could dig a hole and line it with spikes or broken glass, it would be a much more satisfying defense than simply putting up a wall. At the edge of a pit I could interact (E) and climb down or up and out. While in the pit I could plant "sharpened sticks" into the pit floor. Then I could climb out and perhaps craft a "pit cover" with leaves and such to camouflage it. When a zombie falls in, it either injures or kills them. If it kills them, they lay in the pit and nullify the spikes (so a horde could cross over the backs of the first ones to fall). A player would need to manually remove the bodies to reactive the spikes.
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