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Found 5 results

  1. Hello ! I've gone through the wiki on Trapping in PZ and followed the instruction very carefully with my 1-point-in-trapping character. I've set up a total of five traps, a crate, two sticks, a lace and a wooden cage thingy, appart from each other by like 100 PZ meters... but until now... NOTHING. They're in a clearing in the forest, no zombies ever sighted around during the many times I went through my traps (peaceful foraging there <3). Traps never change position or go off in any way. I add recommended baits (worms in the stick traps, proper fruits/veggies in the other ones...) but t
  2. I've been playing a while now, and it might just be me, but I found that the only way to get zombies away from some place is to distract em, but that would be to you by screaming at them. Now, my idea was, that there would be firecrackers, or however you call them, its this bunch of small firework sticks bunched together and then lit and then they'd all go and explode but not in a big explosion but small sparks that would all go "click click click" and such. Back to the topic, I thought it would be cool if that was another way to distract zombies away from a place instead of screaming. Ima
  3. I have an idea for a zombie alarm system (so you can tell if a zombie is near). It would be something like you craft wooden stakes, sort of like what you do with barbed wire only instead of using barbed wire you use some rope or twine and have something like a bell on the end so that when a zombie walks through it, you hear the bell ring. Just a quick idea i thought of, i think it would be a good addition to the game thanks
  4. So I've been playing Project Zomboid and noticed an item called "Bricktoys". Obviously, this is Project Zomboid's Legos. So I thought of Legos. Then, of course, I thought of the horrible pain that comes with stepping on one. Then the idea struck me. My idea is this: Bricktoys could be able to be placed on the ground, and if a player or NPC steps on them, they get the debuff "Pain". Of course, this trap wouldn't work on zombies, because they can't feel pain. I was thinking of suggesting to add the "Getting a little weepy" debuff to the Bricktoys trap effects too, but that's just a little to
  5. I have been thinking that a traps mod would be cool. This would add more strategy at the game and add some more fun at the time to build our fort. An example of trap could be explosive tra I donĀ“t know how hard would be create this mod and if is possible do it. Desafortunately, i dont know absolety nothing about modding, that is why I write thi suggestion. Thanks
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