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Found 6 results

  1. So right now we have work8ng cars only on ground lvl. I would like to change that and allow to use all transport vehicles on all floors. In future we could have basements, sewers or even underground tunels for metro or train and would be nice if we can prepare for that. I dont know howhard it is to implement vertical transport or ladders.
  2. VERSION 1.0 (сan be updated and supplemented. It's only my idea and maybe never be implemet in game) Of course it's can be a long term development , but I think game then will be fantastic. New branches in transport and mechanic. BYCICLES If you have some level in mechanic and gas welding you can create own bycicle. Also you can find bycicle in town like transport. You can find bycicle with basket or without. You can find parts for bycicle in town or craft parts on my own (wheels , steering wheel, frame , fork etc. ) . MOTOCYCLES Three types of moto - moped ( low speed ) , moto ( middle speed ) and police moto ( high speed ). Police moto player can only find in town near police station. The moto can find in town. And simple moped can create if have some skill an parts. Parts for moped also you can craft. BOATS Three types of boats - custom row boat (low speed) , custom gas boat with motor ( middle speed ) and military boat (high speed). The custom wooden boat player can craft when wil have some skill building skills. Also must craft paddles for this type of boat. NEW WATER Of course for boats need new water animation and her physics. And functionality of boats will not be soon.
  3. A the title says, here's my suggestion towards the Dev's for another type of large vehicle that I for one would love to see in the game. I saw in some threads the mention and occasionally pictures of buses and other transport vehicles. Since there's already kindergartens and schools in Mouldraugh and WestPoint (probably someplace else also I don't quite remember) and on custom maps I would love to first of all, see School Buses like this one, which let's say, can hold up to 12 people or such in total. Now, the vehicle won't be op. It drives slower but has a large fuel capacity, it's harder to steer it at higher speeds and turning in general is a challenge just like in real life, also it's more durable but replacements parts and such are harder to come by (ex: only found on trucks and mechanic shops). Same things apply to the Prison Bus. As for the Prison Bus, being reinforced to stand up to more damage will mean that the consumption of fuel might be a bit higher but overall it will offer more protection for the player/s. Also, inmate zombies with a matching Bus ? WOOP WOOP! Now, moving on to the Trucks section. We already have the UPS type trucks and the mail delivery trucks in the game, but they are just for small deliveries. While I know large vehicles might be a problem in PZ, I think that they should be added since cars are becoming more and more diverse. Cars like security trucks, dump trucks, garbage collecting trucks and transport should be something worth of finding. Large fuel capacity, large consumption, hard to turn but with good speed and durability. Not to mention that they are loud and they'll attract zeds worse, if not the same as a bus would. I'm not sure if adding trailers to it would be a thing but I would surely love to see that. A box truck (furniture moving, delivery truck etc. Knox Telecommunication Utility Vehicle.
  4. ... is actually pretty useful for hauling logs. As it turns out you can transport eight logs in a Big Hiking Bag with room to spare if you bundle them with rope before packing them. Total carry weight for a single equipped BHB loaded with eight bundled logs is just under five pounds/kilos/weight units as well. This means that with the Organized trait, sixteen ropes and two BHBs you can transport sixteen logs at once with no other traits taken, no profession taken and no skills invested in. -Edit- You can also manage to equip 3 Big Hiking Bags fully loaded with a total of 24 logs if you can manage to get your carry weight to 15. Obviously you are unable to equip weapons doing this and can't really afford to carry too much spare gear with you, but this is still incredibly useful for transporting large amounts of lumber around. I didn't think to test this earlier as I never bother equipping 3 bags myself. Handy dandy picture: Just thought I would share this useful bit of information.
  5. It seems weird that there is this pretty large map with streets all over the place and yet no vehicles or easy ways to get from Westpoint to Muldraugh or vise-versa. If there were cars, bikes or trucks that could smash down walls if traveling at a certain speed that'd be great too. I believe you could also impliment the ability to take fuel from different vehicles for molotov cocktails or for your personal transport. Using sound for starting the car and car alarms would be impressive. I believe the best way to to use this and so getting cars isnt so easy is that you have to find keys possibly inside a building for a car waiting in a car port. Thankyou for reading if anyone took the time. )
  6. Hey Guys, I had an idea that someone else has probably requested before but i'm just gonna post it again. My idea is vehicles from cars, bikes, helicopters, etc. since you can get tired very easy from running and run out of energy I thought that you could fix up a car and be able to drive it around...although there would be some obvious consequences like the car makes noise, you have to keep getting gas, have to find parts, battery's, etc. Cars Cars would be something that would be pretty hard to find because everyone has either took them with them when they escaped or they crashed them so finding a car would be a rare thing to get but you could find it in barns, garages, roads (but would most likely be out of gas), and the body of one you can piece together. Fuel for cars would be as rare as finding farming areas since there possible to find but it can take some time. My idea is that while your driving you could have 1 hour real time nonstop driving and at the speed 3x of running. Bikes Bikes would be something pretty common to find but not something you would take over a car, although a bike will never need gas you will still need to use energy to peddle but you won't get tired as quick as running. Bikes will go 2x the amount of speed from running. Helicopters Helicopters are the huge prize you can find in the game they would go 6x the speed of running but they will suck up extreme amounts of fuel and will never be in perfect shape when found they could be crash landed in a field or in a military base where they would be in a little better shape. When you find one your gonna want to remember where it is because if you plan on piecing it back together because your going to be constantly looting for days on end looking for parts. Although helicopters are the perfect vehicle it is not an escape vehicle if anything you would be using it for a fresh start since no where is safe. Thank you for anyone who's reads this i'm not the best at posting but I am very grateful if you give what I posted some thought!
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