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  1. We have basements, we have RV Interiors, we have all the traits you would ever need, and they are dynamic! We have lots of maps!\n 100% Journal Recovery!\nRealistic systems, crouch, prone, excrementum, medicine etc. Whitelist on discord: https://discord.gg/sCmSPUxWr Check server stats on Battlemetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/zomboid/25108368
  2. First of all, I would like to apologize in advance for my english. It's not my first language, but I promise that'll do my best. For the past days I've been trying to create a mod for a custom trait, but I haven't found much about it. I've been posting on forums, watching tutorials, and even downloading other mods to see and analyze their structure, hoping to being able to do some reverse engineering. So, here's the issue -- I know how to create a new trait and add some buffs for X skill, like: CustomTrait:addXPBoost(Perks.Strength, 4) or: CustomTrait:addXPBoost(Perks.Lightfoot, 1) which would add one (1) level on that skill, and a XP boost (75%). But I have no idea on how to make that CustomTrait to have the effects of another (vanilla) trait as well. I.e making my "CustomTrait" to have the effects of "Brave". I've tried testing with: TraitFactory.addTrait("Illiterate", getText("UI_trait_Illiterate"), -8, getText("UI_trait_IlliterateDesc"), false); but it doesn't work -- I guess this only work with professions. Also tried with: player:getTraits():add("MyTrait") Doesn't work either. I supposed that I should use: require('NPCs/MainCreationMethods'); to call the traits from the main folder, but still. Not working. I just wanted to make a simple trait, with minor buffs to skills and to contain the effects of Brave and Outdoorsman.
  3. GENERAL SUGGESTIONS: -Show the actual trait, skill and xp percentages. -Bring back the old music options. The new options don't work for some reason. The new music is good, but I miss the old ones. -More creepy and depressing music such as: Long Ambient. (Haven't heard this in the current version.) Where Is Everyone. (The older one was creepier.) Low (Haven't heard this in the current version.) All the creepy ambients. (Never heard them in game. Can be found in the music folder.) -Player crawling. -Zombies with missing or crippled limbs. -Zombies eat animals they can catch. -Wandering hordes. A wandering horde picks a random direction to wander towards to look for food presumably. (1000-10000 tiles.) Perhaps a wandering horde could spawn the zombies once the player is close enough. The wandering hordes would be much rarer and larger than regular hordes. -Allow zombies to wander and redistribute into the "Player's square". I don't know what it is really called, but you can see it in debug mode as a white box around your survivor. (Smaller than a cell.) Currently zombies seem to stop by the edges of the player's square when meta events or redistribution happen. With a cleared area the player can safely camp in their base for months with canned food and farming. It's a bit unfair for the poor zombies. -Only chefs and burger flippers may add large amounts of extra happiness to their foods. Currently pretty much any occupation can become a master cook by just watching TV, which makes the cook occupations questionable. All non-cook occupations should have very small happiness boost for their foods. With this cooks would have a more useful role lowering unhappiness in groups. -Remove rotten food recipes. Using a month old rotten food doesn't seem realistic. -Nasty foods can make you vomit. Nasty foods could be: worms, maggots, insects, rotten food. Vomiting increases hunger and adds nauseus moodle which will fade in time. Vomiting could be prevented with a strong stomach. With a weak stomach the player will very likely vomit from any nasty food. Strong stomach could be a great pick for forest dwellers. -Rotten foods disappear or become completely ruined as time passes. -Rebalance all the negative weight traits. Currently you can get rid of very underweight in a week. If you also pick fit trait (+2 fitness), very underweight becomes free points. -Dangerous wound infections. Would make first aid and antibiotics more useful. Currently it seems infections only slow down healing. -Ability to open canned foods with knives. -Non-poisonous rain water. Perhaps add a sandbox option for this (acid rain). -Gas expires. (6-12 months.) This might work well with the rebuilding phase. -Throwable distractions: Mugs, glasses, glass bottles, jars, empty cans, bells. Cans and bells would be reusable as they don't shatter. Bells have a higher distraction effect. Bells don't have any uses currently. -Differently shaped survivors and zombies depending on traits. Average, thin, fat, fit, strong. -More candles. Perhaps add boxes of candles too. Can't remember the last time I found a candle. Currently flashlights and batteries are much more easy to find which makes scavenging for candles a questionable choise for light. -Water in pipes becomes tainted in few days after water shutoff. Currently you can potentially survive months with pipe water, making water storage useless (pots and bottles). SANDBOX OPTIONS: -Show the actual option percentages. For an example: Normal 50%, high 60%, very high 70%... Would make things much easier instead of judging and figuring options out by testing. -More hardcore options. Ever lasting winter and ever lasting summer. Extremely high and extremely low temperature options. Insanely hard farming, trapping, foraging or fishing. Impossible farming, trapping, foraging or fishing. Impossibly low food rarity. Polluted water or nature. (Most wild life will die.) -Water in pipes after water shutoff option. -Zombie evolution and degeneration option. Shamblers turn to sprinters or vice versa. -Zombie stamina option. Zombies get slow after chasing player for a long time, but can recover. Could balance sprinters. -Zombie activity option. More active zombies wander more and try to find the player. -Zombie smell option. Zombies approach nearby places where the player has spent time or is currently. -Sprinter speed option. Joggers, runners, sprinters... I know these next 3 suggestions could perhaps be counted as special infected, thought they don't have any super human powers. -Lone zombies option. Zombies that will never join a rally group while there are existing rally groups. Currently it seems all zombies will join a group eventually which leaves wide gaps between them. -Screamer zombie option. Some zombies scream while attacking which may alert other zombies. -Varying zombie % option. Adds several different zombies with varying traits. Some examples: Screaming sprinters which never join rally groups. 1 %. Joggers which sometimes join rally groups. 12 %. Shamblers which always join rally groups. 87 %. Viimeisin muokkaaja on Lodkar; 1 tunti sitten
  4. RockyX


    Greetings, survivors! We are excited to introduce the Project Zomboid Sanity Mod, a realistic and immersive addition that factors in your character's mental health during survival. With mechanics like fatigue, hunger, and stress affecting sanity, this mod enhances gameplay and depth in both single and multiplayer modes. MECHANICS: Fatigue, Hunger, Thirst, StressFromNotSmoking, and Unhappiness (Also Smell if using Excrementum Mod) affect Sanity. Wetness, Panic, Pain, Boredom, Stress, and Health work as multipliers for Sanity change. For example, if your character is extremely hungry and stressed out, they will lose sanity faster. Once your character loses enough sanity, they will start mumbling and performing self-harm. Mumbling is server-sided and can be seen by other players and heard by zombies. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Settings for this mod can be adjusted in the sandbox. The mod adds a new item called Xanax (which does not increase sanity yet) and new traits. Optional setting for nightmares and new ambiences. WORKS WELL WITH: Excrementum - now when you sh*t yourself, it actually affects your sanity. INCOMPATIBLE WITH: Danger Moodles (Insanity) MoodleSanity Steam Workshop Link
  5. It doesn't make sense to me that a police officer could be illiterate, or a doctor be afraid of blood... You'd be hard-pressed to find an obese lumberjack. That is to say, some traits are incongruous with some occupations. Frankly, there aren't many traits which DO clash like this, and most of the occupations work pretty well with all traits, but some don't seem to work at all. This is sort of already present, with how some occupations automatically add a trait which is mutually exclusive with another (Veterans can't be cowardly for instance). This WOULD only remove the ability to add negative traits (as far as I can tell) but this wouldn't be a benefit, as it could make the player pick negative traits they would have avoided otherwise, or multiple traits instead of one bad one, if they wanted to pick a powerful occupation AND have a number of good traits along with it.
  6. So I've heard that the NPCs are mainly being scripted in numerous timelines from various backgrounds, traits, and other conditions that are essentially being hand-made. Which I can absolutely respect as that would allow more "human" responses in comparison to AI. I understand the idea of event chains that act like a logic system in a way, but I can't fathom anything short of a small army of writers to make it possible. Atleast without years of development. So I propose the following; why not let us, the community and gamers help write scripts or events? I'm sure we've all been through a number of situations and reacted to them differently depending on our own character builds or goals. If they allow the player base to contribute to this end, it would allow the devs to focus on the mechanics end to aid in speeding up the final release of NPCs. Not only that but it would allow some great diversity in the PZ world as of course, not every writer is the same. This could be accomplished by giving the community some form of template and maybe bracket it into categories of responses, reactions, or goals. Or a similar tool to properly and effectively integrate it seamlessly into the game. Essentially give us the guidelines and a relatively basic tool to help create the NPCs you, the devs, envisioned. Because trust me, we the players would love deep, lore rich NPCs. One way I could think of implementing this is breaking it down by traits or prebuilt classes. This way we could formulate different NPC reactions and goals that could potentially mesh together with other traits depending on their capabilities or limitations. Maybe even adding in reliance on other NPCs (such as potential family members) for negative traits such as deaf, weak ect or vice versa for bonus traits. Maybe have npc cops, firefighters, soldiers ect try to do their jobs at first and maintain the crumbling civilization. The possibilities are endless. A way to allow us access to this could be a form of massive logic chains. Where inputs from the beginning of the game could be handmade by thousands of players. Such as family members, goals, occupation, and some background information such as preferences, relationships ect. Perhaps even slap on a labeling system such as traits, personality ect to easily organize and piece together multiple chains. Finally a team of moderators to accept or decline certain inputs/outputs or entire chains for rating purposes or feasibility. It could be something as simple as a blog similar to this one, or more complex as a plug-in or game extension. Or even a bit of basic coding. Anything that would allow us to effectively help the core game.
  7. I suggested this in the Steam discussions suggestion but thought I should also post it here. As much as I genuinely love the trait system, there is a pretty significant limitation to it, which is that even if you were given infinite free trait points, you don't really have full freedom to create a character min-maxing a certain ability above a certain point. Considering some servers might have some free trait points given or that a coop group could each take a certain profession and min-max that profession as much as possible, each player will still be pretty average in their profession of choice. Further still, there is the issue of character death which, if you spent dozens of IRL hours practicing a certain craft can be EXTREMELY frustrating when you can't even sacrifice points you would spend on a few crucial traits to min-max that skill as much as possible. My suggestion would be to take inspiration from the "storytelling" tabletop RPG system on a way to directly purchase skill levels. The idea is simple. After choosing the positive and negative traits, you'd have a next window to spend any remaining trait points. To purchase a level of the desired skill you would spend: Next level / 2 = cost in trait points [rounded up]. Explaining and examples: To get "Axe" level 1 with this system alone, you'd spend 1 trait point, but to get Axe level 3 you'd spend 1+1+2=4 trait points. 8 for level 4, 13 for level 5 and so on. To start with Carpentry level 10 going from Carpentry 0, you'd spend 1+1+2+2+3+3+4+4+5+5 = 30 trait points. This would be EXTREMELY useful for a server that says the story started 10 years in the future and gives players a high value of free trait points to create their characters or for a more RPing friendly server, or even a more casual server with free points on character creation or even in a normal game to create a min-maxed character.
  8. if (this.Traits.IronGut.isSet()) { this.effectiveEdibleBuffTimer = Rand.Next(80.0f, 150.0f); } else if (this.Traits.WeakStomach.isSet()) { this.effectiveEdibleBuffTimer = Rand.Next(120.0f, 230.0f); } else { this.effectiveEdibleBuffTimer = Rand.Next(200.0f, 280.0f); Is this intended or not? I'm not sure, I wanted to report it just in case.
  9. As the crafting system is being overhauled soon I'm hoping that items will be given traits to make Modding much easier to accomplish and maintain as well having an easier time adding new recipes and items for the developers. As a simple example: Hammer: 3 Hammering Quality 3 Nail Pulling Quality 2 Destruction Quality 1 Screw Driving Quality Metal Item These qualities allow the item to be used to pull nails out of furniture and boards with a reliable frequency. It can be used to construct advanced furniture and deconstruct them as well. It's destruction quality is high enough to hammer items to scrap them losing fine components, but not high enough to quickly destroy walls. Using the nail pulling part one *could* drive screws (Mostly Flat-heads and Phillips) but it would be slower and unsuitable for most advanced disassembly. Another: Screwdriver: 3 Screw driving Quality 1 Nail pulling Quality 1 Hammering Quality Metal Item The screwdriver is an excellent screwing tool. But as an aside it could be used to pry nails out of items, but would be likely to wreck the nails. The handle could be used to drive nails- though clearly it wouldn't work well. - These 'qualities' are used when determining the amount of time and likelihood of success during crafting and construction/mechanics. In crafting recipes there would be a recommended minimum quality. If under this quality there would be a higher chance of failure and the recipe would take much longer- some recipes would have a Minimum Quality required. As a benefit this would make adding new items much easier for both modders and staff. Once the qualities are in, adding a new tool would require no manual changes to recipes. At most a change to the math that factors in crafting, destruction, etc would be needed if the item changes the scale of the math. - Lets say we add a Jackhammer to the game as a higher tier of sledgehammer. In the game as is it would require a good amount of changing to the current destruction system to add the proper time reduction to the action and factor in fuel potency and amount. The sledgehammer: 3 Destruction Quality 2 Hammering Quality Metal Item It takes 10 Minutes to destroy a hole in a wall after math and skill is calculated (Example) The Jackhammer: 4 Destruction Quality 1 Hammering Quality It takes 1 Minute to punch a hole in a wall. - A very similar system is used in CDDA, PZ's sister from other misters. And through this system, modding would be much easier and FAR less likely to have compatibility issues. As a clear example most popular mods have their own crafting tree. Why? Because changing a vanilla recipe could easily break hundreds of players games due to a mod conflict that relies on that recipe. So to avoid it they make their own recipes from scratch. This means that two items with the same name from different mods CAN'T be used for their recipes because... they simply can't. The item Id's don't match what the recipe looks for and the mod creator can't make a patch for everything. However with recipes only looking for Qualities then the tools from any mod could be used with any other mod as long as they share the correct Quality.. Even vanilla tools could be used without fear of conflict due to the recipes ignoring any uneeded trait. So if I give a cooking pot a Chemical Synthesis Trait it won't suddenly be unable to be used to make a soup because the recipe only looks for the 'Soup Making' Quality. - As well once the math is in place the system will be easy to understand and use. Most of what needs to be done is defining the timescale and how each level of quality affects that equation. Then it is very similar to determining time in normal crafting with it's base time scale modified by tool qualities and skill. Lets say I want to make something that requires Screw-driving 3 but I only have a Screw-driving 1 tool. Now the recipe is 3 times more likely to fail and takes 3 times as long. But if I have something with Quality 5 it will be more likely to succeed and faster. (This example disregards skill to make it easier to understand/read) Now the developers have talked about item qualities- but it seems they are more talking about base materials (poor, Common, uncommon, rare, superior) rather than tools individual traits. I believe that this system would make both development and modding go forward easier and smoother- which would help with multiplayer server compatibility greatly. Edit: This may be able to apply both to medical and Cooking as well with Qualities such as: Food: Savory, Sweet, Hot, Cold, Spicy, Mellow, etc Medicine: Anesthetic, Pain Relief, Clotting, Calming, Depressive, Stimulant etc along with interactions when mixing certain qualities like certain calming medications could interact poorly with Anesthetic medications
  10. I have a lot of suggestion and some of them can change the metagame, feel free to state your opinions. Disclaimer: I play PZ with zero mod. Vanila version only. Good Traits Kickboxing fan - use longer ranged kicks instead of the pathetic shove. Hard swinger - chance to hit/knockdown multiple zombie. IMO This also could solve the multihit arguments. Green thumb - good at farming or something. Dodge-ball champ - less chance being grabbed/bitten. American footballer - high chance to knockdown zombie while sprinting. Bad Traits Sleep-wake Disorder - Sleepy during daytime and awake during nights. Narcoleptic - No tiredness moody and sleep suddenly when tired enough. Hate surprises - add chances to fall / drop weapon when surprised. Fear of Guns - panic / decrease experience using firearms. Light sleeper - cannot sleep if zombie around and/or making noises. Brown thumb - bad at farming / add chance for crops to die? Aichmophobia - panic when holding sharp or pointy objects. Big hands - cannot use small weapons / effectively? Small hands - cannot use big weapons / effectively? Huge head - cannot wear head protection. Hot blooded - sweat more than usual. Cold blooded - vulnerable to cold weather. Destructive hand - cannot build properly or skill limit in carpentry Change in Traits Cat's eyes - Color blind / good nightvision (more realistic IMO)
  11. Additions to existing traits: - Pacifist: + Increased stress and unhappiness upon killing zombies (and humans, in the future builds) - Prone to illness: + Higher chance of zombification through zombie scratches and lacerations. - Resilient: + Lower chance of zombification through zombie scratches and lacerations. - Clumsy: + Higher chance of failure when crafting - Graceful: + Lower chance of failure when crafting More traits: - Bloodlust (opposite to Pacifist): More effective with weapons, stress and unhappiness upon killing zombies (and humans, in the future builds), increased stress and happiness upon not fighting for too long - Slowpoke: Slower manual action performance (movement speed, crafting, first aid, eating, drinking, rip clothing, close/open curtains, etc.) - Speedster (opposite to Slowpoke): Faster manual action performance - Pessimist: Actions that increase unhappiness/depression now increases even more unhappiness/depression - Optimist (opposite to Pessimist): Actions that decrease unhappiness/depression now decreases even more unhappiness/depression - Nyctophobic: Gets panicked when in the dark There could be more that I haven't thought of yet. More ideas in replies are also highly appreciated.
  12. How it works? Loot is generated when opening a container? When a player enters a chunk? Are there any differences from the singleplayer mode? I have found various options on the forums, but I don’t understand which one is correct.
  13. I have a mod that adds new traits. Some of these traits add items to the player on spawn. However, I'm unable to add items that aren't in Base without causing mod errors. I assume I need to somehow properly reference these non-Base items from "camping" and so on. Could someone help? For instance, when I use: iteminv.AddItem("camping.CampfireKit"); I just get errors. All items in Base work however.
  14. It looks like damage chance is the same for "Thick/Thin Skinned" traits. It is also very different from the base chance. zombie.characters.IsoGameCharacter: private void damageWhileInTrees() { //... if (Rand.NextBool(i)) { addHole(BloodBodyPartType.FromIndex(j)); i = 5; // basic chance = 1/5 = 0.2 = 20% if (this.Traits.ThickSkinned.isSet()) i += 10; // chance for ThickSkinned = 1/(5+10) = 0.0(6) = 6% if (this.Traits.ThinSkinned.isSet()) i += 10; // chance for ThinSkinned = 1/(5+10) = 0.0(6) = 6% if (Rand.NextBool(i) && (int)getBodyPartClothingDefense(Integer.valueOf(j), false) < 100) { BodyPart bodyPart = getBodyDamage().getBodyParts().get(j); if (Rand.NextBool(i + 10)) { bodyPart.setCut(true, true); } else { bodyPart.setScratched(true, true); } } } }
  15. Axe man only makes your character chop trees with 1/3 less swings required (it doesn't affect your swing speed as said in description). Axe damage and swing speed is defined by Axe skill - (Precision about 0.5 sec)
  16. I usually play as a low fitness character and i was curious how body weight and fitness skill affects time you can jog. I did some tests in debug mode and is seems that overweight makes you loose endurance 2x faster (not exactly), while obese only affects your fitness skill (as you can see in description and even on old wiki page), so character with out of shape + overweight (3 fitness + 90kg) looses endurance faster than obese (3 fitness + 105kg), in fact obese doesn't change anything other than starting fitness. Character with normal weight and fitness lvl 0,5,10 will do the same as obese character with corresponding fitness lvl. For the bonus underweight and very underweight doesn't affect your fitness either besides starting fitness skill. All tests based on jogging only.
  17. So, your 8 months into the outbreak. You've got more skill points then you can spend in a lifetime. Your character is kicking ass, but....you're regretting that negative trait you picked on character creation....or your wishing you had picked that positive one...but its too late now right? WRONG! Now with the Buyable Traits mod you can spend those unused skill points on something useful! By default, adding/removing traits costs x4 as many points as the initial character creation. Learning a new trait grants all skill levels, and free recipes it normally would. Traits can be blacklisted from being added or removed (such as the Overweight in the screenshot above) Profession/free traits cannot be added or removed, negative traits cannot be added, and positive ones cannot be removed. Double clicking on a trait will bring up a confirmation box. This should support traits added by 3rd party mods as well. No refunds. Visa and Mastercard not accepted. Support for game controllers is doubtful at this time (I lack one to properly test) Current Version: 1.00-stable Download: https://downloads.tekagis.ca/ProjectZomboidMods/BuyableTraits.zip Github Development: https://github.com/FWolfe/BuyableTraits Credit goes to @Sparrow for demanding this be a thing
  18. Bug: You are able to select both the new driving traits at the same time. Instead of taking one trait and then not being able to take the opposite trait whether it having a positive or negative effect on the player. Fix: Only being allowed to take one of the traits; either faster driving or slower driving.
  19. I'm trying out the Smoking trait on my new playthrough and as a smoker I have to say it's not very realistic. First of all, I've read that you can't quit - not sure if this is still true, but that seems a bit harsh. At a minimum, a player who hasn't smoked for a month should gain the "Ex-Smoker" trait, giving them random, occasional but mild symptoms for at least another 3 months, maybe 6. At least put a limit on it! Now let's talk about the current "symptoms", which consist only of Stress, which climbs up to "Terrified" if you don't smoke. This does cause mild unhappiness as well, which should be part of the symptom set, but I don't think while trying to quit I've ever felt more than "Nervous and Jumpy". Sadness should be added as another symptom, but again only mildly. Fatigue and hunger should be increased, with maybe some nausea and pain from a random headache. These mild symptoms should occur at random times, with a chance of more than one at a time. In this way, the player might find their stats greatly reduced by an unfortunate combo of symptoms, such as Hungry and Nauseous at the same time while they are wounded, or Pain and Agitated when faced by a horde. Being hungry and nauseous at the same time is perfectly normal when quitting smoking, as are "stress headaches". If the symptoms stack up and the player is in danger, finding some cigarettes might be a tempting way to fix the problem! Having a cigarette should put back any progress in quitting by two weeks. As for relieving these symptoms, I think there should be an alternative to having a smoke, and the obvious one is eating. Ask any smoker and they'll tell you they put on weight when they quit. Eating does relieve the symptoms, but only mildly. If possible, the game could reflect this by removing some symptoms but leaving others - a snack will relieve any stress, sadness, fatigue and (natch) hunger, but a headache would still remain and nausea might get worse. In this way, you could quit smoking by eating more, running the risk of getting overweight (and depleting your stores quicker) but you'd still have some mild effects for a long time that you'd have to deal with.
  20. Very simple request. I'd like to see the ability to save your characters during their creation, much like how you can save Sandbox settings alongside the pre-existing presets (Default, Beginner, 8 Months After Apocalypse). This could lead to some very interesting concepts later down the line when customization of characters becomes more in-depth, as you could have people sharing different character creations with each other with different trait and profession combinations. I find it slightly irritating having to create my preferred builds over and over, though I don't mind. It would just be helpful and more efficient if you could save them for easy access.
  21. I was testing stuff with a deaf character, and realized that when I turn the radio in a vehicle, I see the usual <bzzt> and <fzzt> above that – I think deaf character shouldn't hear the buzzing sounds. After further testing, It seems that a deaf character can even listen the auditions in car's radio as usual. I checked if I can watch TV or listen regular radio when deaf, but it seems that only vehicles radio is the one that's affected, so it seems like an omission.
  22. Pann

    Negative Traits

    I have a functioning profession mod that I intend on releasing soon. I have figured out how to make positive skill traits simple enough. Where I am confused at is how to make new negative traits to help balance out. For example, I'd like to make a skill: Amputee: The person would have their prosthetic, but I'd like to have a negative trait modifier of -2 to axe and blunt skills. If a character chooses it who has positive, it would simply lower it by two, but how would this work with someone who has a 0 start with? With positive traits, you can increase the xp gain of these skills, is there a way to DECREASE the xp gains of these skills and like it to a trait?
  23. I'm pretty sure that a few builds ago we were able to have 0 cost traits. It would be nice to have that back again for modding purposes. The thing that comes to mind is @RoboMat's movie nerd trait. Rather than requiring a point to be spent on it just have it be zero. And they could all be in the positive attribute side of the pool. Just something I've thought about.
  24. Hello again. I was thinking about how much I like to test the negative traits for usefulness and I came across a few things that may be improved in the sight/sound department. I'll start with the deaf trait. While it may seem like a good trait to pick at the time with a +12 and the loss of sound I think the trait could use a bit more work. To modify: -Better vision in either max range or better peripheral vision. Most of the time when we lose one sense we gain better perception in others. -Inability to receive or send local chat -Taking this trait also opens: -Sign Language (free): allows deaf players to communicate with each other -Lip reading -1: can be taken to receive local chat when players facing others and are within X distance. Players outside this radius show a garbled chat if speaking. -Speaking -1: can be taken to send local chat To add: -Sign language books: Either one long read book (like skill books) or tiers of books that must be read in order -If possible, for players who use a controller, a rumble when grabbed from behind -for players without controllers a slight screen shake or light flash I'd also like to say I enjoy the how hydrocraft uses hearing aids to remedy hard of hearing. It'd be nice for this to be added to the main game. -Players must wear/keep in inventory just like in hydrocraft -Players must replace batteries after so many days/hours (must find more hearing aids to remove batteries from) -Brings "hard of hearing" to normal and "deaf" to hard of hearing. -Doesn't remove the inability to send/receive local chat debuff if deaf. Please let me know what you think!
  25. Suggested Occupation's. Librarian Bonus xp Read's faster (original I thought that librarians should have all recipes, but decide it would properly be to powerful) Prepper Knows all recipe's Don't work well with others (probably works better when npc's hit) Technician +2 Electrical +2 Metalwork (knows metalwork and electrical recipes) Architect +2 Carpentry +2 Metalwork (knows metalwork recipes) Truck driver -2 Fitness Night owl +4 extra points to spend Suggested traits. Don't work well with others -5 Randomly yells at other players and npc. Prepper +12 Knows all recipe's
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