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Found 5 results

  1. The unnamed town I'm referring to is here on the map project. It's been referred to by many names over the years, and I believe the most popular has been Ekron. For awhile the map project also had waypoints that referred to the area as Dixie, which is actually the area north if you follow the road out of Muldraugh to the trailer park. However, as noted in this post here, the actual town of Ekron is being developed and the town being discussed, as TheZedSurvivor pointed out in his video, is the location the 'unnamed town' refers to is an area called Lickskillet. By not naming the town, it has actually made referencing the area more confusing than it needs to be. Since there have been so many names attributed to the area in game over the years, I think at least one in game sign to give the town a name would do a lot of good in clearing up the confusion. Whether it gets the real life name of lickskillet, or a made up one, either way a name in game will make it a lot easier to call out this area when referencing the map. It may be a minor thing, but the unnamed town is a hotspot for players due to its location and useful stores and since it never had a name we could find in game, it meant players did their best to give it one. Even if the town in real life doesn't have a sign, for game purposes it would add a lot of value. It may be a weird suggestion, as far as priorities are concerned, but after years of seeing posts that give this town every incorrect name under the sun, it'd be good to have a single point of reference that finally gives this town a proper name.
  2. Hello, first of all, I am Legoland99 from the forums, creator of many custom buildings. I am planning on making a map, and need your help for that. I am wondering what kind of maps the community would like to see and play: a) A small City complete with suburbs, parks and such. A lot of undead. b) A wasteland type kind of environment with lots of burnt wreckages, half buried buildings, towns, bunkers, scarce resources and hordes of zombies. c) An overgrown game world after the apocalypse, with houses, buildings, gas stations, towns and other areas covered by greenery and ransacked. Scarce resources, high value areas with items such as nails, saws, car pieces or even guns. Car spawns are extremely rare and most of them are broken and require skills to repair them. Your chance to rebuilt society to an extent and make it yours. Most likely the c) map I would work on but I don't mind ideas, I can very well implement all of the maps into one, or compromise. Please share your ideas for buildings, areas and maps you would like to see.
  3. Hello everyone. I'll make an official thread for posting my custom buildings so that I won't fill the forums every time I do something that I consider worthy or in the mood of sharing. Hope you'll like this Questions, comments and criticism is welcomed ! <3
  4. Chaparral Original Idea: Turtleey RE-build in Project Zomboid: VikiDikiRUS What's town have: 1) Police Station/small hospital. 2) Mall 3) Few shops 4) Little bar 5) Houses 6) Fires station 7) 2 Gas stations 8) Airfield 9) Train tunnel Town is here: Screenshots: DOWNLOAD: *CLICK* (map can have some bugs, mb i will fix it soon) Credits: VikiDikiRUS - creator. Turtleey - original idea. Queen Glory - 1 building.
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