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Found 3 results

  1. Okay I've gone though so many axes and similar tools like meat cleavers (mainly for chopping trees to build into plank walls) that it's made me think "Why can't I sharpen this stuff?". Okay so here's the gist: What if you could sharpen bladed weapons/tools to make them last longer? Like sharpening an axe with a stone or sharpening tool? That way the axe could last longer before it breaks. I was thinking sharpening and keeping them weapon sharp can give it temporary invincibility to wearing down or it could reduce the rate at which it wears down with use. If it's the former, there could be a hidden or visible sharp bar that when it goes all the way down the weapon starts to degrade again with use and it's time to sharpen it again. If it's the latter the weapon still loses condition as well as sharpness with use. Sharpen tools can be fount in hardware stores, sheds, garages, anywhere where tools would have to be present including in the factory I'm staying in in Riverside. You could also find a rock to sharpen though it wouldn't sharpen as well as a sharpening tool. Different sharpen tools have different degrees of sharpening. Keep in mind this is different than merely repairing a weapon which merely brings it to working order again. Repairing doesn't increase durability/slow the rate at which it degrades with use. Having to find or make axe after axe gets really tiring so makes sense to make the ones you have last as long as possible. Heck if I could do this I probably would've spent more time building the Scenic Grove Trailer Park wall (and possibly had it done by now) rather than looking for chopping tools. The result of me not having it done by now led to a meta event of gunfire which caused this to happen around 27:37: Yeah my worst fear of that gunfire attracting the zombies from the forest to the west/south west CAME TRUE. But I digress! Anyways until then your best bet is to have many chopping tools on hand as possible even if it means making them from stones, sticks, and rags a.k.a. a stone axe.
  2. Is it somewhat realistic? Having more crafting ocupations specialized for diffrent tasks is realistic. We know u plan to give us blacksmith that will probably make metal melee weapons and armors meaby arrowheads but is not specialized in gunsmithing to make ammo or simple black powder guns. Does it fit with the spirit of PZ? A lot of ppl know how to make black powder or have that type of gun as museum exponate at home. Would it make the game too easy? Depends. Black powder can get easly wet it do lot of smoke around and its not easy to find stuff to make gunpowder or blackpowder. Would it require rewriting the entire game (like changing the camera view, for instance) Meaby some more models. Would it add enough to the gameplay that it would be worth taking the time to add? Well it depends how u play. There are gunnuts that love historical weapons like muskets from american civil war and lots of guns, suits or even bagnets are in museums or at homes. Would it be found in Muldraugh, Kentucky common enough to be added? Yes there are Frazier History Museum and Kentucky Historical Society | Kentucky Military History Museum For zombies: Does it fit at least somewhat into Romero/Brooks zombie lore (the basis for 'proper' zombies)? Yep
  3. Hi everyone, I think that weapons like bows are something that everybody thougth to include to the game. However, there are plenty of ideas for hand made weaponds, for instance, slingshots, blowguns may be, and of course tools in order to perhaps make animals skin (when animals included) and... dry them? I dont know the exact verb, but I think I could make my idea through. Slingshot are more or less easyto do, may be with lvl 3 of carpenter or sth? I'm sure people have lots of other ideas but those were the ones I thougth about. Thx 4 reading!
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