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  1. Hello, So I usually play with friends on a private server and sometimes we need to run some simple commands (Mainly teleport player x to player y) I made this tool that uses RCON to make it easier hope you guys find it useful would love any feedback if its useful I may continue to update it and add additional features. Tool uses RCON to send commands and read responses Current features: List players Keep database of all player (online and offline) Kick player Enable/Disable godmod for a player whitelist players Set access level Spawn a vehicle for a player (Using images as references to make things easier) Open a command console that allows manual command input Github: https://github.com/kwmx/ZomboidRCON Releases https://github.com/kwmx/ZomboidRCON/releases/latest
  2. Since there are weapons that need magazines to operate and refilling magazines are a hassle (and they crash my game sometimes), I think speed loaders would be an amazing addition to the game. As of how to get them, they would naturally spawn in gun stores that are already in the game or if lucky, in a gunowner's house. If that is no good, atleast an option in the inventory to refill any/all magazines with all of the ammo that's in your inventory instead of having to go through multiple magazines and checking which ones and how many are loaded with rounds.
  3. So... in Zomboid there is a bit of a problem i've seen across long lasting servers. Servers either have to have loot respawns on, so everything randomly re-appears into the world again, or let their world go on naturaly, till every possibly resource has been used up. At which point it's stone axes, spears and log walls, True Caveman style. But.. It would be lovely to have the ability or option for more sustainable gameplay. The ability to "Completely" fix weapons and tools, like wood axes, and crowbars. I have 3 suggestions, 2 of which are idea's directly inspired from mods, that aim to add more Sustainability into the later game. "Axes & Recrafting." "Wooden Dowels." "Washed Up Containers." The hope with these idea's is that people can still keep on keeping on, with building and their favourite axe, all throughout the game. The First: Axes & Recrafting. To begin with tools, (Axes Specifically) are of course a limited comodity, unless you count the luck of finding some in the back of a zombies head. And when they break, that's it, you get "Maybe" depending on your carpentry skill a couple more repairs out of them, but then they break forever, and are completely useless. What's proposed is a change to the repair mechanic for some tools, very similar to Shokin's "Axe's Recrafting" Mod. Having the ability to repair tools like the Wood axe, fireaxe and handaxe through a mix of metalworking and woodworking skills would, not only add another reason to go through those skill tree's, but also give these tools, a highly extended life for their intended purpose of cutting tree's (and skulls). The Second: Wooden Dowels. This is an idea directly taken from another mod: Onkeen's "Wooden Dowels" Mod. Essentially, in the world, like with tools there are a limited number of nails. In single player this is often by far plenty for any one person to ever possibly manage, but they will at some point have to venture into the world to find more nails. In multiplayer on the other hand, if you join into a server that's been running for a good period of time, you're likely to encounter completely stripped houses, and not a single box of nails, due to people just Needing them for building. This really limits the options you have for building your own base later on, or even boarding up windows. The proposed changes, would add Wooden dowels, to be able to be crafted (Possibly more yeilded the higher your crafting skill). This would have a few avid benefits for the crafting tree too. It'd give players another way to farm xp for woodworking besides deconstrucing materials in the world, making it also more sustainable in that regard, for continuous worlds. The Third: "Washed Up Containers" This is a more an open ended idea, to add a little more conflict, exploration, and give fresh materials to players lucky/willing enough to find them. The containers being more or less, randomly placed "Shipping Containers" throughout the world (Though, possibly only along the river shoreline) Being washed up, containing anything from; Food to Weapons, Furniture, Medicine, clothes, potted plants, Vehicles, Electrical Equipment. Anything really, that'd logically be transported in shipping containers. These would basically extended the amount of supplies, throughout the game for many different things. People can use them for dismantling, but also as decoration or materials, lessening the blow after, a year old character who's dismantled and used up countless materials to get the knowledge they have, then inevitably kicks the bucket. This would also hopefully give an insentive to drive organised players, or those hoping for decent loot towards a select part of the map fora period of time. Possibly inspiring PvP between players, trying to get the loot for themselves. The locations could also be Given out on the emergency radio broadcast or other channels, giving co-ordinates or real life co-ordinates for people to use to hunt down. I realise the 3rd Point is very much like airdrops, but either or would greatly help players trying to get a foothold in a long lasting world. Also Sorry for any gramar mistakes/ nonsensicleness I'm not the best with words. I'd love to hear any criticism, or idea's for these suggestions. Either way Happy The New Year!
  4. Hi everyone, I think that weapons like bows are something that everybody thougth to include to the game. However, there are plenty of ideas for hand made weaponds, for instance, slingshots, blowguns may be, and of course tools in order to perhaps make animals skin (when animals included) and... dry them? I dont know the exact verb, but I think I could make my idea through. Slingshot are more or less easyto do, may be with lvl 3 of carpenter or sth? I'm sure people have lots of other ideas but those were the ones I thougth about. Thx 4 reading!
  5. Is there any way to copy and paste sections?
  6. this is a menu based Admin Control Tool. it allows you to just click a menu button instead of typing the admin commands into the chat bar it also gives a number of other handy admining tools. so far it has 5 different sections, Admin Hacks - addxp to admin,unlimited build, fast destroy,invisibility,god mode and a warp. Admin Controls - Gunshot,Chopper launcher, random item spawn on ground, start/stop rain, and thunder. Zambie Spawner - spawn hordes in 20,50,200,500,700 and 900 groups. Teleporter - gives you the ability to spawn in 27 different areas across 3 different citys. Item Spawner - just a small list of stuff admins can spawn. things from melee weapons to guns/ammo and farming/carpentry/fishing. Its not useable on Single Player or by non-Admins. Most of the buttons use the admin commands so it logs the admins actions to the log folder in admin.txt so server owners can monitor what there Admins are doing. i am uploading 2 versions, 1 for normal PZ map servers and 1 for servers running the Bedford Falls V2 map addition. installing 1: download one of the 2 files, depending on your server setup. if your not running bedford get the first link, if running bedford use the second link. 2: unzip the file. 3: open the file and copy the AdminTools folder. 4: do you know where the project zombod game folder is? usually c:/program files(86)/steam/steam apps/common/ProjectZomboid you want to goto the client folder inside that folder so its c:/program files(86)/steam/steam apps/common/ProjectZomboid/media/lua/client 5: now in the client folder make a new folder named Mods 6: inside the new Mods folder place the AdminTools folder 7: boot the game and join your server as Admin, you should see a set of coordinates in the lower left corner of the screen if its working and your logged in as a admin. the Admin Menu can be closed/opened by pressing the Home key. IMPORTANT : if you are not an admin do not try to use this, it is not a hack, it will not work in single player either . LINKS Vanilla PZ http://www.mediafire.com/download/bi7umgzx6s8i7r6/AdminToolsNormalPz.7z Bedford PZ http://www.mediafire.com/download/tjpd2lw1tc9st2a/AdminToolsBedfordPz.7z V2 Updates added the debug map, can be used for teleporting also.(from games debugger) added file viewer and lua reloader (from games debugger) added 3 preset buttons for teleporter an ability to change menu position, goto :/programfiles(86)/steam/steamapps/common/ProjectZomboid/media/lua/client/Mods/AdminTools open the adminpresets.lua with a text editor (notepad or notepad++ will work fine) the lua has instructions in it for editing the settings of the menu. added a coords viewer by RoboMat. added fast logging (chop down trees faster then hell). added ability to be added to mod packs for server and not be seen by non admin players. added corpse deleter, just right click corpses and select "delete corpse". i may be forgetting something....
  7. Hi fellow Zomboids ! I thought we could, those of you playing the IWBUMS 35, all pitch in the information we've got and come up with a quick makeshift guide/informative thread here so other fellow Zomboids can be informed. You can leave your information here and i'll add it up to in the OP post. thanks Information gathered thanks to (Kim, Enigma, Cr.Jim, and Zo.) ! HOW TO LEVEL UP METALWORKING ! - Before level 1 you can only make metal floors and roofs to gain XP ( without recipes ). At level 5 you unlock the Big Wire Fence ( so spam that stuff to XP+ ). At level 9 you unlock the Big Pole Fence Gate ( so rinse and repeat until level 10 ). Tools - Propane torch, Welding mask, Welding rods, Propane, (more?) Materials - Wire, Metal bar, Metal tube, Small metal sheet, Sheet metal, Scrap metal, Useless metal (at low levels you get this often when dismantling.). (probably more to add soon) Magazines/Recipes 4 total - Teaches Wire Fences. Teaches Walls/Fences. Teaches Containers. Teaches Small Metal Sheets to Metal Sheet. Stuff you can build - Barricading using sheet metal or bars, Make metal wall frames which you can finish with wood to + its strength. (or metal), You can dismantle metal shelves and counters for more materials, Barricading might give xp in Solo, (confirmed not to work in co-op), Containers you can build are: lockers, gun lockers, metal crates, metal cabinets, and more, Some ideas: Towers, Shacks, Shantys, Cottages, Cabins, etc... A few tips/notes - Slight problem: materials for Metalworking are "finite". The amount of metal bars/sheets required to make a simple wall is huge ! Carpentry is still better then Metalworking atm. Wooden walls are much better still. Dismantling the paper towel dispenser does not give Metalworking experience but Electrical ! O-o The higher your Metalworking level is the more stuff you get for dismantling things related to Metalworking. Use metal frames for your walls, just upgrade it with wood if you don't have metal. It will make much better walls. You need the recipe though... It isn't recommended to attempt building a metal fortress for the weight of metal is considerable. >.<' (more?)
  8. How does one import into tilezed a multi-tile object. The one thing that keeps me away from making anything custom is the incredible difficulty in making multiple tile objects. I already have ideas on making car rubble objects, and more but the fact is that You have to split objects that span multiple tiles and I have noidea how that works at all... Does anyone know how this is done? I have already scoured the forums and no one has a tutorial or any videos on the subject. Only single tile object creation. Any ideas?
  9. Not sure if this is a thing, I'm playing a metalworker and just thought that i should be able to take my metal bar and my knife and weld them together for a spear. maybe make a slower saw out of sheet metal, and a metal tube.
  10. After coming back to PZ after a couple months away, first thing I did was trying to check if any of the stuff I posted on the tracker was still there or had been answered/fixed. Sadly, while the new tracker is good and all, it's kind of unwieldy. The only way I have to locate the stuff I posted is a few hours of searching page after page after page. The same goes if I wanna find out if a bug I just found has been already reported. So, IMHO, the Bug Tracker needs the following tools: - ''My Tracked Issues'' section We had this on the old tracker, remember? We had a list of all our bugs on the first page, and this was really useful. This feature seriously needs to come back, else keeping track of your reports is very hard, if not downright impossible. - Search Function Before I post an issue on the tracker, I always like to check if someone didn't already found it before. This is really useful as sometimes there are even solutions already for the issue that you're having (like the dreaded ''Crowbars for Windows Bug'', which wasn't really a bug but a misunderstanding of the game's functions). Not only this saves you a lot of time, but also saves the Devs a lot of time because they don't have to skim through dozens of reports of the same 3 bugs before they find a new one. That'd be all for now. I think that's all the tracker needs (so far).
  11. Hey all, I was just wondering if theres any hope of a Mac compatible Map Editor? Im very interested in making new maps for the area where I live but the only issue im running across is that the PZ Map Editor is a windows only program. If PZ is a Mac compatible game, it should only make sense that the Editor should be Mac compatible as well.
  12. With the advent of the new Nutrition System on Build 34, I was thinking that maybe we should gather our suggestions for this build here rather than on the Food Tracker thread. Feel free to add your own. (Disclaimer, only suggest things RELATED TO THE FOOD SYSTEM, not just some thing you'd rather see added in this build) So, with that said, here come mine: -New Dishes and Recipes 1. Fruit Jams This is something that I'm sure has been suggested before; we should be able to make Jam out of some fruits and berries as a way to preserve the fruits other than the good ol' ''Jars of Pickled Fruit''. Jam wouldn't require Vinegar, but it would require much more sugar, as well as a Pot of Water, some heat source to boil the fruits and the usual Empty Jars and their Lids. Unlike normal fruit preserves, the Jams would be a bit less nutritive, but would also have a very useful Happiness Bonus, as well as the fact a skilled chef could make them using rotten fruit without any complications. Not to mention they could be used as ingredients for all kinds of sandwiches, including THE LEGENDARY PB&J sandwich! Which would give us about two days of immunity to the infection just because of how cool it is! (jk'n) 2. Fruit Juices and Shakes This would be much simpler than the Jams. We'd only need the fruit, some water and the Blender (see the suggestion on Tools & Utensils), and maybe give you the option to add Sugar or not. The Shakes would be the same plus the addition of Milk. The biggest advantage of the Juices and Shakes would be that you could fill a bottle with them and use them instead of water (for a few days before they go bad). They would have a lower thirst removal, but would instead have a few advantages, such as a healthy intake of vitamins and such. After all, what's healthiest that the good ol' Carrot and Tomato Juice? 3. The Potatoes: Mashes, French Fries and Chips Seriously, I can't believe this hasn't been added yet; the potatoes is one of the tastiest and most versatile tubers Mother Nature has ever blessed us with, and yet they're only used in soups and stews. That's downright criminal! The first thing to come to mind is the Potato Mash; you just boil some potatoes in a pot of water until they're soft and crush them with a Potato Masher (see the suggestion on Tools & Utensils) and VOILA! You have a tasty mash you can add all sorts of extra ingredients like Bacon, Butter and Cheese for extra tastyness. It'd be quite calorie-heavy, so it'd probably help a lot to gain some weight. Then come the French Fries & Chips. Just grab a Kitchen knife and either slice 'em or dice 'em, and some salt and fry them on a Pan. Still, given how greasy these two are, they wouldn't be as healthy as the as the Mash, but they'd be of help to someone who needed to gain some extra weight. 4. Mincemeat: Patties, Hash and Meatballs Mincemeat isn't only versatile in what you can make with it, but also a skilled chef can cut the best bits of a piece of rotten meat and use them for mincemeat without much of a risk of intoxication. Just imagine if you could make something useful out of all that rotten meat you end up with sooner or later? To make the mincemeat, we would just need the Meat Grinder (see the suggestion on Tools & Utensils) and some effort. Then the result can be modeled into either tasty meatballs for your Spaghetti, Patties for your Hambugers, or eaten just as it is in the shape of Hashed Meat. Or if you're feeling really creative, you could add it to the Potato Mash and make some ''Tambor de Papas''; you don't know how tasty it is until you try it, hehehe... This could help to add the good protein of meat to many dishes. 5. Beans I don't understand why we can only have canned beans and no fresh ones. Beans contain a rather high amount of carbohydrates, making them quite nutritive. And since the uncooked beans often have a very long shelf life, they could be just as useful as their canned variants when it came to hoarding non-perishable food. Plus, you could make bean salads, bean broth, PLATOS DE FRIJOLES, and many other things... -Tools and Utensils 1. The Toaster Well, truth to be told, this one's ALREADY IN GAME, but there's only ONE and it works just like a normal Oven. It'd be great if we could make more use of it (and that were MORE of it), not only to toast our bread slices, but also to to make Cheese Toasts and other similar snacks. 2. The Blender As seen above, it'd be great to make all sorts of juices and shakes. As well as yet another good reason to get a Generator running once the power fails. 3. The Potato Masher Just a simple tool for the aforementioned task, it'd found in kitchens and the like. It should be pretty common as I don't think it can be used for anything other than making Potato Mash. (I just can't imagine being able to kill a Zed with that...) 4. The Meat Grinder It'd be used to grind all of that meat into mincemeat. And maybe once we're capable of cultivating peanuts (see the suggestion on New Crops), we could go use the ol' 19th Century method to make Peanut Butter... -New Crops 1. Peanut Plants Since peanuts already exist in their non-butter shape within the game (Mostly found on the Sunstar Motel, I think), I believe we should be able to grow peanut plants as well. The Peanut plants aren't only hard enough for you to grow them on garden pots, but they also improve the fertility of the soil so maybe they could help to keep other nearby plants healthy. Plus, by having a steady supply of peanuts, we could keep making delicious Peanut Butter, even after the ones found in homes run out. 2. Watermelon Vines Melons come with lots of seeds, don't they? And I'm sure it would be more than possible to plant those seeds to get a good watermelon vine growing. They're a slow-growing plant, and often quite weak to the forces of nature, such as snow, bugs and hordes of stomping Zed, so they'd be rather hard to farm. Nonetheless, the fact that just one Watermelon is enough to make you Very Well Fed should justify this difficulty. 3. Beanstalks Like I'm well sure that Jack knew before he planted them, all you need to grow a beanstalk is just a handful of beans and some patience. The beanstalks are also quite durable as a crop; being rather resilient to many bugs and diseases. However, they are also a summer crop, so it'd be impossible to properly farm them during winter. Also, they're perhaps the easiest to farm grain, unlike with Rice and Wheat, so they make a very good choice of crop for the apocalypse. 4. Grapevines We have grapes already in-game, so maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to be able to grow grapevines as well. Maybe we could even somehow make Raisins or even brew Wine using them. Or in case that fails, we could learn all sorts of interesting rumors from them That'd be all for now. I'll keep adding more ideas as I think of them. -New Traits 1. Sweet Tooth You just LOVE eating sweet things. ·Increased happiness earned from consuming sweets. ·Decreased Negative effects of SOME junk food (Chocolates, Mint Candies, Lolipops, Jam, anything sugary) ·Easier reduction of Fats when consuming sugary food (sugar makes it easier for the body to process fats)
  13. Welcome. This is another one of my many LONG posts as you may know. So as normal I would like to thank you for taking a look at this and warning you, it will be a long post. Now I would like to get to the post so here we go. Let’s jump right into the list of new illnesses and injuries: · Headaches- This minor effect causes pain and strain when hearing noise or moving a lot. This is a symptom of dehydration, a fever, or head injuries. · Bruises- This is caused from blunt damage, and collision with things. It just causes minor pain when moving, hit, or damaged. · Sunburns- This is caused from being out over a long period of time without being covered or having sunscreen on. It will leave a lasting burn over exposed surfaces, and cause pain when touched or exposed to hot water as well as the sun. · Sweaty- This effect as described in my clothing ideas will cause clothes to become wet as well as dirty making zombies able to smell you from a short distance. It over time will also speed up the process of a rash forming. · Rash- This is caused when uncomfortable and wet over periods of time or caused be reactions to things. It will just simply make your character unhappy, move and work slower, as well as pain if not taken care of. · Wilts- These are like bruises but come from other sources. · Splinters- This is something that causes minor pain from working with wood bare handed. Removed by tweezers. · Sore- This is a Moodle caused by running or working for long periods. It makes you weaker and slower as well as pain whenever moving. · Toothaches- this is caused by eating junky food repeatedly for long periods. · Discomfort- this is another cause of rashes from being wet, multiple layers of clothing, and other things. · Cramps- These are caused by having too much junk, alcohol, or symptoms of illnesses. · Streep throat- This illness is caused randomly and causes pain whenever eating or drinking. It heals over time and with antibiotics. · Pink eye- This is caused randomly and fixed by eye drops. It causes a lower visibility arc and spreads faster if exposed to others with it. · Athlete’s foot- This is caused by being barefoot often or having dirty shoes mentioned in my clothing ideas. It causes discomfort and slight pain. · Fever- This is caught from being in cold temperatures, exposed to illness, or randomly. It causes you to feel hot and cold randomly, not be hungry or thirsty but still need it, and be tired constantly. · Cold- Caused by the same things as fevers but has different symptoms. With colds you feel tired, not hungry or thirsty, you sneeze often, have blurred vision, and sometimes a sore throat. · Sprains/tears- this is caused by pushing yourself past sore or exhausted and still going. It causes pain when moving, if walked on can lead to permanent damage in legs, getting more severe. It takes only about a week to recover and you require rest. · Flu- this is caused randomly like the cold and flu but makes you feel nauseous, tired, not hungry or thirsty, and sneeze often. · Ammonia- this comes from being wet and cold. It is like a really bad cold and fever but you need medical attention urgently. · Hypothermia- this is from being in the cold. It causes slowness in speed and working; you lose feeling of arms and legs, as well as start to lose your vision. · Heat stroke- much like hypothermia this is from the heat. It makes you thirsty and tired as well as sweaty. As time passes your vision blurs and fades until you black out. · Concussion- caused by blunt trauma this causes nausea and headaches. · Scrapes- these are caused by damage and do very little but cause pain and doo bleed slowly. Caused from minor damage sources. · Minor cuts- Like scrapes but these are a little bit worse and bleed a bit faster while causing more pain. Now for a list of new medical items and some with updated uses: · Weak pain killer- This is a pain killer found in houses that can stop minor pain · Strong pain killer- This is a painkiller that will kill almost any pain but can only be found in medical centers. · Aloe Vera- This is used to heal sunburns faster. · Sunscreen- this makes sunburns takes longer to occur. · Rash ointment- used to heal rashes or soothe them for the time. · Ice pack- Used to cool down · Heat pack- Used to warm up. · Toothpaste- helps prevent toothaches. · Allergy pill- used to stop allergies or sneezing. · Cold medicine- helps heal colds and makes you tired. · Medical braces- This helps you heal from sprains and strains faster. · Super glue- helps heals small cuts and scrapes. · Cough syrup-This helps heal colds, flu’s, and fevers. · Tongue depressant- This is possibly used for crafting? · Q-tips- like cotton balls, for disinfecting but more precise and does better for deep wounds. · Stethoscope- helps diagnose medical problems. · Eye drops- soothes pink eye. · Fungal killer- kills athlete’s foot. · Deodorant- his helps stop you sweating for a certain time. · Scalpel- this is used to cut and remove objects in the body with precision. It also could be a weapon. · Rubber gloves- These gloves can be worn during medical procedures so you don’t spread any illnesses or cause an infection that could prove fatal. · Crutch- This could be used as a weapon but also as a way to move with injured legs. · Syringe- possibly for stronger medical things or used for other things. Now for the new occupations and ETC: · Diagnosis system- This system proposes that doctors can make a flawed diagnosis on both the living and dead. The higher the skill the more accurate the diagnosis. It will be able to tell whether he is stabbed when low leveled to what tool was used, at higher levels. This skill also has a variation where it is the diagnosis of the mental state of people. (Proposed by Jericoshost. Link down below.) · Psychiatrist- This job costs -6 but in return gives +2 to the skill of Observant and the trait analytic. · Doctors- Now can tell the different wounds at a higher chance then an average player. (1.2X boost) · Observant skill- This skill is the skill of observing you surroundings and understanding players/people better. The higher it is the better you can read NPC’s and observe little details around you. · Analytic trait- This trait boosts the speed the observant skill levels up and increases its effectiveness. Now as always this post has to end so I would like to thank you for taking the time to look at this and enjoy. Links: 1) Injuries revamp idea by Jericoshost. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/15628-diagnosis-and-injury-re-vamp/ 2) Clothing ideas. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/14771-clothing/ 3) Animal and pets idea. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/15926-animals-pets-and-hunting/
  14. Managing the inventory is painful sometimes, so why not automatize tools, rss and ammo? I mean using tools while they are still in your bag, not only main inventory. With more time to get things from the bags to the hand of course. Or reloading, while ammo are in the bag too(with auto-open ammo box of course). It would be nice.
  15. I would like to suggest changes for the sake of realism, or perhaps options in the menu when starting a new game to bring more realism to the game. I love the game and one of the things I like most about it is that it has a feeling of realism to it that other games always lack. It is brutal and unforgiving just like a situation like this in real life would be. To that end, there are a few things already in the game, or expected to be added to the game in the future, that I think would break immersion. 1 - Tool/Weapon durability. I understand that this was implemented to add difficulty to the game but it is completely unrealistic and just seems a bit silly to me at times. I am a contractor and I have been building houses from the ground up for about 10 years now. I still own the first hammer I ever purchased 10 years ago. While I did eventually upgrade to a titanium hammer, the steel hammer I used previously saw about 40 - 60 hours per week of smashing steel and wood repeatedly. After all of that punishment I can still pick it up now and use it. I never had to repair it either. The axe is another tool I use frequently. Admittedly an axe does require occasional repair but that involves popping in a new handle, which is just a milled plank of hardwood. Using these tools as they are intended would not damage them in any significant way and using them to chop or bash what is essentially human bodies would actually be less likely to damage them. Guns do require maintenance but that involves breaking them down and cleaning them and applying oil where necessary. 2 - Power Generation - I know that generators are a planned feature but unless animal fat rendering is added to the game it wouldn't make any sense. Gasoline has a shelf life of about 30 days, so using that beyond a month or two is just out of the question. Same thing goes for vehicles. The only engines that would be viable after an event like this would be of the diesel variety, as they can run on biofuel. I would suggest that solar panels and windmills be added to the game as solar panels are fairly common and windmills are ridiculously easy to build. 3 - Farming - I think the farming in the game is excellent and I'd love to see how the devs expand on it further. I just have one simple suggestion here and that is hydroponics. I usually play with the grow times cranked to max for more realism. It is harder and requires a much large farm. I think that growing indoors/underground would be the way to go in a situation like the zombie apocalypse. It would also be interesting to see the mechanics involved as growing with hydroponics is more complex than one might believe. 4 - Fire - For the love of all that is zomboid, please fix the fire. I have the worst luck with campfires and watching fire spread across dirt, gravel and concrete just completely breaks immersion. 5 - Forge - We need forges badly. Forges are relatively straight forward to build and simple tools, weapons and armour can be crafted with most metal lying around absolutely everywhere in modern civilization. While blacksmithing can take an entire lifetime to master, rudimentary gear could be crafted even by an amateur that would serve the desired function well enough. Perhaps some or all of things are planned for the future and, if so, I can't wait to see it. If anybody has any additional ideas to add realism I would love to hear them as well. This game is the closest I have seen to a true survival simulator and I believe it has the potential to take that realism even further. I believe it is the greatest strength of the game and the game should be pushed even further in that direction. Make it hard, make it impossible even, but do it in a realistic way, so that it's that much more horrifying when our face gets chewed off by a zombie.
  16. The Indie Stone presents Pulchritudinous Paint Animation v0.5.2.0 (alpha) Pulchritudinous Paint Animation is a free pixel art animation tool, in the spirit of Deluxe Paint Animation, supporting true palettised graphics, and written by me It's currently in alpha so may contain bugs and slight weirdness. It's also fairly bare-bones, feature-wise, at the moment but it's at the point where it's useable. Feedback and bug reporting would be invaluable. Click to Enbigulate Key Features True palettised graphics - changing a palette entry updates your animation in real-timeFlexible palette - rearrange palette entries without breaking your animationPhotoshop-style layersLoads Deluxe Paint Animation (*.ANM) filesDither brushesExport to animated GIFAbility to load 32bit background images for tracingFuture Planned Features Export sprite sheetsImport from sprite sheetsSupport of dither and gradient fillsAdditional tools (circles, rectangles - filled and unfilled, etc)Load / Save frames from / to images (png, gif, etc) quantising on loadOther stuff DOWNLOAD v0.5.2.0 (alpha) Requires .NET Framework 4 Client Profile CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
  17. With the firearms overhaul a while back and the medical overhaul a few patches ago, I would very much love to see a carpentry overhaul worked into an update. Keep in mind, I am suggesting an entire overhaul, not a small change or addition; i'm not asking them to add everything I have suggested in the next update, I understand that some/all of these suggestions will take lots of time and may not even be possible to add to the game. That being said, please read on. What I would like to see included in this overhaul: Completely redo the carpentry system (and the skill books as well). In order to be able to craft certain things you must read a skill book, these books will "teach" you how to create certain objects/structures (meaning they will no longer be grayed out in the crafting window ) allowing you to create more and better structures Perhaps metalworking (unless your character was employed as a metalworker in his past life, he will have to read a few carpentry books to learn how), welding, electricity work (add an "electrician" character, some books on electric work, etc.), and other things like this could be added to the game. Some more recipes like: different sizes of boxes/crates (have a different inventory count and take up different amounts of space), the ability to add wooden/metal security bars to doors, craft-able ladders and hatches, reinforcing doors/walls/windows/ with metal bars (you will have to know how to weld, skill books! ), and concrete/brick walls (again, skill books... or just choose to be a construction worker when you're creating a character). The construction worker should spawn with a few levels of carpentry already unlocked (do this with the other jobs as well, like a police officer, doctor, etc.). New tools like drills, jackhammers (not sure what we'll do with this, would be cool tho ), wrenches, chainsaws, box cutters, tire irons, mallets, hatchets, sheers... those are all that are coming to mind currently :/. Tool boxes: contains several tools, nails/screws, and other items like wire, twine etc.That is really all that I can think of/want to include in my suggestion. If you want to add to this suggestion, ask me to remove an item from this suggestion, or whatevs please post a comment. PS: I know that they wouldn't have made a suggestions thread without wanting people to suggest things, but writing this suggestion made me feel selfish D: ... Thank you devs for creating such a great game and for taking suggestions, love what you all have created for us! PPS: The " :P" face may have been overused... . This was the first thing I posted on here btw, please be nice peeps! ALSO: I'm sure some of these may have already been suggested so sorry for re-suggesting them. These were just my suggestions, not trying to steal somebody else's idea or spam the forums.
  18. I am always annoyed about how often there are tables and chairs around that offer no use other than taking up space, but a table leg can offer a decent club in a tight situation and like a tree branch a stone or nail could be attached to it. A table top can often be broken down into thinner and easier to use planks for building or barricading. Just an idea mainly due to the mechanic of being able to create weapons from sticks and stones. (Which in PvP will most definitely break your bones.)
  19. Okay so i have some great ideas for traps or ways of torture. The first trap 1:Bear-traps:Simple enough. Can be found on farms or out in the cabins randomly? Used to Seriously injure another player on multiplayer or used to put a zombie to a halt,maybe because i saw somewheres on the forums that it would be difficult to make it where one zombie has an arm missing and another has a leg,and arm missing..etc.. well i thought instead of showing the zombie missing the missing leg maybe once it hits the trap they automatically become a crawler. Also maybe option where trapping skill ties into this where the bear traps success rate depends on Trapping Skill/Level. 2:Trip wire: Ahhh my all time favorite. Basic used for either a zombie or person. But i was thinking aiming more towards PvP. The main player rigs up a trip wire to a tree where if another player walks by and trips the wire that one way the trap could work is if used in a hangman kinda style. But when they hang its not by the neck but by the leg/foot. So then on PvP maps the player who rigged the trap can torture the captured player. OR better yet use them as some sort of Pawn or Hostage so they can get supplies,etc... heres a website i found with a snare trap: http://www.instructables.com/id/simple-snare/ also: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Snare-Trap 3:Holes: yes i know this one is a stretch but just thinking if you guys put in a new item that could have multiple uses could be used to dig holes. And then players could fall into it. But better yet that would be noticeable right? How about the ability that when you forage that there is a chance of getting leaves and maybe with thread/rope/fishing line that the player could use the items of leaves and one of those strings to craft a gillie camo flooring to camo the hole then use the captured zombies or players for hostage 4: Tying People up: Okay by know you are assuming i'm some psycho or creep living in my moms basement haha. But seriously give the ability with a high enough trap skill combined with a high carpentry that the player could maybe injure a players legs and maybe tie them up to a chair then torture them or use them as bait/hostage/or a pawn. Or maybe just maybe beat them to near death with a spoon and force them to drink bleach. Well that's all for now...Maybe these ideas will come in use?
  20. I am in the exact same situation as the one described in this thread: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/6102-help-editing-map-pbin-on-multiplayer/ I wanted to see about removing infection from my character. From there, my curiosity piqued, and I became interested in the character file as a whole. I began work on a tool that dumps the contents of that file. https://github.com/TheBuzzSaw/ZomboidBinTools/blob/master/main.cpp I am currently stuck on the inventory format. I am working off this old spec. https://github.com/lukezaa/PZEditor/blob/master/PZSaveInfo/PZSaveInfo/Documentation.txt Anyone have updated information or tools for working with this file?
  21. Hi! Today I was watching Night of the Living Dead and I realized that zombies possess a limited capacity for understanding, within the universe of films of Romero(In every movie). So i thought this suggestion: Zombies with the ability to use weapons and other tools to attack, but in a primitive way. This would give them the ability to (for example), break a glass using a rock, or attack the character awkwardly swinging a bat/crowbar/etc Just like this: Obviously the zombies with weapons / tools create more damage by attacking a target. PD:I apologize if I make grammatical or spelling errors, I speak Spanish and I'm really bad when it comes to English
  22. Suomiboi

    Lot Levels?

    Hey, I'm a bit puzzled with purpose of the Lots column in the left side in WorldEd that has the different levels in it from 0-10. Are these different floors or are they meant to be used as to not have clipping walls when buildings are next to one another? I'm suffering from twiddling with the clipping issue and my only solution so far has been to place the buildings in WorldEd from North to South when building a row of houses. Here's a pic: Spoiler If I can assign the buildings to the different levels, that's going to be a huge deal in making my work go a bit faster. If not, do you know a simple workaround? Thanks a lot!!
  23. - IP addresses connecting to a server get an unique ID: The main idea behind this being to minimize or limit how many accounts an user has in a whitelist server. This is useful to know how many unique users you actually have in your server. And because making multiple accounts is an exploit most players will find sooner or later (depending on server: e.g. a server with a starter kit). - cool-down after dying for re-spawning: for the most part when players die in a server they'll quickly re-spawn to go loot their bodies. I think there should be a server option to have a cool-down before a player could join the server again with the same account (somewhat effective in a whitelist server and/or if we could limit how many accounts an user has). - let admin browse a player's inventory: When making events that only allow certain items or in a roleplay server where someone stole something they were not suppose to. It would be useful if the admin could browse a player's inventory to settle disputes. - permissions: as of now you can set other players as admins. It would be useful if you could enable/disable individual commands for each admin in the server as to not give full control and have admins with different levels of access. That way for example you could have admins. that are more like moderators rather than actual admins. These are just a few things I had in mind. Feel free to critique, expand on, or add your own ideas/requests.
  24. One Thing that has been annoying me is how near useless the crowbar has been in the game. Sure its a very durable weapon, but because it tires characters out so fast and has no other uses, most people avoi picking one up They are quite the versatile tool and hopefully something can be added where you can pop open locked doors, windows, and maybe other items that could be sealed later like crates. It doesn't make sense that you can only smash windows and doors open with one, but can't take the quieter and easier approach of prying them open. Another thing is that they could give you an option of lifting up manhole covers which brings to the next part of this suggestion; Sewer exploration. If not able to be added into the game, then maybe a mod, but it would be interesting to delve into the sewer system below the towns. On the positive side, they are alternate routes to get from one side of a town to another, and can hide from zombies topside. On the negative aspects, sewers are not a good place for your health, too dark to see where your going without a light, zombies could already be roaming down there, and a good rainstorm can flood parts of the sewer, making places inaccessible.
  25. This mod simply adds items to a players inventory upon starting a new game with a specific profession. Made by request of the community. Mod Features Fire Officer;Fire axe Police Officer;Pistol9mm Bullets Park Ranger;Matches, Tent, Campfire kit, Kindling, Water Bottle Construction Worker;HammerSawBox of nailsBox of screwsScrewdriver(Will include toolbelt container on next update) Security Guard;Baseball Bat (Possibly change to custom baton on next update)TorchBattery Baseball bat Vitamins It was suggested that each player spawn with a utility style belt to hold the items/tools they start with, so that feature may be implemented. Mod was built on stable build 23, however it should work or any other version you are running. Download v.1
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