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Found 11 results

  1. I think it'd be really nice if you could use saws to cut trees like in real life. I mean I get a bit tired of having to wack away axes to cut down trees. It's repetitive plus I go through a lot of axes. Be nice to just use a saw to make the tree into logs. I guess for balance you could have the saw lose condition health or make it take awhile longer than using an axe. I guess to saw a tree you'd right click it and select "saw tree" and your survivor would cut in a scripted fashion. You know like using the axe in a scripted fashion.
  2. The game needs a functionality like this. Even if it is only in sandbox.
  3. Hello, So I usually play with friends on a private server and sometimes we need to run some simple commands (Mainly teleport player x to player y) I made this tool that uses RCON to make it easier hope you guys find it useful would love any feedback if its useful I may continue to update it and add additional features. Tool uses RCON to send commands and read responses Current features: List players Keep database of all player (online and offline) Kick player Enable/Disable godmod for a player whitelist players Set access level Spawn a vehicle for a player (Using images as references to make things easier) Open a command console that allows manual command input Github: https://github.com/kwmx/ZomboidRCON Releases https://github.com/kwmx/ZomboidRCON/releases/latest
  4. Spawn Map-Objects Utility - Enhance your maps ! Workshop link What is this mod ? While I was working with the map editor, I got frustrated some items could not be placed using it. For instance, barricades and campfires. So we decided with a friend to solve this problem... Once done we decided to make this mod and make it as generic as possible ! This should allow any mapper to use our object-spawning system to make better maps and any modder to upgrade it with ease. I'm a player, what do I need to know or do ? Nothing. This mod should be a dependency mod for any map that uses the Spawn Map-Objects Utility. One you have this mod installed, it should work without needing you to do anything. I'm a mapper, what is this mod doing precisely and how does it works ? Tell me more about it ! This mod will allow you to place items & events within the map editor like campfire, tents, wall frames, zombies... Those placeholders will be converted into their working version inside the map once loaded. This means you will be able to place pick-up-able tents, light-able campfires, thumpables wooden and metal structures, break windows, spawn zombies at precise places and even more ! Interesting... So how do I use it ? The installation is very simple, once you have subscribed and download this mod, locate it's installation folder : \Steam_Installation_Folder\steamapps\workshop\content\108600\974718243\mods\SpawnMapObjectsUtil Once inside the mod folder, you should see a Tiles folder. Open it, and then open the 2x folder. You should see all the placeholders images you will need. Copy all these .png files to the 2x folder of your Tilezed. Now, you should be able to use the placeholders via the tilset list. I usually place those on the Furniture layer but it should work on other layers too. If you want to test the features, check out the building we are using for internal testing : https://rbfi.io/dl.php?key=/0Sol/testmap.tbx Once your map is finished and you are ready to publish it to the workshop make sure to add this mod to the dependencies of your map. So that it will be prompted to the players to install it with your map. Great, but before I install it, can you showcase some features ? Of course, here is the list of what you can do with the current version of Spawn Map-Objects Utility. Place thumpable walls of all possible quality with adjusted durability (Logs, wood, metal). Place fences adjusted durability too (Sandbags, wood, metal plates or bars). Place thumpables and working-properly barricades on windows (1,2,3 or four planks, metal sheet, metal bars) Place upgradable by player walls frames. Place weapons, literature, trash and food items on the floor. Place properly-interactable camping materials (tents, campfires and compost) Zombies-spawner at specific places (Horde inside a tower away from the city or a lone zombie in a specific room...) Add water collecting barrels already full of water Place fishing-nets on your lake or generators in a specific room Break specific windows on the map (with them still barricadable and full of dangerous shards). Break and remove glass from windows and keep it barricadeable Place sheetropes on windows. We also plan to add more to this list with upcoming updates, things like traps, sound events and such. What are those red tiles on your placeholders images ? As said earlier, we are planning to add more tiles to the placeholders. You can use the blue ones, but if you try to place a red one, it won't work. The red tiles are the not-implemented-yet features. But we kept it so that it will be easier to update once done. Please do not use the red placeholder tiles. I'm a modder, you said I could expand your utility ? Even more ! We made functions for you to easily add your own placeholders or remove the "default placeholders" shipped with the mod. Let me explain. Create your custom placeholder Once you have created the png of your custom new placeholder, you will need to code the replacement function in lua. To do it, you can write your lua file using this template : require "WorldManager/SpawnFromPlaceholder"; MyPlaceholder = {}; MyPlaceholder.replace = function(square, tileObject) -- Your code goes here -- indicate that the method has worked properly -- and the placeholder tile can be removed return true; end -- register and identify the placeholder in the system SpawnFromPlaceholder.Add({ name = "MyPlaceholder" }); Here are the explanations : First, you need to implement the method MyPlaceholder.replace(square, tileObject) which will be called for each object found in each square loaded. This method need to return a Boolean (true or false) to indicate if the method has worked. If the method return true the program will automatically delete the tile placeholder else it does nothing. The second step is to register your placeholder in the system with the method SpawnFromPlaceholder.Add(placeholderInfoObj). The parameter expect two important properties : name : the name of your object which contains at least the method replace() Remove default placeholders This mod allow you to remove unused shipped placeholders to save resources and gain performance. To remove the placeholders, you can use this snippet : require "WorldManager/SpawnFromPlaceholder"; SpawnFromPlaceholder.Remove({ "WallsPlaceholder", "ZombiePlaceholder", "..." }); The method will remove the placeholders listed in the array when the event OnGameStart is fired. Shipped placeholders list BarricadePlaceholder CampingCompostPlaceholder (campfire, tent and compost) CarpentryAndConstructedPlaceholder (sandbag, barrel, rain collector, lamp) DroppedFoodItemsPlaceholder DroppedTrashItemsPlaceholder DroppedWeaponsItemsPlaceholder GeneratorPlaceholder TrapsPlaceholder WallsPlaceholder WindowStuffPlaceholder (smash & clean window, sheet rope) ZombiePlaceholder
  5. Hello guys! I have another super question about the PZ Map tool. I saw this video, but I don't understand how put the right path in the .txt file because i have a OVH linux server and i can not choose the path of it because is not on my pc obviusly... so, how can i do? thanks for helping!
  6. With this tool you can make Items in your mods change into other items over time. Items will age regardless of where they are, on the ground, in your inventory, in a crate, in a bag in a bag in a bag in a bag in your inventory... Easily add item names to a table and give them a life span where on the expiry of said life span the item turns into another item. for example: ItemTimeTrackerMod["Dog"] = {}; ItemTimeTrackerMod["Dog"]["Life"] = 24.0; ItemTimeTrackerMod["Dog"]["TurnInto"] = "Base.HungryDog"; ItemTimeTrackerMod["HungryDog"] = {}; ItemTimeTrackerMod["HungryDog"]["Life"] = 24.0; ItemTimeTrackerMod["HungryDog"]["TurnInto"] = "Base.StarvingDog"; ItemTimeTrackerMod["StarvingDog"] = {}; ItemTimeTrackerMod["StarvingDog"]["Life"] = 24.0; ItemTimeTrackerMod["StarvingDog"]["TurnInto"] = "Base.DeadDog"; Where Life is the number of IN GAME HOURS the item has before it will expire into the "TurnInto" item. And Obviously you can then add a "Feed Dog" recipe which will change hungry dogs into Normal dogs again. Also this could be used to set time limits on crafts, for example. If there is a recipe to breed dogs to get more dogs then something like this: ItemTimeTrackerMod["TiredDog"] = {}; ItemTimeTrackerMod["TiredDog"]["Life"] = 12.0; ItemTimeTrackerMod["TiredDog"]["TurnInto"] = "Base.Dog"; And the recipe to breed dogs would return a "Tired" Dog rather than a normal dog. Which cannot be used in the breed recipe, until the 12 hours expire and he becomes a normal Dog. You could even make items toggle back and forth into other items eg. ItemTimeTrackerMod["Screwdriver"] = {}; ItemTimeTrackerMod["Screwdriver"]["Life"] = 0.1; ItemTimeTrackerMod["Screwdriver"]["TurnInto"] = "Base.Hammer"; ItemTimeTrackerMod["Hammer"] = {}; ItemTimeTrackerMod["Hammer"]["Life"] = 0.1; ItemTimeTrackerMod["Hammer"]["TurnInto"] = "Base.Screwdriver"; This will make a Hammer change into a Screwdriver every 10 in game minutes, and make the Screwdriver change back into a Hammer 10 Minutes Later. Why would you need to do that?!? I don't know, but now you can if you want to... As you can probably guess, I made this mostly for Hydrocraft but you can use it in your mods too if you want. INSTRUCTIONS: Just put the timetracker.lua and timetracker_definitions.lua in your lua/client/ folder Do not edit timetracker.lua. Just open up the timetracker_definitions.lua and add the items to the table as explained in that file. There are some examples. You will want to delete the examples after you add yours. timetracker.lua timetracker_definitions.lua
  7. Hey all, I was just wondering if theres any hope of a Mac compatible Map Editor? Im very interested in making new maps for the area where I live but the only issue im running across is that the PZ Map Editor is a windows only program. If PZ is a Mac compatible game, it should only make sense that the Editor should be Mac compatible as well.
  8. Hey there translators, I came up with an idea which could make the translation work a bit more enjoyable. Not that it's a pain right now, but it hurts the eyes ^^ What's the idea ? I personally use notepad++ to edit the .txt files containing the translations. And I thought of a tool which would work like this : You open the .txt file with the toolA window like notepad would open, with the usual tabs like file, edition, etc at the top. In the window itself, you'd have at least two columns.On the left, an uneditable column showing the "command name" in order to know what's being translated. On the right, one or more editable columns showing the actual translation for your language which you can then complete and / or modify as you wish. There might be multiple columns when there are strings of text separated by formatting stuff like BR or LINE which shouldn't be modifiedIf you save your work, it keeps the .txt format because basically, the tool would be a "selective" .txt files editor. You'd be adble to put it back in the appropriate folder and use it as it is.This shopped image speaks for itself, if my explanations suck What's the point ? Pros : It avoids modifying a command line and getting translation errorsI think it would be easier to quickly see what's translated and how it isEditing is made easier, having not to care about the formatting which wouldn't be displayedIt prevents you from turning blind while looking at these small text lines in notepadCons : You cannot edit the formatting - but it's a translating tool, after allYou'd have to use notepad or a similar software if you need to write missing code lines added with a new build - if this ever happens How would the tool work ? I have no proficiency in programming that sort of tools, but my guess would be that : The tool looks at every line in the txt fileFor every line, it displays everything before the "=" sign in the first uneditable columnThen, a new editable column is created for everything detected between two " "Anything edited in those columns is directly put into the .txt file If you think that tool would be a nice thing to have, give a shout, else, you can also argue that's some programming time wasted on something very specific. Maybe it already exists ? And if you're both interested and skilled in programming, why not give it shot ? Teesee, for the French translation
  9. Outpox


    Hey everyone ! I know I'm a bit late to the party but here's my contribution to the game, the SwissToolbox (SBT). Its goal is to combine a hammer, a saw and a screwdriver into one tool which is lighter. Features Combination possibleCustom texture Dismantling is working (gives back all the items)TODO Make the tool able to build stuffChangelog Version 0.4New icon made by DoublebrainVersion 0.3 You can now dismantle the STB and get all the tool backVersion 0.2 (private) Version verification and some testsIcon texture createdVersion 0.1 (private) Initial release Download You can dowload it from my github : https://github.com/Outpox/PZ_SwissToolbox/releases/tag/v0.4 Feel free to use any of my work, just give credits
  10. Source Code: https://github.com/randomer679/PZSaveEditor This is just a little program I've made so I could edit my sandbox options mid-game. I wanted to be able to turn off zombies at the beginning and then turn them back on later because I'm cowardly like that . Using this program you can edit all of the options you chose when starting a new Sandbox game. Installing The download is attached to this post at the bottom. To use this program just extract the .jar file and run it using Java! Windows: Create an empty text file with notepad and fill it with Line Numbers | Expand Code java -jar PZSaveEditor.jar then save as anynameyouwant.bat and make sure to set the file type to all files. Place it in the same folder as the .jar and double click it to run. Linux (and OS X?): You should know this But just in case here's what to do. Create an empty text file and insert the same text as for Windows. Then just double click it and select run in terminal OR run it from a terminal manually. Usage Once you have the program running just go to file and navigate to your Zomboid save folder. Go into the Sandbox folder and click the folder of the world you want to modify. After clicking open if the world is supported it will load all the current values for you. After this it's pretty much the same as creating a new world with a few differences. To modify some options you will have to enable advanced options. These are just a few that I feel might not be stable. To save your options either click save to just overwrite the options or use save as to save them to a new file. To use that file rename it map_sand.bin and place it in the folder of the world you want to change, overwriting the old one. The reset button only works if you haven't saved yet. It is merely a convenience. Warning I have not tested most of the options. The program is as bug free as I can tell HOWEVER how the game will be affected from changing the options is beyond my control. Therefore you use this at your own risk so make sure you ALWAYS backup your worlds before making any changes. The reason for not testing how the game will react is because the only option I really need at the moment as explained up there ^ is to be able to modify the Zombie amount. So if you choose to ignore this advice it is your own fault. TL;DR You use this at your own risk. While I believe it to be stable and safe, I can not and will not be held responsible for any problems you may have or that may happen whether as a result of your use of this software or not. I WILL however happily try to answer any questions and fix any bugs that you may have. Feedback about the name please. I feel the name could be slightly misleading, but I do want it to stay how it is. So please leave a post about whether you think the name is fine. Thanks! Download Download Here!
  11. okamixxx

    Make Shift Mod

    Please leave recommendations as what else to add/ change it will help me balance the mod also I am looking for a better artist my stuff is ok but I want this to be a high quality mod just noticed a new version of project zomboid came out I will make an updated version compatible with the newest version tomarrow Planned chisel: will be used to craft items stone: will be used to make tools stone Axe head: recipe = chisel + stone handle: Recipe = stick+ kichen knife stone axe recipe: handle, stoneAxe head,SheetRope, nails spade: will give the ablity to dig dirt Dirt-Bag: will have same use as sandbag will be crafted using 3x sheets 5x dirt hobo Stick: 1x sturdy stick,1x sheet exact stats to be determined but it will be better than plasitc bag syringe: will give you the ablity to see if you are infected or not. improvied weapons: they will be put under planned features when I think of a name for them more will be added as I think of more emplemented stone axeneeds balanced current recipe's stone axe place holder recipe = 1x plank ,1x sheet rope , hammer, Current Version 0.1 MakeShiftMod ver 0.1.zip
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