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Found 18 results

  1. Okay, watches in the game tell you the time, day and month but not the year. I think they should say the year too. See how much time has passed since 1993. It'd show the player and survivor how long humanity has been holding out basically as time goes by.
  2. I was thinking there should be an occurrence in Protect Zomboid that canonically make the game reach at least 7 years all the way into the 21st century! Like challenge maps, settings in sandbox (occupation availability, when to start, etc.), characters keeping track of the date with NPCs, etc.. I mean theoretically it can get to the 21st century in a way just by player playthrough time but that doesn't feel real/legitimate/canon. I'm thinking you'd see a ton of decay and erosion as well as dwindling supplies like fresh food big time. You may come across a lot of events where past battles happened with corpses, supplies guns and ammo for you to loot! Also the gas is probably all bad so forget about using a gas station even with a generator. Syphoning cars would also be out of the question so you'd probably have to rely on bicycles and other human powered stuff to get around. It'd be really cool to move into the 21st century rather than being stuck in 1993.
  3. Maris

    Really Real Time?

    I'm trying to set current real time. local SEC_TO_HOUR = 1 / (60 * 60) function makeRealTime() local tm = getGameTime() local t = os.time() --utc local day = tm:getDay() --8 local month = tm:getMonth() -- 6 local year = tm:getYear() -- 1993 local current = tm:getTimeOfDay() --in hours local hour = round(current) --9 local game_t = os.time{year=year, month=month+1, day=day+1, hour=0, min=0} --utc local diff = round(t - game_t) --in seconds current = current + diff * SEC_TO_HOUR -- OK to increment days (tested) tm:setTimeOfDay(current) end Events.OnCreatePlayer.Add(function() makeRealTime() end) But it doesn't work: zombie.ui.UIManager render SEVERE: null java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 16425 at zombie.ui.Clock.render(Clock.java:153) at zombie.ui.UIManager.render(UIManager.java:431) at zombie.gameStates.IngameState.renderFrameUI(IngameState.java:1126) at zombie.core.profiling.AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.invokeAndMeasure(AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.java:71) at zombie.gameStates.IngameState.renderframeui(IngameState.java:1114) at zombie.gameStates.IngameState.renderInternal(IngameState.java:1266) at zombie.core.profiling.AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.invokeAndMeasure(AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.java:71) at zombie.gameStates.IngameState.render(IngameState.java:1217) at zombie.gameStates.GameStateMachine.render(GameStateMachine.java:37) at zombie.core.profiling.AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.invokeAndMeasure(AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.java:71) at zombie.GameWindow.renderInternal(GameWindow.java:327) at zombie.GameWindow.frameStep(GameWindow.java:726) at zombie.GameWindow.run_ez(GameWindow.java:640) at zombie.GameWindow.mainThread(GameWindow.java:467) at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) What am I doing wrong?
  4. Playing with my friends and 30 minutes seems too short and 1 hour days seem too long. 45 minute days are currently not an option, might be worth to add a slider for exact timings.
  5. EraZer

    Thunder Bug

    Hello! I just found out that when you let the time pass on the fastest speed while its thunders, the thunder sounds will all overlap and it will sound like an airstrike lol
  6. Suggestion about single-player: Each task has a certain 'required time' value (for example 60 - 100 for crafting -> see crafting menu). Is it possible to include a multiplicator for the required time in sandbox menu? For me it feels a little strange to be able to dig like 20 graves or build up walls in a few seconds for example. With the multiplicator players would be able to generate more/less time-consume per task and make gameplay a more realistic factor, or more arcade-style. For example: If you go with realistic values you'll need 10-20 mins to build up a wall and you have to secure the environment for zombies first. Its about time planning and strategy.
  7. Hello guys i have a simple question, does the server in game time continue when the game is closed ( server started from the game ) or not ? Or do i have to use the old server ?
  8. I tried to make compost and two months not enough to have fertilizer. Do you think it is possible to reduce the time required? Vo: Réduire le temps du composteur J'ai tenté de faire du compost et deux mois non pas suffit à avoir de l'engrais. Pensez vous qu'il soit possible de réduire le temps requis ?
  9. With the change of time not automatically being displayed unless you own a watch, it would be nice if the rooms that have wall clocks have the time be displayed when you enter the room.
  10. So, I was curious about this and I guess I should start by giving you my own personal experiences. The first time I ever heard about PZ was from Google I believe about I don't know, back in the days of the old graphics, story mode and baldspot back when NPC's were crazy gun toting lunatics in stores waiting for you to step in. I did some research and knew right away *this* was the zombie survival game I had been waiting for. However, what I didn't anticipate was the amount of time that would consume me anxiously anticipating and waiting for NPC's to be released. At that time I didn't realize the passion and heart going into this game and would have never perceived this type of excitement. Now, I admit my opinion on multiplayer was less that flattered at best. However, now that I've had time to grow accustomed to roleplaying servers and the varying degrees of character building that this game allows you to obtain I'm starting to *love* Project Zomboid even more. Also, I hope one day there will be a pure survival version with mods without zombies (as that was originally what I was looking for.) More of a society builder which to be fair PZ kind of is. That leads me to my next point and this one is important. How do *you* view PZ? Is it *just* an amazing zombie game? Because if that's your aspiration then you're seriously missing out. I see *so* much more. I don't even care about the zombies. I care about the humans, how people react in catastrophes. Zombies are just a background and I'll likely lessen them when NPC's come out to get the full entertainment out of the story telling elements. It's a society builder, where NPC's struggle from ashes to grow small settlements and keep them safe using teamwork, dedication and determination. I'm expecting (although, not entitled to.) see NPC's treat me as I'm just another person. To communicate directly and indirectly. To scare and ignore me to varying degrees depending on the situation. Now, all of this leads me to my other point which is this. I expect to be bombarded with moral decisions that don't necessarily have morality in them. For example, when I'm running on a food run and see a group pinned down by a horde of zombies (or hostile faction) the ability to intervene and save those people should bare down on you conscious. But more importantly to make you feel like you *do* have a say in the matter. "Do I want to potentially die saving these poor people." Or "Do I want to play it safe and just pass by unnoticed and not tussle with these here outlaws." (Who talks like that?) At the end of the day I want a meaningful play through that's unique each and every single time I fire up PZ. Anyway, sorry that was longer than you probably expected. Tell me what your opinion is and how you found PZ and what your initial thoughts on it were. If you want tell us what you plan for in the future !
  11. Soooo i'm curious about adding new skills. Or better said replace carpentry for more suitable skill like Builder, or Engineer, or... i don't know name that covers all the things player can made by himself... Maybe Handyman? There is a mod, where player can create almost any building that you can see in the city. But i don't really like mods that adding many things in this game, because of so many releases and mod compatibility, even one can be lost in many mods in some future build, where some mods would be added into vanilla. So why not add it into vanilla? I really, REALLY would like to see that player can made things out of metal(no more nails-hungry in survival mode), or making glass windows. And adding feature of making roofs(without making stairs build before, scaffold kit would be needed). And if making glass works are too much, so at last being able to disassemble windows from neibourhood houses and add it into your house/fortress. Oh yes, another idea just now popped out. Disassembling. Wooden walls, doors, floors... and destroying things with sledge into visible rubble, where something usefull can be, if lucky. Another idea is... TIME. And DATE. IRL human can't know, what time and date is now, without watches. I saw digital watches once in great mall, so... Why don't take out time and date from the upper right corner? It will be more realistic. And give watches a purpose. Wearable loot. If char find watches, from that point he can have his upper right corner back. Another thing... different looks of zeds. Bodies. Some skinny, some obese... even char. And more clothing types, like for example raincoats, jackets, necktie, uniforms/overalls...
  12. My Mitts 1. If you are BUTT naked. You shouldn't even be allowed to access your inventory. Meaning if you have absolutely NOTHING on, and you're indoors, in the darkness (and I'll get into "indoors" and "darkness" later). But assuming you still have two arms at least. The very LAST things you could POSSIBLY have left in your hud, is obviously Primary and Secondary. Although I guess if you lost an arm it would just be primary by default. My Eyes 1. I feel everything for your hud (that I can think of), just like your inventory menu, should be able to be moved around as much you want. 2. Allowed to be resized vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. 3. I feel ALL of the things that can be in your hud can ONLY be shown if it is in your character's direct eye sight. Now bear with me. Clocks 1. I love it, but I feel the "default" should not be the digital clock. To me, always having the digital clock kinda feels like cheating. There for, I lose appreciation for the value of time. 2. You only should see the digital clock; which should be a whole seperate icon apart from the "default" mind you, if you're holding and/or wearing, and/or just simply looking at one on the wall, and/or maybe even a big town clock that you can see from farther away, useful if it even works, and if there are any, in the towns we're in of course. 3. Same goes for analogue clocks as well, obviously meaning you'll have to animate an analogue clock for the hud. 4. We should be able to see multiple clocks on the screen too, so as to easily compare them to one another. Because SOME will be alive, and showing the right time, while most will either be dead, or need to be rewound or reset. Such as the state of the human population and economy at this point. The "Default" of Time 1. The "default" should be a seperate thing all together. But I can only call it the "default" because you see it most of the time, you cannot bring it up at will, and it was here first (before clocks). 2. Now, the game is isometric, so we obviously won't ever actually be able to see the sky. But don't worry, I'm not talking about a literal first-person view, that would be way too much. I'm just talking about a basic-easy to understand-representation. Only the basic things your character would see, that the player can do with this as far as their character is equipped for. But obviously, still relying on what the player can ultimately understand. The Representation of The "Default" The Sun. It should shine really bright sometimes, and other times, not so bright, through out the potential years to come. The moon. Maybe you could make a rough idea of how much of the sun is actually reflecting off of the moon at different times of the year. Or even an eclipse and a blood moon, for flavor. The Clouds. Maybe you only wanna show a few clouds. Or maybe it's so cloudy that you can't even see the sun on this thing, hindering your ability to tell time without a proper clock. The Transition of The Sky. My basic example would be like, from black with stars to red to orange to yellow, and then strangely-suddenly to blue or grey depending on the weather, time of year, and the part of the world you're in. And it goes on like that for like, half of the day, and then back to yellow to orange to red and to black with stars again (and any other colors I missed). Maybe that could better help to figure out what colors to shade the landscape at different times of the day and year. I think that would help us better to feel apart of this planet. A Box. A box to put it all in. Directions of The Sun. On the Left then Right of the box you should put East then West. That will make a compass more meaningful as well, but we'll get to that later. Weather. To allow for better planning through out the day, add some basic weather effects that will be easy to understand. And people can eventually learn the patterns of these effects. That way, people know to get indoors ahead of time. But I'm not talking about an exact forecast, just the basic stuff you would pick up from simply looking into the sky. For example, if you know the temperature is warm, but the sky is grey, the clouds are packed, and the sun is covered, but you know there's still daylight up there above the clouds. You can probably guess that it's gonna rain. All of this in a box of allowed variant sizes. Indoors 1. Now I said you would see this "default" time indicator MOST of the time. Assuming most of our characters would be outside mostly. 2. So if you're indoors and too far away from any open shade window, the "default" would disappear. That way, being indoors with the shades closed for long periods of time, can really make you lose track of time if you don't have a proper clock. 3. You would lose happiness faster. More HUD Items Maps. They obviously NEED to be in your hands to be looked at. Compass. In hands, got a strap? You can where it. Step counter. These are supposed to be worn around the waist, so they always come with a clip, so I guess you could just always wear them. But a step counter makes it easier to learn when your feet are going to get sore as well. Oh yeah, and sore feet. . . that should be a thing. Thermometers. Thermometers and any other hand-held weather measuring equipment you could think of, you should add into the game. GPS. It should be like a map, a compass, a clock, and maybe even a thermometer all in one. That, would be a sweet use of batteries. Books. You hold books, you SEE the books (on the screen), you read books, you write in books, blah blah bl-blah blah. I'm not gonna tell you how to use pens or pencils. I'm sure I'll love whatever you all do. Player Knowledge 1. Again, able to be solely reliant on the player's knowledge of how to use these tools. Some of these items would really help to find distance. And knowing distance related to time can help plan out trips. Darkness 1. When it comes to the darkness, we all know the darkness likes to hide things. So the darkness should make your hud harder to see. Unless the tool has a screen that lights up, glows in the dark, or you have a flash light on. I don't know, could be cool. Some Extra Things Shade. Even on sunny, blue sky days, clouds should still be able to block the sun sometimes. A little shade can be the difference between depleted stamina and death. Especially, for people with asthma, on really hot days. Or making it colder in winter days with blue skies as well. Trees. Unless that's truly ALL the trees the state has, there NEEDS to be more trees besides pine trees. It is a real pain in the fracking arse to push through all of those damn pine trees. Maybe some trees where the bristle or even leaves are actually above your head. And instead of having to push through the bristles all of the time, you could just maneuver around the stocks of some oak trees or something. Plus, I wanna climb a tree. . . I wanna climb a tree. . . I really really REALLY wanna climb a tree (in the game). If some of the stuff you're already doing is the same as some the stuff I mention, sweet. But that's all I got for now, I still love this game like it's my first time, every gruesome death I endure, will allow me to enjoy the pleasant death I will earn in due time. I love you all, peace. P.S. Did I do the right punctuation for "You only should see the digital clock;" in number two about Clocks?
  13. I live in America and I can't read a 24 hour clock if my life depended on it. Do you think it would be a good idea to add in option in the settings where you could switch from 12 hour clock to the 24 hour clock? I won't be able to respond until around christmas as my laptop refuses to charge. Tell me what you guys think.
  14. Nice easy one. Wasn't able to find anything about it in the lua files. "How long is Ten minutes (Clock) in real time?"
  15. Deterioration is something I would really love to see in the long run, I understand that in the sandbox options there are decomposition settings, however visual representations of this would be really cool. Using The Walking Dead for an example (since the devs seem to use it quite a lot), take a loot at the zombies in the first season, second season, third and fourth seasons and notice the change, in the first season they were pretty fast and strong and could even climb over things (watch 'Guts' and you'll notice the zombie climbing the gate). However the thing which stands out is how decomposed they've become. I think that in PZ if there were say 3 or 4 different zombie 'base' models which would change over time, this could be a huge visual enhancement, seeing all of the really skinny and rotting zombies and being able to tell how frail they are just by looking at them would help to distinguish the old and new. This would also affect corpses, over time corpses would change until they're basically skeletal with bits of flesh hanging off the bones ('living' zombies would never reach this stage because they'rr zombies and zombies do not become skeletons). World deterioration I believe is already planned (the world becoming more overgrown and crumbly over time). And for the sake of the post, zombies eating corpses would also be a great feature as has been suggested a lot. I understand it goes against Romero lore but honestly f*** Romero lore, when people think of zombies they generally think of shambling corpses coming to eat you. Now this could be a sandbox option (whether they only eat the living, whether they eat fresh corpses too and whether they'll eat anything). -Ben
  16. (I made the sprites, yay) They spawn in a-lot of places. Some are weak while others are deadly. Bugs: (kind of) Can't do carpentry with them, I tried renaming the normal ones Hammers, hoping that the game would recognize them as Hammers, like some of the items can do, but it didn't work.. So use these hammers to kill things with and the vanilla hammer for construction (these ones can barricade though). Hammers Added: Tire Hammer Weak unless a charged swing but faster with good knockdown.Upholsterers Hammer Weaker than normal hammers but faster with average knockdown.Machinist Hammer Weaker than normal hammers but faster with average knockdown.Ball Pein Hammer Weaker than normal hammers but faster with average knockdown.Straight Claw Hammer As close to the vanilla hammer as you can get.Masons Hammer Strong, a little heavy and slow with good knockdown.Mallet Hammer Strong, a little heavy and slow with a big swing radius with good knockdown.Dead Blow Hammer Strong, a little heavy and slow with good knockdown.German Hammer Very strong, heavy and slow with good knockdown.Maul Hammer Very strong, heavy and slow with a big swing radius with good knockdown.Splitting Maul Hammer Very strong, heavy and slow with a big swing radius with good knockdown. DOWNLOAD: Main (PZ-Mods) || Mirror (My Dropbox)
  17. So... Umbrellas, not rare but not super-common as loot in houses and the stores. It would require both hands to use and would open in three seconds but take ten seconds to shake dry and close. Both of those timers would require you to be standing still. The noise from the water hitting the umbrella would make more noise than the rain around it making you a little more noticeable when walking around in the rain if zombies are about. It would be usable as a very limited bat like weapon and would break pretty fast, maybe one to three uses. It would have the close combat jaw kill move like knives, maybe four to five uses. If in multi-player, two or three people can stand under it and not get wet. It would wear out over time from the wear and tear and from the water damaging it (long-term). And if hot and sunny, you stay cool when using it.
  18. It isn't reasonable to assume someone in this day and age has a clock / watch that isn't on their cellphone, and most cellphones will last less than four days with even the barest of use, so the fact that you automatically get a clock in PZ kind of confuses me. I know this was suggested on the older forum, but I feel the need to bring it up again - Watches. They should be an item, and at least as common as shoes, but not something you start off with. They should have a chance of breaking if you do anything that injures you, but otherwise be the eternal source of proper time-keeping they already are. If you don't have a watch, there should either be a rudimentary sun-dial in the corner so you can approximate the time of day, or by pressing one of the unused buttons you should be able to look at the sky. Not with any first-person graphical wizardry, but just by overlaying an image of a sky (clear, cloudy, or raining) with the sun in the appropriate position or hidden behind clouds. If you don't know directions this makes you think for a few seconds about the time, which is reasonable given the circumstances. It also brings me to another point - usually, you can tell when it's going to rain. If we had the 'look at the sky' option, or so little as a weather indicator that turned cloudy before the bad weather hit, we might be able to plan expeditions without getting ill when our perfectly clear day suddenly turned into The Day After Tomorrow. Considering a sudden bout of rain can make you ill and end your days, I don't think it's too much to ask to have a small chance of planning ahead. Not asking for a perfect forecast, I'd just like to see the clouds. TL;DR : People don't all wear watches anymore and weather in PZ runs on a chaos engine. Suggestions to fix. Discuss. (EDIT: I noticed watches in the community suggestions topic after writing this... but considering the elaboration I'm leaving it in here. ;P Since it also ties into the weather thing, besides. If you don't know what I'm referring to please read this so we're on the same page.)
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