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Found 3 results

  1. I've been thinking,when the Kate and Baldspot tutorial first came out i wondered,"Where did they come from, and how did they get in that predicament? Did they get stuck in Muldraugh during a vacation, or did they get stuck there because Louisville was the first to go?" So i was thinking, how about a world that gets persistently worse as the infection spreads? Like everything is normal, then police get called in, then riots in the streets, then the CDC and the National Guard gets called in, then they quarantine the area, then they start bombing runs, then the quarantine fails and it spreads even farther. Please write your criticism and your thoughts in the comments!
  2. Hi all, first up, I've only started to get into drawing pixel art, and people are amazed and think I've been doing this for years, (I've never been good at drawing, decided to try pixel art pretty recently and picked it up quite well), But I really don't think I am THAT good. Mainly because I (personally) think I don't have enough variety, and I am not sure how to add to what I have already done. For example, what I have done below, I'm not sure what I should do next with the floor, and also it all looks like one big giant blob of grey. It needs more variety, but I have no idea how to improve it in that respect. Any ideas? It's suppose to be some sort of dungeon-ish type place. The tiles in the top corner I put there to show what each piece looks like. (This is all done by me from scratch by the way, so to everyone, please don't use) Also here is some of my other work, they were games I was making, but put on hiatus because of time and just generally couldn't get the pixel art right (I like to do the art first, then do the programming, if I can't get the art right, I get frustrated and stop the game altogether...) Some Space game I was making:
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