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Found 2 results

  1. In the game NEO Scavenger, you can scavenge 'water sources' (Like rivers, lakes and...Puddles) well I'm not suggesting the rivers and lakes, but what about scavenging puddles of water when it rains (And for a few hours after it rains) to fill water bottles with (Or when really desperate, to drink directly from)? I remember reading on the forums a character who ended up dying of thirst in a rainstorm in the woods. Seems like it could be fixed.
  2. I recently made some containers for water that hold a gallon, and quart. Specifically a 9 pound and 2.5 pound container of water with 40 and 20 drainable uses. While testing them I noticed that after the first drink from the gallon, I pretty much never got thirsty again (I've been setting pretty for a good 4 days now) I was wondering what determines how much thirst is replenished by a water source in your inventory? If it is based on the weight of the object being drank from, then I might have to rethink using realistic weights and a large number of delta drains.
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