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Found 5 results

  1. It's hard to find a suitable speed for the zombies in my plays. If they're not slow enough, they're either not fast enough or too fast. I've made this suggestion in the official Discord, but I figured it'd be best to create a suggestion here. I think it would be nice to have additional speeds for zombies for sandbox mode, such as: ----------------------------- Slow Shamblers: Much slower than the Shamblers, these zombies walk at a painstakingly slow pace in either idle wandering or pursuit of their targets. On their own, they're laughable and can easily be killed. In a pack, they're a fearsome threat, and even if you have all the time in the world, they'll catch up. The best example of Slow Shamblers are the zombies depicted in George Romero films such as Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead. In these two scenes from Dawn and the opening sequence from Day, you can see just how slow the zombies truly are, practically shuffling their way to their next meal. Simplistic, dumb, and slow alone, but a true terror in numbers. ------------------------ Joggers: A variant of the infected much slower than the sprinters, but much faster than the fast shamblers, joggers can still be outran but are more than capable of catching up to you almost right after. When idle or in small groups, they may not pursue quickly and be at the same speed as Slow or Default shamblers. If they are in bigger groups, they are more likely to start jogging after you. It can be easy to get cornered. The best example of Joggers is the first and second seasons of The Walking Dead. As Rick enters Atlanta, the individual walkers that see him and follow after are extremely slow, like a Slow Shambler, and is easy to just avoid. However, when he runs into the horde a few blocks down the street, that horde breaks into a jogging pace, some faster than others, yet eager to catch him. Here, Rick and Glenn are sprinting through a zombie infested street to get to the trucks a few blocks away, while a horde of walkers is jogging incredibly fast behind them, limping and struggling as they do so, but still able to pursue them. It is in this rare case that some infected are able to climb over the metal fence before inevitably knocking it down. It's as if the infected are far more confident than they are acting alone. -------------------- The current zombie speeds, while nice, still has some restrictions that I think more speeds like these could definitely fix. Slow zombies may be easy to deal with, but one mistake and it's over.
  2. Server Name: [TWD][HARDCORE][RP][24/7] Status: LIVE Resets: whenever majority is ready to start over Loot Respawn: 2 years Zombies: Normal count, poor senses You can only hit or push 1 zombie at a time due to the weapons nerf mod!! MY Work Schedule: (US-Central) Mon: 11p-6a Tues: 11p-6a Wed: 12a-5a Thurs: 5p-5a Fri: 5p-5a Sat: 5p-5a Sun: OFF The Server is live!! This is my first time running a server, so bear with me, and let me know if you have any problems at all!! You can be any character that's ever existed within TWD universe, or create an original character. Characters are available on a first come, first serve basis. Please use proper names for original characters. Rules: -To create ENEMIES: When you/your group are in an intense situation and someone opens fire, please don't actively chase anyone down and kill them, until 2 encounters have happened. Take pot shots at each other, but then run away. After the 2nd encounter, however, all bets are off and may the best survivor win. -Absolutely NO KOS!! Pvp is allowed but must have a reason (you are enemies/you need their stuff). -To claim a safehouse, rename something and place it in front of EVERY door on 1st floor. Safehouses cannot be robbed unless at least 1 person from the house's group is online, and safehouses cannot be attacked unless at least half of the house's group is online. -Fully Fabricated safehouses are not allowed. You must use a pre-existing building and fortify it. -Police Officer, Veteran, and Carpenter occupation is not allowed for any Original Character. They can be chosen ONLY if you choose an established character with the occupation. -Global chat is for OOC conversations only. Use the ingame radio/walkie system to communicate at distance. Try to keep OOC to a minimum. -Consider this an alternate timeline, as such, relation progression from the show doesn't matter. Only acceptable lore relations are those from before the start of the apocalypse (family and friends), nor do you have to follow your character's path from the show. Only thing you can use from the show is the character's personality and skill set. -Don't cheese or do anything that wouldn't be believable (No luring huge groups of zombies away from loot spots, no soloing 30 zombies, ect.) -There will be one custom building towards the center of the map which will act as a neutral trade post. No pvp allowed, no exceptions. -There's almost no way to RP familiar games without some metagaming. As such, the pz map by blindcoder is allowed. -Rp Personalities are not a reflection of RL Personalities. -We are working with the Honor System!!! Mods: -Hydrocraft 498441420 -ORMtnMan's Real Gun Mod Edit by Jether 560023706 -HydrORGMAmmo 559049684 -ORGM Guns Silencer 640674707 -ORGM Override 543483053 -Self Induced Injuries with Hydrocraft/orgm 654022334 -Allmapshere 655062253 -Littering 1.9 498547445 -QuickContainers 499134809 -Weapon Nerf 498343035 -ModelLoaderExtension 616177013 Maps: Bedford Falls Downtown Drayton Rebuild Louisiana New Denver Phoenix TWD Prison Vine Grove Dreadwood- No spawn point South Muldraugh- No spawn point Grove Beach If this seems like a setting you will enjoy, pm me your character and build for approval. Hope to see you in the Apocalypse!! Claimed Chars -Shane Walsh -Daryl Dixon -Tara Chambler -Glenn Rhee -Tyreese Williams EDIT: I've finally gotten everything working except the workshop ID's. When they are included in the ini, it won't advance past the "server requires these mods" screen even if I'm already subscribed to the required mods. So I'm going to include the workshop ID for all the mods. Just copy the ID into the workshop search bar, and it will take you to the page to subscribe to the mod. Also, due to how long it took me to fix and figure out the server, I'm putting loot to respawn in 2 years instead of never. If you had a character, you will have to delete them...sorry about that.
  3. The Walking Dead Prison Hello all and welcome to a walking dead build. This one is of the prison, It has taken a lot of work learning the tools and getting it ready and keep in mind there are still some rooms that are empty and some that have not been made. This is still a WIP. Pictures Download Steam Download Installation To install simply extract the contents of the archive to C:\Users\\Zomboid\Workshop. To have the prison work properly on the map you must select it as the starting location. You will spawn anywhere on the map as always. Please report any bugs and feel free to leave any suggestions. Have a nice day. Location Credits: Z3759xy: helped me figure out stuff with the mapping tools. Credit where it's due This mod can be added to and extended by anyone in the community, but credit must be given to the original author within the files of the mod - and posted alongside the mod wherever it roams.
  4. Hey Survivors, You are Searching for a new Community?! Youre welcome, play like you want, active admin-team, most friendly survivor. Wanna Play?! JOIN US NOW: NOW WITH "HYDROCRAFT"
  5. Is this game a lot like 'The Walking Dead'? I am a big fan of it and I wondered if this is trying to be like it. If it is that's great because when I started watching it, I started to hate other zombie games because they was not like the ones in 'The Walking Dead' (too easy and you could just rip through them). I am asking this out of curiosity by the way. There's that and I was wondering if there would ever be a prison in the map, you know like the one they took over, that would be nice. If I am wrong and you guys just created zombies that walk in groups and stuff like that with nothing to do with 'The Walking Dead', I am sorry but still, thumbs up on the game.
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