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Found 4 results

  1. Hey Guys, This isn't my game - but I feel like I need to mention it here since the game look extremely good, even more so considering it's an indie game. Basically, you're the only survivor of a plane crash on an island, and the idea of the game is to survive and thrive on this island, however it's already inhabited by a mutated tribe of cannibals that lurk underground and come up to hunt during the night. You need to eat, drink, and sleep, keep warm, etc. You can chop down any tree, and use the logs to build a shelter, and to craft tools and weapons out of sticks and stones. Oh and it
  2. Build 25 Originally, I wanted to build my safehouse on the lake but the game wouldn't let me. Besides, the water tiles are very ugly. (No offense to the devs) I built my safehouse on top of Giga Mart. The highest point is 6 stories off the ground... I think. I'm safe from all zombies and I'm self-sustaining. Images of my stockpile can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/9KJYF Summary of my stockpile: 70 Anti-Depressants50 Beta Blockers69 Painkillers55 Sleeping Tablets114 Bandages103 Bandaids60 Vitamins68 Bags of chips32 Orange Sodas79 9mm Rounds10 Boxes of 9mm Rounds18 Boxes of Shotg
  3. From what I understand if you die on a character and reload that save you'll be able to replay the same map but have to make a new character. I was thinking that if you happened to come upon the body of your old character and search him/her you'd find a wallet. Ex. John Doe's wallet If you right mouse click and have a spade in your inventory then you get the option (Bury dead) to bury your old character. Body disappears and is replaced with a simple shoveled rectangular plot of dirt. Alternatively, an etched stone with the characters name on it if on certain types of tiles. (In a shop, ho
  4. I went through all of the logging co. buildings gathering most everything of value. Then I made my way to the large warehouse where I fought furocisoly to hold and secure it. When I finally managed it I went through everything in the large warehouse and started sorting and placing things in different storage contrainers on the 2nd floor. I hung sheet rope from all the 2nd floor windows and was about to destory the stairs leading to it. I decided to first test the sheet rope. I had more than enough sheet rope to make it long enough so I wasn't worried about it. When my character went down the
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