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Found 2 results

  1. Currently, with the onset of NPC's fast approaching like the Mongolian scourge poised on our borders (except with hilarious bugs and fantastic happiness instead of decapitation and rutheless slaughter) we will soon find ourselves getting involved with the politics to emerge from post-apocalyptic world. That probably makes it seem complicated. What I am suggesting, is that if your group gets large enough, the authority of the 'leader' has the possibility of being questioned. Bad decisions, competing goals, or conflicting personality. Meta-game and the player should have options in dealing with such things, or just preemptively doing it. The player or NPC could initiate a chain of events that attempts to change the group dynamic. Maybe from now on the leader of the group should be elected - or the polar opposite Caesarian approach. This provides a delicious new conflict in deciding if the group should grow any larger. "Oh, Stacy has a lot of people voting for her. And this new guy seems like he'd vote for me... Over here! Come enjoy our spoiled cabbages!" Could become "Everyone hates me and this new guy would love Stacy too. Say hello to mister axe, stranger!" TL;DR Option to persuade survivor group to either pick leader or accept you as supreme overlord for life.
  2. SO ya, What's That Sound? I am uploading a small sound clip. Identify the object that is making the tinking sound in the beginning. Only one guess per user, don't want to get to overcrowded.. Ahh who cares, post away with multiple guesses. Who ever gets it right gets a cookie.. And I'll post the picture. Edit: *Hint* If you know what fight scene and what movie it is from, keep it to yourself for now. The thing that makes the sound was dropped on the floor. So what it is not: Sword, beer, any type of medical injection, a poor scout dispenser, drum sticks. Added mp3. Top one is ogg, bottom is mp3. WhatsThatSound1.zip WhatsThatSound1mp3.zip
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