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Found 6 results

  1. Coords: 7297x8195 41.78.16 Singleplayer Host No mods Issue persists even on new saves - Texture missing on the floor tile under the wardrobe.
  2. I know that this has been repeatedly talked about before, on Build 41 on my Mac has no textures showing up for players and zomboids. Hats show up fine, but it's just a solid color if I'm wearing a shirt, and everything else disappears if wearing a sweater. I've seen this talked about before, but I haven't seen a simple fix yet. Just wanting to know what I should do about this, explain the answer like i'm dumb, cause I cam when it comes to this. Thanks.
  3. Found this car wreck with missing wheel textures. There is another one like it close by that has the same problem.
  4. Duffel Bag appears completely basically invisible. when being held or on player's back, it is very difficult to tell whether it is there or not and the outline is only visible when being hovered over the mouse.
  5. Starting A new topic in hopes of getting some attention, as the old thread has had no replies from the Dev team for nearly a year. https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/26192-no-textures-on-player-or-zombie-models-osx-versionbuild-41/page/2/&tab=comments#comment-290466 While i understand that it is likely less than 1% over PZ players that are simply too poor to afford new machines and will be left behind once build 41 becomes the next stable build. It's still disheartening to see that the team has seemingly shelved the issue. I come with a suggestion that may or may not be worth trying, only because it's something another indie game dev did to deal with what i suspect were similar problems. And that is to switch/update pulling from "Compatibility" profile in OpenGL to the "CORE" profile. From what i gather this requires updating much within the game itself. The process of which i really have no idea on. Maybe that solo dev might be open to talking with the team as to what there issues were and the process they went through. Really i'm just hoping that it might at least be considered. As i'd really love to be able to continue to play PZ and actually experience all the new awesome features.
  6. Right after IWBUMS 41 hit I downloaded it and was dumbfounded when I saw that all the weapons I picked up had no textures...they're either black,brown or any other solid color,knives are literally black... Later I found out that even models like the water bottle when you fill it up,the food when you're eating and magazines and books when they're read have no textures at all... Magazines are f-king PINK with no writing whatsoever, books are a solid brown with no writing... Oh yeah, and the crashes after I change some display settings or after like 20-25 mins of gameplay with no explanation whatsoever are really,really annoying. Don't get me wrong-I looooooove the new animation update,because it adds sooo much potential to the game with roleplays,storytelling ( check MathasGames ) and much much more, BUT these issues kinda make the game a bit unplayable for me at the current moment...
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