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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, I just started making a mods to this game, and i was trying to make a mod that adds a vehicle to the game, so far there's not much problem but when i see the vehicle in the game, all the textures are messed up, just like if it didn't follow the UVs of the 3D model or something like that, but in blender they seem ok. Oh and by the way i tried making the mod following the tubetarakan tutorial. Here are some images that show a little better the problem. Sorry if i bother and thanks!
  2. I know that this has been repeatedly talked about before, on Build 41 on my Mac has no textures showing up for players and zomboids. Hats show up fine, but it's just a solid color if I'm wearing a shirt, and everything else disappears if wearing a sweater. I've seen this talked about before, but I haven't seen a simple fix yet. Just wanting to know what I should do about this, explain the answer like i'm dumb, cause I cam when it comes to this. Thanks.
  3. I've been working on a Helmet mod and its texture only has problems with baggy clothing on the character, I'm not sure if anyone else has encountered this problem and has a solution or not. I have been comparing it to other mods that add clothing but I can't find anything that jumps out. any help would be appreciated. Some clothing that has been giving it trouble is mostly static model clothing, for example, long shorts, suit jackets/pants.
  4. 41.77 Singleplayer and Multiplayer Host, Dedicated and SP No Occurs on old and new saves Reproduction Steps: 1. Build 2 wall frames and a door-frame next to each other 2. Build a wooden wall lvl. 3 and a wooden window lvl.3 3. Plaster all 3 4. Paint them in any color 5. The Color will be noticeably off If the Walls are built on the spot where a wall previously existed (for example after tearing down a house and rebuilding it with wooden walls on the exact spots where the walls had been) the paint matches up perfectly. This is a problem, as a lot of time and effort go into building a custom base, and then having to see the outside have mismatched colors is depressing.
  5. This issue has been in the game since 41.66 and is possible to recreate in all scenarios, be it vanilla, modded or even a fresh install of the game. The outdoor lamp textures are always grey, even when the lamp is turned on. As far as I'm aware this applies to all the lamps in the game including the street lamps and neon signs which are always desaturated even when turned on. You can see what I mean in the images below: And this is what the textures are supposed to look like when the lamps are turned on (notice the yellowish tint): As for neon signs, the texture is supposed to be more saturated and less transparent when they're turned on: This issue doesn't affect the gameplay as much, other than not letting the player see if a lamp is turned on or off unless right-clicked but I still hope it gets fixed soon anyway because it's been around for a WHILE and still hasn't been fixed even though it does look like an easy fix, but then again, I am not a developer nor a programmer so I wouldn't know.
  6. Hello, I may missed the words to describe it, but one image (or two in this case)... Anyway, I've noticed that the car has some sort of 'bubble' going on where it glitches those little barricades on the side of the road at Valley Station. I'm at 40mph on the first picture, it glitches 9 or so tiles. If I stop, the number of tiles bugged goes down to 2 or 3. After going out of the car (second image), if I'm looking it glitches as well. If I'm not looking, it renders as usual.
  7. Hey there folks! Im new to the Community and the Game, i really love the game but you guys & girls have to help me out here: I made a simple Hat mod. i made the Model in Blender and exported it as an .fbx, imported the texture to the mod-folder, wrote the script and .xml up to this point everything worked great BUT now comes the Problem: if the Hat gets Dirty or Damaged the texture will get mixed up and wont return to normal until its cleaned. i really cant figure it out.. Anyone of you got some ideas? Im thankful for any advice! Greetings from Germany -Mooreiche
  8. Hi! Me and one guy are creating a cool re-texture mod and we need your help. Is there any way to replace vanilla textures? I heard about "Tile Properties", as I know it's only way to add new tiles into the game. But it's not an option. Because the mod has more than 9000 tiles and it'll be impossibly to give each tile a property.
  9. 1) Open TileZed 1.2) Select "Tools -> .pack files -> Pack Viewer" 2) Select "File -> Open .pack" 2.1) Go to \Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\texturepacks 2.2) Choose "Tiles2x.pack" 2.3) Select "File -> Extract Images" I recommend you to select "Each tile as separate image" [Warning: There are more than 9900 tiles!] 2.4) Press at "..." 2.5) Choose any empty folder Modify tiles as you wish 3) Select "Tools -> .pack files -> create .pack file" 3.1) Select any folder where you want to save your texture pack 3.2) Name the texture pack as "Tiles2x" 3.3) Select "Output texture size" -> "2048x2048" 3.4) Press "+" 3.5) Choose the folder with your modified tiles 3.6) If you have chosen "Each tile as separate image" at 2.3) step, uncheck the box. 3.7) Press OK 3.8) BACKUP VANILLA TILE2X 3.9) Put the modified "Tiles2x.pack" into \Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\texturepacks Profit! Russian Version [Русская Версия]
  10. Good afternoon. Enough said. I am using Mods (particularly "Hydro Craft") and a Map overhaul, but none of the Furniture or graphics are overwritten by either. That means these shelves are glitching in the Vanilla rendition. The shelves, regardless of how full they are, are always shown to be empty. That means they are missing the Sprites that change the shelf when something is sitting on it. What, if anything, can be done to fix this? Thank you. -TURTLESHROOM
  11. I have recently made a post-apocalypse player model, and a double barrel shotgun model, however, i am not good at texturing, so if anyone wants to help me out doing a colab, hit me up. here are some pictures of the models: https://imgur.com/a/lVhL5 I have avoided making to many accessories models on the player model to avoid clipping, so most of the details would come from texturing, but if more is needed I will make them. here are the main model's references(pictures aren't mine): https://imgur.com/a/ZXigi
  12. is there a way to get a texture object from a .png file without adding that item to the script/ .txt files? I sort of thought thats what getTexture() was for but that didnt work for me. what i am doing now is just creating an item object, then getting the texture from that object. but thats messy and means i have to add an item declaration for every texture i want to use even if i wont ever use that item
  13. Big fan, saw the recent blog post about your new texturing: http://projectzomboid.com/blog/2016/06/bloody-business/. Since it gives you the ability to combine as many textures as you like, I thought: why not add, as time passes, ageing to all found clothing in the game, conveying the encroaching worldly demise, perhaps as a sepia-toned texture set with minor imperfections.
  14. Hey, I'm trying to return to Radcliff once again after gaining some willpower after 2 lost PCs. I had this same issue with the last pc, and I solved it by not caring about it. This time I'd want to do this proper. The problem is missing tilesets after opening the session after it was backed up and moved to a new pc. I have the "Tilesets..." pointing in the right folder and all in there is seemingly ok. The issue is that tiled isn't recognizing some sets that are there. Here's a couple of pics to illustrate: Spoiler More weird is that the missing tiles are different in some cells... Could it be that it depends on what's in the cell? I also want to point out that this could be a serious thing if something happens to the official files the devs are using and this is an actual issue with no solution. As this makes editing old areas of the map impossible. If there's anything anyone knows in regards of how to fix this I'd appreciate it a ton! Thanks beforehand!
  15. CzarUltra


    Tired of that boring old, monochromatic blood? Well this is the texture pack for you! DOWNLOAD IT HERE! created using Minic90's unpacker/packer tool here http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/3511-pz-unpacker/ annnnnd paint.net in only 3 hours This small texture pack is the precursor to a mod I'm doing-- THE CLOWN MOD. So... yeah, look out for that, until then, check this out, laugh a little bit, then put it back to normal. How do I find steamapps? for windows users, it'll be in C:/programfiles(x86)/steam or C:/programfiles(x64)/steam -- whichever one of those you have. It won't be in C:/programfiles/, just look for the one with an x and a number. For Mac users--
  16. Hello everyone, I created an old mod when I used to play this. I could load individual .png image files and they loaded in the game perfectly fine, but after re-working my mod (took several hours this morning) to apply it to and include all of the latest changes in the game, none of the custom images work anymore. Everything else works but the images. They are mostly Item_ icons, and one Objects_ file. Previously I used this code in a random lua for it to work: function TestItemIcons.loadTextures() getTexture("Item_Cigar.png"); end Events.OnGameBoot.Add(TestItemIcons.loadTextures); ---- Please can someone help me get my custom images to be loaded by the game again? My friend and I are eager to get back into the game and we're just waiting on this last bit of info, thanks everyone.
  17. Suomiboi


    Hey!! Since Jab is awesome and wrote a bunch of awesome code, editing some of PZ's models is now possible! I started fiddling with them and decided I'll share the results! Foreword: Have you ever felt like "it's 8 months later and I don't even have a decent beard and just this slick hair/bald spot". Well those days are over and you too can have a manly beard and a girly hair! (I've long hear irl so don't take offense ;P) Download here. Extract to your ProjectZomboid/media/models and start playing. Back up the old files before overwriting. The overwritten hair is "messy" and the beard is "full" (Now actually a full beard!). NOTE: the models won't show in the character creation menu, only in game. Also known: the hair will clip into the body when running. I'll try to fix it later if possible. I'll post more models here if I get the urge to start fiddling. Happy Sundoid!
  18. I can't help but notice that Project Zomboid's art style is similar to this game on Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dustflake.innergarden&hl=en This is a game about making gardens. It is not a game, really, but the arts that they are using is awesome! And I heard they make arts for sale too! If you can negotiate and get some of those pieces to integrate into the game's nature, Kentucky won't be so boring-looking anymore. Thank you for your time. Any thoughts? sorry wrong section.... can mod please move this to PZ suggestion?
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