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Found 3 results

  1. Rot Project Zomboid Roleplay Server, Text Based, Heavy RP, +18 Hey Survivors, We’re excited to announce the launch of ROT, a brand-new Project Zomboid roleplay server! If you're looking to leave your mark in a post-apocalyptic world, this is your chance. Season 1 is starting the 1st of June! About Us: Server Type: +18, heavy text RP Season Start: June 1st Theme: Mature, darker, and grittier atmosphere tailored for a true end-of-the-world experience What We Offer: Immersive Lore: Dive into our rich backstory and detailed world-building available on our Discord. Every character has a place and a story to tell. Custom Mods: We've curated a mod list that enhances realism and depth, adding new challenges and experiences to your survival journey. Active Community: Join a dedicated group of roleplayers who are passionate about creating memorable stories and engaging in intense RP scenarios. Events and Story Arcs: Participate in server-wide events and dynamic story arcs that will test your survival skills and decision-making. Why Join ROT? Fresh Start: With our new season starting, there are plenty of opportunities for new players to establish themselves and influence the course of the server. Supportive Environment: Our team is committed to fostering a friendly and supportive community where everyone can enjoy the RP experience. Flexible Playstyles: Whether you prefer playing a peaceful survivor, a cunning trader, or a ruthless raider, there’s a place for you in ROT. We can’t wait to see you in-game and hear your stories. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on our Discord. https://discord.gg/xb4WXJBSaG
  2. No one knows when it happened. It started with a whisper; there was no sign of sickness in anyone until an epidemic started of what seemed like a common flu outbreak. Businesses struggled to stay open with the masses falling sick in the Knox County area, and then the military set up the Exclusion Zone. It only devolved from there, symptoms rapidly progressing until, at last, those who died rose again from the illness. Society started breaking down within the first week. The Police Stations that held out against the dead fell in the first month. The Military Quarantine Zones fell within the first year. - - - Now all that remains are the Dark Days Ahead and the desperate survivors of the World fighting for their lives at every turn, against man, dead, and nature. ---------------------------------------------- Server Information: Our Server is intended to be a close simulation of reality with the useage of mods, but also with a balance for fun as well. We are a Mod-heavy, map-lite, whitelisted server with a simple application process before you can hop in and start playing. We start out as Ten Years Later, with two admin-npc run Trading Outposts available to access, as our loot does not respawn and neither do our zombies (save for migration events). Discord: https://discord.gg/3yYmc7YuaA
  3. -What is Cantr and who runs it?- Okay, so I posted this on the last forums but since they're gone I decided to repost. Cantr is a society builder, its pure text based, no graphics, ran completely by the community. The forums are open to make suggestions which are put into the game if the community like them and the devs are not paid. The game is ran purely off donations, however, if you choose to donate then you won't get anything out of it except being awesome. The game is free and browser based, it doesn't have any NPC's so every single character you see is an actual person playing it. -Game Rules- The game has no rules except stay in character and don't use glitches or bugs intentionally to gain an unfair advantage in the game, the game is always in development so not all features have been implemented yet. By stay in character I mean in character, you're playing as your character and have no knowledge of the 'real world' that we know, only the knowledge of the world of Cantr and not even that if you never learned it. You can have knowledge of everything that's in the wiki though. -What can I do in the world of Cantr?- Anything, you can be a pirate, a thief, a murderer, a tribal chief, a town mayor, or even the worlds greatest warlord. Literally anything you can think of and the only limitation you have is your imagination. -Cantr is tick based? What does that mean?- That mean that Cantr is ran in ticks, a timer is set for different types of projects and once that project timer ends you will be a certain percentage done with your task, this includes traveling on the roads to other towns. This does cause a huge problem for players who don't factor in that roads are extremely long and without the proper supplies such as an ample supply of food and potentially a weapon you could die before ever reaching another town, the reason is because if you hit another location but it's abandoned and no food around you could starve or if it's abandoned and you have no weapon and another player decides to kill you then you'll be in trouble.. Best bet would be to stay in town until you have the proper supplies (at least food) because I've only had one circumstance of being ambushed by marauders who promptly killed me and took my stuff. I will supply you with a neat little link that tells you all Cantr ticks and it even has a timer, it was provided to us through the community. http://joo.freehostia.com/cantr/ticks/ My suggestion is if you're going to travel, stock up until the ticks for land traveling are down into the seconds and then hit the road, it won't take as long to hit your first tick and thus won't take as long to travel. Also keep in mind that (VEHICLES OF SOME SORT SHORTEN TRAVEL) by how much actually depends on a variety of factors including carry weight that's currently being filled, type of vehicle, type of road, etc. -Other Cantr information- Cantr is a purely role play game, so it has mechanics, basic mechanics like burying dead bodies, an attack button and it can be confusing learning how the interface works so I would suggest checking out the wiki and forum while you're waiting for you account to be verified. The forums has a bunch of helpful tips and a really helpful community, sign up there and in the welcome area ask for some pro-tips to get you started and keep in mind traveling can be boring as it does take a pretty long time, so make sure that if you aren't the patient type you have another character to play or someone traveling with you.. You can have up to 15 characters and as soon as your account is verified you get 2 slots opened, the rest are locked but they open 1 each day that your account is active until you reach a max of 15 open slots. I would suggest starting with 2 characters and playing only two for a while until you feel comfortable you have the time and knowledge to play more than one at a time, otherwise it can get overwhelming as I learned the hard way. The moment you've all been waiting for (and probably most skipped to) here is the Cantr site with all the links you'll need. www.cantr.net If you don't want to read everything I wrote then in short, once you sign up while your account is being processed, sign up to the forums, check out the wiki and ask for some pro-tips on the forums because it can get confusing without some help. Don't be afraid to ask for help on the forums, there's a lot of helpful and nice people who can and will help you with any problem you encounter, some might already be answered so remember to use the search function and have fun!
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