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Found 4 results

  1. When inspecting long socks, the picture of the socks is way below the inspect popup. I've only noticed this for long socks in my game, and multiple pairs too.
  2. Good day survivors! A nifty feature I felt was missing from Knox county was the classic sewing machine. Hand stitching is one thing, but tailors should be able to operate in style! I figure there would be two version: An antique sewing machine that operates slowly. Uses thread more efficiently than by hand. A powered, more modern sewing machine that operates with electricity. This model would be faster than an antique sewing machine, and use thread slightly more efficiently than an antique sewing machine. A boost to helping those long tailoring levels out would be a blessing. While thread would still be hard to come by, or take a lot of work from killing and ripping up clothes, a sewing machine would let you more efficiently use what you find in the slow grind that is tailoring. Good luck out there in the apocalypse!
  3. The amount of pieces of thread is far too uncommon to find. I'm currently 6 months in and have found about 15-20 spools of thread from looting every building in the areas circled in red and the major buildings, stores and warehouses, in the area circled in green. In comparison I've found 8 generators and 12 magazinez for the M9. I'm running with the lucky trait and have found 5 sewing kits containing nothing at all. The current amount of thread makes it far too hard to level up your tailoring which I've currently leveled to just short of level 2 with having to use 12 spools of thread with varying amount of thread(uses) remaining and have also been removing patches. I get that it is not supposed to be a breeze leveling up but currently it is faaar too grindy and unreliable to the point where it feels like it is not even worth investing time in. I feel like every 1/5 houses should have some pieces of thread laying around or a sewing kit with around 3-4 pieces of thread.
  4. I've been playing a fair bit of Build 41 and dying. This leads to me spending a bit of time in character creation and it had me noticing that we lack a lot of basic colour options. My suggestion is that there's an overhaul to the clothing colour system be it adding in more colours to the existing swatches or switching over to a colour wheel type of system that still has presets set by the devs. This would allow for more variety in zombie clothing alongside player clothing. This could also be implemented into the new Tailoring system in that a dyeing system could be added. You could use either man made dyes you'd find as rare loot in certain locations (We lack arts and crafts stores. Ever noticed that? Would be really nice for Tailoring and maybe even a good glue source for weapon repair) or flex your foraging level and have natural dyes. If you wanted to go a step further: Knitting. Being able to make your own woolen sweaters, beanies, gloves, and scarves for when winter rolls around. Would work nicely with tailoring as a side thing. Ultimately I'd love to see the possibility of being able to keep a sheep you can sheer for wool and the tools needed to process it into woolen yarn. You could just skip out on that though and go with a finite amount of wool that spawns into certain locations. Either way it would be nice. All this because I wish I could have a grey tshirt for my character
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