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Found 9 results

  1. (First of all i want to apology because english is no t my first lenguage) I know PZ is not interested on implementing an higienic system, but I've thought it could be a good idea to give some use to all the showers on the game by implementing a system where the more dirty you are the more chances to get infected by any wound you have. By that, you will need to take some showers every week, al least, to be safe (adding some animations or something, wich could be better than cleanning yourself in a sink ). I have also thought you could take the shower naked (or completly naked) to not get your clothes wet. Finally, you will need a towel to get dry (but i think that's already implemented).
  2. Welcome and I would like to start by saying I didn’t take any ideas, these are mine and I had these for months. Second I would like to thank you for taking the time to read it. It means a lot. Now without any more interruptions here are my suggestions. Now winter is a problem in Project Zomboid for sure. The only real way to combat this is by sweaters and a campfire. Now my suggestion is the system of heat but before that I need to cover some other things that would play a part in this. The system overview- I say make it so each room has its own temperature, the outdoor has its own too. The temperature would work almost like the locks at the Panama Canal. When a room is open to the outside the temperature slowly balances to the outside temperature since opening a door won’t change the outside temperature. Doing so with rooms however will balance them to a mid-level of balance. For example a room A is 70 Room B is 80. When connected the temperature becomes 75. This does take time so opening a door for a second won’t drop the room temp instantly. Temperature Control- These things help cool or heat the player and/or safehouse: · Thermostat- this is a little panel like the light switch that allows the temperature of the house to be changed. It could be set to choose presets like Hot, Cold, Warm, and such or in a way where you can control the temperature by putting in number. (using Fahrenheit) Setting 80 would put it to a warm temperature while setting it to 40 would be a cold temperature. This would be a major part in the system. · Ceiling fans- these just provide slight cooling when on. It requires power. · Heater- these small little items are placed down near power sources and provide heat to the room. · Small Fan- these are like the heater but provide cooling instead of heating. · Generators- this is like a very poor heater. It provides some heat but very little. · Players- players produce heat and being in a room can make it warmer. · Insulation- when you knock down walls you will find this fluffy pink stuff. Making walls using it (requires a higher carpentry skill) will keep the house warmer or cooler for long as you will see in the system. · Lights- having lights on will also heat up a room or area. · Working fridge- this will produce some heat while powered. · Stove- when it’s on it will heat up the room. · Swamp coolers- these will cool down a room fast but are noisy and take power and water. · Heated stone- this can be held to warm you up. It is made by putting a rock in a fire. It can cause burns on hands if pulled out when it’s too hot. · Cold packs- now these can be used to cool a player by having it on a secondary. · Wet towel- these can be used to cool a player if in secondary. Now for a list of factors that will alter the room’s temperatures: · Doors- this will be the major point of temperature change. It is a major loss speed when open and very little when closed. · Windows- these are the second major point in the system. Having them open cause’s moderate temperature change, while having it closed it still changes but slower. Having curtains slows this even more and if you have it boarded it also slows it a little bit more. · Walls- these doo cause very VERY slight temperature loss. It’s even slower if they have insulation but player made walls at low levels do decrease faster. · Roofs- like the wall this is so very slight, player made ones are worse. · Flooring- tile and laminate cool faster and will lower room temperatures while being great insulation. Dirt is very poor at insulation. Carpet is really good insulation and keeps the room warmer but at the cost of lower insulation. Wood is ok at insulation and gets better as the levels go higher. The pavement and cement both hold and store a ton of heat during summer. They also could injure your feet if you are barefooted when hot. They also hold the cool temperature in the winter. Now for the major system descriptions and non-variables: The whole system revolves around each room having their own temperature. These are chosen when the game starts by the season chosen so you don’t have freezing houses in winter and such. Second the outside temp can’t be changed but the temperature around a house can be. If you are in front of an open door of a cold house while outside is hot the air reaches about 3 tiles out getting stronger as you grow closer and same with windows and other factors. Now a room can generate heat by the list of items at top so you can leave doors open and manage to keep the same temperature but it requires major power. That’s just about all of it so any questions or comments please leave down below.
  3. What? A game mechanic that acts as an additional 'sink' to the food system, thefore providing players with another means to dispose of rotten foods instead of through eating or cooking them. Why? Freedom of choice. All skills require time investments and not everyone is a cook/chef. An additional method of removing non-usable food to free up local space, specifically around bases/homes and food spawning containers (fridges). How? Once rotten food is left sitting around (on ground and possibly other instances as well) for a server-prescribed amount of time, a couple scenarios could take place: 1) Outside- rotten food on the ground can attract insects and/or fungi that will work to exhaust the remaining energy stores and then vanish. 2) Indoors- can attract insects that will again consume the rotting food but can also have a potentially negative drawback: food spawning containers can attract the insects brought indoors originally by the spoiled food and become infested (if in close enough proximity). Once this happens, all newly spawned food in said containers will be tainted by the insects,causing a chance for harmful sickness if ingested by humans. Another consequence could be that infested fridges must be cleaned with bleach/disinfectant in order to rid them of the "infested" property. Recap: In essence, this is a propsal to provide players/NPCs with an additional "space freeing" capability in regards to item management. The downsides would be the negative consequences of rotten food attracting insects/fungi that could possibly spread to fresh food, unbeknownst to the player/NPC. Attached is a simple flow chart just for funsies, chiefly.
  4. After reading through the latest Mondoid, I became very excited about the teased ability to give orders to NPC survivors. Judging by the types of orders the player can give, having a group of the super-smart NPCs will help a single player run a massive base operation that otherwise would be impossible or at least very inefficient if attempted alone. But since NPC are smart and designed to mimic player actions... what stops them from completely ignoring your orders and doing something else they see more important, like taking YOU out and taking power for themselves? Will the NPCs come with a system of trust/obedience? Will you have to earn the NPCs' obedience before you can order them around? Example: An NPC that trusts you more will be more inclined to listen to your commands. Conversely, another NPC that barely trusts you will have a low chance of following your orders and may have a higher chance of committing mutiny and trying to kill you or other NPCs in the group.
  5. So I just went over all of the suggestions after making an account and saw Sleep quality which is something I have thought about before, which would hopefully add to the expierience and not take too much away. Just like in real life, there are many things that can affect your sleep and when you awake, how rested you feel and how it might impact the rest of your zombie clubbin day. I can imagine a system that might have points (maybe not visual but in code) to determine how much sleep you get and the quality of it, depending on many factors small and big, some listed below. Health - How healthy are you at the moment that you are trying to sleep, slightly injured, critical damage, etc. would affect how well you sleepType of furniture you are sleeping in - As far as I know there is just beds and chairs I think, and obviously a bed would impact your sleep more than an uncomfortable chair.Saftey of envoirenment/house - This might be the biggest concept with Sleep Quality as an idea. When I think of sleeping in the zombie apocalypse I think of sleeping in a well guarded place. every single part of the envoirenemnt would be taken into consideration such as windows/doors being open or closed, and if they are barricaded, also if lights are on/off, on meaning zombies might be more tempted to pursue you, therefore not feeling as safe.Character mood - no mood would be best, but might be hard to sleep if very panicked, also things like being exhausted might actually be a good thing, you would feel like sleeping longer.If you fail to abide by sleep saftey your character might awake early or not feel rested during the day because you didn't think about your envoirenment very well. Those are just a few ideas, I know there must be some thread similar but I searched for it and didn't seem to find anything at first, so my apology if it's a duplicate. I would like everyones opinions on this and if they think it makes sense, also feel free to add in your thoughts and maybe your changes to it and such. Thanks.
  6. Hello,Indie Stone community and i think i have a pretty good suggestion regarding the Food & Hunger System.I would also like to thank the devs for making such a great zombie and post-apocalyptic simulation game.But i think there is a bit of problem with this game that might make it very unrealistic because of this,The Hunger System. Here's a thing and or a bug(maybe) i have found while researching the game's mechanics: 1.Hunger reduction values giving different hunger moodles. -Example:A cooked fresh steak has a hunger value of -52 can replenish your hunger either from starving/very hungry to very well fed while a boring salad which has a hunger value of -60 will change from either starving/very hungry to well fed and a small piece of strawberry/lollipop which has a hunger value of -5 will reduce hunger from starving to slightly fed. Ways to overcome the problem: 1.Make the hunger reduction value sensible according to the moodles.For example,a survivor has got the starving moodle after not having anything to eat for a long time,so that means he needs to eat ALOT of food in order to satiate himself and eating just 1 cooked steak with a hunger reduction of -52 will bring him back to very well fed which makes no sense.At least make the moodle go away step by step like eating a cooked steak will bring from starving to peckish instead of just hopping to a fed moodle.This does not only go to steaks,but also to all foods such as cabbage,tomato,canned beans,tuna and many more. 2.Change to the trait(Hearty Appetite).Since this trait is meant for eating more often,how about making this trait more challenging by making the survivor having to eat more in a short time?(This is a minor suggestion but if you choose to ignore it then go ahead).I found out that by selecting this trait in the game,it seems to match with the time to get peckish when i don't have this trait making this characteristic a free +2 points for the survivor.For example,this survivor will have to eat 1.5 times more than the average survivor and requires more hunger reduction to be very well fed and at the same time,make the survivor hungry faster following this trait. Now that i have talked about the Hunger System,let me talk about the Food System. 1.Perishable and a that are already found in the game could be made.For example,waffles,pancakes,burgers,pizzas and other special perishables can be made by new recipes which could be added into the game by the devs choice. Here a few suggestions for the devs to see but if they do not agree with my suggested food system,they can ignore it but the hunger system should not be ignored as it is one of the very crucial parts of a game that makes up as a survival simulation.I also observed that many players ignore the hunger system like just grabbing a bag of chips and eating it while starving making it look like the hunger system is being ignored.Like many survival games,the hunger system is very important in making the game realistic and ignoring it simply punishes the game.Again,thank you Indie Stone devs and community members for reading this suggestion and keep up the good work guys!Take your time to your planned features in the game,no rush and peace
  7. I think the axe breaks way to fast. In real life, an axe can last many many years. I have one In my garage that was bought in the 80's and still cuts wood just fine. Maybe there could be a sharpening system instead of the axe actually breaking. That is what you normally have to do with an axe, after time its get dull and you sharpen it with a file. A sharpening system would actually be good for most bladed weapons really, swords, knives, etc. then add in a file and sharpening stone Sometimes you can break an axe handle and have to replace it, crafting one in game could also be implemented. But overall, an axe head will last you a lifetime. (sorry if this is a repeated topic) Idk which would be better, having a sharpening system or make axe handles break so they have to be crafted. Maybe both? after so many sharpenings, the handle needs replaced???
  8. OK so you cant sleep on MP, but if there was a minecraft style sleep system where every player needs to be in bed before you can sleep i think this would be a good addition. I know that this wouldnt really work on a big server but for small groups like me and my friends this would be helpful when we need to loot and travel far. let me know your take on this
  9. Hey Guys, So I'm excited for the inclusion of NPC's and I've been thinking about groups of NPC's and some things about them, if one of the developers could answer or hint towards anything that'd be great Also I'd like to hear others' thoughts on things like this. 1. Will group leaders be different in any way? As in can an NPC leader be a bit of a psycho and try to steal from and kill other groups whilst an NPC leader of a different group may be an honest person who tries to build a life for people? If so, what happens if the player or another NPC disobeys them? 2. Can group leaders (including the player) create 'rules' for the group? Perhaps the leader wants no weapons on the inside of the compound, and if anyone is caught with a weapon they will be punished (again depends on the leader's attitude, slap on the wrist or execution?) 3. What is the extent of NPC 'settlements'? Will they only be able to take over and fortify buildings or will they be able to seal off streets or even construct a fort the way a player can? I can imagine this would be extremely difficult to develop, but it would be really cool if it was possible. 4. If I were to sneak into an NPC settlement and assassinate the leader, what would happen with the group? Will they 'elect' a new leader? 5. Will we see some crazy lone-wolf NPC's that are badasses but also insane? That would be interesting to see. Anyway, that's all, just hoping for some information on this stuff. Thanks, -GodWaffle
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