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Found 8 results

  1. Project Chernaurus Buildings and such will be posted here from now on. Hope you all enjoy. Map is complete (minus buildings and such.) There are placeholder tiles for where buildings will be placed. The map size is 6000px x 6000px. It's a huge map.Buildings and whatnot are what's left (basically everything) to make it a real fun map to get immersed in!! Update: 2/11/2014 Chernogorsk I am currently constructing the city of Cherno, with the help of Maklane, I have a couple buildings to get started, while making my own buildings for the world. If I do use other members buildings I will be sure to credit those as well. Hopefully won't take too long and I will post pictures of the progress. Thank y'all for visiting! Update: 2/24/2014 Getting more buildings created, been a bit busy with life, but still building on my off days and whenever I have a chance to work on them. Learned a bit about custom tiles, might have my own tiles made for the castles, from some examples I've seen online. Also will be making cracked, peeled walls, a more run down look for Chernarus. New roof tiles and so on. dead body tiles and other miscellaneous tiles for atmosphere. Update: 5/4/2014 Project Chernaurus will be suspended until further notice. (Due to a busy work schedule). I am very happy with the work I've been putting in to make it the best fun map to play on so hopefully I'll get back to it and get it up and running so all can enjoy in the near future. I've been out a while and haven't really updated anything but before the busy weeks I finished placing buildings in Chernogorsk and most of the map is finished. I had some random close calls with TILEZED almost failing and causing memory issues. I guess the map has so many nooks and crannies to explore which made it bigger and more memory intensive but all that is really left is touch ups and things of that nature. So even though I've finished all the easy work now is where the HARD WORK begins and where I will leave it for the time being until I have more time to myself and my hobby as opposed to WORK, FAMILY and SCHOOL. I'm sorry about the bad news!! I will be out of contact with this forum for a while, but will randomly visit the website whenever I have a chance!! Again so sorry for the news!! Sorry for not posting any screenies, too much work and so many ways I'd like to present it and make it look nice so I guess I will wait until I have more time to. Project Chernaurus BUILDINGS Survivor Graveyard + Camping Grounds Survivor's Home Home Sweet Home 2 Story House Barracks: Two Variations: Grocery Store Apartment Buildings: All Directions(2/24/2014) Links Available!! Country Home Modified Chernarus Bar (Maklane) Russian Style Home...maybe? Cherno Indsutrial Area A few thanks to: The creators of PZ for an awesome game, Mendoca, Maklane, Thuztor, and everyone else who creates and contributes to the communtiy
  2. [EU][PUBLIC] - [No RESET] - [PvP] - [HARDCORE] IP: Port: 16261 Location: EU Slot: 50 "In a world dominated by the undead, where only the most experts and tenacious can survive, the writing "Alive Inside" is the last witness of the human’s presence. But Alive Inside isn’t only the last sign of humanity written on a roof or on a wall in a world dominated by a zombies, is also the essence of a true survivor. Alive Inside is for they who know that these are the end times and nothing will ever be the same again, for they know that there is no hope of surviving. Alive Inside is for who wrestle every day against extinction, for they know that despite the efforts it remains always and only the story of how you died." Alive Inside just a Project Zomboid’s server. VANILLA Nutrizionism: ON Sleep: ON PVP: ON Infection: ON Hard Experience X3 4 Hours for Day Loot respawn every 10 days in game No Cheat – No Backup – No Sky Base
  3. Mod:Direct Download: http://undeniable.info/pz/Survivors.php I would like a way to completely bypass the controls part of the IsoPlayers update class.
  4. Survivor Stories (WIP) This is the latest mod I've been working on. It basically adds a bunch of readable messages to loot containers all over the world which describe the horrors of the Zombie Apocalypse but also the life before the Outbreak. All in all it should create a bit more immersion Also: Easter Eggs. This mod is heavily in development at the moment. Expect bugs and problems all around Download from pz-mods.net ! IMPORTANT: You will need to install my modding utilities to be able to use this mod ! I'm also going to accept custom stories / notes etc. as long as they fit the style of the game & mod. ContributorsRathlordGammlernoobPlannedOnly some notes will have survivor messages on them. Empty notes can be used to write your own stuff down on them.Better UISpecific spawnsMore stories / notesWriteable journalKnown IssuesItem's can only be clicked when expandedUi doesn't have scrollbarsText field isn't correctly wrapped in UI atmNotes can be found too easyNote-Items have no further use once all of them have been foundPermission (Click the spiffo for more informations): Changelog
  5. Hi everyone! I am 3 days into my PZ world c:. I have lots of supplies, and I plan to scavenge a warehouse soon! So I was wondering what I do when I got to this stage. I have a fridge full of food, and a kitchen draw full of useful tools. I've never really gotten this far before, I just usually get killed by a horde . So yeah, what do I do now? (P.s. The electricity and water is still on and there are little to no zombies around my safe house) Thanks!
  6. Hi there! Is there possible to mod survivor behavior? I haven't seen references to NPC. I'm familiar with Java code, and lua scripts does look understandably to me.
  7. I think that when adding the npc you can add an option that the names of the survivors are random so not to repeat the same names, say in a game called Survivor Patrick but in another game called Carl. Also would give realism that other people were already saying they are like 3000 people who lived before the infection.But the survivors can have the same relationship that they programed just with different names. Thats is all
  8. Made because I just like to go to the extreme... Adds a necklace with uses that reduces boredom that is made out of human ears and some string with a kitchen knife. This necklace can be added to, up to twelve human ears. Each human ear added will reduce more boredom but will reduce the amount of times you can use it, but it's worth it. The human ears on the necklace eventually rot away and fall off, but will last a-lot longer than zombie ears. They cannot be combined with zombie necklaces and vice versa. These human ears spawn rarely on human survivors either you brutally murdered or sat and watched them get eaten by zombies you led to their safe house.
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