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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, I'm very embarassed to be another random guy needing help with this issue but even with 2 hours of reading and searching, I couldn't find anything to solve my problem. So when I launch the game in solo it works just fine (even if a bit laggy despite my relatively good computer, but I have a LOT of mods and maps). But when I try to locally host the server with the same mods/maps, it shows "Normal termination" without launching the server. I allocated 16Gb of ram, tried with default and modified sandbox settings and tried to delete the "multiplayer" folder (in User/Me/Zomboid/Saves). I hope someone will be able to help me, whoever read this, I wish you a good night and hope you'll find my issue.
  2. Hello, Is it normal that loading bullets to gun while driving affect actions (can't turn left/right or slow down), but unloading bullets from gun doesn't affect anything?
  3. I suggest that fences, brand new walls and structures have a " SupportStructureValue" This value means the fence, logwall etc is attached to something sturdy like a post and a well buried concrete structure, so: -Log walls should be built supported by holes on the ground, first you make a hole with a new tool "two hilt digger". Walls supported by holes have "SupportStructureValue" = 80 -You could make Sturdy Columns with tiny trenches on the ground and concrete, Sturdy Columns have the "Support StructureValue" 100. -You could simply raise a wall by itself and hope it doesnt fall, so its "SupportStructure Value" is Zero. --BUT you could lean supported planks and logs behind it and tie/nail them to increase its support values -- You could also tie the unsuppprted wall to a nearby wall/collumn, so they SHARE the SupportValues in a radius pattern etc. -Bushcraft buildings with columns made from hole trench + cinderblock + concrete (or dirt mix with its penalties) + log. So I suggest new items: Power drill -- pierce walls to tie them with wire or rope. Also used for piercing planks for carpentry. Bohrwinden (drilling winches)-- Just like the drill, but has a rotating muscle powered handle. Two hilt hole digger tool (its like two shovels on a scissors pattern slender tool) -- dig a fast hole for a column, dig more holes for a trench New use for known items - stilletos, screwdrivers could pierce walls and planks like a drill, with a powered muscle and a blistered hand (I build fences in my garden so I know that a blister naturally comes to your hand when you makeshift a drill with a stilleto/screwdriver. -Shovels could dig tiny trenches formcollumns and logwalls but hoes and pickaxes are better. New injury -Blistered hands, so gloves are really useful when you overuse tools like shovels, pickaxes, axes, screwdrivers (trust me, my both hands are blistered right now) -Blistered foot, for unfit shoes etc (I suggest unfit shoes, glasses, tshirts, pants with different tolerat values and penalties for oversizes etc) -Blister makes BandAids more useful. And makes your hand vulnerable if you handle contaminated stuff like dirty rags or corpses. -Blister recovery naturaly, doesnt bleed etc, but your unprotected hand is vulnerable if you handle contaminated stuff. And you could get a infection if you dont remove your glove to treat them etc. -Scar and thick skin comes naturally sistem: as blisters comes and go, they form a natural leather like skin, that lasts for a month or so. So some blisters form this resistent skin as long as you dont pierce or injury the blister even more so they become cuts or scratches.
  4. So I've noticed that all the nodes can not be interacted with unless there is a drop down arrow and a button. I am unable to drop the cd on the cd player box nor the headphones. I've noticed the inability to change the volume or drop vhs on that node as well. Link:
  5. Hello! I see the Afrikaans translation needs a little tlc...so thats why I'm here! I can translate things better than google translate because it's my home language, so just let me know how I can help.
  6. I think Project Zomboid has a fairly large fan base and they should use fans love for the game to help support the development. I.e I’d love to be able to purchase something from a “PZ Store” and I don’t exactly know what but I think it would give a nice add to the game and also I’d love to support Project Zomboid Dev Team instead of being a one time buy and play game. Maybe they can add clothing items you can buy and find in game, or custom weapons skins you can buy when you loot a bat. I don’t know but I’m sure they could find something for us Zomboid lovers to buy something.
  7. While I'm hosting a multiplayer game with my 2 friends we will play for a fairly good amount of time then for some reason my screen will turn white and once it crashed(has happened 3 times now), seems to happen when interacting with things, once while trying to "check the hood" of a car and another when reading a book. The console.txt will say "Failed to poll device (8007000c)" over and over very rapidly. I'm still able to move around during the white screen for awhile but it has crashed 2/3 times & obviously I can't play with no visuals even if it didn't crash. Also no mods are installed, I don't have a touchpad, and I just have a M705 MARATHON MOUSE which has no dpi changing buttons on it. Not very fancy. Wasn't sure if this needed to be in bug reports or support but does anyone know how to fix this from happening? I've only had the game for about 5 days and I'm loving it.
  8. Sambony

    Wrong Password

    No matter what servers I try to join, all give me an error of "Wrong server password given", even when I have it set not to show any password-protected servers. It then says if I click the "Join Server" button again that I am already connected to the server...
  9. Hey guys, Reinstalled the Dedicated Server on a fresh Ubuntu 14.04 instance through steamcmd, everything was going swimmingly until I attempted to run the start-server script. I'm getting a hang and unresponsive server after the 'SteamUtils initialised correctly' line. Any thoughts? Forgive me if this has been solved already, searching the forums didn't bring up any fixes. Console output here: 64-bit java detectedpzexe: about to run java hack to locate libjvm.so...pzexe: executing "java -classpath pzexe.jar -Djava.library.path=. zombie.pzexe"pzexe.java: loading shared library "pzexe_jni64"JVM=/usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-amd64/jre/lib/amd64/server/libjvm.sopzexe config file: /home/rich/Steam/steamapps/common/Project Zomboid Dedicated Server/ProjectZomboid64.jsonpzexe: mainClass: zombie/network/GameServerpzexe: classpath: -Djava.class.path=java/:java/jinput.jar:java/lwjgl.jar:java/lwjgl_util.jar:java/sqlite-jdbc- vmArg (json) 1: -Xms2048mpzexe: vmArg (json) 2: -Xmx2048mpzexe: vmArg (json) 3: -Dzomboid.steam=1pzexe: vmArg (json) 4: -Dzomboid.znetlog=1pzexe: vmArg (json) 5: -Djava.library.path=linux64/:natives/pzexe: vmArg (json) 6: -XX:-UseSplitVerifierpzexe: using jvm "/usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-amd64/jre/lib/amd64/server/libjvm.so"SVN REVISION 964versionNumber=Early Access v. 32.30 demo=falseserver name is "servertest"Loading networking libraries...SteamUtils initialised successfully
  10. 've been trying to play with my friend on PZ for a while now. We followed all the instructions onhttp://www.reddit.com/r/projectzomboid/comments/28xzzz/server_setup_guide_build_271/ , and I have port forwarded using ports 16261 to 16265, and still my friend cannot connect to me. So, my question is, what can I do to play with him? It is NOT on LAN. Please help!
  11. The multiplayer is severely broken. Like, really, really broken. With that being said, I understand that I purchased this game with Early Access via Steam and willingly took on the responsibility. However, I don't think the focus should be on adding cars and the such when the MP side of things are so broken that it might ruin the potential of it ever being what it could be down the road. I might have to stop playing all together because it's that bad. With that being said - it has a lot of potential, but some things I thought of, in my opinion, my plant some seeds - who knows. If you are already working on some of these things, great! If not, then I worry a bit. I understand that this was a SP game first and foremost, therefore if the focus isn't going to be on multiplayer in fixing these huge problems within the next few months, then I'd say remove the MP until it can be better focused on altogether because the single player is great! This is from two weeks and almost 100 hours of playing Project Zomboid Multiplayer. (I played the single player like it was going out of style from 2013 and up and love the idea of the multiplayer) 1. Server Side Saving This would fix so many problems it's not even funny. People can easily manipulate the saves therefore, everyday on the server I'm on we're hit by more hackers than actually DDOSing now because people just load their save right back in once they die, or they edit the save file since it's saved on the computer in an easy-to-find location. It doesn't quite make much sense. This would prevent the easy editing and at least make it much, much harder to change things in-game. The server I'm on even checks files for its size to see if its been modified and still to no anvil. 2. Server optimization The netcode could be optimized a lot better than it is, but I'm sure this is already being worked on. 3. Zombie spawn behavior The spawn system for the zombies are a little weird, I think from experience the game checks to see if there isn't anyone in the area and if it isn't then it'll spawn zombies, so the end result is that you have zombies in places nobody will ever visit/or visit often and most of the zombies in the city killed off. Shouldn't it be something along the lines of % based + the activity in the area? I.E. if there's more activity in the city than the highway, then focus on spawning zombies around that area instead of the house by the lake which no one goes to and it ends up lagging the server because of all these zombies. (One time it was so many zombies, they all would lag off my screen when shot, then reappear out of no where and some wouldn't die, but they couldn't do damage to you when I had 67-92 ping) 4. Balance the weapons The weapons are extremely unbalanced in the multiplayer side of things. I'm not exactly sure how the weapons act besides from experience, reading the wiki, and hearing from others but it seems its just single player weapons for multiplayer. 5. Respawn times I had food from the night before, I logged back on the server and one second later it's rotten.. What? I just made it. It shouldn't go by the timer of the server if it's in your bag, each item should just have it's own timer, global protocols don't work for everything. 6. Multiplayer should only allow one file save. I've noticed that people are modifying saves so they can get resources way faster by just making multiple accounts all hacked to max level in different areas gathering different things. Not sure if that's an issue, but - it's happening. I think one save is good enough since it's a hardcore game first off and secondly, it'll probably be a lot more manageable for the server, the dev and the end user. 7. Fires can start but can't be put out without an admin? Fires should be able to be put out with dropping water on the ground at least. Or a fire extinguisher that's located in most stores. What happens is if an admin isn't on, people start fires online and it lags the entire server badly. It's like if one person is lagging, everyone is gonna lag - regardless if they aren't even by the fire itself, they will feel the lag as if they were nearby it for whatever reason. Misc. things Logged in but I'm not logged in.. How does that happen? It should be a checker to see if they haven't moved/said anything/no interaction with anything then they should be kicked after a certain time for inactivity instead of being denied service. Even after kicking the "ghost" of my friend dark nano, he was still unable to come on because it said he was still on the server. I think if you have a backpack on you, you shouldn't need to drag items to your main inventory, the game should just know what items you have and either just do it automatically or just treat it like an extension of the player, which it is, and cut out the dragging of items so much. These are a few of my ideas, regardless of them all I hope that Project Zomboid thrives to become something amazing as it's one of the best Early Access games I've gotten to read about, see videos of, and play myself for me to see that this is a game with a great community and even amazing devs with passion. I just really want the multiplayer to thrive because I believe people come for the single player, and stay for the multiplayer. I'll make another one of these if more ideas come into my head.
  12. Everytime I launch Project Zomboid only my Mac out of no where, it gets to the title screen then everything fades in so slow, like minutes slow, and the options don't show up to click on them at all. I have v 30.16. Please help, thanks.
  13. Hello, I'm having a really frustrating bug where I can play Build 23 fine but Builds 25 & 26 when I start up a world, I can't see my character, just the shadow! Please Help me. http://imgur.com/adhfdWp
  14. Big fan of the game, but I've been having trouble with the Steam version since before launch. It gets partway through the startup (to 'Loading Characters texturepack') and then this error loops infinitely in the background: Nov 09, 2013 9:05:47 PM zombie.GameWindow run SEVERE: null java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException This happens in Compatibility Mode as well. The latest Desura version does the same thing too. Things I've tried: - Deletion and re-download/reinstall - Verified integrity of Steam game cache - Deletion of Zomboid folder under my user folder - Installed latest Java (tried 32-bit & 64-bit) My specs: - Windows 8.1 64-bit (my bad on that one) - 3 displays (2x1080p cloned, 1x1280 spanned) - 8GB RAM - i5-3570K - EVGA GTX660 - 3+ mice connected - 2 keyboard connected - Xbox wireless controller receiver connected - Stereo HDMI audio through video card Let me know if there's anything other info I can provide, or things I can try.
  15. Hi guys Firstly I love this game I got it way back before it was on Desura and played it a bit then left it for a while came back when it went on Desura and now on Steam. One of my fave games. However I am dying for the co-op or multiplayer to come out, I play alot of co-op games with my partner and friends and I tell them all about this game but they would rather play co-op. So why not do a kickstart to get the game into multiplayer/ co-op I would support it!!
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