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Found 43 results

  1. I don't know how game design works, or how difficult this would be to set up, and I suppose it doesn't nessecarily have to do this. One thing I always enjoyed from dwarf fortress, (Even having never played it) was that the story of your dwarves were so in depth. They all had back story, and the backstory was very far down the line. I would browse the internet and read in depth stories of how peoples kingdoms fell, and great warriors that were born in their kingdom, who fended off entire hordes of demons by themselves, dying and taking their fortress with them. Something I always thought would be cool for a game to do, would be if the game followed your charecter, and sort of took notes of the actions being done, all the important things they ever did, with logs and dates listed. Then on the forums, there could be a place where you can post the story of your survivor, and how they died. I feel like it would fit the over arching theme of project zomboid, since the story is essentially "this is how you died". I feel like this could be done without the game doing it for you, but details would be missing, and people would be less encouraged to post about their charecters demise. It would add a deeper level to your charecter, and when they die, you can look back and read their story, share it with your friends, and reel in the nostalgia. It also opens plenty of avenues for one to improve, by seeing how they made mistakes. Of course this wouldn't be a recent thing, but it's something I ponder about from time to time. Feel free to post your feelings about it, maybe we can get the attention of the big dogs (raccoons?) at the head of this company. Thanks for taking the time to read, and post if you did. -Redx6504
  2. Well, I've come up with plenty of ideas for PZ recently, some of them may be too ambitious, but here's the list: -A large variety of electricity generators, like solar panels as loot, craftable windmills, or perhaps portable gas generator... Also, some kind of input distributing devices near or inside the houses so it's possible to use electric stuff like stove and lights... Also, maybe locations as power dams or thermal stations -Some changes to the jumping from high places, because always breaking bones after jumping from second floor isn't that realistic to me, and it highly decreases he odds of survival... maybe adding a skill to handle that -Armored doors and walls, impossible to break down with sledgehammer or burn down, but there should be an ability to blow the doors open with explosives or a locksmith (picking) skill plus rare lootable tools for cracking the locks -Traps for players - mines, tripwires attached to shotguns or shelves with logs, or maybe disguised bear-pits -Skill(s) for repairing cars or setting up generators -More meds - for curing fever, performance enchancing drugs... I personally like how it was made in all fallout games - increasing stats, but a chance of dependency... Maybe a trait of resisting addiction -Major developing of character generation: ability to choose skills, age and so on...Also, jobs should affect skills -Adding perks which you can get by doing some challenges or reading special books -The sewer should be a source of water, but with high chance of contracting a desease which would cause fever... And an ability to purify it somehow, like adding rare lootable water filters, and boiling it - the more you purify it, the less chance of illness -Scavenger skill/trait/perk - now, I've faced a problem of getting loot on server after it's been active for a while, so maybe players with this could rarely get hidden loot from the containers... Also, it should be worth a lot of trait points or whatever, because otherwise it'll ruin the balance Tell me what you think, so I may come up with more ideas BTW, nice work making the game... I hope there'll be much more updates in the future!
  3. I know this isn't facey book but like this if you got the Joke in the title Any back to business. I've briefly pointed this out in another STD...I mean SGT and I told you I would make a post about this later on, so enjoy and make some comments about this. (I'm sorry for saying that I will not post a suggestion today but got to excited anyway...) I've been playing this game for far too long with fallout 3 Interactions/animations that my character holds against every little thing he stuffs in his mouth, opens up or basically does. I hate the feel that some creepy ghost is my characters best friend who opens doors for him, eats his food and holds all his stuff, SERIOUSLY. They developers have time to make the character hold weapons but can't even have a backpack on to hold them. I've hated this since morrowind and fallout 3, but at least for fallout 3 had an excuse. I literal pretended that my lone wanderer had shrunk and turned every thing he had into energy which he held inside his pip - boy. I mean come on, the developer's have time to make animations for hoping inside houses and opening windows but don't even have a believable inventory system. Please all you would have to do is make every inventory increased item the same sprite and have it placed on his back like Joel's (the last of us). ive loved this game even without this and would even love it more with this. Don't forget about the food. Even in mine craft (which is a pixalated game) had the time to make eating animations. I would love your character to actually pull out some whiskey and drink it or pull out a soup and scoop it into his mouth. This game has so much potential and so much to fill in that it should be essential to have interactive animations. thanks for reading and hoped you injoyed this post. very small one i know but who gives a dam. this is Tsukune Aono logging out (not literally).
  4. Alright, so I've had this idea in my head for a actual zombie apocalypse, and for any sort of game involving one, for a long time. However, project Zomboid seems like the first game where the implementation of such a concept is really viable, or useful even. The power goes out after a while, and so does the water, you're in the stone ages, and you're not quite happy about it. What if you wanted to figure this out on your own? To find the switch that needs throwing and put such a plan into action as to power the dark zombie-infested streets again? Or maybe just not having to use rain collectors would be nice too. Most cities have their power stations and water sanitation buildings, and if you've been near one, you'll know that they can often stick out like a sore thumb, and sometimes also cause plenty of noise for the neighbors. However, now the neighbors are zombies, and despite maybe just a few loyal workers valiant efforts, they decided to find the noise. Overwhelming whatever staff was there, or chasing them off, and eventually, they found the source of the noise. Maybe a open water tank stirring to try and sanitize water, and somehow, they clogged it up, likely by just falling into it, contaminating the water, if not clogging and stopping it's flow entirely. This could also open up the possibility of a bit of a warning as to when water was going to go for new players, first it starts becoming murky, then black or brown, then shutting down. The power station would definitely make more noise though, and be the first to go, zombies breaking in, and finding some very noisy turbines. Not having more mental capacity than a moth drawn to a flame, they fling, or walk, themselves into the turbines, powered by coal, or maybe a running river (yay green technology.) This wouldn't really give the whole warning thing the water one would give, but it'd give some actual reason as to why the power went out. So how do we fix it? This was actually a really hard list for me to nail down for this game without it becoming horribly unimplementable(not that it's a easy task now), but I've narrowed it down to a few things that could be done, and might not be impossible to do either. Water Utilities: Sanitation or pumping facility invasion event (Or having already happened with the shutoff proceeding as normal behind the scenes)Possible roaming workers? Can't expect the player to really know how to operate everything unless it's simple enough, workers could stay behind and defend if player left fortifications for them, though the necessity of food may be a extra thing for the player to consider.Unclogging the pipes. The zombies clogged it with themselves, and as such, you're probably going to need a net, or maybe a shovel of some kind to get them out. However, zombies can't drown, so if you find one not too mangled, you run the risk of it biting you as you work when careless.Re-invasions later. They're not going to give up that easily, the player may have to come back if they want their precious water on tap, further adding a set of tasks to players who want to go above and beyond the call for survival.Possible generators and gas on site for when the power went out to continue powering the plant. This would be a good explanation for why the water stayed on if it was based around a system that needed powering, and possibly a location for the player to raid for such supplies. However, if the player showed up after the water turned off, they might have missed the window to find such gas, and be left with empty, heavy, generators.Lots and lots of zombies. This is not a activity for the weak of heart, this would be the perfect place to truly have a sea of zombies for the player to try and wade through. This would be a luxury event for players to embark on, and would likely require coordination between a few players, or very clever strategies.Power Utilities: Power Outage event: The power going out, usually the end of perishable foods, and also whatever staff was employed at the power plant still. This plant would be much louder, and as such, much more a target for the zombies, seeking food.As with the water plant, the player should not be expected to know how to fix and run everything in the plant. Possibly they find a worker that is necessary to run the plant as the machinery is a little bit more complex than before, maybe with special needs that threaten to turn the power off if not supplied booze or cigarettes, leaving the player in the dark as to if the worker was dead, or if they were just unhappy.The turbines must spin. Zombies likely would have crawled, or just maybe pounded on turbines until the sound stopped, or they weren't able to. They could have clogged the spinning up, leaving the player to shovel and poke out the corpses, which may still stand a chance of catching them off guard.Different types of power: It may be a coal plant, or possibly a solar plant, however, most plants do need water for steam, and subsequently, the ability to spin the turbines. A reservoir on site or maybe water from the other utility plant may be necessary for actual power. This could both implement the possibility of unclogging the intake pipes at the power plant, and dealing with the water plant, meaning the player had to put some problem solving skills into action.Power lines. Pretty self explanatory, but a power line could go down, leaving the player without power, making it a (relatively) simple fix that the player could accomplish with cutting down a few trees and maybe a ladder.Even MORE zombies.: Some power plants are quite loud near them, and are quite the beacon at night, usually having quite a array of lights on the various things needed to run the plant. Again, this is a luxury event, cleverness and resources would be the top priority for completing it, and the more companions you have, the easier the event would likely be. This is a long list, but I think it'd be a interesting thing for players who think they have it all to try and attempt, though this would probably be something that's not even a year down the line for development, the resources involved for creating this would be immense, but I think it would be something quite unique to have in the game.
  5. So I have been reading through the suggestion forum and it struck me kinda odd that most of the suggestions are gameplay-centric. Now this is not a bad thing at all, I just thought it would be nice to have a place where map suggestions could be presented neatly as well. This thread is for suggesting places and things you'd personally like to see in the map. Feel free to post one or a multitude of them and don't worry about suggesting something 'OP', the world will be dynamic and even a military base would be challenging because of that. Suggestion example: Place/Landmark: Insane Asylum Where: Out of town, somewhere rural and out of the way, like a forested backroad. Reason it'd rock: It is a huge complex capable of housing hundreds of zombies, it has loot ranging from weapons to food, it is a self-contained structure capable of being used as a safehouse where-in the player(s) can isolate themselves and hold out for possibly weeks under massive zombie siege. Zombie Density Expected: High to very high due to patients, panic to get loved ones out and the loot potential luring looters early on in the apocalypse. *** Suggestion Template: Place/Landmark: Where: Reason it'd rock: Zombie Density Expected:
  6. How about being able to pile the dead bodies and burn them to get rid of some corpses. The ability to start a little bonfire would clean up some of the bodies. I am going on a month and a half and I am knee deep in the dead here. And please, add a protection rating to clothing or consider some homemade armor. All it takes is one swift bite to end it and a little protection would be great. And one more thing, it seems like there are so many factors already to survival, but a big one not in the game is having to use the bathroom. If you added it, and were able to dig a latrine would add alot more depth to the game. All these toilets are only good for some water when the water is cut out. (Toilet bowl water + ramen noodles = +3 delicious) Anyway, keep up the great work, guys. I love the game and look forward to it getting only better. Good job on the build 27, it makes a huge difference seeing supplies on a shelf.
  7. Here is a compilation of some weapons that I think that can be implemented in the game: 1) Torch : How to make it : A Branch/ or Plank / or bat + A Bandage + Oil / Or Resin / Or any flamable Oil The torch will deal almost same damage as a Bat if it is not lit. If it is lit it will deal the same damage as a bat but there will be some fire damage too. Also it will create light. When you lit it can remain lit for about 2 hours then it becomes a branch and you can use A Bandage and Oil again to make it a torch again. It will also have a durability 2)Sling : You will be able to craft it using a Smashed Branch and a hammer . Using the hammer you create the weapons skeleton then you need to find the rubber part. Unlimited ammunition when stepping on land . 3 Damage 3) Spiked Shield : You will be able to turn a Plank into a shield with the use of 1/4 of a rope and some duct tape (you will also need a saw to cut the plank in the appropriate size and then to make the shields handle (made with ropes that passes through the shield)). Then you can Hammer some Nails on it to maked a spiked shield. 4)Caltrops : You throw them to the ground and if a humans walks over the area his feet is injuried and is bleedind reducing movement speed. Also Zombies slow down when walking on caltrops. You will also be able to use nails as caltops 5) Shovel as a Weapon ...
  8. 95% of the cars you find everywhere will be not operational, a lot of things can be wrong with a car, and decay will reduce the quality and repair state of all its components. will need repair before you have a usable car. Automobile use Types of vehicles (From sedans to trucks, Probably one tank in the map in an army base somewhere)Bicycles (Less noise, No ramming, Can attach bags to add inventory)Stand in the sun roof or the back of the truck and shoot with firearms or bows etcram zombiesBreak garage doorsUse car as a mobile barricade to cut of access pointsTow other cars to put them in strategic locations to make car barricades to cut off whole roads etcVehicle inventories (size dependent on the type of vehicle)Extract fuel from other vehicles (Pipe + container)Vehicles make noise and attract zombiesAutomobiles (Skill) Higher the skill the more parts you can identify and repairAbility to see the quality and repair state of the partability to see the assess the state of repair, quality of components and fuel economy of a vehcileAutomobile Mechanic (Profession) Changes tires quickerRepairs quickerupgrades quickerItems related to Automobiles Engine components effect the speed and the fuel economy of the vehicleTiresTire tubesSpark plugsEngine beltsCarboratorsEFICar batterySpanner (To change tires)Tool kit (To make repairs)Welding kit/Steel Propane Cutter ( to repair body, Cut body parts to make pieces of steel to be welded onto another car as Armour and to barricade car windows)Tire pump (can be used to inflate boats)fuel cansheadlightsCar body piece (Cut off with welder, Steel Propane cutter)RadiatorRadiator pipes (Usable elsewhere as well)generic pipe (Used to extract fuel from the tanks of non operational vehicles)Radiator fan (If not present causes over heating) Automobile Repair (Process) Diagnose the car to find out what needs repair, what components are requiredfind the components and install themRepair punctures\Change tirestake out parts from the cars and create a collection of spare parts at your safe house Automobile Upgrading Add a machine gun to the sun roof or in the back if its a truckBarricade windows (With car body pieces cut of by welder)Add body Armour to the cars front sides or back (With car body pieces cut off by welder)Add spikes to the front (Made from planks)add spikes to the wheels (With car body pieces cut off by welder)Headlight protectorsAttach top 360 degree lights
  9. Hello. So the other day I was thinking about some stuff that I think should come to PZ soon. Here's a Few (Feel free to leave your own in the comments.) 1. More improvised weapons. This should be added soon, because it adds a more survival-y feel. Things like knives on a stick (could be made by sawing a plank into 4 sticks) and duct tape to tape them together and make a spear (Like a knife but with more range) and could break easier but can be repaired with duct tape. 2. More non-improvised weapons. We need more of these as well. Aluminium bats for one, break easier but is easier to find. Maybe a machete, a hatchet or a larger array of knives... 3. More guns and attachments. We need to have some more guns. Period. Hunting rifles, assault rifles, revolvers, carbines (this ones a bit controversial among the PZ community, people think that it would be just like the pistol but maybe it has more attachments for it and is more powerful?) and maybe a doulbe barrel shotgun? Attachments would include scopes (Allow to see MUCH further away from your character), laser sights, suppressors (Should only be added when they add a military base that should have mounds of zombies around it.), not really an attachment but gun cleaning kits or oil and maybe some holsters (Only military bases and police station.) 4. Firing gun at levels. This is a big one, you might think "Why have scopes and hunting rifles if your just standing on the road?" well this is where this come in play, imagine you could fortify Giga Mart, sit on top it in a chair (Oh yeah add sitting) and allow you to take pot-shots and zombies below. 5. More perks. Also big there should be some more professions and perks for current ones. Security guards should be able to sleep in chairs, benches and maybe the floor! Park Ranger should be able to walk through trees faster as well as being able to have better fishing and other survivalist skills (once they're in the game) That's all I got for now but I'll make another list soon.
  10. Since whenever i have imagined a zombie apocalypse the first thing i imagine myself doing is frantically searching for a broom and then using its handle to craft a spear. Stabbing Just like when the zombie gets close enough you can stab him with the knife to one hit kill. We should be able to one hit stab in the head with a spear from way further. Please add this Advantages of spears in a zombie apocalypse Longer range Stabbing as well as blunt weapon Can be thrown as a javelin can be used for fishing Way a spear can be crafted and improved (Suggestions are welcome) Broom Handle/Plank/Baseball bat + Kitchen knife + Duct tape Plank + Axe/Knife (For sharpening) = wooden spear Wooden Spear + Fire source = Hardened Spear Broom handle/ Plank + Candle stand + hammer(To break away the candle cups and sharpen the ends) = multi-pronged spear Some other ways http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Spear What do you guys think? i for one will be very happy if this is added
  11. Great game, has a lot of potential, and I can see it going far, but my suggestions aren't a simple "add a new recipe/trait/profession" as I don't see those things as improving the lifespan of the game (those "recipes" are things which I believe are best for the mod community). I've spent the better part of 6 hours typing out this shit, so... uh.... So far in my survival game, I've killed the majority of the zombies on the map using a shotgun and MMORPG kiting tactics. I'm able to wipe out 300+ zombies in a matter of minutes by kiting them into a large open area and mowing them down with a shotgun and surplus shells, but once the zombies are gone, it basically becomes another (albeit graphically worse version of) The Sims, which really sucks. I want to feel like I'm in danger - all the time. I want to feel like any day could be my last. I don't want to spend the rest of the game playing 'Old McDonald had a Farm'. I want the game to have replay value. I want the game to feel like it didn't scam me out of $$$ for 10 hours of gameplay (sorry, but in regards to replay value, this is largely true.) What I'm suggesting might already be considered by the devs, or it might not, but I feel my suggestions will help improve the long term gaming value of Project Zomboid (especially multiplayer), and help retain a lot of players. I have no doubt the recent PZ steam sale was quite successful, but I doubt a significant number of people that purchased the game would be playing beyond the 15 hour mark. This game has potential to not simply be a good game, but an amazing game, especially multiplayer-wise, but currently, in my (unprofessional) opinion, it lacks the balanced long-term value to make it a raging success, either in single player, or multiplayer. Zombie respawning, difficulty, and 'special' zombies As I've already stated, once you've killed all the zombies in an area, the game is too easy (and seriously boring). I believe the zombies should respawn in random locations around the map every 5 to 10 days, with between 30-200 zombies spawning at a time. This would help alleviate the sudden emptiness that is experienced once all the zombies are wiped out. Additionally, the zombies could be made to be more difficult as time passes (this has already been mentioned in other threads, but I'm a big supporter and feel it should be mentioned again). The longer you stay alive, the harder the zombies become. The difficulty could increase every 4 to 8 weeks, or whatever is considered suitable. The difficulty of each newly spawned zombie could be based on a % multiplier, eg. 5 weeks = +5% chance of increased difficulty, 10 weeks = 10% chance of increased difficulty, 15 weeks = 15% chance of increased difficulty, 20 weeks = 20% chance of increased difficulty, 25 weeks = 25% chance of increased difficulty, etc. This would prevent players from becoming complacent and would require a change in tactics (no more shotgun kiting), and introduce a new element of survival. If you spent those early couple of weeks preparing well, then you should be ready for the zombie onslaught! Another possibility is to include 'Hunter' zombies. Special zombies that exclusively hunt the player. These might only randomly spawn 10-50 at a time, but it would add a new aspect to the game. Knowing that every minute of the game, you are being hunted by smarter than usual zombies. These could follow the same spawn patterns as the regular zombies, where they spawn every 5 to 10 days, between 10-50 at a time. They might all spawn at the opposite side of the map, and then, one day, 4-5 weeks later, you've got up to 250 zombies smashing up your fort, trying to devour your brains. I don't know what idea or vision the developers have with regards to the zombies, but I believe this would be a big hit amongst all players. It would really emphasize survival, developing escape routes and strategic building, as well as utilising multiple safe houses. In multiplayer it could be taken a step further, by having X amount of hunter zombies spawn for every player that has played a certain amount of time on the server. The new players would need to play for a certain amount of time before a new number of hunter zombies will spawn. Hypothetically, with 100 players on a server, that means 100-500 hunter zombies will spawn every 5-10 days. They might all go for one player, or for a mix of players. It would truly require people to work together, create a worthy (sustainable) stronghold, and survive the waves of zombies. This could also lead to a Multiplayer starting area, where it's a stronghold protected by NPC's, and the players occasionally have to help protect the stronghold. After a while, the players are told to leave, and have to fend for themselves (or join a group/clan/guild/whatever), but are able to return (if they're not visibly sick or infected) to trade goods. But I don't know. That's a different topic again. RPG Style Stat Points Some people are either going to love this idea, or hate it, but personally, I'd love to see RPG style stat points introduced to the game. It would add a personalised element, unique to each player, and would give the player extra incentive for keeping their character alive (I've "killed" 7 players so far just from collecting resources from around the map to build a nice stronghold with a main character). It would improve replay value, as there would be different ways to build a character, and, in multiplayer, it would give more meaning to the term 'veteran survivor', with a greater emphasis on a balanced group/guild/clan/whatever (especially with the suggested profession changes.) Some stat points, which I think might be suitable are: Strength (STR) - Affects carrying capacity and melee damage.Stamina (STA) - Affects ability to run faster when exhausted (will require change to current exhausted mechanics), and reduces sleep duration (heal/recover/recuperate faster in sleep).Dexterity (DEX) - Affects ranged weapon skills and sneaking/climbing.Agility (AGI) - The ability to avoid damage from combat/falling (eg. dodge/roll/parry etc) (works with PC and NPC alike, eg. PvE and PvP).Intelligence (INT)- Affects Carpentry and other trade related skills.Wisdom (WIS) - Affects food related skills (farming/cooking/fishing etc).Luck (LCK)- Affects everything.Note: STR's benefits and DEX's benefits would be fairly balanced in this way. Increased capacity is great, but combat wise, you have to get up close and personal, likewise with DEX, sneaking doesn't exactly work with using loud firearms. The major benefit they provide is negated by the combat requirement. My idea of how each skill would affect each attribute would be like this: Blunt/Blade - StrengthAiming/Reloading - DexterityCarpentry/Other Trades - IntelligenceFarming/Cooking/Food - WisdomSneaking/Light footed/Nimble - DexteritySprinting - StaminaI could see two possible ways for this to work: The stats will automatically increase at each level up depending on what skills are used. At each level up you can gain a maximum of 2 points based on what skills got you the level up, PLUS a possible +1 to LCK (random chance). So if, for example, you gained a level by using mostly melee skills and carpentry, you would gain 1 point to STR and 1 point to INT. Additionally, there's a small (1%-5%) chance of gaining a point to LCK. If, however, you got a level up by simply using melee skills, then you would get 2 points to str. The other possibility, is using skill points for stats rather than for skills. At the moment, my survival character has 19 skill points banked and waiting to be used. Until a skill has received enough exp, the skill points can't be used, so they're useless. If we had the ability to put them into stat points (within reason of course), it would make the game a little more strategic in how you plan and play your character. Do you put all your skill points into skills, or do you put them into stats? Or do you choose an equal mix?Regardless of which system is used, limitations would have to be introduced to prevent it from becoming game breaking. For example limiting a maximum increase of 10 points to each stat. Additionally, for the sake of balance, an increase in one stat point could result in the decrease in another. For example, if you were to primarily use melee weapons (STR), then your STR stats would increase at level up, but at the same time, your DEX skill would decrease, and vice-versa, using DEX skills would decrease STR (after all, a strong oaf is not going to be a nimble ninja!) This is all assuming there's a limit, of course (the last thing anyone would want is a STR stat of 1 - you wouldn't even be able to wear clothes!) For personalisation, and unique character building, all of this would add another dimension to the game - nobody can be perfect in everything - which realistically reflects real life standards. If you try to be perfect in everything, then you're going to be mediocre, at best. EDIT: Each stat would provide a bonus to the player in the form of practical or skill based benefit. I thought long and hard about this earlier, but I'm too tired to type it all out now. So maybe tomorrow instead. Professions At the moment, I believe the only profession worth using is the Construction Worker. The ability to withstand cuts and scratches is better than everything else offered by the other professions, and the Thick Skinned perk in combination with resilient trait will make a player virtually immune to disease, injury and zombification. The other professions don't have anything even remotely comparable to this. Also, each profession should have a negative trait to coincide with their positive traits - even a professional will have their own drawbacks and internal demons! At the moment, I believe the biggest problems with the professions is their ability to become a master in any skill, and I don't believe that is right. I've created a list of the professions, along with abilities/traits/skills, which I believe most closely reflect real word professionals, as well as trying to balance them with negative traits. Even if the class has Positive Traits or Negative Traits, they don't get a bonus nor penalty to trait selections, and as a result, will not have points to spend nor balance. Professional Skills = Blue http://pzwiki.net/wiki/Occupation Positive Traits = Green (Underlined) (Currently implemented) http://pzwiki.net/wiki/Traits Negative (General) = Orange (Requires implementing) Negative Traits = Red (Underlined) (Currently Implemented) http://pzwiki.net/wiki/Traits Conditional = Turqoise (Underlined) (Requires implementing) Unemployed Has a bonus 8 points to spend on traitsReceives a -50% penalty to experience gain. Can become a master in all skills.A bum in the ultimate sense of the word. Has no formal talent or skill, and yet, skillwise, the unemployed is without equal. While they are slow to grasp new skills and abilities, the unemployed can easily become the most skilled of all professions. Although, it will take a lot longer to get there. Fire Officer Axe Man Hot Temperature Resistance. (Isn't affected by hot temperatures due to training and experience. Can effectively wear winter clothing in summer and only experience mild discomfort,)Naturally Brave (They run into fire, what more can i say?)Has Keen Hearing (Naturally more aware of their surroundings, important in a fire as visiblitiy is low, so they must rely on hearing.)Becomes t ired 25% faster and therefore requires sleep more often (Reflection of their on-call style work, and their need to get sleep whenever they can)Is Short Sighted.Cannot select Eagle Eyed or Coward or Hard of Hearing traits.Is only 1 of 2 profession that can become master in Bladed Weapons.(5/5)Can only achieve max. intermediate level in Blunt, Aiming, Reloading, Construction and Farming.(2/5)While the Fire Officer is great with an axe, they have tremendous amounts of courage, and are aware of their surroundings. They simply don't have the time to commit to building and farming projects. Likewise, they are required by their profession to be skilled with the axe, that they never bother training with firearms, and their training has made them highly resistant to hot temperatures. The demands of work are physically very taxing, and as a result, the Fire Officer requires more sleep than the average individual. Police Officer MarksmanEagle Eyed. (After all, a police officer is trained to be observant).Resilient (They deal with all kinds of scum and junkies on a daily basis).Highly prone to depressionHas a Hearty Appetite.Is a Hypohondriac. (With all the exposure they have to scum, it's no wonder they're so paranoid.)Cannot select Light Eater or Short Sighted or Prone to Illness traits.Can only achieve max. intermediate level in Blunt, Blade, Cooking, and Sneaking.(2/5)Is only 1 of 2 professions that can become Master in Aiming and Reloading.(5/5)The Police Officer is a fantastic marksman. Trained to observe and apprehend targets, they are perfectly suited to dealing with human disputes, albeit they are highly prone to depression due to the events they experience on the job. This depression translates into an unhealthy eating disorder, whereby the Police Officer enjoys everything in excess, from Donuts to Sunflower Seeds. Food is an escape for the average Police Officer. Due to their training, and demanding work hours, the Police Officer is not skilled in the art of silent approach, nor the culinary arts, nor in melee weapony skills. They are, however, only one of two professions capable of achieveing Mastery in Aiming and Reloading. Due to training and experience, the Police Officer is perfectly suited to a front line combat role. Park Ranger Outdoorsman (Can wear summer clothing in winter and only experience mild discomfort. Not affected by rain.)Expert Foresters (all saplings planted and maintaned by Foresters grow 50% faster. Can forage for food and water in trees/forests. This skill also improves Hunting/Trapping skills within the local area for everybody.)Naturally Strong (to reflect the fact they have to carry lots of supplies while hiking through the woods)Naturally Claustrophobic.Cannot select Agoraphobic or Brave or Weak or Feeble traits. Can only achieve max. intermediate level in ALL combat skills, farming, and Construction. (2/5) (A Park Ranger knows how to live off the land, not how to fight, farm and build.)The Park Ranger is the custodian of the wild. Trained to handle the harsh environments and live of the lands, they are the ultimate survivalist. They understand the lay of the land, as well as the fundamental requirements for flora and fauna to coexist in harmony. While they are trained to survive in the wild, they lack the skills to succeed in combat. Additionally, what can be achieved in the wild is vastly different to modern day suburban living. As a result, the Park Ranger severely lacks the skills and abilities in combat, farming, and construction, as their knowledge only reaches as far as the edge of the forest. While the Park Ranger is perfectly suited for survival, he struggles with living inside buildings and small rooms. Construction Worker Thick SkinnedBuilding time/repairs reduced by 40%Start off as advanced carpenter (3/5 Carpentry).Construction Worker is addicted to alcohol and TobaccoIs a Light Drinker. (I've never known a person working in a trade that wasn't some sort of substance abuser and didn't come to work drunk or with a hang over).Is Short TemperedConstruction Worker is more Prone to Illness, due to beng a drunkard.Cannot select Hardened Drinker or Resilient or Patient traitsIs only 1 of 2 professions that can become master in Blunt Weapons.Can only achieve max. beginner level in Blade, Aiming, Reloading, and Lightfooted. (1/5)A violent drunkard and a fool! Despite this, the Construction Worker is second to none when it comes to hammer in hand, with all construction work being done in only a fraction of the time it would take an ordinary citizen to complete. Due to the rigorous demands of the building industry, the Construction Worker has developed a physically Thick Skin. While the Construction Worker is a drunken idiot, he's not without his merits. In his intrawork conflicts, he has developed mastery with blunt weapons that other professions can only dream of. Being a drunkard, he's a heavy footed Security Guard Night OwlNaturally Lucky.Is a Light EaterIs Overweight. (Seriously, have you ever seen an in-shape security guard? I haven't. Ever!)Is stupidly Clumsy.Cannot select Athletic or Graceful or Unlucky or Hearty Appetite traitsCan only achieve Expert in ALL weapon skills. (4/5)Can only achieve max. advanced level in Carpentry, Cooking, Farming, and Fishing. (3/5)A lazy overweight security guard whom spends most of his time sleeping on the job. Who needs to go on patrol, when it's so quiet around here? I think I'll just sleep a little longer... The Security Guard is the lucky individual that gets to sleep on the job. When they get called out, there's nothing there.No delinquents. No break-ins. No problems. The Security Guard gets to go back to their comfy chair and rest. They spend so much time sleeping on the job, that they require less sleep on their time off. In fact, for them, the job is almost a chance to catch up on last sleep. And they're lucky, too, considering how clumsy they are. Perhaps the only reason they've never come across a crime is because the criminal heard the Security Guard's clumsy feet long before the Security Guard appeaerd. For the security, this peace and quiet works well! It allows him to catch up on reading Books, Magazines and DIY manuals, giving him a rounded (no pun intended) education. All the profession have been balanced in a way that makes them both strong and weak in certain areas. Additionally, they have greater multiplayer value, as working in a balanced group allows for the best chance of survival. For example In a group of 4 people that play multiplayer together, a groupe consisting of Park Ranger, Construction Worker, Security Guard and either Police, Fire, or Unemployed for the last spot, would provide an extremely well balanced group. Park Ranger can provide the timber and environment for improved trapping, the (drunk) Construction Worker can handle all the building/repairs, Security Guard can provide crowd control (killing zombies) and snagging rarer loots from their corpses, and the remaining player can fill the gap any of the remaining 3 characters create. Park Ranger (continued) The park ranger is an expert forester, which means the park ranger has the added ability to maintain saplings planted by them (park ranger cannot maintain saplings planted by other professions). This maintenance work would be very simple stuff that isn't actually detailed in the game, but simply revolves around current occupational requirements such as: removing debris, cutting down rotten/diseased plants, removing pests, etc. Basically, a Park Ranger allows a plantation of trees to grow faster and more succesfully than what would happen for the other professions. In addition, this maintenance work provides a better environment for wildlife, and improves the hunting/trapping success rate within the area. They also have the ability to forage for food/water amongst trees. The forage ability would have a random success rate, and a time based refresh rate, eg. a park ranger can't fail multiple times in one spot until finally getting lucky, they have to keep trying new spots. When they succeed, they don't actually get food food in their inventory, but rather, their hunger/thirst level decreases. The Forage success % would need to be deteremined by the devs in order to be balanced. Ability to replant saplings after chopping down trees (Forestry) It gets to a point in this game where you have to run to the other side of the map for more logs. This is, for lack of a better word, a pain in the arse. What would be great is the ability to replant trees we've chopped down in a way that is similair to Minecraft. After chopping down a tree, there's a chance a sapling will drop, which we can replant. Conservation is something that has been around for a long time, with many ancient civilizations realising the importance of sustainability. This would allow for more sustainable gameplay with respect to building/cooking/maintenance/repair. (There would also be an ability for which the Park Ranger receives a massive bonus towards this feature - explained above). Skills affect quality of work I believe the skill system needs a bit of a change. If you become a master in carpentry, the quality of what you produce should be dramatically better than when an amateur can produce. For example, a master carpenter should be able to build the same thing as an amateur, but use fewer materials in the process. Or, for instance, the skill progression coul change the requirements for certain things. eg. Beginner = -10% materials, Intermediate = -10% build time, Advanced = -20% materials, Expert = -20% build time, Master = -30% materials. So becoming a master would mean you end up with -20% build time and -30% materials to make an item. Or something along those lines. At the moment, the current skill system doesn't have any significant effect on the products other than how they look. I want to see an improvement in the overall quality of the item, and not just the visual quality. This goes for all the skills. Mastercrafted crates could have a 50% weight reduction bonus. Campfire its could have a +50% burn time. Rain catcher barrels could have increased capacity. I'm only talking about carpentry related items, but it really applies to everything. Book/Magazines/Newspaper turn into Trash when read One way to combat depression/boredom in this game is to read a book/magazine/newspaper, but when you've finished reading, the material disappears. Why? Why would it suddenly disappear? Just because you've read it doesn't mean it should disappear, right? I feel these reading materials should turn into trash, which can then be used as an ignition source to start camp fires/ovens. I've been camping many, many times in my life, and we commonly used old magzines and newspapers as firestarters (long after any of us had read them). Sledgehammers should destroy ALL wooden walls This was one of the most exciting features I had read about this game! Think about it: you're being chased by zombies, you've been chased into a room with no doors or windows. There's no way out. You have to fight your way out. At least that is until you find a sledgehammer in the room, and you use it to bust down the wall and make your grand escape! Sadly, this isn't the case. I was immensely disappointed by this. This game made me excited at the prospect of being able to knock out a wall or two of a house, to escape, or possibly even add an extension to it. But I can't even destroy fences or crates, which sucks in a really big way. In reality, if we can't use a sledgehammer to do what is claimed, then the information regarding demolition should be changed to "You can only destroy doors, windows, and what you have built yourself (except floors for some strange reason)". Cut through chain link fences and barbwire fences This is similair to the sledge hammers in that I think we should be able to cut through chain link fences and barbwire fences using a pair of sidecutters/pliers. Additionally, the barbwire fence could be cut and collected and reused in our own constructions. Ovens (wood/coal/charcoal/oil/gas/electric) and chimneys A camp fire is good and all, but it would be great to be able to build our own oven based on available materials and supplies. We could use mud and grass, bricks and mortar, or even salvaged iron and steel to make a simple wood fired oven, which could be used for an increased variety of recipes (pizza) as well as heating a house. Additionally, a chimney would need to be built to accomodate the oven. Anyone who builds a fire indoors without proper ventilation is a fool asking for death! So a chimney makes sense. It would also provide better, longer lasting heat for the house, including top floors. All at the expense of a light source, of course. Alcohol Still The still could be used to create alcohol from farmed fruit/vegetables. Different types of fruit/veg could be used to make different types of alcohol, and the different types could be used for different things. For example some types of alcohol could be used for First Aid (disinfection), some could be used for boredom, others could be used in Ovens and Lamps (next suggestion), some could be used in cooking, and others could be used for combat/malicious reasons. Oil Lamps Put simply, these are lamps that burn oil. The oil can be found throughout the map, or created via an Alcohol Still using the proper ingredients. The lamps could be suspended on a pole (for static area lighting), or they could carried in hand. This would be a sustainable alternative to the current Flashlight/battery and Campfire setup. A simple Oil Lamp could be made from Soda Can, Oil, and some tissue/rag/sheet/bandage/whatever. Video to see some samples: Starting fires We should be able to set things on fire with matches/lighter and a suitable fuel source. If I'm being chased by a horde of zombies and the only thing I have is a bottle of spirits and lighter, I should be able to lead them into a forest or a house, and then set it on fire. I want to burn a house down wihout having to shove a dead rat in the oven! My inner pyromaniac burns with disappointment! Fire should destroy grass/trees Self explanatory. Being tired should make you pass out or even die! Self explanatory. My character hasn't slept in over 4 weeks. It's game breaking. Needs to be fixed. Beds We should be able to build beds. This would coincide with a proper sleeping system (similair to Robomat's sleeping overhaul). Comfort level of where you sleep affects your the healing/recovery/recuperation process. Cutting grass Been mentioned already by others, but cutting grass is essential in my opinion. We could use it as kindling, compost, bedding, animal feed, food (yum!), or whatever. And being grass, it could grow back quite quickly Irrigation and/or drip system Based on the Drip Irrigation mod by Kyun (http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/4763-drip-irrigation-farming-rain-collector-barrel/), in my opinion, this is another essential feature. We should be able to automate the farming process ( to a certain degree) based on a combination of farming, carpentry, intelligence and wisdom. Carry weight and Bags I don't know what the carry weight is based on, kilograms or pounds, but if it's pounds, then these characters are stupidly weak and deserve to be eaten by zombies. Even if it's kilograms, it's still ridiculous. As an ex-electrician, I used to wear a toolbelt with 10kg of tools hanging from it, as well as carrying a portable toolbox full of tools weighing over 20kg, as well additional materials (up to a further 20kgs). At the time I was not a big guy, nor was I ridiculously strong (I only weighed 67kg at the time), but for an average person, they should be able to comfortably carry half their body weight in their bags/belts/pockets. The bag system really needs to reflect this. The Australian and British SAS regularly carry a 60kg+ pack in addition to 8-12kg webbing, 4-8 litres of water, and a rifle. Some operations require them to carry over 80kg in weight! While these guys are trained to do this sort of thing, it's not unreasonable to suggest an everyday person, with a properly fitted pack, cannot comfortably carry half their weight. This is something I feel needs to be looked at in the game. I have many, many other ideas, but's now midnight, and I'm tired...
  12. I saw "feral animals" as one of the things listed in the yes category of the planned/considered additions section, and here's my take on the various feral animals I could see in PZ: Feral Dogs - The most dangerous of the feral domesticated animals. Man's best friend is almost man's worst enemy during the apocalypse, ironically. If anyone has ever seen the old 80s horror movie The Pack, then they'd know exactly what a group of pet dogs left to run wild is capable of. In short, dogs revert to a wolflike nature in the absence of man (and likely in the pervasive presence of zombies would contribute as well). This would make a pack of feral dogs almost more dangerous for a character to run into than zombies, as feral dogs are faster and more intelligent (though smaller and more easily dispatched, for balancing). Like zombies, a pack of feral dogs will take after you as a group and try to overwhelm you. Fighting them hand to hand risks injury or death. Shooting one or more of them may scare the others off, but also draw the zeds. I also think it'd be cool if we had the opportunity to re-tame a dog that has gone wild, if it is caught off on its own without a pack. Feral Pigs - Like feral dogs, can be dangerous. However, they can also be hunted for food. Cats - Cats would be able to take care of themselves pretty well without people. But having stray cats wandering around would increase tension when looting houses and neighborhoods. What was that you saw out of the corner of your eye?! Zed?! Nope, just an abandoned housecat in the house you're looting. Feral Goats/Cattle/Horses - Could be caught on farms and either re-tamed for personal use (farming/riding), hunted for food/materials, or simply left to wander in rural areas. Pigeons/Bees - Could be kept in an aviary for food or cultivated in an apiary for honey. Would probably require an advanced level of farming expertise to accomplish, however, and finding these animals would be rare.
  13. xGamache


    Hello survivors! I propose a new system/skill to be created - Teamwork I feel the ability to accomplish tasks as a team is vital in any zombie survival scenario. What better way to reward such actions than with new abilities and skill-sets. How i imagined this working is having an option upon right clicking another player / NPC thereafter would display a list of options for said player to choose from. Examples: Ask for a boost - Used to boost another player/NPC into a otherwise unreachable height. Fairly simple but possibly cause falling damage if failed. Help walk/ carry- One day i imagine someone might lose a leg from an emergency amputation, or a person might pass out from drinking too much whiskey. However the scenario plays that person will need a shoulder to lean on and this will be the way to do it. Push object - The bigger the object the more strength needed to push it, two is always better than one. The ability to move larger objects than one could themselves. These abilities would require a confirmation from the receiving player to assure both parties are game. Various difficulty levels would be assigned to the new abilities and unlocked by gaining experience similar to other skills. I feel this request is one that would clearly take much time and effort to implement but also could be one that changes the dynamic of the game to push players towards a more team oriented play style. Thus creating more dynamic player interactions and game depth. Please share you opinions/ ideas
  14. Well, the PVP system still needs to be highly improved and we all know it. Despite talks about a brilliant new "aggression" system, i think the game still could use a little bit of realism, specially dealing with meeting new survivors and PVP. This will be also very useful for RP servers, making it harder to kill characters for metagaming reasons (like "i hate player X, so i'll hunt his in game character) and making it harder to not be noticed as a raider. My suggestion is this (those who played Haven & Hearth and Space Station 13 are familiar with it) -Every character displays a random name above their face representing their appearance -If you click "Remember character's face", you'll add the character's number to a friend's list and you'll know that the guy with that number is the guy you saw -To have a player 'meet' another survivor and know who he is, they must add each other to their friend's list. When a player does that, both players will see their real names above their names unless they're wearing masks -When players wear 'mask' items (such as balaclavas, ski masks, bandanas, gas masks, surgical masks, cloth masks (Basque separatist style), etc) the player's name/character's number is hidden unless the person speaks, then the chat will show the person's number/name depending on whether the listener knows the raider -Equipping the mask is similar to equipping a piece of clothing or the backpack. It would be great if every mask had it's own model/sprite, letting players kind of develop their 'village raider uniform' with identical masks and hats. Like a player village of everyone wearing ETA style cloth masks made out of sheets, green pants, black shirts and berets hidden in a forest just waiting to ambush and rob survivors would be awesome. Why i think this idea is so important: The talks about the revolutionary new aggression system is great, but this system lacks. The ability to just turn on 'aggressive mode' and have no one be able to recognize you sucks because it will make it easier for people to just raid players and just move around undetected. Having the need for masks will make it easier for survivors to recognize raiders (even if you have the skull displaying above the raider character) and harder for people to commit random crimes. Also, this will allow players who want to be burglars but not killers to just put on a mask without the need to turn aggressive on other players.
  15. Hi there, I am back, after a lot of thinking, I have got some good ideas to implement in the game: - A trait "steel stomach" so a person has better stomach and even eating food in bad conditions can't make you sick easily as usual. - A trait "fragile stomach" so a person can not eat everything easily, even food in good condition will have a small opportunity to make you feel sick, of course you don't get the disease for this, but you will feel bad. - There should be an ability that increases your carry capacity and strength by training or doing excercise, this way the more excersice you do, the more strength. - Some way to inform the player he has leveled up please! - Able to run and look behind you. - Some kind of truck would be a good idea, a small truck to transport lots of materials, slowly of course, but you don't break your bones or hurt yourself.
  16. Hey, so I saw a number of other suggestions and future implemented additions the to game, and I thought about a few more potential traits and occupations to the game. Sadly, I have never made it late game. I do sandbox with insane amount if zombies and no infection trying to survive as long as I can. Thus a lot of these are probably for earlier than later in game. Anyway, onto the occupations Sales pitcher. "Used to trying to sell to customers, they learnt first-hand experience about convincing others about a certain thing" - Affects NPC, possibly making them trust easier (Unsure how NPCs will be implemented, nor the affect of brooding traits on it etc) Electrician "Building a career in electrician appliances, they know a thing or two about how to wire things together and the necessary safety hazards" -Less chance of electrocution. -Finds more wires/electrical crafting appliances. (I saw the possible suggestions of welding, and electricians) Teacher/professor "Used to writing out information in note form for others to use and learn from, they can write down their knowledge for others to learn. Of course, not form is not all..." -Can use pen+empty notepad to write a notepad about revelant known skills for others to get a small multipler from (Thinking if a master, can write up to expert level in that skill. Also, it only gives makes it 1.5x xp bonus, rather than the 3, useful for multiplayer or NPCs if they can learn skills) Boxer "Practising in the gym made them stronger, faster and deadlier with their fists and upper body strength" -Unarmed combat is faster -Deals more(?) unarmed damage. Nurse "Used to attending injuries, they gained knowledge about medical needs for the injured" -Can apply bandages better -Makes 'medical bandages' rather than 'rag bandages' Doctor "All that medical knowledge and university courses meant that they had a good career helping others" -Can make mixtures (Berries, water, other items?) that slow down health drop rate (Keeping those NPCs alive when sick) - Can aid in injuries healing faster. - Can diagnose if someone is infected. Vet "Working with animals meant that they knew how to care for them and treat them. Now, it can mean acting how to appear friendly to nearby critters" -Allows walking up to animals, rather than them being frightened away. Chef/cook "Making food people enjoy. That was their way of life. Getting it just right, and above what others can do" -Permeant 1.75x xp modifier for cooking -Harder to burn food -Cooked food has higher positive mood lets. Scavenger "Living life with just collecting what they could. Unable to carry the heavier items much with them, they stored the smaller items more" - Objects 1 lb or less have their weight halved. Sorry about the huge spam. To be honest, I had a few ideas from the zombie survival guide, world war Z (book) and resident evil outbreak characters. I didn't want to put them separately, so I thought I'd create this to put them together.
  17. i was in my house and had all my windows covered with the curtains closed. it was a new game, and i was standing in the living room in the dark and a zombie saw me through the glass of the front door. so being able to put a sheet or something on the glass door for new games might be helpful. (i haven't been able to go very far to see if there are houses without glass doors.) second suggestion: the capability to fill the sink up with water
  18. Alright, warning, slightly long post here with a few of my suggestions for the game. I will continue to add to this topic when I feel an idea is worth adding, and I'll remove any ideas that you guys dislike. Would really love to hear a dev's thoughts on these to see where they stand. Please take a look and share your thoughts and ideas! #1 - The Hunger Zombies are primarily known for their hunger for human flesh, however in the game currently they'll take chunks out of you UNTIL you drop dead, at which point they'll leave the body and wander away. As of now this doesn't matter much, but when NPC's and Multiplayer are added, you'd expect the zombies to actually eat bodies, if they find a corpse they'll start to munch on it (unless there's already one or two zombies eating it) until they see a living human. For one thing it would increase the diversity of zombie behaviour, it would be easier to sneak past zombies who are in the middle of eating, and also can be used as a distraction (shooting your pal and letting the zombies eat him). Also it would give yet another incentive to remove dead bodies from near your base, as walkers would come for a meal. In order for this to work, there would need to be a new eating animation (bent over, gnawing on the corpse), and also perhaps a new corpse sprite (the point in which it's a bloody mess of half-eaten gunk). If left for a while the zombies will devour corpses entirely. #2 - The Bowman Bows and arrows, suggested a lot, but I feel like I need to add this here. In the gun store in West Point, I feel that there should be bows and arrows to be found. The bow would be equipped, and when holding CTRL or RMB, the character raises the bow, and aims in the direction of the mouse. Holding the left mouse button will draw back the string, releasing it will fire an arrow. Releasing RMB or CTRL before firing will cancel the shot. Bows would be a silent weapon, headshots would be essential to kill a walker, and your aiming skill would determine the probability of hitting the head (a lot like a gun does, however probably less chance on lower skill levels). Arrows can be recovered from a corpse or from the ground. Bows can also be crafted, albeit a more inaccurate and flimsy bow, same goes for arrows (trajectory would be off) Crossbows would work similarly to guns, in the way they are used, they'd have more range than a bow and also more accuracy, however the expense being the time taken to reload and being able to fire one shot at a time before reloading. Bolts can be picked up from corpses. Crossbows would not be craftable, only found in the gun shop and rarely in houses. Also they would not be entirely silent, about as loud as a melee weapon. #3 - Some more customization options Because why not? I think that at some point we should have a range of new hairstyles, faces and beards to diversify when multiplayer comes along. Also, a new range of clothing would be cool too (basic t-shirts, puffy jackets, cargo pants, hats, waterproof jackets with hoods, etc), the waterproof jackets would help out during the rain and puffy jackets would slightly decrease the possibility of bites and scratches breaking the skin (a bit like construction worker) I understand that graphics-wise this would be pretty tough to implement with all the animations, etc, but currently we do have a very limited customization range and I think things like waterproof jackets are definitely needed so that we can be out during the rain without getting wet (assuming you have your hood up which ALSO limits peripheral vision, so it's balanced) At worst, this could be a mod, however I do feel the game lacks in clothing, and diversity of characters. #4 - Some better weaponry Okay, so currently the majority of weapons generally do not survive a lot of combat, they break pretty easily since they're not designed with combat in mind (kitchen knives, baseball bats, etc). I was thinking maybe we could get some more combat ready weapons, I'm no weapons expert but a combat-knife of sorts would be similar to a kitchen knife but a lot more durable. Also machetes or even swords would be suited better for combat. As for blunt weapons, again I'm no expert on this but I'm certain there are plenty combat-ready blunt weapons. Honestly I don't care much for guns since they make a lot of noise, but an assault rifle and hunting rifle would be pretty good to have when dealing with hordes (on the downside, scarce ammunition for the assault rifle), hunting rifles will come in handy for hunting animals (also bows and crossbows for this) All of these 'better' weapons would be a lot harder to find than the common counterparts, any military or police buildings would contain some of the combat-ready weapons, and perhaps a store containing medieval weapons like swords, maces, etc; also, armour. #5 RIP #6 - Corpse Disposal Corpse disposal is planned, however I'm not entirely sure of which way we will be able to remove corpses. Personally, I'd like the ability to drag the corpses to an open area (or put them in a pickup truck and drive them there), put them in a pile and set it alight. However if it was a member of my group, I'd like to be able to bury the corpse and even give their grave a tombstone (craftable). I think that having a shovel, and the context menu option 'dig grave' could appear, allowing you to dig the grave, place the corpse in it and 'fill grave' would fill it back up. #7 - Better Trait System When choosing traits for a character, there could be an "Advanced Options" button in the corner that changes the trait menu into advanced mode. Advanced mode would mean that rather than choosing individual traits like: Strong Short Tempered Light Eater Brooding It would allow us to assign points to each trait (kind of like how Fallout does it) so that we could go: Strong <2> Short Tempered <1> Light Eater <4> Brooding <3> The number between the arrows would be the point number (1 to 4), which would increase and decrease by using the arrows. The 4th 'level' would be the maximum for the trait and would be stronger than the default is (let's say that the default for Strength would be 3, choosing 4 would make that strength trait a little bit stronger at the cost of an extra point, while choosing 2 or 1 would give a little bit of strength but not as much as default, but in return letting you use the leftover points to spend on other things such as Athletic 2 or 1) #8 - Social Traits With the arrival of NPC's coming 'fairly' soon, there isn't much in the way of traits that really contribute to your social abilities and interaction with other human beings (okay, short tempered could perhaps be related), so how about a few traits for better/worse social interaction with NPC's? Deceptive (-4) - People are less likely to be suspicious of you Obvious Suspect (+4) - People are more likely to be suspicious of you (even for things you may not have done) Cool Tempered (-3) - You don't get angry often Intimidating (-6) - People are less likely to cross you Timid (+4) - You are more likely to be threatened/attacked by other people Socially Awkward (+6) - People are less likely to listen to you (pretty much impossible to lead a group with this trait) Socially Confident (-6) - People will listen to you and look to you for guidance (Easier to become a leader) Comforting Presence (-3) - Your presence will help comfort most people (Kajin's Suggestion) These are just a few, I can imagine there is a very large amount of social-related traits that are possible. Some of these (Intimidating and Timid) could just expand on existing traits (Strong and Weak, respectively). Also the point addition/subtraction is not accurate, balance would need to be struck. -SUGGESTIONS END HERE- All done, let me know what you guys think of these idea, and to the developers, please consider these, I've tried to think of them in ways that will really fit with the game and enhance it. Thanks for reading. -GodWaffle
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