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  1. If there's anything that needs a combat speed modifier badly then it's a backpack! It would be cool to have a combat speed modifier on backpacks work a bit different: - The modifier should be in effect based on the % of the capacity of the bag. - An empty bag should only provide, let's say 10% of the combat speed modifier penalty - A full bag should have a fairly difficult combat speed modifier penalty This change would be realistic (yeah who cares, it's a game) as a heavy bag weighs down people easily. But it would also be good for gameplay, letting players be looters or fighters. Having to choose a different loadout based on goals and situations. Making more bags viable and different, so there is no "best bag", but a "Best bag for X situation". I always love things that make the characters in RPG games less jacks of all trades.
  2. A similiar mechanic of "The Last of Us" to lure zombie hordes away from our path, if there are 20 Zombies that might see or hear you you could just throw a glass bottle on the other side of the road/inside a house/ on a window/ on the head of a zombie dealing damage, same for cans, rocks and maybe bricks(?) Having their own damage and sound area
  3. I like playing games in ultrawide mode using 3 monitors spanning the game to a resolution of 5760x1080. Now this works by default and the game looks and runs great. The only downside is that the left and right ui are all the way on the edge of the left and right screen. Most games that support ultrawide/triple monitor setup have an option to keep all UI centered on the middel screen. So the UI would treat the game as if set to default 1920x1080p. Is it possible to mod the settings so the moodles and left options are moveable or centered on the middel screen?
  4. This game has gotten bigger over the last 2 months and with that i believe a PZ store that sells spiffo plushies, keychains etc. might be a viable option for the company at this point in development. I would love to support the developers by getting a spiffo plushie to cry into when my 5 month old character bites the dust. I don't know if indie stones has already said that they will not be making a merch store but i still think it would be a welcome addition to PZ.
  5. Hi, I'm a player on the Server 'US EAST 1', and the players (and owner now) are having a pretty big issue with people dying, respawning, and then repeatedly attacking a player or their safehouse with 0 repercussions. Since they've already died, they have nothing to lose, so what these players will do, is they'll set up a safehouse right next to the safehouse they want to attack, and then over the span of hours respawn 10s, if not 100s of times, attempting to grief the base and kill the owner. The defending party in this circumstance can only leave the game in retaliation (We have 'No Trespass' set to safehouse when the owner of the safehouse is offline). So the only way to stop being harassed for hours, upon hours. Is to simply not play the game. We've experimented with solutions to this problem, like making it so it takes multiple IRL hours to turn PvP on, but all this does is create "Green Bandits" that essentially will do the same thing, but with the owner being completely unable to do anything but leave. I'd like to suggest a few new server options. Under PvP, a "DaysSurvivedToPvP'. This option would require the player to survive for a set amount of in-game days in order to flag red for PvP. They would still be able to defend themselves from other players flagged red, but they wouldn't be able to harass players with the intent of killing them anymore. Under Safehouse, 'PvPRequiredToLoot' and 'PvPRequiredToRaid'. The former would make it so that you can enter player safehouses (When uninvited) but you wouldn't be able to pick anything up, or interact with anything in the house. The latter would essentially act as an invisible barrier that wouldn't allow any uninvited players with PvP off to enter, however, when you turn PvP on, you would be able to enter the house freely. With both 'DaysSurvivedToPvP' and 'PvPRequiredToRaid' we could easily prevent griefers from raiding player bases incessantly with 0 risk and effectively forcing the defender of the safehouse to play another game for a few hours, but sadly, these options aren't in the game.
  6. By buying, I mean rewarding, since mods are usually created voluntarily with dedication. I don't know about you, but I tend to focus almlst entirely on the immersion, realism and controls of the game, rather than multiplayer which I never really liked to play with other people online. Up until now, I realized the reason I kept on playing the game (and I'm sure 99% of you also do) is how the mods are drastically improving the immersion, realism and control of the game, which the base game would be rather empty and dull without it. With mods going into the base game, the devs would only have to sometimes expand from that mod to their preference, but also make some fixes so that the mod becomes more playable. Personally, I have so many immersion-improving mods at one point, I couldn't even know what was making the game, and now I have to accept whatever error there is, because I only wished the game would become much more immersive than the base game, from more diverse firearms, makeshift armory to throwing corpses out the window and even gun suicide. You should be glad you're backed by dedicated modders who made the game much more immersive to learn from, while focusing on much more important matters, such as human NPCs and hunting. Now, as much as I like to have immersion-improving mods in the base game, this remains to be my opinion, which I admit would still need to be further discussed.
  7. Additions to existing traits: - Pacifist: + Increased stress and unhappiness upon killing zombies (and humans, in the future builds) - Prone to illness: + Higher chance of zombification through zombie scratches and lacerations. - Resilient: + Lower chance of zombification through zombie scratches and lacerations. - Clumsy: + Higher chance of failure when crafting - Graceful: + Lower chance of failure when crafting More traits: - Bloodlust (opposite to Pacifist): More effective with weapons, stress and unhappiness upon killing zombies (and humans, in the future builds), increased stress and happiness upon not fighting for too long - Slowpoke: Slower manual action performance (movement speed, crafting, first aid, eating, drinking, rip clothing, close/open curtains, etc.) - Speedster (opposite to Slowpoke): Faster manual action performance - Pessimist: Actions that increase unhappiness/depression now increases even more unhappiness/depression - Optimist (opposite to Pessimist): Actions that decrease unhappiness/depression now decreases even more unhappiness/depression - Nyctophobic: Gets panicked when in the dark There could be more that I haven't thought of yet. More ideas in replies are also highly appreciated.
  8. I've been thinking about this for a bit but do you think amputations would be more viable then just giving up and drinking bleach.
  9. Hello Indie and developers came here again to make a new suggestion. For example, the character eats too much and does not do physical activities, gymnastics or anything he could physically get fatter with time or if he put the obese peark he would already spawn in the fat world. This would be useful for the skinny one, too, for him to spawn in the world already thin and with less strength, or for the character to eat very little and walk a lot if he physically emagresses. It's quite a suggestion but I think it would address more realism in the game. Thanks again for this game
  10. Hello Indie and developers I came here again to give you a very good suggestion what do you think the character can push the car if he runs out of gas but it won't be so easy he will have to have at least 4 physical fitness and strength at a fair price to be able to push heavy cars, right? Thanks again for this wonderful game.
  11. Hello Indie and developers came here to give a suggestion to change the fire animation as the game is evolving very fast and you can't leave an important animation like this behind, as the game preaches realism you could change the fire animation for a more realistic one because the game is 3d and the fire is practically 2d so it doesn't match. But that's all I hope you'll grant my request and thank you for this wonderful game.
  12. Running out of ammo or just discarding a weapon on the verge of breaking, this could be good reasons for why throwable weapons may be useful. If players have a weapon in hand and hold the "Push/Shove" key, the weapon should launch at the zombie and connect, based on the players "Aim Skill Level". While holding the "Push/Shove" key, players would only be able to launch the item in hand after the animation is complete. This would not only look great but add balance to the feature.
  13. The game mechanic doesn't recognize moist soil or wet, hence why it removes the realism from the game This suggestion was made to ensure it would put more realism into the game, here's what I came up with. After raining the soil will: Hinder the player and the zombie's walking speed due to muddy area Reduce the speed of a automobile on a dirt soil that has been rained on for longer period of time Be possible to trip over if the area has experienced intense rain and the player was running Moisten up the furrow dug by the player given the fact that seeds don't need water, soil does Project zomboid focuses on realism so I made sure to point this out in case it was forgotten or not thought about.
  14. The new 3D item placement update is awesome. You can place any item in the world anywhere you want. However you can only do so with one item selected at a time. This means you have to go through the process of right clicking on each item you want to place individually. This becomes tedious over time. My suggestion: Add the ability to drag select several different types of items in your inventory and right click on that selection and click place all selected items in the world. The item you right clicked on will be placed first, then the one under that and so on, the game will auto prompt you and auto place the next item to place at your cursor.
  15. When you are adding items to the backpack equipped on your back, you only see the weight of the backpack, but not the weight of your entire body. It would be nice if you could see both of these weight values.
  16. When lamps are placed by the player their bulbs will break even when there is no power to the structure. They also break FAR too frequently. And please allow the player to wire lamp pillars to the base if they choose, in a similar way to connecting a generator to the base.
  17. Ever since B41 most of the old music was removed from the game including the ambient tracks and with the new music system coming in I was wondering if there's any plans for the older tracks coming back such as the early access, ambient and remastered tracks to come back. Don't get me wrong I love the new music that has been added in B41 but it can get old after awhile and hearing some creepy and the old music would feel more dynamic in my opinion.
  18. This idea stemmed from watching a video called "After DayZ" by Corridor Digital, where near the end of the video, the character runs in a snowy forest, in the pitch black with nothing but a road flare illuminating his surroundings, while being chased by zombies. I thought of this feature being added to the game. This idea can work for either road flares, or flare guns. Road flares shouldn't be common and can only be found in military vehicles and emergency responders, such as police, firefighter, and ambulances. Road flares can last 10 - 60 min, but for gameplay reasons it should last an hour. If in the game in order to use a flare, equip in primary and press the button you would use to turn on a flashlight. And if you want to throw it, just hold right click, and left click where you are aiming. Flares can be used to distract zombies. If in the future the devs decides to allow us to pour gasoline on the ground, you can use the flare to ignite it. Bright and can be seen far away. If not needed as a light source, you can dismantle for crafting materials for traps. Since flares will attract zombies, its a risk if you should continue holding the flare for visibility but the zombies continue following you, (assuming that's your only source of light), or throw it to get the zombies away from you but lose visibility.
  19. Hey, I don't know if anyone has come up with this or if there is a suggestion for this already but I wanted to add my voice for a suggestion; that being able to more easily recall which containers have what inside them. In my mind it would work like this. - Right click on any item inside a container and there will be a small tab with two options in the usual list. - One will simply leave the preview of said item turned on when selected as seen in the images. The other will be mouse preview - so it will be turned off unless you hover your mouse over the container for a much faster information gain. - In my mind it would only be visible to the player that activated it for that item in that container - akin to them 'remembering' they saw that item inside that container. I hope you like my idea or tell me which mod has already implemented this idea lol. Even if it is a mod i still think it could work for the game!
  20. Good day! As the title says, I think being able to use up all those empty tin cans and thread to act as traps which alerts players is a great way to use those materials up and which very well could become a vital part in base defence. What do you think?
  21. HI all! I thought VCR's and video tapes would be a really neat and appropriate addition for the game, considering the time the knox event takes place. By '93 Kentucky had close to 2 dozen Blockbusters, and plenty of other smaller rental locations. The 80's and 90's had all sorts of educational tapes, so skill tapes would work well too. And the easiest addition, boredom/stress reduction videos. It would give TV's a use after the initial programs are off the air, and players would have to take the risk of turning up the volume to listen to the tape. Thanks for your time!
  22. Good day survivors! I was curious what others thought about having an option to uninstall vehicle parts directly to the ground. Vehicle parts, like furniture, are often heavy and even a single tire can have your character struggling with the weight. Furniture that is too heavy can be picked up and then it immediately falls to the ground (as the item) if it is too heavy for your inventory. And even just a minute of stripping a car for parts can have your inventory looking like this: I will concede I don't know the best way to deal with car parts you do want to go straight to your inventory, like taking a tire from one car to immediately put on to another, but that's why I've just considered this as something toggleable in the Accessibility tab. The scenario I'm in is me constantly bouncing back and forth between dropping heavy items and uninstalling parts, but I still usually end up in a lot of pain from the all the constantly adding heavy items to my inventory.
  23. Issue: I enjoy playing 6 months later and Apocalypse, occasionally even CD DA, and well, getting a lighter/matches or even a saw from the first house before getting overwhelmed in 2 minutes from a zombie hearing your footsteps isn't too feasible, and running out into the woods being chased by 30,000,000,000 zomboids without any fire starting will leave you a bit cold/hungry/unhappy/in the dark in no time. I love the difficulty, and how impossible it is to really get back into cities once you've left, let alone main roads and pockets which surround houses out of the way. With the fact you can get axes, knives, and hammers from gathered goods I think there should be a way of making sturdy sticks without a saw, or rather a way to start a fire early game without a saw/matches/lighter if there's already ways to get early game tools, which do their jobs while having small durability. Why not a way to make fire the same? How do you get the plank for the fire board? Well. The same way you can in the current version. Destroy a door. (that or add a recipe for solely a fire board by using an axe with a log, basically just splitting a log in half the other half being scrapped, with a sharp tool still needed too to drill it) Solution? Whether it be making sturdy sticks be a drop from something like doors being destroyed and making planks a less common drop from doors too. Fire boards being craftable by either an axe, and splitting logs and getting barely a fraction back in return compared to using a saw, like 1 or 2 sturdy sticks instead. Even by shaving down a Tree Branch with a knife could work. Even simply the ability to use a Tree Branch as another option for the sturdy stick to not mess with the current balance of Sturdy Sticks, or (not really what I think is necessary) a full new lighting tool/method could even work, such as a fire plow or a Bow Drill with use of Twine (which brings up a whole new issue of balance) or rags. Balance: This feels like a void of tech by the time you've usually ended up with a saw anyways. By then you've usually gotten to the point where you already have numerous lighters and packets of matches. It may not always end up that way, but that's my (and some people who saw my suggestion in the discord agreed) experiences, and works well for the balance as it is. At that point, it just feels like it's dead content, just to avoid using up your matches, or use as while you're in the middle of nowhere with your fair shake of gear from weeks of gear gained. So making it so the fire board and sturdy stick has a fair failure rate, low durability where a few boards/sticks are necessary to even get it to work, could really give a little boost, while creating more difficulty! How can adding more early game content add more difficulty? Well, with how difficult starting a fire with the new content, it'd make it well, difficult. As you may know, currently keeping a fire stoked for too long creates fires beyond the campfire though. See where I'm going? Making the fire would be tiring, not certain to start quickly while also having it that the current balance of keeping a fire running too long without cautious preventative measures prior a dangerous play. I'm not suggesting a whole overhaul, but just a quick implementation of a new recipe with a fair fail rating. Attempting to find anyone who's suggested this or similar, was at earliest of June, where the main point became all that was brought attention to, and the fact they called for reform of fire starting was ignored by staff, and april earlier which had only attention by one single member of the community, but then again it was focused about the other details they'd brought up, and might need a bit of attention. TL;DR: I care a lot about something really not that hugely important. Fire shouldn't be prevented early playing primitively, current methods are outdated by the time it's available. Give Sturdy Sticks an early game achievability or give a supplement to using sturdy sticks for fire. And this has been brought up before, but seems to have been ignored or as a minor part of a different topic or suggestion they've made, months ago.
  24. The owned key symbol when near a car can be a bit of a hassle when transferring items or fueling up your car. It blocks nearly half of the transfer/action bar! Curious if anyone else thought that it could maybe be moved up a little just when transferring/fueling? That's all, stay safe survivors!
  25. Good day fellow survivors! I thought it would be a nice addition to the Temperature setting in the sandbox options to have a setting that would allow for hotter summers and colder winters at the same time. The current Very Cold to Very Hot setting is nice, but depending on which way you adjust it you are going to make the other half of the year more manageable, be it a pleasant summer on cold settings or a warm winter on Hot settings. I don't know the technical feasibility to it, but as a sandbox option or as a challenge option I think it could be an exciting setting to play with. It is the apocalypse after all, so a climate in crisis could be fun to manage. A playthrough where you have to worry about overheating in summer if you are wearing too many layers, at the same time worrying about if you have enough wood chopped for your fireplace in the winter.
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