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  1. In the settings for the sandbox the water and electricity shutoffs can be 0-30 days to 0-5 years then 2-6 and 6-12 months. I think it would be quite nice if you could choose to have the minimum slightly higher without needing the maximum to be so late, something like 15-45 days or similar. Even though it hasn't happened to me yet, I hear horror stories of people having their electricity and water shutting off within the first week and this seems terrifying. I would just like to have the option to not have to worry about that happening too early on in my game without feeling like, by the time it's going to happen, I'm gonna be pretty much fully set. Just an idea, lemme know what you think!
  2. This idea stemmed from watching a video called "After DayZ" by Corridor Digital, where near the end of the video, the character runs in a snowy forest, in the pitch black with nothing but a road flare illuminating his surroundings, while being chased by zombies. I thought of this feature being added to the game. This idea can work for either road flares, or flare guns. Road flares shouldn't be common and can only be found in military vehicles and emergency responders, such as police, firefighter, and ambulances. Road flares can last 10 - 60 min, but for gameplay reasons it should last an hour. If in the game in order to use a flare, equip in primary and press the button you would use to turn on a flashlight. And if you want to throw it, just hold right click, and left click where you are aiming. Flares can be used to distract zombies. If in the future the devs decides to allow us to pour gasoline on the ground, you can use the flare to ignite it. Bright and can be seen far away. If not needed as a light source, you can dismantle for crafting materials for traps. Since flares will attract zombies, its a risk if you should continue holding the flare for visibility but the zombies continue following you, (assuming that's your only source of light), or throw it to get the zombies away from you but lose visibility.
  3. Hey, I don't know if anyone has come up with this or if there is a suggestion for this already but I wanted to add my voice for a suggestion; that being able to more easily recall which containers have what inside them. In my mind it would work like this. - Right click on any item inside a container and there will be a small tab with two options in the usual list. - One will simply leave the preview of said item turned on when selected as seen in the images. The other will be mouse preview - so it will be turned off unless you hover your mouse over the container for a much faster information gain. - In my mind it would only be visible to the player that activated it for that item in that container - akin to them 'remembering' they saw that item inside that container. I hope you like my idea or tell me which mod has already implemented this idea lol. Even if it is a mod i still think it could work for the game!
  4. Good day! As the title says, I think being able to use up all those empty tin cans and thread to act as traps which alerts players is a great way to use those materials up and which very well could become a vital part in base defence. What do you think?
  5. HI all! I thought VCR's and video tapes would be a really neat and appropriate addition for the game, considering the time the knox event takes place. By '93 Kentucky had close to 2 dozen Blockbusters, and plenty of other smaller rental locations. The 80's and 90's had all sorts of educational tapes, so skill tapes would work well too. And the easiest addition, boredom/stress reduction videos. It would give TV's a use after the initial programs are off the air, and players would have to take the risk of turning up the volume to listen to the tape. Thanks for your time!
  6. Good day survivors! I was curious what others thought about having an option to uninstall vehicle parts directly to the ground. Vehicle parts, like furniture, are often heavy and even a single tire can have your character struggling with the weight. Furniture that is too heavy can be picked up and then it immediately falls to the ground (as the item) if it is too heavy for your inventory. And even just a minute of stripping a car for parts can have your inventory looking like this: I will concede I don't know the best way to deal with car parts you do want to go straight to your inventory, like taking a tire from one car to immediately put on to another, but that's why I've just considered this as something toggleable in the Accessibility tab. The scenario I'm in is me constantly bouncing back and forth between dropping heavy items and uninstalling parts, but I still usually end up in a lot of pain from the all the constantly adding heavy items to my inventory.
  7. Issue: I enjoy playing 6 months later and Apocalypse, occasionally even CD DA, and well, getting a lighter/matches or even a saw from the first house before getting overwhelmed in 2 minutes from a zombie hearing your footsteps isn't too feasible, and running out into the woods being chased by 30,000,000,000 zomboids without any fire starting will leave you a bit cold/hungry/unhappy/in the dark in no time. I love the difficulty, and how impossible it is to really get back into cities once you've left, let alone main roads and pockets which surround houses out of the way. With the fact you can get axes, knives, and hammers from gathered goods I think there should be a way of making sturdy sticks without a saw, or rather a way to start a fire early game without a saw/matches/lighter if there's already ways to get early game tools, which do their jobs while having small durability. Why not a way to make fire the same? How do you get the plank for the fire board? Well. The same way you can in the current version. Destroy a door. (that or add a recipe for solely a fire board by using an axe with a log, basically just splitting a log in half the other half being scrapped, with a sharp tool still needed too to drill it) Solution? Whether it be making sturdy sticks be a drop from something like doors being destroyed and making planks a less common drop from doors too. Fire boards being craftable by either an axe, and splitting logs and getting barely a fraction back in return compared to using a saw, like 1 or 2 sturdy sticks instead. Even by shaving down a Tree Branch with a knife could work. Even simply the ability to use a Tree Branch as another option for the sturdy stick to not mess with the current balance of Sturdy Sticks, or (not really what I think is necessary) a full new lighting tool/method could even work, such as a fire plow or a Bow Drill with use of Twine (which brings up a whole new issue of balance) or rags. Balance: This feels like a void of tech by the time you've usually ended up with a saw anyways. By then you've usually gotten to the point where you already have numerous lighters and packets of matches. It may not always end up that way, but that's my (and some people who saw my suggestion in the discord agreed) experiences, and works well for the balance as it is. At that point, it just feels like it's dead content, just to avoid using up your matches, or use as while you're in the middle of nowhere with your fair shake of gear from weeks of gear gained. So making it so the fire board and sturdy stick has a fair failure rate, low durability where a few boards/sticks are necessary to even get it to work, could really give a little boost, while creating more difficulty! How can adding more early game content add more difficulty? Well, with how difficult starting a fire with the new content, it'd make it well, difficult. As you may know, currently keeping a fire stoked for too long creates fires beyond the campfire though. See where I'm going? Making the fire would be tiring, not certain to start quickly while also having it that the current balance of keeping a fire running too long without cautious preventative measures prior a dangerous play. I'm not suggesting a whole overhaul, but just a quick implementation of a new recipe with a fair fail rating. Attempting to find anyone who's suggested this or similar, was at earliest of June, where the main point became all that was brought attention to, and the fact they called for reform of fire starting was ignored by staff, and april earlier which had only attention by one single member of the community, but then again it was focused about the other details they'd brought up, and might need a bit of attention. TL;DR: I care a lot about something really not that hugely important. Fire shouldn't be prevented early playing primitively, current methods are outdated by the time it's available. Give Sturdy Sticks an early game achievability or give a supplement to using sturdy sticks for fire. And this has been brought up before, but seems to have been ignored or as a minor part of a different topic or suggestion they've made, months ago.
  8. The owned key symbol when near a car can be a bit of a hassle when transferring items or fueling up your car. It blocks nearly half of the transfer/action bar! Curious if anyone else thought that it could maybe be moved up a little just when transferring/fueling? That's all, stay safe survivors!
  9. Good day fellow survivors! I thought it would be a nice addition to the Temperature setting in the sandbox options to have a setting that would allow for hotter summers and colder winters at the same time. The current Very Cold to Very Hot setting is nice, but depending on which way you adjust it you are going to make the other half of the year more manageable, be it a pleasant summer on cold settings or a warm winter on Hot settings. I don't know the technical feasibility to it, but as a sandbox option or as a challenge option I think it could be an exciting setting to play with. It is the apocalypse after all, so a climate in crisis could be fun to manage. A playthrough where you have to worry about overheating in summer if you are wearing too many layers, at the same time worrying about if you have enough wood chopped for your fireplace in the winter.
  10. ‘’ add memory modification option to steam startup item‘’ At present, the 64 bit system can only use 2GB of game memory, and many people don't know how to change its upper limit. It is suggested to add a button to the steam startup item to modify the memory. File: "projectzombid64. json" LIne:"xmx2000m"
  11. Good day survivors! A nifty feature I felt was missing from Knox county was the classic sewing machine. Hand stitching is one thing, but tailors should be able to operate in style! I figure there would be two version: An antique sewing machine that operates slowly. Uses thread more efficiently than by hand. A powered, more modern sewing machine that operates with electricity. This model would be faster than an antique sewing machine, and use thread slightly more efficiently than an antique sewing machine. A boost to helping those long tailoring levels out would be a blessing. While thread would still be hard to come by, or take a lot of work from killing and ripping up clothes, a sewing machine would let you more efficiently use what you find in the slow grind that is tailoring. Good luck out there in the apocalypse!
  12. Hi folks and dev's, I've been playing PZ in multiplayer for a while now and the one thing that bugs me the most (while in MP), is how zombie spawning work. Right now, you clear an area, go home, come back within x hours and the area is "magically" repopulated. Wouldn't it be more immersive if zomboids spawned at the edge of the map and then started roaming in a random direction? Whaddya guys think?
  13. I've been playing build 41 for about a week, and I've been struggling to make contact when stomping . This is a serious issue in my opinion because the goal of a survival game like this (like Don't Starve, the Long Dark, etc.) is that you should be learning from each death. I take notes each time I die, and the clunkiness of the stomping mechanic has been the cause of 12 of out my last 20 deaths. As far as I can tell, the only lesson I can take from this is that I should avoid stomping as much as possible because it is very clunky. But that is hardly a realistic lesson when combat is almost unavoidable in build 41; and why should the developer add a mechanic, only for everyone to avoid it because it's implementation is clunky. Knowing when my player is positioned on top of something was always a bit of an issue. Even in build 40, I would sometimes struggle to position my character on top of something sitting on he ground (like a car key). But now that this clunky mechanic plays such a critical role in combat, something needs to be done to improve it. My suggestion should be simple to implement, and would not significantly alter the game's balance: Add a context indicator to let the player know when a stomp attack is going to connect (think of the "attack" indicator that shows up in Don't Starve). This could be as simple as making the circle reticle that was added in build 41 turn red when you're positioned in a way that if you left-click, your stomp attack will hit the zombie you're standing on.
  14. It sounds better then "hammer" How you can extract nails with only hammer? Not all cases could be resolved by hammer- but crowbar looks more universal for disassemble. ** and why thief can start vehicle without tool? maybe knife or scredriver
  15. Hi again, folks! So, I've logged close to 70 hours now since making the jump from the old build to the IWBUMS build and I thought I'd share my thoughts here instead of posting them to Reddit or to the Discord server. I've logged a bunch of hours (300+) in the old build because I'm in a fairly large gaming community that in particular plays lots of zombie-related titles. PZ is one of my favorites of the past 10 years or so, and I've managed to recruit lots of guys to play MP games with me (hence the 300+ hours in the old build, MP support is still there!) and wanted to give a few views based on the feedback I've gotten from the guys who play with me since this October we've decided to all try out the new IWBUMS version. 3 Suggestions that I've got so far: 1. Beginning difficulty is a bit high, late game difficulty is a bit too easy. The first few days, especially the first few minutes of starting are by far the most challenging. Finding a basic melee weapon, finding a vehicle, barricading up a house - it's all very rough starting off. I'm not suggesting that we have our starting-game simply served to us on a silver platter or anything, but the absolute volume of zombies in the very beginning is more than overwhelming to new guys (whether you're new from the old build, or new to the game in general) It so far (and again I'm strictly speaking about the IWBUMS version in saying this) seems to be going beyond just a challenging start for most, and ultimately is a frustrating start. I'll be the first to say that I'm having to convince a lot of the new guys that I've talked into buying it the past month to keep trying and not simply give up within their first 20-30 hours. What I think would help mitigate this some would be giving individuals the ability to choose which day the outbreak itself begins in 'Survival Mode'. (This may be something that devs have planned already for in the future, I'm not entirely sure though so I figured I'd mention either a comment in support of it, or a suggestion in support of it!) Allowing us to start on day 1 when the chaos is just beginning, and the initial, earliest numbers of zombies are still fairly thin to give players a chance to collect resources for the first 24 hours would greatly ease new players into the game itself. (Day 1, easy level, Day 2 Medium level, Day 3 Hard and so forth!) 2. Building off of the 1st suggestion, late game difficulty itself can become a bit of a breeze, and most problems we had before are no longer really that much of an issue for the most part. We can always set personal challenges for ourselves to help in confronting this problem (go and take over the mall, try to clear out an entire town etc.) is one way of off-setting some of the late game 'breeze' as I call it, once we've gotten some stats increased and sorta gotten established, but what I really think would be more fun to deal with is 'herds'. Somewhat similar to the helicopter attack events, I think it'd be SO fun to see a big wave of zombies hit a well established base of some kind that has seen a very mild 'trickling in' of zombies as the player(s) have established barricades. My all time favorite zombie flicks have always been Night of the Living Dead (and of course Dawn of the Dead - Day of the Dead, etc.! R.I.P. Romero!) and I'd love to see things gradually escalate at a house situation very similar to how things escalated in Night of the Living Dead. Finding available materials to barricade windows and doors with in the first initial days, having to fight off *slowly* increasing numbers as they gradually build up until you're well behind your walls is a great way to play survival mode imo! And finally, as more of a final crescendo, the player(s) then have to hold off the "herds" mentioned before, where they're hitting the base in massive waves and the odds become increasingly difficult to overcome (to the point that leaving the house for more resources even becomes a risky, almost impossible endeavor) 3. Thirdly, and finally - to add on to the notion that early game is a bit too difficult, I think it'd be great if based on the profession you choose, your character will have a tendency to spawn in with the tools that reflect the profession you've chosen (and if you choose unemployed, it sticks with the more random house as it does in the current fashion where there's no telling what you'll find in the house you spawned in with). So if you're a mechanic, find a toolbox with a wrench, tire pump or screwdriver or jack, etc. Or if you're a chef, there's an abundance of food, if you're a medical worker there's plenty of medical supplies available and so forth. Starting off with a hammer and saw as a construction worker or carpenter would make a massive world of difference in the early phases of the game, giving the player a tool to barricade houses with and a blunt weapon to fight with, as well. Also - I would think most folks would have a vehicle as well. Maybe not all, and maybe many of them ended up parking their car when they got home without much gas in it, but it does seem odd that even when there's a car parked out in front of the house that I spawn in at, there's often no key for it lol. In conclusion, I'm overall *highly* pleased with what the team has been putting together in this game, I've logged a lot of hours into it already, and have highly encouraged all of the guys in the gaming community I'm a part of to continue supporting it by buying copies of it as well. These are my own thoughts, but I'll say this much: For the price that I paid for this title, even though I've got suggestions, I've definitely gotten my money's worth out of it already. The 370ish hours that I've logged for just $15 so far, has basically been one of the best bang for buck that I've ever gotten out of an early access title, so once again (not to sound like I'm ass-kissing here) hats off to the Indie Stone guys! Thanks for reading! Edit: P.S. - New fog effects? FKN BOSS!
  16. What I am talking about, is to add shopping carts as a way to carry items. Now of course, this shopping cart as an item that could be used could be broken. IE: could be missing wheels. Repair would either need a low level, or should not be added at all; since it's a shopping cart. These things should be fairly common in supermarkets; for obvious reasons. Dragging a cart can, and should slow down the player, if the cart gets overweighed, then it should be very hard to carry. The cart would not be a rideable thing, only a thing that would be dragged on forward. Why would you want to add this into the game? Well, I personally think that an item like this would be firstly very useful to the game, would as well add some immersion; as some people would rather preffer dragging their items on some form of a sled, rather than a backpack. Not only that, I feel like it's a realistic choice, considering how desperate the times in this game could be. And lastly, thanks for reading my suggestion. Whether it will be accepted or not, I am still very thankful for reading it. Have a nice day.
  17. What the title says. basically the idea is that certain items and face coverings could provide varying degrees of protection against the sickness caused by dead bodies/zeds. An idea I had for balance would be that bandannas would provide a quarter resistance, surgical masks would be half, gas masks would be three quarters while the rare Hazmat suit would provide full protection from the effects of decaying bodies. For added balance you could factor in condition as well, A hazmat Suit at 75% durability would only give the same resistance as a gas mask, for example. I think it would give another reason to use those items, as it would give them added utility as well as a reason to take care of those pieces of equipment. Your thoughts?
  18. I was thinking this would be a neat idea for an unlockable skill or some such. It would not be without consequence (You lose the whole car) but it would be a GREAT "Oh, this situation isnt looking good!" tool/ weapon. Imagine the carnage, Imagine the usefulness, imagine the FUN!!!!!!!!! KABOOOM
  19. Hello, I am a new player that is very much enjoying the game. I posted this on Reddit and another Redditor suggested I post here. I did a search and it does not look like this has been suggested already which I would be surprised if this is true. My suggestion is to include a "persistent" game mode where you can re-spawn with your skills intact upon death. Maybe there is a reduction in skills, could be a random skill(s) or all skills, but you come back and have some progress already. I think this game mode would be most appealing for hosting servers but I think single players like myself would enjoy it too. It might be the "easy" setting for beginners or something. Thanks for reading!
  20. We all want Project Zomboid to be the most realistic Zombie Survival game of all time. here is some suggestion. Campfire system expansion. It is the basic things to do in Survival situation, here is we can find current PZ Campfire system https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Campfire not so much for start a fire for surviving the zombie apocalypse, at first we only need a Match, when all Matches gone? next we can use a stick and notched wooden plank, only that's it but come on, its realistic Zombie Apocalypse, we need more more ways, because it is so much ways to start a fire, especially using household appliances, like; 1. Ash Cotton ball roll: (this will add ash in a Campfire after it burn out) *more realistic stuff here Cotton ball + Ash + 2 Plank Rub together, wait until smoke comes out and wait the ember to grow 2. Dissecting Battery: (this will add more a simple use to battery) Battery + Hammer/something hard to smash it + tweezer Take out the lithium and boom, you got fire the time it takes depends on player surviving skills, idk where to put it but maybe add more skill for surviving, maybe combine it with Foraging skill And so much more, this will add more realistic touch in our beloved game here is some reference that we can find on YouTube. Hopefully this suggestion will help Project Zomboid to be the most realistic Zombie Survival game of all time.
  21. I suggest: - Remove the ability to climb over fences with peaks; - Reduce the likelihood of climbing the fence in the rain; - Increase the load for lifting the rope; - Make it impossible to climb the fence, climb the rope (with any overload). P.S All the things that I indicated in my opinion will benefit the realism of the game.
  22. Hi, I propose to add: - The effect of clean clothes on boredom; (Wearing dirty, wet clothes from the dead to increase one-time boredom). - The effect of food temperature; (warm food may slightly increase saturation (by about 3-5%) while lowering cold food (by about 7-10%) this probability can be applied to boredom. Based on this mechanics, you can add perks: neat, dirty. (increasing / decreasing the effect of boredom). A tourist may not have a negative impact on food.
  23. Dear PZ community and development team, I’ll be brief firstly, greetings from Ukraine; secondly, it is very painful for me to look at the current loot system where the dimensions of objects and containers are not taken into account (modes of this nature are extremely mediocre). My suggestion : Add two weight values for each item (volumetric weight and actual). The container will also have two weight parameters (but the player will see the average value). The container defines a larger parameter for the weight of the item and it is it that is taken into account. "formula volumetric weight is length × width × height cm/ 5000" More details below. Items will be divided into categories: - very small items; (up to 0.1 kg of volume / actual weight) Settling in bacpack: no restrictions. (subject to capacity indicators of volumetric and actual weight)* Settling in pockets: up to 25 pieces. (I think there should be different pockets and, accordingly, different capacities). Settling in a container: no restrictions. * - small items; (up to 0.5 kg volume / actual weight) Settling in bacpack: no restrictions.* Pocket storage: up to 2 pieces. Settling in a container: no restrictions.* Very small and small items will require pockets to carry in inventory. Either carry it in your hands, a backpack, or fasten it to belts. - medium subjects; (up to 5 kg of volume / actual weight). Settling in bacpack: no restrictions.* Settling in pockets: no. Settling in a container: no restrictions.* - heavy objects; (up to 20 kg of volume / actual weight). Settling in bacpack: no more than two. Settling in pockets: no. Settling in a container: in any other container without restrictions.* - special items; (over 20 kg of volume / actual weight) can only be lifted by two hands if the actual weight is less than 40 kg. Settling in bacpack: no. Settling in pockets: no. Settling in a container: in any other container without restrictions.* Character’s inventory is limited by the number of pockets, slots (belt, holster), hands and directly with a maximum weight of 40 kg (volumetric weight does not apply to inventory). Everything regarding containers: - The container takes into account the greater value of one of the weight parameters; - The container cannot hold objects longer than the length of the largest side of the container. Backpacks / bags / bags: - Have all of the above properties; - Category exception: heavy objects (no more than 2), special item (do not fit at all). when hovering over an item and container the player should see: its size, a larger weight indicator, category. This will make the loot system as close to real as possible. finding items is one of the foundations of this game and there is a huge gap in it ... P.S This is just a sketch, but if you are also interested, I will add to the topic. Little things: Pockets: you can sew them. (from 2 sewing levels) You can sew pockets on things from: jeans, synthetics. Items suitable for sewing: pants, jeans, shirts, jackets and the most interesting backpacks. (It makes sense to add one pocket to the backpack. For * quick access as a belt only for objects "small" 2 cells for a screwdriver and scissors;)
  24. TRUCKS Since this is set in America, this should have one of the most iconic things America has, and it is its long nosed Diesel semi trucks. These trucks would have a lot of use for players that wants to live the travelling nomad life, they would be safe in a large truck with a Sleeper behind.(A Sleeper is a the part of the truck where Truckers sleep, eat and entertain themselves). It would also give a lot of utility to communities if the time ever comes to Multiplayer where large groups of players have banded together with NPCs. These trucks could be their lifeline in supplies themselves or blockading a street. The challenge in having a truck in the Apocalypse would be: Repairing it and up keeping it. Trucks have larger tires than normal cars, so after a while, finding replacement wheels would be extremely hard(Trucks usually have 22.5 tires). Refueling a truck could take a lot of effort. For example, a 1980s Peterbilt 359 with a Sleeper and 6X4 Chassis would need at least 300 Gallons per Football Field to be fully refueled. Maintenance would be a nightmare as trucks do not have usual parts that you could use on cars and you would need to find a Truck shop to get the proper parts for it. Space, trucks need a ton of space to be stored, so unless you have a warehouse as a Safehouse, you would have to park it in the open, for everyone to see. Lights, trucks have a TON of lights, from the roof of the cab to the sides of the Cab and Sleeper, some would even have Spotlights, old time trucks in the 1980s would have Spotlights and Long Reverse lights attached to the top of their chrome driver and passenger side windows. These bad boys uses 4 car batteries, good luck with that. Majority of trucks use 12 Speed or 18 Speed Eaton Fullers, so the player has a lot of shifts to do to get it up to speed. Some like logging trucks has High and Low gears for Hills and Mountain roads. There are different types of trucks too, Day Cab, Flat top, Cabovers, Logging, Military and Sleepers. Day Cab: A truck that only consists of the Cab, it is shorter and used for local trucking industries as it could fit in almost anywhere and has a smaller turn circle Flat top: One of the most famous types of trucks in the 1980s and early 90's. These trucks has sleepers that has flat roofs. Cabovers: A very old design of trucks used way back then in the 80s and 90s when road regulations on truck length wasn't harsh one many states. Logging: These are the types that could plow through large hordes with ease, they are city trucks equipped for the harsh muddy roads of the Mountains. Large bullbars and headache racks. Mostly seen in Day cab with the headache rack behind the cab to protect the driver from the Logs his hauling. Military: The military uses many types of Civilian trucks converted for military use like the M915A5. A Freightliner converted for Military transport. Day Cab 1978 Peterbilt 359 Flat Top 1984 Peterbilt 359 Cabover 1994 Freightliner FLA Kenworth T800 Logging truck, the thing you see behind the cab is what truckers call "Headache" rack. United States Military M915A5 with a M1015 Flatbed Trailer (If this is too modern, there is always the M35 Semi used way back in the 70s) The benefits would be great for anyone. A truck could travel a thousand kilometers in a single tank, large hordes would be nothing as you just plow through them with a trailer, and it would be good as an intimidation to players on the road or walking along it. But one should always remember that trucks have air brakes, so you cannot just be constantly be tapping the brakes since it would lock and would take a lot seconds of revving up the engine(It is to pump air into the brakes) to unlock. They would also be noisy, and more noisy with the trailer jumping on and on in tight turns or just from speed. TRAILERS In terms of trailers, the usual 48ft Fontaine Flatbed and 53ft Wabash Dry Vans and 48ft Refrigerated Reefers you see everyday should be scattered on Industrial areas, these are their Pros and Cons: They would have large utility, but are hard to use since if you do not have a Semi truck, they cannot be moved. Replacing their tires would also be hard after a Month into the survival since they also use the same size as the Semi trucks. Hooking up a trailer would also be a hard thing if you do not know which airline to attach and how to hitch the 5th wheel. Though the creativity that could spark if you have a 48ft Flatbed, you could turn it into a house, towed battlewagon, and car/parts/object carrier while the Dry Van would serve the same purpose just excluding the battlewagon but instead as troop carrier or a more enclosed house or moving storage facility. The Dry Van could be used as a temporary or permanent blockade since 53ft is a very long length and could block off Highways and entire entrances to towns. The Reefers(Basically large fridges) could be used to freeze captured players to death or store large amount of foods. But it has a Generator and would need to be attached to a Truck to work properly. These trailers has the ability to "slide" their axles to balance out the weight, but since this is the Apocalypse, they'd be just there as an option if you want to slide the Axles backward. Examples: Wabash 53ft Dry Van trailer Velocity Fontaine 48ft Flatbed. The one on top is a Dropdeck with Spread Axles Here is a link to how Axles slide on Dry Vans: Now for the more complex trailers like Bulk tankers and specialized trailers, these should only appear in specified areas like construction sites and Gas stations. There are multiple types of Bulk Trailers and you'd see. I'll just post a picture since it would be complex to explain it all. The examples I'll use are from a Tanker Company named Polar Tanks. I don't know all the liquids they carry but the examples I could give is: Petroleum: Used to store Diesel and other types of Gasses. Up to 80,000lbs. Dry Bulk: Used for Cement and other types of Construction materials that are in liquid form. Chemicals: Used to haul dangerous chemicals from factories and is often called as the most dangerous type of trailer as if one could leak, an entire town could die. I cannot explain the others as my American Truck Simulator knowledge on tankers ends there, you guys might have to ask actual truckers on what they do. Here are more types of trailers: Wilson 42ft Grain Trailer, these should be found in large farms. There is two types of Dump trailers, one that is called "Side" Dump trailer and "Full" Dump Trailer, here are examples: EAST Full Frame Dump Trailer JET Side Dump Trailer And here is an example of a "Lowboy" trailer: JET Tri Axle Lowboy trailer, these are used to haul Construction equipment or just heavy vehicles in general. Thanks for looking into my suggestions! Keep doing great Devs!
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