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Found 3 results

  1. Go halfway down for a more organized version of this. Kinda wish Overgrowth got even worse, such as the roads eventually being covered in grass, and maybe after a year trees will start growing on the edges of roads, and eventually cover the road as well. Would also be cool if some walls in buildings also started having holes form in them, small enough that you can only see through them, or large enough that you can walk through them. (Hell, if there were versions of buildings that had completely collapsed that would be super cool as well) Would also be cool if cars left in a grassy area long enough Would get overgrown, and would require some extra maintenance to remove the vines and crap from the car before you could drive it. Also we need semi trucks, and an event where a truck is blocking an entire street. That'd be cool too. Ah what else.... perhaps also taps should slowly lose the stored water in them, so you can't just get fresh water easily when going to a new area. Perhaps maybe even water stored too long could potentially become tainted, specially if it's in an open air container? Would also be great if there were more events to make stuff feel a bit more chaotic (of feel like the aftermath of it) such as car wrecks through fences, car buildup behind a police or military line, hell maybe even entire blocks burned down instead of a single house. Maybe even a chance for a street to have a barricade of furniture, of be blocked off with a wire fence with holes in it. (maybe this would have police vehicles behind it too. Idk) Oh yeah, power being on in burned out houses needs to be fixed too. Would also be neat if eventually metal objects other than vehicles would start rusting (street lights, metal doors, ect) and streetlights also having vines grow on them, however it lining up with the sprite. If you dont want to read through all of my random giberish -Grass can eventually entirely cover a road, and bushes can start growing as well. -Some buildings will have holes form in their outer walls after an extended period of time. This can be prevented by repairing the wall if you want to keep your base secure, however will add more of an apocalytpic feel -Vehicles left in areas where grass or shrubbery is growing will have plants grow over them a bit, which will require you to remove before it can be driven, or you can pull it out of the weeds with a trailer (bit more difficult to pull for a few moments, then the remains of the weeds will need to be removed as well -After a long time (1 or 2 ingame years) trees will start growing on roads (Perhaps they only spawn once a year or something so you have to do the most basic of maintenece once or so a year to keep the roads drivable, but not soo often it becomes a major nuisance.) - (Not in the original text) vines can grow around objects left outside (trashcans, streetlights, ect.) also, vines should onyl start growing if the house is besides dirt or if grass is growing in the street -(somewhat unrelated) We need some basic mechanics to allow semis/18 wheelers to be added in whether in mods or not. Essentially allowing a hitch point to not be at the complete rear of the vehicle, and restricting certain trailers to certain vehicles. Thats probably all that would be needed before modders could make semis -Water would eventually become tainted and unsafe to drink if left alone long enough (Water from the taps would last longer than boiled water due to chlorine/ect inside of it.) open air containers would get dirty much faster, if sealed containers go bad at all -Some way for global power to not affect certain buildings (burned out houses should not have power) would be neat if the whole power system got a lot more complicated, such as power lines which could be destroyed to cut off power to certain areas faster.(Perhaps could also be used to power larger areas with generators too.) -Vehicle events which have damage to the environment, such as car wrecks through small fences (or even large fences and walls if holes in them are added - Metal objects having rust forming on them after long enough would look good too. - if it would ever be possible buildings collapsing after long enough would be neat (only way I can think of doing this is if its done off-screen with a loud crashing sound, and a copy of the building is made with it collapsed. SOme buildings could even partially collapse. idk.) Heres an example someone made of some overgrowth And thats all. I'll probably post ideas here a lot since I now know its here.
  2. I think new weapons should be introduced to the Project Zomboid universe! (I'm sure I'm not the first to say this) I think Antize Weapons and bags Mod is a good start if you guys weren't already working on one, or is there a way to upvote/vote for a mod to be implemented into the core game? I've tested it and it seems fine, and you can tweak the balance of the weapons easily too.
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