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Found 1 result

  1. I had a very nice start with a firefighter who had both traits to max out his fitness and strenght skills, but as expected combat bugs appeared (not the firsst time). First thing that happend was my attacking speed was faster then the zombies animation that heppens when you use "hands" as a weapon, basically the animation which zombies go through when you shove them, so the first time was successful but the other one went right true her just when she finished with the animation and she got a free scratch on me, then I killed her and went to read some skill books while it healed, and next time I engaged in a combat I killed 4 of them with a frying pan and then there were 2 left, a female and a male zombie, it took me a little bit longer to take them down because my panic level was off the charts, and when I did the first one to start falling was that female z and the moment I shoved the male zombie he started falling in one shot but she just teleported from a lying position to biting me and so did he while being airborn they did 2 lacerations and a bite on the neck. I bled to death like a stuck pig. It'd be nice if these bugs got looked into.
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