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Found 20 results

  1. Inspired by the clipboards and wallets found in the game SCP: Containment Breach. The items themselves would function similarly to the key ring, and would be balanced to only hold thin, single-document items. This item could be useful for a player who wants to organize their storage more specifically. It could also be useful for the collection of in-world "lore" documents. Features of document containers: Uncraftable, found only in urban/office settings Can hold infinite documents and maps, incapable of holding misc. items. Cannot hold consumable literature (any literature that provides a tangible stat bonus) Contents can only be accessed if the item is in the player's main inventory This idea largely came from my experience loading all of my collected maps into my car's glove box, which forced me to scroll down the inventory page every time I wanted to swap out a cassette from the True Music mod, or access some other miscellaneous tool that I had stored in the glove box previously.
  2. Is there a resource I can check out that shows how to restrict or filter specific items that can go into a container? For example - if I made a custom toolchest and wanted it so only "tools" could go inside of it.
  3. Are there any tutorials that guide you through the process of creating a custom container? I see a few tutorials on more complex things such as vehicles and maps - but I was hoping there would be something for storage containers. It's also entirely possible that I've overlooked one on here. Thanks in advance!
  4. The ability to add a wood crate to the back of the trucks for added storage would be a great addition, either just for looks, or functionality. The same could be said for the trailers too, with their only being a covered and non-covered variant. Not to sure how to say this much better. (Mostly because I'm dead tired from last night, Happy new year by the way!)
  5. So this issue has been hard to find anything about. I am posting here in hopes someone can help me find a solution. I have a save that I have been playing for several months, the save is single player. As the months went by something happened during an update and I was super confused. Multiple storage boxes dissapeared. No texture was visible and I couldn't pick them up or place a new box where they were. Just gone, but after a bit of confusion I realized I could still access the stored items. I have attempted to add these storage boxes in as I am 100% sure they were part of the "Fort Knox" Mod. But no matter what I did the storage boxes would never re appear. I am not overly affected by this issue but I was hoping to remove the offending invisible storage containers. My desire for help comes as this. How do I delete or destroy these ghost containers? Attempted the following. Pickup - no Sledgehammer - no Place a new container - no Prayer - no Using multiple versions of Fort Knox Mod - no Accept I have invisible storage - yes I appreciate any feedback, thank you. Edit: Attached images of the effected boxes.
  6. I mean that's it, why have 26 storage per seat when you can take them out and have a "merged" trunk which would be a lot more space efficent than having stuff on the seats and you can put so much more, trust me or atleast trust my neighbour, he did it so he could put 30 heavy crates of raspberries, before that he could barely put 10 crates in the car. Also a buff to the trunks would be cool too.
  7. I heard leatly about change where you can't put things above 5kg in backpacks. So i come up with carrying mechanic. So we all know how carrying works in pz, we can carry a big amout of light items fe: cereals. You can carry in your inventory 50 packs of cereals with no cloths, or 50 empty cups. It doesn't sounds realistic so i come up with second stat of items: SIZE. Size will be how much items you can carry/contain and wheight is how hard it will be to carry those items. With that you can't put items biger that container into container fe: baseball bat into backpack. You can put a hamer or metal pipe into backpack becose backpack is bigger. Same with containers like shelf, you can't put sledgehamer into shelf. Also if you don't have any clothes, to carry things you need to use hands. The more pocets you have then more you can carry in inventory. (If you don't understand what i mean then ask in coments)
  8. 2 STORY STORAGE AND FACTORY BUILDING The second floor is a small factory with an employees room, and the first contains the storage area and a small office/reception Downlod: factory.tbx
  9. I just finished filling my first few crates with the same type of canned good and I came to the realisation that a crate has not enough capacity. I understand that when throwing different type of items in a crate, there will be significant loss of space. But for some reason I like to keep my containers with a single type of item in them. Now making some very rough assumptions that a crate is 3 feet x 3 feet x 3 feet, and that a can is 3 inches in diameter, there should be place for 144 of them in a single row. Assuming the cans are 5 inches in height (to be generous), there should be space for 7 rows or 1 008 cans. What I get, even with organized, is 92 (0,7) cans or 81 (0,8) cans. What I'm suggesting is a weight reduction for same type item or general type of items, because as stated above, I understand that jamming a crate (or any containers for that matter) with different type of items involve a substantial loss of space. No need to over do it so I suggest a 80% weight reduction (covering about half the difference of the math above) if the items are of a compatible size (all cans of the same dimensions) or a reduction of 25% for items of a same general type (all cans). Same thing hold for other items too. For exemple, I beleive that it's possible to place more then 32 handguns in a 3'x3'x3' crate. Conter argument and items that should not follow this On the other end, some items should not be placeable in crates (or any other containers except maybe shelves and racks). Those would be any items measuring more then 3 feet in length (possibly riffles, sledge hammer and/or shotgun). Very low weight unit may also be excluded (0,01). After all, I'm not sure if it's possible to put 32 500 socks (16 250 pairs) in a crate.
  10. I think cartons of cigarettes should be possible to make with 100 cigarettes, similar to how nails or paperclips work. This would make managing my 2000+ cigarettes a lot easier.
  11. What: Bags and storage containers specificaly created to store\haul only specific Item categories. Example for bags: Toolbox (tools\nails\screws\electronic scrap\other crafting components) Foodbag (food and water bottles) Log hauling bag (Excellent weight reduction for logs but you can only carry this bag - its like you carrying a generator) suggested by mads232 Suitcase (sheets\pillows\clothes\shoes\hats if ever added etc) Weapon case (firearms\ammo\weapon accessories) doctor bag (meds\bamdages\scalpel\tweezers etc) Should be only hand-held imo Should have better capacity\weight reduction than the bestest bag but for specific items only Example for craftable storage containers: log/plank holder (these take insane amount of space) Garbage can (items disappear after a while - non realistic but still) Gun locker (Should be lockable for MP purpose. Not a 100% safe. Still may be opened with some additional efforts) Suggested by - King jjwpenguin Cupboard (food and kitchenware) Tool drawers Whatever else you may think of WHY: Better dedicated runs for specific loot. You dont just go and grab whatever you find. More comfortable crafting with toolbox. Pick and craft - drop and go. No need to search for all the crates to find that axe,hammer,saw,screwdriver,nails,screws every time. Its all in one place. Much more organised storage for safehouses. More content! Just ignore if you dont like it. Tote bags are still there for you! WHAT SHOULD BE DONE: Bags added as loot Recipes for containers pixelart Code some inventories to hold certain categories only. "Craft from bag" should be available. Maybe with time penalty A bunch of items should be properly categorised. Most of those are just "Items" Something else I am not aware of ty for your attention
  12. Hello, I am here to make several suggestions about bags. 1. Backpacks should also be able to be broken/ripped. They would wear-down however, only when you are almost at their weight limit/at the weight limit. If a bag broke, all the contents could drop onto the ground, or items could slowly fall out depending if it was torn or ripped. These could also make it so you could no longer carry it on your back. 2. You know when you go on a scavenging run, and you load up with tons of pointy little objects like hunting/kitchen knifes, well, if you had them in a bag on your back they could have a very small chance of when you are running of them poking/cutting you. The worst they could do would make you bleed and get scratched. This would be very uncommon. 3.If you had a lot of sharp things in your backpack as well, sprinting with them could make the bag deterorate quicker. 4.Sheaths and other containers for knifes and other blade weapons could be implemented to make the chance for the bladed weapons to damage your bag lower if at all. 5. Also, I'd like to see clothing items such as Shorts, Athletic Shorts, Cargo Shorts, Cargo Pants, Hoodies, and Rain Jackets. Cargo shorts could have a bag option on the side but only be able to hold like 2 lbs, and cargo pants 3lbs. Same with the hoodie. 6. Also, I'd like some more canned foods such as Peaches and Chili. Thank you for reading these, please, post your opinions in the comments on these suggestions! PS: Sorry if any of this is planned or has been commonly suggested, I didn't see anything on it however.
  13. ******* DOWNLOAD LINK ****** **** Download can be found HERE **** This mod allows you to take certain fruits and vegetables, some garden-grown and others fridge-found, and dry them out. Without all that moisture, I bet they'll keep on your shelf for a while... What this mod does: This mod lets you preserve most foods so they don't go spoiling on you... What this mod adds: Some custom recipes with sprites. Not a whole lot. Oh! And a drying rack. I guess you'll need that... How this mod works: It's pretty easy. Just put a certain amount of fruit/veg in your inventory, put the drying rack and a kitchen knife in your inventory... and you're good to go!! How much fruit/veg? I'm not telling. Play around! Most recipes are at least four, though. Planned features: Mod Loader compatibility!More dried items!Only allowed to dry items outside... (makes sense, right?)Any other ideas?How to install this mod for now: Drag and drop the main folder into media > lua and you're set!!Any bugs? Not that I'm aware of. It runs fine on my game after extensive testing. If there's a problem, let me know... ******* DOWNLOAD LINK ****** **** Download can be found HERE **** Code by Kerilynne Sprites and debugging by Bassair
  14. Got another one for you! (I'm full of them because I have a lot of time to think on my walk to/from work) Water that is exposed to air should evaporate. Easy concept because it happens in real life. Obviously water in pipes, bottles, wells or enclosed storage would not evaporate but those rain barrels we build to collect water... It doesn't make sense I can leave a rain barrel out during a hot summer day and expect my water to still be there. This would open up the requirement for enclosed water barrels and or the opening/closing of current water barrels. I am sure this is achieveable via mods but it seems like something that should be at the core of the game mechanics. If this gets going I will also make a mad so you can set otu buckets to get water. Let me know what you think, and sorry if it has been suggested before (I didn't see it in a quick search).
  15. I was going to suggest makeshift armor as well as new hairstyles (like a mohawk, since I have one) but that appears to have already been suggested so I'll add another idea I had been tinkering around with. Also, a more user friendly map editor down the road would be sweet (I'd love to make my home town), but I digress. -- After playing several other Zombie and overall Survival games, I think there is room to add some cool features that could balance out the game and add a bit of flare without ruining the spirit of the game. Such as: Cargo Pants Police Pants Military Pants Cargo Vests Hunter / Camping Vests Police Vests Military Vests What I'm thinking is that it would add a little bit more realism to the game, without breaking it if done properly. Instead of just having secondary items and back equipped items, why not have some clothes that also adds to more storage? Hell, even pockets would be a cool idea (if only to store a couple of items in them). I know in a Zombie Apocalypse I would personally seek a vest and cargo pants that would help me carry more supplies. Now maybe the flaw in these items is not the weight, but how much more they add to your carrying capacity. Surely you can't fit a huge amount of items in your pants without it weighing you down, nor could you fit a huge amount in your vest for the same reason. I personally think having vests and cargo pants that could help you carry items would be a great addition to the game if it's well balanced. That way you have more options to carry your items, but also have to decide what items to put in them given their limited capacity. Making it more strategic for the player to decide what to put where. Say, storing spare ammo in your vest, or storing a knife in your cargo pants, things along those lines. Nothing as large as a Hiking Bag of any sort, but something that allows people to carry just a little more stuff. With Police Officer, Security Guard and other planned classes, it would make sense for Cargo Pants and Vests that store some items to be available. I personally think it would be a nice balance to the game, maybe the cargo pants are slightly more common than the vests (since I could see people owning Cargo Pants more than Military or Storage style vests). Perhaps even the vests could give you protection of some sort (Which falls in the armor category). Just a thought, lemme know what you guys think of the idea. If it's been posted before I apologize. Warmest Regards, Flaros
  16. Had a bit of a brain wave today. Often, when playing PZ, I don't bother levelling up my carpenting skill that quickly. Even when the water supply konks out, I know there's enough charges left in nearby taps, showers and toilets to keep me going for a while. Often, I'll start filling buckets and cooking pots full of water, then haul them back to the safehouse for a nice little reserve to keep me going until I finally get around to learning to saw a log in half properly. This normally results in a container full of containers of water in the safehouse. So, I got to thinking about water management. I suggest that we be given the ability to empty containers of water into a rain barrel, and that some form of indicator be implemented to inform us how full a water barrel is (in addition to the visual feedback we get now). Say, when you're standing near a rain barrel, you right click on a bucket of water. You see a prompt 'Pour into container: Rain barrel, 75% full'. Click, and there the water goes, just like pouring water into the various empty bottles we have now. Why would this be useful? You might not be getting that much rain, but the full water barrel is a damned useful asset. So, you haul water. The water gets placed in a single, centralised location that you can use to fill up your watering cans, bottles, etc. without the ponderousness of having to fill them by pouring: Instead of having a full cooking pot and a bottle in your inventory, pouring water into the bottle, and storing the pot back in the cabinet, you can simply right-click on the rainbarrel and fill the bottle direct. Suddenly, a rainbarrel doesn't need to be crafted outside to be useful. You could store a large amount of water in a rainbarrel indoors, while your collection point is outside, or hidden elsewhere. Convenience. Maybe the external source of water (be it another barrel, a well, houses with water still in the pipes) has been cut of by zombies, or perhaps you don't want to erect a structure outside that screams 'safehouse' to avoid attracting other players on a PVP server. Or perhaps you're doing some gardening indoors, and walking back outside to fill the watering can is too much of a pain. Again, the convenience of having a large amount of water right there, where you need it. To further extend the concept, perhaps the player could craft a 'water barrel' or 'water tank'. Similar in capacity to the end-tier rain collecting barrel, but craftable at a much lower skill level. This water container would be inferior to even the first teir rain collector, or be incapable of collecting rainwater altogether, but would serve as a convenient place to stockpile water in and around the safehouse. A 'water barrel' could be cheaper in terms of resource expenditure too. You could argue that the large amount of garbage bags used in the construction of the existing rain collecting barrels are used to not only waterproof the container, but serve as a water catchment framework (i.e: Plastic funnel) to help collect water better. The 'water barrel' could then require less garbage bags to construct, as you're only making the barrel water tight. Or perhaps the amount of bags needed to make the high-end rain barrel (or both) could be raised to make storing hauled water more attractive. As a final alternative to consider, perhaps the 'water barrel' concept could be pushed towards the other extreme and become an expensive and very high capacity water storage vessel, ideal for storing all the usable water for a fortress. TL;DR The ability to pour water from containers back into a rain barrel would enable us to stockpile water inside rain barrels situated indoors, or during a dry spellBeing able to pour water from containers into rain barrels would make hauling water from nearby houses a much more attractive proposition, as you no longer need to collect a large amount of pots/buckets to store this hauled waterA new rain barrel ('water barrel') that is very bad/incapable of collecting water, has the same overall capacity, and is easier to craft than an end tier rain barrel would be highly useful. Stockpiling rain or hauled water indoors, or close to where it is needed (i.e: kitchen, indoor garden) would be most convenientEven when the ability to stockpile water in a bathtub (or similar pre-made container) is implemented, being able to build a water storage container (rain barrel or water barrel) wherever you want would give players more flexibility in how they set up their safehouses/supply caches.
  17. Hey Guys, So this was originally a post in one of my topics in the general PZ discussion board but I decided I'd post it here as it's basically a suggestion. This is my personal view on how vehicles should work when they're implemented with the new 3D engine. I personally believe that vehicles should be a large part of the game when it comes to it, I think that vehicles should be a large focus of development once the current big things are out the door (NPCs mainly). I just wonder about controls, and I'm thinking maybe there could be different control types for vehicles that could be switched in the options? Here's two different control types I've got in mind: Control Type 1: Hold W to accelerate Release W and car will slow and eventually stop Hold S to reverse/brake Release S and car will slow and eventually stop Hold D to turn right (need to be moving obviously) Hold A to turn left (need to be moving) Hold down space for handbrake Hold E to exit the vehicle (if it's not stopped then will take damage depending on speed, like falling damage) Hold Q for horn (if applicable, if riding a horse then just yell like usual) Control Type 2: Hold W to accelerate Release W and car will slow and eventually stop Hold S to reverse/brake Release S and car will slow and eventually stop Hold down space for handbrake Hold E to exit the vehicle (if it's not stopped then will take damage depending on speed, like falling damage) Hold Q for horn (if applicable, if riding a horse then just yell like usual) While holding CTRL or RMB, the car will turn towards the location of the mouse over time (depending on speed, if you suddenly move the mouse behind the vehicle while driving at a high speed then you should probably skid out and crash). I'm not sure which of these two control types I would prefer, but I believe that it should be an option between mouse and keyboard as I know a lot of people who play the game really do prefer mouse controls. I personally would have to try both to make up my mind. There should be a 'Maintenance' skill that you can learn which will allow you to fix up vehicles with new parts or repair old parts, and possibly tie in with some of the other upcoming features (electricity generators and PZ's 'redstone' type system) To go with the new skill, there would be a Mechanic profession which would give the traits: Pit Stop: All maintenance actions are 2x faster Conditioner: Vehicles are less likely to break down All maintenance actions will require that the player has a Wrench in their inventory (will equip it like a hammer). Now, if I'm going to go a bit further with this, we could make vehicles even more of an integral part of the game by having vehicle customization. (Bear with me) Firstly, there would be a new GUI window named "Vehicle". This would be empty if you are not next to a vehicle (similar to containers), however if you are within range of a vehicle then you would see the following: Status Tab: The 'Status' tab in the window would be similar to the player's health window with status indicators for different areas of the body, the vehicle status window would show a top-down outline view of the vehicle with status indicators for various parts. Right clicking on one of these parts would give a dropdown list with: "Add Part.." - hover over to see a list of available parts that can be added. "Remove <PART NAME>" - would remove the part from the vehicle The 'parts' that I refer to would require a welding tool to attach to the vehicle (similar to how carpentry requires a saw). You would be able to find or make parts such as: Bars (Attach to windows to stop zombies from getting in) Plough (Would help to push zombies out of the way without damaging the front of the vehicle, useful only at low speed) Reinforcement (Depending on maintenance skill, adds reinforced plating on the section of the vehicle which will protect it from bullet damage and will give slightly better results when ramming through zombies) Tires (I don't know a lot about tires but I can see that this would be useful) There would be a lot more, being able to replace parts from the base vehicle (salvage extra tires from dead vehicles, remove seats to make storage space, etc) Fuel would be a valuable item in the world, could be siphoned from other cars or from petrol/gas stations, running out of fuel would mean abandoning that vehicle unless you can find fuel. Fuel would appear in the status tab as well. Storage Tab: The 'Storage' tab in the window would be similar to your inventory window, the vehicle would have storage 'containers' depending on what sort of vehicle it is. The boot or trunk of a car would be accessible from the outside but the rest of the storage would only be accessible if in the car. Passengers: The 'Passengers' tab would simply give a list of players and NPC's that are in the vehicle. So with regards to the vehicle's ability to ram zombies, I think that a couple factors would play into how the action would turn out: Vehicle Speed Number of Zombies Slowly pushing a few zombies out of the way would basically be harmless to your vehicle if you just slowly accelerated into them and knocked them down. The faster you're going though, the more damage your car would take, not to mention bits of flesh getting stuck in the vehicle. However, even slowly accelerating will be the end of you if there are too many zombies, think of what happens when you currently run into a horde, you get a little bit into the group and slow right down and then die. This would be very similar for vehicles except that they could get slightly further and get past more zombies, however if it is a large mob then (depending on the vehicle) the weight of all these zombies would be too much for the vehicle to push through, and by now they'd be behind you as well. In this situation they would smash the windows and climb in and devour you, unless you have your windows fortified with bars, in which case you will be stuck to die of hunger. For this particular situation I think there should be a right click option which (if the car has a sunroof) would allow you to exit via the sunroof and assume the 'baldspot on top of car with baseball bat' stance. Either way, you're probably dead unless you have a friend drawing the zeds away from the car. Vehicles would be able to carry as many people as there are seats (so if there is a say 20 seat bus then you could bring 19 passengers along with you), I think that when inside a moving vehicle all characters would be seated while the vehicle is moving (don't know how messy it could get if you were able to walk around inside a moving bus. Perhaps if the vehicle is stopped then you can walk around inside of it. (If it was possible to move around inside a vehicle as a passenger while it's moving, that'd be so awesome) With passengers in a vehicle I think that maybe as a cosmetic thing, the roof of the vehicle would be invisible so that you could see the inside of the bus or car, however that view could be toggled on and off by a hotkey. SO THEN, thanks for reading this massively long post and hopefully it can give the developers some ideas, I've tried to make it 'fit' the PZ theme and at the same time keep realistic (no super upgrades like chainsaw wings and crap), I believe that if this is done properly it would be one of the huge parts of the game (especially as the map gets bigger). Vehicles would deteriorate over time so I think a skilled mechanic would be a very valuable group member to have. As a developer I can say that this is something that would be very exciting to put into a game like this, a huge area of the game with so many different possibilities. Let me know your thoughts on these ideas! -Ben
  18. ******** DOWNLOAD LINK ******** **** Can be found HERE **** Inspired by this mod, I wanted to make a juice mod that would let you put juices into various other containers, and even make a custom juicer to use to make things harder (easier?)! I did most of the coding, and debugging, sprites, and distribution guiding was done by Bassair. Making recipes isn't that tough, but be sure sure sure to credit her for her lovely sprites. If you have a container in your game/mod that you want to add to this, though, go right ahead. The more the merrier! Just post and let me know, I might want to add it to my game too!! o_o Now on to the good stuff... What this mod does. Fairly simple! This mod allows you to take a juicer, an empty container, and some fruit/veggies and turn it into juice that won't spoil! What containers does it use? Empty water bottles, empty pop bottles, empty whiskey bottles, empty remoulade bottles, and empty pop bottles. It also uses mugs, but... How do mugs work? Mugs require a new item added to the game.... CLINGFILM! These recipes require fruit + juicer + mug + clingfilm. How much fruit does it take? I'm not telling! =) Just know that some containers take more fruit than others... and it takes more fruit for some recipes... Where can I find the new items? Hunt around, my zombie fighting friends! But where do people usually keep juicers and clingfilm? I will tell you this, though. Some pre-bottled juices can be found in fridges. Anything else? Every feature works on my game. 99% sure it's debugged. If you run into any problems, let me know. If there's too many bugs you all run across, I can move it to WIP. Planned features! Possible integration of the jars from this wonderful canning mod (check it out!) if I get the go-ahead.Bowls! Cooking pots! Roasting pans? o_oMod-loader compatibility Installation, for now! Just pop the main folder right into your media > lua folder, same as most drag-and-drop mods. ******** DOWNLOAD LINK ******** **** Can be found HERE ****
  19. I would like suggest wall mounted shelves as a beginner level carpentry structure. Any fool who's even looked at a shop class can nail a plank with a few supports to the wall for an ugly but fully functional shelf. They to me therefor feel like one of the first ideas that you'd easily come up with, and one of the first things you'd realistically be able to put together as a beginner. For their function I'd suggest that they'd be a lower level storage than crates, as well as serving as a decor to make your inpenetratable fortress more homely. They would require less carpentry skill and material to build than crates, but would also able to store less. They can only be mounted on a wall, and would occupy less moving space than crates (and can maybe be placed above things like crates and counters). Their function would not be a highly neccesary addition to the game, but they would add to the immersion as one of the things you could realistically put together at a low level. I also think they'd be easy enough to create and implement to justify them not having any large impact on gameplay.
  20. So, I've recently read the update log for the new steam beta, where they stated that they removed the expiring of items that are in a container. I had not know that myself, but perhaps there could be a container such as a cooler, that increases the time that it takes for food stuffs to expire by some amount from the insulating effects that the cooler has. Perhaps expand that into having certain kinds of packs/bags that give different, but small benefits or disadvantages (say, a plastic bag might rip and drop items if it's loaded to capacity and you sprint to much) perhaps, if the player is carrying to many loose items in his/her main inventory, they take a small movement penalty (overwritten when sprinting, but you have a chance of dropping items) and bags, especially backpacks, remove some/all of that penalty.
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