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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, Is it somehow possible to hide the admin character on the admin's screen as well? Not just talking about /invisible here: this hides my character from other players, but I'm searching for a way to actually "not" see my character at all anymore in my own view as well, so that it looks like I'm sort of hovering over the field instead. Thx in advance for any help 😀 Greetz, Tybs
  2. Good afternoon. Enough said. I am using Mods (particularly "Hydro Craft") and a Map overhaul, but none of the Furniture or graphics are overwritten by either. That means these shelves are glitching in the Vanilla rendition. The shelves, regardless of how full they are, are always shown to be empty. That means they are missing the Sprites that change the shelf when something is sitting on it. What, if anything, can be done to fix this? Thank you. -TURTLESHROOM
  3. Hi, I recently started a little project of mine. I wanted to make an isometric project, not sure where I'm specifically going, but we'll see, probably more to the Fallout style. Anyway, I also stumbled upon the post: Well, first of all. I've currently made so that I only have to take a single flat texture and it will automically shift the pixels to match an isometric wall's mask, so - less textures and less tinkering around them, yay... BUT it's in 2D right now, so nothing hardcore here... Now, the problem that I stumbled upon that I can't figure out is - How exa
  4. How does one import into tilezed a multi-tile object. The one thing that keeps me away from making anything custom is the incredible difficulty in making multiple tile objects. I already have ideas on making car rubble objects, and more but the fact is that You have to split objects that span multiple tiles and I have noidea how that works at all... Does anyone know how this is done? I have already scoured the forums and no one has a tutorial or any videos on the subject. Only single tile object creation. Any ideas?
  5. Here is a list of my suggestions... I don't really know if I should divide them into groups and make multiple threads. I would like to get lots of feedback - both positive and negative - as long as insults aren't included. I know its a very long list of suggestions, but in my opinion, some of them are pretty nice ideas for the current game. 1. Different character sprites for different body traits. (Obese, overweight, underweight.) - I understand this is too much work for too little outcome. (Because of different clothing and upcoming updates.) But it is
  6. I added a custom ItemContainer to an IsoObject. In the inventory UI, it's now displayed with the default cupboard icon. How do I change that icon?
  7. Basically, it'd be nice if you could actually sit in chairs. Maybe give an effectiveness bonus to resting, or add rest time to crafting and other tasks to remove Worn Out status faster.
  8. ORMTNMAN's Sprites I have done some spriting for other games, so I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring here as well. Most of my experience was with orthoscopic sprites so the switch to Isometric is a bit of a change for me so be nice. The only sprite I have done right now it a beer billboard I made for another modder on the forum. It isn't great but it is my first. The beer company pictured was made up and any resemblance to a real beer company is incidental. if you want to download the sprite sheet here is the link. http://i.imgur.com/sDKsRdb.png I will eventually do more (a
  9. While trying to figure out how to add a custom object to the game like a piece of furniture or such i noticed it seems quite possible to use sprites that exist in the game already, however i couldnt find a reference list anywhere. I did find this topic by KillerStarBunny: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/2473-how-to-mod-the-textures/ In that topic, the user Minic90 posted a program that unpacks the texture files and creates a XML containing information about individual sprites etc. Looking up the sprites in the XML is a daunting task though, not only is the list very long bu
  10. BASIC POINT: Hello! This is my first suggestion and I believe I would like to see well... Wounds. See if the zombie you hit is having your hits spread around or just in the same area, seeing the gunhole on their corpse, or seeing yourself bandage your leg, waist, neck, head, etc and the bandages still stay. Basic body damage to the sprites is basically what I want to see. Like Kate in the story! Her leg was bleeding and you could see it. You also saw the bandaging after you got her healed up. I am just wanting that for our little dudes and the zombies so I can keep note of their damage. I kn
  11. To get use to the whole modding in PZ i started to create a small mod for myself. First I added a new weapon, following this great tutorial. Everything works except of the visible weapon in my hand. Can someone explain me how that works with the WeaponSprite = parameter. (the icon = in the inventory works) How do i define the visible weapon exactly. I only checked the extraweapon&sprite mod where he uses LoadTexturePage, but i would like to stick to the tutorials filestructure ect. Im thankful for any help or infos
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