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Found 4 results

  1. Not a huge addition but I would greatly appreciate the option of having LShift to toggle sprinting, rather than holding it down. I always seem to be contorting my hands weirdly while sprinting diagonally. Maybe because I'm left handed, I'm not sure. Obviously not a crucial addition but I'd love to see this in the game!
  2. Maybe instead of gaining experience for sprinting when your character reaches max speed/slows down from sprinting, make it so you get a very minute amount for each step (say around 10-25 steps=1 exp for sprinting). Any title with a colon after is an idea for a listed trait/job/skill. It was a bait. There were 12 ideas in the title, but 17 now that I recount. *sighs* hey, why do I only have 3 bullets for my 9mm pistol? +17 Ideas: Flowing Motion: Moving will gradually accelerate your speed (say +1% exponentially, up to a max of 110%-125%)Jogger: Removes your ability to sprint but, instead gain
  3. I was able to max out aiming at level 5 and only gain one level of reloading. This was done though serious min/max reload after every shot of the pistol grinding. That can't be right. Reloading needs rebalanced to gain much faster so it's reasonable. A problem with this is reloading is already fast enough at the first skill level if you take away panic or any other factors. The entire skill needs looked at for rebalance. Sprinting is another strange skill. I can run from Knox to Muldraugh and back and only gain half a level or so. Even intentionally grinding it by running laps around
  4. I was thinking about this the other day. Maybe they could add treadmills to the game (along with one or two gyms in the world - new building!) You could also find treadmills in some big houses. That way you could train sprinting faster than normal (not absurdly faster though), but a few things should be considered for this not to be overpowered. 1) You can only train a certain amount of time before you get fatigued which at this point would make the leveling rate decreases to the same rate as normal sprinting in the world (or maybe a tad lower). 2) At out of breath state you cannot use
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