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Found 2 results

  1. Basicaly i was killing zeds with a spear. I was suddenly facing a horde and some sprinter zombies, so i decided to sprint to the opposite direction while holding the spear so i could kill the incoming sprinters without the horde being too close. Now here comes the issue. The sprinter that was like 2 tiles behind me somehow made me spearcharge into the empty space ahead of me. Even tho the sprinter was right behind me. This made my character stand still and get mauled by the horde. So the issue is: Player does spearcharge attack to any zombie near them, not infront of th
  2. What you need to remember when you fighting a zombie? That even, a slightest infected scratch may kill you. No matter how strong you are or how many you already killed or what a great fortress you have…. A single tiny scratch can infect you. And you finished. So, the main goal when you fight a zombie is to keep him as far from you as possible. That’s why guns are so great! – but the downside of guns is that they loud. You easily kill one zombie but you calling 100 more to your location. And bullets of course… there’s never enough…. So, my suggestion is to create a SPEAR! It is very easy
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