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Found 4 results

  1. I've been having a pretty regular issue while playing the game as of late. During sorting from my inventory to a container, or vica versa, the game will freeze and the screen will go black. The program becomes unresponsive, and I'm forced to open the task manager to regain control of my system. The status in task manager is still "Running", however if I try to go back into the game, it strobes between an image of my desktop and a black screen. I've left the program both before and after opening task manager to see if the game would work itself out, but it either stays on the blacks screen or t
  2. Hello Devs and Community! I'd like to request you to add / discuss these features: "Take All" "Transfer All" Hotkey Binding It is already possible to batch transfer items between storages and inventory. Kudos for that, devs. But the implementation of this feature is very cumbersome. In my case it's very tiring for the wrist to aim for the buttons often. It's also mentally uncomfortable. It somehow "mentally feels" very wrong. Instead, I would prefer to press a key to "take all" or "transfer all" to empty or fill the selected inventory. It should also easily be able to i
  3. Hello people. I wrote a simple, small mod for PZ, called Priority Sort. It alters how the "Category" button in inventory panes behave. When you click this existing "Category" button, it'll now cycle between various categories, and push any item belonging to that category to the top of the list. Any other item will first be sorted by alphabetical category order, then by name order. Double sorting the inventory, but first prioritizing the selected category in other words. Neither overwrites any vanilla files nor affects your saves; only alters the UI to include a custom sort function. You can
  4. It would be lovely to have ability to sort traits by cost and name while creating a new character. If you would click the "Cost" button it would reorganize list having cost/description descending or ascending: Another thing is that if you put Forename for your character and press [Tab] key it would automatically jump into Surname box: Cheers!
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